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How To Use Clorox Pool Test Strips

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Aquacheck Select Kit Test Strips For Swimming Pools

How To Test Your Pool At Home | Clorox® Pool Water Testing App: Clorox® Pool& Spa
  • Best overall pick for pool test strips

The AquaChek kit comes with 50 strips that test for seven different pool chemistries in just a couple of moments. A color-coded chart guides any adjustments you need to make with the pool water. This test kit is a favorite of Amazon editors, includes a 23-page instructional booklet, and a log to keep a history of tests and results.

Wish It Helped More With Measurements

I downloaded this app because one of the Clorox products I bought said it would help convert measurements for the exact amount of water I have in my pool. Unfortunately, it didnt really do that well. It does for some of the Clorox products, but it seems like the biggest goal of this app is to sell you Clorox products and not help the consumers who already purchased the products. To get conversations for any product I seem to have to provide test results. I couldnt find any way to just pick the product I have and see instructions converted for the amount of water I have. I wasnt interested in this app logging everything for me or providing suggestions. I was hoping buying Clorox products and using this app would help me convert measurements. It would have saved me a ton of time if the app would show me all of the products for pools, let me pick one and be shown instructions for the amount of water I have in my pool. It would also be useful if the conversations it did provide could be shown in capfuls where applicable. So instead of saying I need .4 pounds tell me to add 10 capfuls or 1 cup or something that would be easier to measure. Maybe an option to show in either weight or capfuls/cups would be great.

How To Test Your Swimming Pool Water

Pool Calculator makes pool chemistry easy. Also Available for iOS& Android

Regardless of where you live or what kind of pool you own, youre going to have to test your swimming pool water chemistry. Testing your pool helps keep the water safe from viruses, bacteria, and algae and ensures chemical levels are safe and comfortable for swimmers.

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What To Measure & How Often To Test

For balanced pool water levels, heres what you need to measure and often you should do the tests:

Free Chlorine

  • Helps prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Test 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Ideal range: 1 to 4 parts per million .
  • Helps prevent swimmer discomfort, improves chlorine effectiveness and protects equipment.
  • Test 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Ideal range: 7.2 to 7.6.
  • When a pool’s pH falls outside the acceptable range, you may need to use pH adjuster.

Total Alkalinity

  • Helps prevent pH from swinging in and out of range.
  • Test weekly.
  • Ideal range: 80 to 150 ppm.

Calcium Hardness

  • Helps prevent surface damage such as scale and corrosion.
  • Test monthly.
  • Ideal range: 175 to 275 ppm.


  • Stablizer extends the life of chlorine by preventing chlorine burn-off due to sunlight.
  • Test 2 to 3 times per season.
  • Ideal Range: 30 to150 ppm.

How To Use Jacuzzi Test Strips

Clorox Pool& Spa 50

Jacuzzi strips are better than liquid testing because there is less chance of human error. For the best results, use pool test strips after proper guidance. Follow the following steps.

  • Run the water in pool an hour or two before the testing process to accurately measure chemical levels.
  • At first, dip one of the strips in the water and let it stay there for 2-6 seconds. Of course, your hands must be clean during this process.
  • Then take it out and leave it for 10-15 seconds. The strip will change its color.
  • Match the color with the ranges given on the backside of the box or bottle of strips and observe the values.
  • Now carefully check which chemicals level requires to be fixed.

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Health Metric Swimming Pool And Spa Strip Kit

  • DIVE IN & SWIM CAREFREE – Relax into your pool or spas sparkling clean water. These testing strips provide a reliable, accurate reading in seconds so you can enjoy your next swim, stress-free.
  • FASTER & EASIER THAN LIQUID TEST KITS – Strips are faster and simpler than liquid testing kits, with accuracy as good or better. Our strips are about 20% wider than most other brands, making them…
  • SAVE HUNDREDS & FREQUENT TRIPS TO THE POOL STORE – This kit includes 100 pool test strips which will last 4-6 months testing 2-3 times per week. Save time, money, and avoid hassle while knowing with…
  • 7-IN-1 COMPLETE CHEMICAL TESTING – Test for Total Chlorine or Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH, Total Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid. These seven tests provide extensive info for keeping your…
  • EXPERT SUPPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS – Our dedicated team of experts have more than 30 years of experience in the water quality industry. If you run into issues or have any questions, simply contact us and…

Test your pool and spa water for chlorine, bromine, pH balance, total halogenation , and a full range of other key chemical levels. You will know at a glance if you need to add chemicals like shock treatments which can be dangerous when not used properly.

Salt Pool Test Strips

To Ensure Correct Salt and Balancer Levels

  • Tests salt levels
  • Tests balancer and salt-generated chlorine levels
  • Test your water with the free Clorox® Pool app

Reliable poolside results for pH and Chlorine or Bromine.

Expert Analysis

Enter results into the free Clorox® Pool App to receive product and dosage recommendations.


Checkout online at your favorite retailers, like Walmart, Amazon and Lowes.

Test Like an Expert with the Clorox® Pool App

The Clorox® Pool App gives do-it-yourself pool owners the tools to proudly and confidently maintain a swim-ready pool all season long.

The free, easy-to-use app uses proprietary technology to provide expert water test analysis. Use the app to troubleshoot common pool problems, receive personalized product recommendations and shop products poolside at preferred retailers, like Walmart, Amazon and Lowes.

This season, spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your swimming pool! Download the Clorox® Pool app on the Apple App Store or .

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Bosike 5 In 1 Water Test Kit

  • FAST AND ACCURATE HOT TUB TEST STRIPS: Just dip a strip into water for 2 seconds and then remove it. Hold the strip horizontally for 30 seconds. Compare with color chart and read within 30 seconds.
  • WIDELY APPLICATIONS: These pool water test strips are widely used for swimming pool, spa, bath, hot tub and other water chemicals testing. Researches show that you should test your hot tub and swimming…
  • AFFORDABLE 5 IN 1 POOL TESTING KIT: These tests for essentials including free Chlorine, bromine, cyanuric acid total alkalinity and pH levels to give you an accurate reading of water conditions. Each…
  • HIGH PRECISION RESULTS: This hot tub test kit is made of high quality fiber paper and NO COLOR BLEEDING pad that provides instant and reliable result for hot tub chemicals and other water testing.
  • EFFECTIVE EXTEND SHELF LIFE: These spa test strips are packaged in a well-sealed bottle to ensure the strips store for 2 years.

BOSIKE test strips are affordable and easy to use. Get fast and accurate results with 125 strips that can be used to test both pools and spas, no matter what size or type of water chemistry they have.

The tests require only 2 seconds of immersion, so you get up-to-date information quickly without wasting lots of time or any materials.

How Accurate Is The Clorox Pool & Spa App

How to Test Swimming Pool Water using Clorox Pool App

The accuracy you will be receiving when using this app is far greater than that of a human eye that is attempting to match two colors identically. Colors have thousands of different shades and is impossible to be very precise.

Using the app will get more exact readings as it scans and detects the exact shade of color. There are a few things you can do to help insure you are getting the most accurate reading when using the app to scan your smart strips.

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How Long Do Pool Test Strips Last

4.4/5test stripspool’steststripstestingshould

Pool test strips are accurate but the accuracy depends on a few factors. Some pool experts say that strips can be more accurate than drop kits because with drop and liquid testing kits, there’s much more room to make errors. You only need to add one extra drop of liquid and your test will be inaccurate.

Additionally, what are the best pool test strips? Comparison Table

AquaChek 551236 7-Way Check Price
JNW Direct 6 in 1 Check Price
Poolmaster 22211 Smart Test 4-Way Check Price
50 strips

Additionally, do pH strips have an expiration date?

pH test strips and papers are based on acidobasic chemical indicators which change colors in well defined pH ranges & are generally very stable compounds. For this reason, this type of test strips does not come with an explicit expiration date. a dry place and away from any chemical fumes in laboratories.

How long can a pool water sample sit before testing?

24 to 48 hours

Jnw Diret Pool And Spa Test Strips

  • THE ULTIMATE AT HOME POOL TEST STRIPS for your swimming pool & spa. Tests for 7 parameters: total hardness, total chlorine, bromine, free chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid & total alkalinity
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE pool water test strips, Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Simply dip and compare with large color chart on bottle. Ideal range marked on bottle
  • BONUS FREE MOBILE APP INCLUDED – Record, track and monitor your pool test strip results with ultimate accuracy. Available for IOS and Android
  • 100 STRIPS MEANS 100 TESTS – Each swimming pool test strip provides accurate and fast results for any water sources including fresh and salt water pools, spas and hot-tubs
  • GET SAFE, CLEAN AND CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER, our pool and spa test strips come with a great e-book explaining what your results mean and how you can keep your water in a healthy and clean condition year round

The JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips are high-quality pool test strips that provide accurate results for seven different parameters. There is also a free mobile app available to track your results accurately from the convenience of your phone!

These highly reliable and easy-to-use test strips will have you quickly optimizing your bathing water quality for optimum soothing comfort.

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Works For Testing Interface And Design Issues

Im happy with the app for scanning test trips and suggesting treatment plans. However, some design and interface changes are needed. The first is the login and security screens. This app is constantly forgetting who I am and logs me out. Ive never had this issue with other apps. Allow users to login and stay logged in. Second, this app is not compatible with 1Password,. The interface allows you to paste a password, but the field validation does not recognize the text because its check for key strokes. Only after a key stroke can I click the login button. The hack is to paste password, type 1 character and then backspace to delete character.

Pool Water Testing Instructions

Clorox &  Spa Pool Test Strips 50 Smart Strips Pool Care ...

Meniscus line is the point of the bottom curve

You can have the most expensive Pool H2O Test Kit on the market, but If you dont know the size and volume of your pool and dont perform the directions properly which includes sampling the water test, it just wont matter. Here is a good Pool Volume Calculatorto use for any size or dimension that you may have.

Reagent go Bad! So you need to replace them every season. Store them with other pool chemicals in a cool dry place out of the rain and sun. Take consistent samples from the center of the pool down to your elbow 12-18 deep. Dont ever touch the sample or the pads on the Test Strip. Learn to remove an excess sample to the correct water line mark on the Comparator or Test Cell.

See the Meniscus Curve on the right there is a big difference in the right and wrong amount in the Test Cell. Follow directions for any kind of Test Kit you use. Watch the video on running a test with a Drop Reagent Test Kit and the Test Strip

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Aquachek Swim Pool White Salt Test Kit Strips

  • Best test kit for saltwater pools

Not all pools rely on chlorine to keep the water clean. For pools and spas with salt, the Aquachek White Salt Test Kit Strips can be used to quickly and accurately regulate the salt levels in the water. Each kit comes with 40 strips, comes with clear instructions on measuring salt levels, and testing the water approximately twice a week will ensure that your pool remains optimally treated.

Why Test Pool Water

A swimming pool is just a hole in the ground without water, and swimming is no fun if not experienced in clean, clear and healthy water.

Since swimming pools are generally used by multiple people at any given time, it is imperative that pool water is tested and treated regularly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and enhance the pool experience.

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What Do Pool Test Strips Measure

Pool test strips measure the chlorine level, as well as the pH balance of water. They also indicate when you need to shock your pool with a chemical like bleach for cloudy water that can irritate the skin.

Pool test strips measure chlorinated levels by changing color to indicate their concentration in your pool if they turn blue or green, then you know that there is plenty if they turn orange or red, then it means there is not enough, and you should add more bleach right away to ensure that your pool is safe for swimmers.

As for pH levels, the ideal range is between seven to eight anything below or above this can lead to dangerous and damaging effects on your pools water. The test strip will turn a different color to indicate the pH level, so you will know when it has gone too high or low.

Working With Test Kits

Smart Test Strips, Use App To Read Accurate Results

Standard kits for testing water chemistry come in several different types. The particular kit used in this demonstration, the 4-in-1 by Biolab Guardex, tests your pool waters pH, chlorine, acid demand, and total alkalinity. Other available kits are 2-in-1 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 .

Other types of kits include test strips or provide analysis through the manufacturers website or an app or online calculator. You can also get a reading by taking the kit to your pool supply store. Be aware that the bottle numbers, vial sizes, and chemicals in this project are unique to this particular brand of test kit. Follow the instructions for your kit usually, you can find them online.

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Clorox Pool Test Strips

  • Works with iPhone and Android
  • Instant, accurate customized test results
  • Step-by-step treatment instructions

Prevent pool problems with your very own pool care assistant! Developed exclusively for iPhone and Android, this smart device is always on hand to help you keep an eye on the chlorine in your swimming pools. Not for use with saltwater pools or spas.

With instant, accurate readings and step-by-step treatment instructions included for easy reference, its everything a pool lover needs to maintain their pool all summer long.

How Many Times Should Hot Tub Water Testing Strips Be Used

  • Testing for chlorine: Two to three times a week
  • PH: two to three times each week
  • Acidity: anytime the pH level needs adjustment
  • Alkalinity: every week, unless the pH has changed recently.
  • Calcium hardness: at least once a month
  • Cyanuric acid levels: at least once every month
  • Total dissolved solids: at least once every month.

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Jnw Direct Pool And Spa Test Strips

The JNW Test Kit is simple, checks for six different parameters , and takes things to the digital level by incorporating an app so that you can track and inventory your test results.

Each pack contains 100 strips for your pool, and with an eBook for best testing practices, the JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Kit will keep your pool and spa clean and ready for action all year long.

Launch The Mobile App

25 Smart Strips Clorox My Pool Care Assistant Test Strips

If you have not already done so you will need to download and register the Clorox Pool & Spa app either from the or Apple Store depending on the phone you will be using. The app is free.

Once you have installed the app and completed necessary registration, you will be ready to scan your test strip.

  • Launch Clorox Pool & Spa App.
  • Select Test Strip Testing.
  • Choose Scan Now and line your phone up with the test strip that is on the solid white background until it says the scan is successful.

Once you have scanned the test strip and it will immediately show you the results of the test.

If you get an error, simply click try again. When using the smart strips, test during the day and in bright sunlight for the phone to be able to read the strips easier.

Below is a video from my YouTube channel that shows how the Clorox smart strips work.

If you would like to get a supply of these Clorox Smart Strips click this .

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