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What Is Pristine Blue Pool Chemicals

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Pristine Blue Spa Laminated Weekly Spa Care Calendar Free At Valley Pool & Spa

5 minute Pool Care – Pristine Blue –

Valley Pool & Spa provides a free Pristine Spa computerized water analysis for your spa water along with a free customized laminated Pristine Blue Spa maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size spa along with specific Pristine Blue Spa drain, refill and start up instructions.

When you need chemicals for your pool in the Pittsburgh area, make Valley Pool & Spa your first choice.

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Chlorine Or Pristine Blue I Just Purchased A Home With A Screened In Inground Pool

Cody: Chlorine or pristine blue? I just purchased a home with a screened in inground pool! Im new too pools and have to start from scratch beings that the pool motor has been broken for months and the pool is green now! So which is better? Im in south Mississippi!

Chlorine or pristine blue? I just purchased a home with a screened in inground pool!

Der: Pristine blue is not a chemical its a brand name. So without knowing what chemical that is I couldnt tell you. You have three options with sanitation for your pool.1. Chlorine, what most people choose. Best to use a salt system to introduce it to your pool.2. Bromine, which is very similar to chlorine only expensive for large bodies of water better to use bromine for spas.3. Biguanide. Which is a peroxide based Sanitation. This is a good option however you have to know what youre doing. Pristine blue maybe a biguanide product Im not sure.

It doesnt matter which three sanitizers you choose you still have to balance the water the same way. Alkalinity, pH, calcium, phosphate ext

Cody: My biggest question is will the salt eat my enclosure up with rust?

I just called the pristine blue guys. It is not a primary sanitizer although they do have a chlorine product.It is not a biguanide it is an algaecide. As such it is meant to be used with chlorine so if you choose to use pristine blue you will be using chlorine as your primary sanitizer.

Why Pristine Blue Is Your Best Choice

You’ll get water that feels and smells better, along with a simpler water balance and an easy process for testing and maintenance in this extremely economical solution.And it cleans the whole pool — including the “dead spots” that tend not to receive a proper amount of sanitizer, even under normal circulation. The exclusive, proprietary formula in PristineBlue allows it to “self-disperse” more thoroughly and efficiently in pool water. In other words, the positive and negative charges push back and forth against each other much more effectively than with products based on chlorine and bromine.

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Application And Handling Equipment:

Application, handling or storage equipment MUST consist of fiberglass, PVC, polypropylene, viton, corrosion resistant plastics or stainless steel. Never use mild steel, nylon, brass or copper around Pristine Blue. Always rinse and clean equipment thoroughly each night with plenty of fresh, clean water.

Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate : 19.8%, Other Ingredients: 80.2%, Metallic Copper: 5%

Also Serving Minneapolis Mn

Pristine Blue Pristine Clean  Pool Geek

PristineBlue®- Chlorine-Free Pool Supplies

Going Non-Chlorine is easier than ever with PristineBlue®.

Water treated with PristineBlue® feels softer and looks inviting without a chemical taste or odor. Its gentle to equipment and wont bleach your liner or swimsuit.

You can swim immediately after application. Your eyes wont burnand you wont believe how good your skin and hair feel after swimming!

And its easy! The long-lasting formula of PristineBlue® lets you escape the chore of daily water testing and maintenance.

To Chlorinate or Not to Chlorinate

Why Consider Going Non-Chlorine?

In swimming pools and spas, many people dont like the chemical odor and taste of chlorinated water. The disadvantages of chlorine are many and range from minor to serious. It bleaches vinyl liner pools and swimsuits, it irritates eyes and skin, you have to wait to use the pool after youve added chlorine, its hazardous to store, it can corrode pool equipment and its harmful to the environment.

Chlorine dissipates quickly and therefore requires vigilant testing and maintenance. Swimmers can develop reactions to chloramines, which are chlorine by-products, ranging from skin irritation to respiratory problems. Some research studies have even linked chlorine use in indoor pools to asthma! And those are just the minor complaints!

Because chlorine dominates the pool chemical market, many consumers are unaware that an alternative exists.

PristineBlue® is One Such Alternative!

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How Pristine Blue Is Different

  • The first positive charge enables PristineBlue to hold onto its specially formulated ET3000 additive, which prevents copper from staining or discoloring the liner, equipment, and the water.
  • The second positive charge is the real magic of PristineBlue. It finds and attaches itself to negatively charged particles, such as algae, bacteria, and other organic matter, and then kills them.
  • In short, the algae organisms living in the pool eat the copper and die. In contrast, chlorine and bromine “blow up” any bacteria and algae, releasing waste and odor-causing enzymes into the pool water, one of the reasons why chlorinated water sometimes takes on a strange smell. The dead bacteria and algae are removed through the filter.

    Pristine Blue Sanitizer For Pools And Hot Tubs

    The perfect chemical system for pools with spas attached or if you want an easy reliable chemical system, use Pristine Blue Sanitizer for your pool and hot tub. This core chemical is the base of the Pristine Blue non-chlorine pool and spa system. Control algae and bacteria in any residential pools or spas. Because this chemical is environmentally friendly you are able to swim immediately after application.

    Dosage: 2 ounces per 1,000 gallons of water for initial pool start up, 6 milliliters per 100 gallons for initial spa start up.

    Check Pristine Blue levels every two weeks. Contain 0.9 ppm of metallic copper.

    Ingredients- Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate : 19.8%, Other Ingredients: 80.2%, Metallic Copper: 5%


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    Pristine Blue Laminated Weekly Pool Care Calendar Free At Valley Pool & Spa

    Swimming Pool care with Pristine Blue

    Valley Pool & Spa provides a free Pristine Blue computerized water analysis for your pool water along with a free customized laminated Pristine Blue maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size pool along with specific Pristine Blue spring start-up instructions for your swimming pool in Pittsburgh, PA.

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    Pool Care With Pristine Blue

    When it comes to pool maintenance, its vital you use products you can trust. Pristine Blue is the best non-chlorine system in the market! We are proud to carry Pristine Blue and love sharing our product tips and tricks with you. Listen how easy it is to maintain the pool with Pristine Blue!

    There are 2 main chemicals that go in every other week. Pristine blue is your sanitizer, algaecide, bactericide made all in to 1 chemical this is what keeps you water clean and sanitary. Pristine Clean is metal control and helps the pristine blue work more efficiently. Use Pristine Extra as shook every week.Pristine check for start up. Pristine clear to keep water sparkling.

    In need of more assistance? Bring a water sample to any one of our 5;locations for a free water test. Our chemical specialists will be happy to help you achieve crystal clear water. Shop our Swimming pool Chemicals Here

    The Pristine Blue Pool Care System For Crystal Clear Algae Free Pool Water

    Pristine Blue® pool chemicals in Pittsburgh, PA, are an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine for treating your pool water. Experience the joy of less skin and eye irritation, and jump right in within 15 minutes of adding any product. Relax and enjoy crystal clear blue pool water with the Pristine Blues complete line of pool water products including balancers and accessory products.

    PristineBlue®, the cornerstone of the system, contains an active ingredient that is bonded with a unique carrier which allows the introduction of enough sanitizer into the water to control both bacteria and algae. PristineBlue® is environmentally friendly; EPA registered. It is so good that it is even certified for the addition to drinking water by NSF International!

    After an initial dose of Pristine Blue®, youll only measure the level of PristineBlue® every two weeks and top it off with more PristineBlue®. The active ingredient in PristineBlue® stays suspended in the water constantly to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Never again experience a chlorine demand!

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    The Pristineblue Pool & Spa Care System Makes Pool Spa And Hot Tub Maintenance Easier Than Ever

    Just follow the maintenance program every 2 weeks. PristineBlue is EPA registered in all 50 states, is NSF 60 Certified and gentle on equipment. It is compatible with most systems including salt and chlorine.PristineBlue is safe to use on all pool and spa surfaces. To get started, or if you have questions, contact our Customer Service team or check with your nearest PristineBlue authorized dealer. An authorized dealer;can analyze your water, recommend products and assist you with all aspects of pool and spa ownership.

    Corporate HQ

    Pristineblue Pool Chemicals For Nashville Clarksville & Bowling Green

    Pristine Blue Pristine Blue  Pool Geek

    PristineBlue® is one of the top pool and spa chemicals that is gentle on equipment and compatible with all major sanitizing systems, including both salt and chlorine based systems. It is also EPA registered throughout the United States and NSF 60 Certified.

    Below is a list of some of the PrstineBlue® chemicals that Pool & Spa Dept carries:

    • PristineBlue® is the the foundational product of the pool care system. It is an algaecide/bactericide that is ideal to add in the water at pool or spa start up, and also good for routine water maintenance.
    • PristineClean® acts as a scale and metal inhibitor, preventing any metal and mineral particles that enter your water from bonding to the bottom and walls of the pool.
    • PristineClear® brings suspended particles together to enable your filtration to clean out debris easier. This process, in turn, clears any cloudy water.
    • PristineCheck® is a water preparation step. By adding it to your pool before introducing PristineBlue®, it maximizes its effectiveness in sequestering calcium and other unwanted minerals.
    • PristineExtra® is a primary sanitizer; this granular chlorine shock treatment that works for pool start-up, regular maintenance and any necessary troubleshooting.
    • PristinePower® is a chlorine-free shock oxidizer. Use this product every 1-2 weeks to oxidize organic materials that cause cloudy water.


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    Pristine Blue Pool Chemicals Reviews

    Pristine Blue is non-chlorine and you can swim in the pool immediately after use. This product can be used to control bacteria and algae in residential hot tubs and swimming pool. It is eco-friendly, and;EPA registered as an algaecide/bactericide.

    The sanitaton and algae prevention in Pristine Blue comes from copper sulfate, so copper ions. Copper is not a fast-acting sanitizer. However, it is more efficinet in killing bacteria than silver ions and thats far slower than chlorine.

    Getting Rid Of Green Pool Water

    The first step in cleaning up a pool is finding out what is wrong. So using a chemical test kit to measure the chlorine and pH of you water is the go-to action. If your chlorine is low, you can use a shock treatment to bring your levels back up. Algaecide can be used as a supplement to this process as well.;

    If your pH is out of balance, or not at a neutral 7-7.8 on the pH scale, then youll need to bring it back into balance before treating your pool. Ask your pool professional what the best course of action for your pool is because treatments vary for chlorine and saltwater pools, plus size; makes a difference. But the basic rules for pH are to add an acid if the number is too high and add a base if the numbers are too low. Sodium bisulfate will lower a pools pH and sodium carbonate will raise your pH number.

    Dont worry if your pool looks cloudy after you kill your algae. That is just what algae looks like after shocking it. To clean out your swimming area, run your pump and give the walls of your pool a good scrubbing to remove any leftover dead algae.

    At Pristine Pools, we value proper pool care. That is why our services include weekly maintenance plans. So if algae does decide to grow in your swimming pool, you can have a professional on standby to step in and take care of it. Many pool owners like to care for their pool on their own as well. And thats great! Just be sure you are following the right steps before taking action.

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    What Is Pristine Blue Pool Chemicals

    Pristine BlueproductsPristine BluePristine Blue

    . In this manner, can you use chlorine with pristine blue?

    We ARE compatible with chlorine, bromine, and salt chlorine generators. DEFINITELY DO NOT use the following products with the PristineBlue maintenance system: METAL OUT Call us first.

    Furthermore, what does pristine check do? Pristine Blue Pristine Check is the first step and preps the water for the Pristine Blue line of chemicals. Pristine Check remove excess calcium from the water and deposits it into your filter allowing you to wash it away.

    People also ask, does pristine blue kill bacteria?

    Pristine Blue. The sanitation and algae prevention in Pristine Blue comes from copper sulfate, so copper ions. Copper is not a fast-acting sanitizer. It kills bacteria even more slowly than silver ions and that’s far slower than chlorine.

    What is pristine power?

    Pristine Power is a ph buffered Non-chlorine Pool “shock” also known as non-chlorine pool oxidizer. It dissolves quickly and removes odors and organic materials, contaminants and body oils that otherwise build up and cause cloudy or dull water.

    When Does Pool Water Turn Green

    Pristine Blue “Problems”,

    Pool water turns green when algae is allowed to grow for too long. Algae is constantly trying to grow, but it can be prevented with careful management.

    High pH levels, not enough chlorine, and poor filtration and water circulation all contribute to the growth of algae. High pH levels come about when you have foreign substances like cosmetics, oils, and dirt in the water. So it is important to regularly check your pools levels or ask your pool management professionals how to take care of your situation.

    Low chlorine levels can happen either because a pool owner simply hasnt been using enough or the chlorine is evaporating too quickly. To solve the evaporation issue, you can make use of a water conditioner called CYA, or cyanic acid.

    And if you want to prevent poor circulation, check your filter for debris and blockage and make sure your pump is running when youre not swimming. In the high summer heat that can reach 100 degrees, your pump may need to run for up to 10 hours a day. The general rule is to run your pump one hour for every 10 degrees of air temperature above zero.

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    Pristine Blue Start Up Instructions

    • Balance the water (Alk 50-90 ppm, pH 7.2-7.6, Calcium Hardness 100-300 ppm.
    • Add 2 oz Pristine Check® per 1,000 gallons. Let pool circulate 4-6 hours.
    • Add 1 lb Pristine Extra® per 10,000 gallons. Filter 24 hours then backwash to waste.
    • Add 2 oz Pristine Blue® per 10,000 gallons.

    Balance the water (Alk 50-90 ppm, pH 7.2-7.6, Calcium Hardness 100-300 ppm.Shock> 1 lb Pristine Power® per 10,000 gallons.Test Pristine Blue® level and top off.Add 2 oz. of Pristine Clean® per 10,000 gallons.Add 2 oz. of Pristine Clear® per 10,000 gallons.Filter for 24 hours then backwash to waste.RELAX and FORGET ABOUT IT for 2 weeks.

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