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How Many Gallons Does My Pool Hold

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How Many Gallons Is A 16×48 Summer Waves Pool



For example, if the pool is 21 1/2 feet in diameter, use 22 feet as the diameter. 3- For the Average Depth, it is best to use whole numbers, rounded up.How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Swimming Pool?


Secondly, how many gallons is a Polygroup Summer Waves pool? POOL WATER CAPACITY

**All Capacities and Time Frames are Approximations**
Pool Size Pool Capacity in Gallons 90% 600 Series
2.1 hrs.

Similarly, you may ask, how do I calculate gallons in my pool?

Length x width x depth x 7.5 = volume Length times width gives the surface area of the pool. Multiplying that by the depth gives the volume in cubic feet. Since there are 7.5 gallons in each cubic foot, multiply the cubic feet of the pool by 7.5 to arrive at the volume of the pool, expressed in gallons.

What size pump do I need for a 15000 gallon pool?

A 15,000gallon pool needs about 20 GPM output if we want to run it 24 hours per day.

How Many Gallons Is A 1648 Pool

This durable above ground pool features a 1500 gallon Skimmer Plus filter pump with GFCI, cover, Sure Step ladder, ground cloth, and deluxe maintenance kit. Easy and quick set up will have you cooling off in style in no time at all. A/C Filter Cartridge Included with pump Water capacity: 5212 gallons.

Variable Depths With A Drop

If, instead of a gradual slope down to the deep end, your pool has a definitive drop between the shallow and deep ends, the average depth will be different, even if the shallow end and deep end are still, for example, 3 feet and 9 feet, respectively.

It may be easier, in this case, to treat the shallow and deep ends as separate pools. This will allow you to apply the volume of each section using the constant depth formula.

Once you have the volumes of both parts, simply add them together to determine the volume for the whole pool.

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How Many Gallons In A 1530 Pool

You need to figure out the amount of water your swimming pool can hold in order to know the right doses of chemicals you should add. Also, when installing a heat pump, solar heater, or pool heater to your facility, you should start by knowing how much water it holds to ensure that you buy the ideal unit.

Thus, today I want to guide you on how to know the number of gallons of water in your 15×30 pool and other types, shapes, and sizes of pools.;

Why Do I Need To Know The Water Volume

How Many Gallons of Water Does My Swimming Pool Hold ...

You are on your way to using your newly constructed swimming pool. The only step is filling the pool with water and you will get your total cost in pool installation. That includes how much water you needed to fill the swimming pool and the cost of filling it.

With an existing swimming pool, the main reason to know the total gallons the pool may hold is the exact chemical treatment you need for cleaning. It is essential when adding the pool chemicals that you use the proper amount for your pool size. Choosing the proper pool equipment, such as pool pumps, filters, and others, is also based on a pools water volume.;

For the above-ground or in-ground swimming pool that considers using the salt system, knowing how many gallons of water may lead you for a correct purchase and dosage for the swimming pool. With these reasons, you may start computing the exact gallons your pool holds.

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How Does Your Pool Measure Up

Have you realized that youve been adding too much chlorine to your pool? Not enough shock? So much salt that you can no longer submerge? Yup, using a pool calculator will do that for you.

But at least now you know youll have your measurements correct, your water clean, and your pool ready for the season.

Happy Swimming!

How To Calculate The Volume Of A Circular Pool

You can calculate the volume of a circular swimming pool by multiplying 3.14 times the radius in feet times the radius in feet times the average depth in feet times 7.48. Thus, the formula is:

volume = r2 × average depth × 7.48

The first part of this formula determines the area, and multiplying by the depth finds the volume. Multiplying by 7.48 finds the gallons of water per ft3 of water.

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How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Swimming Pool

How Much Water Is In My Pool?

Why Do I Need To Know This, And How Do I Figure It Out?

In order to figure out the proper doses of many chemicals for your pool, you often need to determine approximately how many gallons of water it holds. Also when adding a Pool Heater, Heat Pump or Solar Heater to your pool, you will also need to know how many gallons you are dealing with.

To do that, you need to use a ruler to measure your pool to find out these four different numbers; Length, Width, Diameter , Average Depth and then use a Fixed Volume Multiplier to determine the approximate number of gallons the pool holds.

If you have never done this before, don’t worry. We will walk you through the detailed steps below.

One More Time – – – -;Quick Tips To Get A General Idea Using The Calculator Below:

Average Depth of a “typical”inground pool is 5Average Depth of a “typical” above ground pool is 4Gallon Multiplier for rectangle or square pools is 8Gallon Multiplier for circular or oval pools is 6


For a 16×32 rectangle inground pool you would use 16 x 32 x 5 x 8 = 20,480 GallonsFor a 24 round above ground pool you would use 24 x 24 x 4 x 6 = 13,824 Gallons

Give It A Try For Yourself !

Length =

The Approximate Gallons Of Water In Your Pool Is =

I Know Nothing. Please Walk Me Through The Whole Process.

If you know nothing, don’t worry! Most people have never done this before. So we will show you the easiest and best way to measure your Pool.

What Do I Need To Measure, And How?

How Many Gallons Is My Inground Pool

How Much WATER Does Your POOL Hold? | Swim University

Length x width x depth x 7.5 = volume

Length times width gives the surface area of the pool. Multiplying that by the depth gives the volume in cubic feet. Since there are 7.5 gallons in each cubic foot, multiply the cubic feet of the pool by 7.5 to arrive at the volume of the pool, expressed in gallons.

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Average Water Volume For Rectangle Pools

  • Pool Size – Approx. Gallons
  • 9 by 18 – 4,860
  • 12 by 24 – 8,640

At, we feature all these various size above-ground pools. Our friendly technicians are always available to answer any of your swimming pool questions both before and after the sale. Our goal is to help develop an outstanding backyard fun atmosphere for you and your family.

We’ve been delivering family fun since 1990, and we’ve got the experience and expertise to meet all your swimming pool needs. We encourage you to make your purchase from a pool specialist rather than a big box outlet. Service after the sale is very important, and we are always just a phone call away. Outstanding customer service is our top priority. also features a complete line of pool accessories and free shipping and convenient financing are available. Browse our complete selection of swimming pools or call today to speak to one of our friendly sales rep!

  • As featured in

How To Calculate Swimming Pool Volume In Gallons

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Knowing how much water your pool will hold is the key to having the correct water chemistry, sizing pumps, filters, and more. If you want to be able to calculate your swimming pool volume in gallons, all you have to do is follow a simple formula that is derived from your pool’s shape. If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps.

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Olympic Swimming Pool Volume

To calculate the Olympic swimming pool volume, you need to know its dimensions. The length of the pool is 50 m, width 25 m, and the depth varies: 2.0 m is the minimum, but 3.0 m is the recommended depth. If you’re not familiar with those metric units, check out this length converter to convert easily the pool size to US or imperial units.

Olympic-size swimming pool contains 2,500,000 L of water, assuming a nominal depth of 2 m. It’s around 550,000 imp gal and 660,000 US gal – if you don’t believe us, you can check it with our volume converter tool, where you’ll find other volume units as well. Try to calculate the Olympic swimming pool volume for a recommended depth of 3 meters – or use the pool calculator to get the answer in the blink of an eye.

Have you ever wondered how many tea- or tablespoons of water can fit into the Olympic swimming pool? We haven’t either. But now you can check it! Awesome, isn’t it?

The Actual Formula And Gallons For 15×30 Pool

How many gallons of water does my pool hold ...

Assume you have found:

  • Width is 30
  • Average depth is 4

Also, assume you have a square, rectangle, or free form pool. You can compute the number of gallons it would hold as follows:

L x W x AD x M = Volume in Gallons

15 x 30 x 4 x 7.5 = 13,500 Gallons;;

Now assume you have an oval pool:

L x W X AD X M = Volume in Gallons;

15 x 30 x 4 x 5.9 = 10,620 Gallons;

You can also compute the volume of a circular pool as follows:

L x W X AD x M = Volume in Gallons;

Standard In-ground Pool Volumes by Size

Pool Size in Feet

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How Many Gallons Of Water Does My Pool Hold

You can find out how many gallons your pool can hold using the pool volume calculator. First, you must know whether you plan to have an oval or a rectangular pool. Then you need to measure the dimensions of the pool. With all of this information, you can use the how many gallons is my pool calculator to find out the number of gallons you must purchase.

If your swimming pool doesnt have a varied depth instead, it has a fancy shape like a cylinder or a bow font, you may need to use a different calculator, one which provides options for various 3D shapes. Or if you plan to have a swimming pool with a custom or an odd shape, check with the manufacturer.

Its important for you to find out how many gallons you need to fill up your swimming pool so you can estimate how much it would cost you. When you know the number of gallons you need, then you can check the rates of the local water supply and perform the calculations. That way, youre ready with your budget when its time to have your swimming pool filled up.

How To Use The Pool Volume Calculator

\This pool volume calculator or pool size calculator is a handy tool for you to use when you need to find out how much water you need to fill up your pool. Instead of calculating the volume by hand, this online tool does the work for you in an instant. Here are the steps for you to follow for this how many gallons is my pool calculator:

  • First, choose the shape of your pool from the drop-down menu.
  • Then enter the value of the Width and choose the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, enter the value of the Length and choose the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  • Then enter the value of Depth 1 and choose the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, enter the value of Depth 2 and choose the unit of measurement from the drop-down menu.
  • After entering all of these values, the calculator automatically generates the value of the Pool Volume for you.

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How Does The Pool Volume Calculator Work

The pool water calculator is a tool similar to the volume calculator; it also uses also the formulas from the square footage calculator.

Finding the volume of a pool is a simple matter of getting the area of the surface of the pool and then multiplying that by the average depth.

  • Start by entering the pool size .
  • Then add its depth at the two endpoints.
  • If there is both a shallow and a deep end, enter the shallow depth in the first field and the deepest point in the second. Otherwise, enter two identical values.
  • If the depth of your pool changes drastically instead of gradually, you may want to consider dividing it in half, with a separate pool calculator measurement for each part .

You could go one step further and, knowing the density of water , work out how much the water in such a pool would weight.

Above Ground Pool Sizes With A Pool Wall Of 52 Inches

How much water does my pool hold

12 ft Round ~ 3,398 gallons15 ft Round ~ 5,310 gallons18 ft Round ~ 6,821 gallons21 ft Round ~ 10,408 gallons24 ft Round ~ 13,594 gallons27 ft Round ~ 17,205 gallons30 ft Round ~ 21,240 gallons33 ft Round ~ 25,700 gallons12 x 24 Oval ~ 6,797 gallons15 x 30 Oval ~ 10,620 gallons16 x 32 Oval ~ 12,084 gallons18 x 33 Oval ~ 14,019 gallons

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Pool Calculator And Other Related Tools

If you’re thinking about constructing your own pool or pondpond in the backyard, you may want to calculate the amount of paint or tiles needed, and also the amount of pool salt and chlorine to be added.

The pool may also bring holidays to your mind – when laying on the beach or by the pool, don’t forget about putting sunscreen on! Make sure you know how long you can safely stay in the sun and which SPF factor to use – have a look at our amazing sunbathing calculator to find the answers.

If you associate the word pool with sports and fitness, you may want to check how many calories you’ll burn during a swim – give this calories burned calculator a go! Also, you may find the tools for assessing your speed or pace quite useful.

Pool Volume Calculation Examples

Example 1: Rectangular Pool. Let us say you need to fill a swimming pool with a simple rectangular shape such as a semi-olympic size with a length of 25 meters and width of 12.5 meters . If it’s depth is 2 meters all across, how much water do we need to fill it up?

Answer: This is a simple volume of a box calculation. The formula is Volume = Width &middot Height · Depth. In our case that’s 25m x 12.5m x 2m = 25m x 25m2 = 625m3 so we need six hundred twenty five cubic meters of water.

Example 2: L-shaped pool. A slightly more complex shape would be a swimming pool with an L-shape. If the left-side outer edge of the L has a length of 25 yards, the bottom of the L has a length of 15 yards and the right-side of the L has a length of 5 yards, and the top side has a length of 10 yards how do we find the total pool volume in cubic yards if we also know the depth is 2.5 yards?

Answer: First we split the L into two rectangular boxes, one with sides of 25 yards and 10 yards, and another with 15-10 = 5 and 5 yards. We calculate the two volumes separately: volume 1 is 25yd x 10yd x 2.5yd = 625 cu yd and volume 2 is 5yd x 5yd x 2.5yd = 62.5 cu yd. Then we simply sum the two parts of the pool: 625yd3 + 62.5yd3 = 687.5yd3.

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Pool Size Gallons With 4 Shallow & 7 To 9 Deep End Average

12 x 24 9,500 TO 11,000 gallons14 x 28 13,000 TO 15,000 gallons15 x 30 13,900 TO 15,200 gallons16 x 32 17,300 TO 20,000 gallons18 x 36 22,500 TO 24,500 gallons19 x 38 24,400 TO 27,500 gallons20 x 40 30,000 TO 34,000 gallons22 x 44 36,300 TO 39,900 gallons25 x 45 42,200 TO 46,500 gallons25 x 50 46,900 TO 51,700 gallons30 x 50 56,200 TO 62,500 gallons

What If My Dimensions Arent In Feet


Well, the calculator does the conversions for you!

Simply select the desired units in the drop down option and the pool calculator will do the following conversions for you:

$$1\,foot = 12\,inches = 0.33\,yards = 30.48\,centimeters = 0.3048\,meters$$

$$1\,ft^2 = 144\,in^2 = 0.111\,yd^2 = 929\,cm^2= 0.0929\,m^2$$

Its that simple!

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Formulas Behind Pool Calculator

So you no longer need to worry “how many gallons is my pool?”, simply apply one of the formulas:

  • Rectangular / square pool
  • volume = length * width * / 2

    The first two agents is, of course, the formula for the area of the rectangle.

  • Oval / circle pool
  • volume = * / 2

    The first part of the equation comes from a standard area of an ellipsis formula: A = * a * b, where a, b are the distances between the center and the ellipse’s vertex, lying on the horizontal and vertical axes. In our case, we have the length and width values that are the doubled distances a and b, so in the final formula, we need to divide the surface area of an oval by 4.

    You are wondering why we average the depths / 2? Have a look at the pictures:

  • Here you have the standard rectangular pool. l stands for the length of the pool, w for width, d1 is depth on one end of the pool and d2 is the depth on the other end.
  • Let’s take the right trapezoidal side of the pool. “Cut” the triangle, with one apex in the midpoint of the side, as in the picture.
  • Flip and move it to the other side to form a rectangle. The edge of the new shape is the average of two sides, so / 2.
  • The area of such a rectangle is then length * / 2. Multiply it by the third dimension – the width – and you’ll get the final formula for rectangular pool volume:

    • volume = length * width * / 2

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