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How Much For Above Ground Pool Liner

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Can You Put An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

How to Install an Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner — Part 1 — LinerWorld

There are semi-above ground pools designed to be installed up to halfway into the ground giving the pool a more appealing low profile look. However, when you purchase the pool check to make sure it’s compatible with being buried in the ground. If you are unsure, ask the manufacturer or ask a professionally-trained representative at your local pool business.

How Much Do Pool Liners Cost

Pool liners can range anywhere from $100-900, and if you install it yourself, that should be your total cost other than supplies you might need to get the job done.

The overlap liners are the least expensive, but there isnt a lot of cost difference between the other types. The price is usually based primarily on the size.

Q: Do I Need Pool Liner Accessoriesa: Probably At Least Some

Faceplates & Gaskets: Its always recommended to replace your gaskets and faceplates for the skimmer and return wall fittings. If you have rust on the wall below either, it would be advised to replace the entire skimmer or return fitting, to ensure a better seal this time around.

Wall Foam: If walls are rusty and crusty, protect your new pool liner with wall foam, held in place by spray adhesive. Also helps insulate the wall, and gives a nice, soft feel to the wall.

Pool Cove: Placed at the base of the wall, these angled foam pieces protect the liner from rust at the base of the wall, and make a nice transition from floor to wall. If you already have pool cove, you may be able to reuse it again.

Floor Padding: To hide an uneven floor or prevent footprints, to protect the liner from rocks, weeds and insects, or to just give the floor a soft and smooth feel, Liner Shield can be installed between the liner and the floor.

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Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

Purchasing an above ground pool is not a one-time cost. Above ground pool owners will continue to pay for maintenance throughout the pools life. If you decide to do all of your pool maintenance yourself, you can expect to pay $5 to $15 per month. If you hire a professional pool service to do the work for you, that cost is between $80 and $150 per month.

Maintaining your above ground pool consists of skimming it regularly, cleaning its interior, testing the waters chemical balance and adding chemicals as needed.

Buyers Guide To Above

Above Ground Pool Liners

When you think about it, there is a lot of ways that your pool is taking a thorough beating:

  • General use by swimmers. Pool users jumping in and out, pulling on the sides, leaning on it, stretching the vinyl.
  • Improper chemical use in disinfecting the pool. Chlorine tablets and pool chemicals are magical in their ability to keep a pool clean, but they are industrial grade solvents, and using them in the wrong dose will degrade the lining.
  • UV damage. The sun isnt just a cause of sunburns and/or suntans ultraviolet rays, over time, will make the vinyl fade and bake the exposed vinyl, making it prone to cracking.
  • Hard weather. Windstorms, hard rain, heavy snow packed on the top of the above-ground pool coverthey can all stretch and pull on the liner. There are plenty of fail videos online of pools completely coming apart in hard wind-storms and inclement weather.
  • General aging. Nothing lasts forever, and with your above-ground pool being exposed to the elements, it is going to expand and contract with the weather, which will inevitably lead to the weakening of the vinyl, with leaks to follow.

Even though your above-ground pool is up against the elements and consistent use by swimmers, replacing the liner is one way to extend the life of the pool.

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How Much Do Liners Cost

Latham pool liners are surprisingly affordable. Not only do we offer a wide range of products to fit budgets of every size we also offer flexible financing through our partner LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank, to make your payments even easier.

Swimming pool liners cost different amounts depending on whether any special inks or construction materials were used, such as the iridescent inks in our Pearlscape Collection. Of course, the size and shape of your pool also plays a role in determining the final cost. With those factors in mind, its best to contact your local Latham dealer for a high-level estimate. They will ask you a few questions, like the size of the pool and the location, to provide a more accurate quote.

How To Replace An Aboveground Pool Liner

If your above ground pool liner is looking a bit shabby replace it! The cost to replace an above ground liner yourself can be less than half the cost of contractors, who typically double their liner cost, and then charge $500-$1000 for labor.

A simple weekend project, replacing a pool liner requires only basic tools, and a small pump to drain the pool.

Aboveground pool liner installation does require some specialized knowledge, which youll find below lets get started!

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American Made Swimming Pool Liners

Pool Warehouse carries 100% Virgin Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners manufactured exclusively in the USA! Here at PW we have multiple thicknesses of vinyl pool liners to select from. Customers always ask us about the thickness of the vinyl all the time, and most customers think that just because one liner is thicker than another, it means that it must be better. Thicker pool liners do not typically last any longer than the industry standard 20 Mil vinyl liner. Typically 15 years is about the average replacement age of all in-ground pool liners. The warranty is exactly the same on all Rectangle Replacement Pool liners from Pool Warehouse, which is 20 years.

Different Thicknesses Available:

  • 20 Mil Vinyl In-ground Pool Liners
  • 27 Mil Vinyl In-ground Pool Liners
  • 28 Mil Vinyl In-ground Pool Liners
  • 30 Mil Vinyl In-ground Pool Liners
  • 36 Mil Pet Friendly Vinyl In-ground Pool Liners
  • 27/20 Mil Fusion Pool Liners: Made up of 27 Mil wall material, and 20 Mil floor material.

Make sure to remember, the thickness of vinyl is not the most important aspect of your liner purchase. In fact, we tell our customers to not worry about the thickness of the vinyl liner, worry about the pattern. You are going to be staring at the pool liner for many years to come, so pick your pool liner based on the beauty. You know what they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so choose your new vinyl liner based on what you think is beautiful to you.

Above Ground Pool Add

How to Install an Overlap Liner on Your Above Ground Pool
Fence $900 – $1,500

Adding features like waterfalls and fences will cost money on top of the costs associated with installing your above ground pool. Some of these features should be considered required, like covers and fences. While others, like lighting, steps, waterfalls and fountains are optional.

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Inground / Semi Inground Pool Liners

Our Inground / Semi Inground Pool Liner manufacturers have over 40 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Each liner combines unique design and the latest manufacturing processes. They print the vinyl using the finest U.V. resistant inks available on the market today. The liners have quality built in top to bottom, inside and out. Our Inground / Semi Inground Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners are designed to fit your pool – its that simple! We work with our manufacturers to develop your liner and have it tailor fit to your new or existing Inground or Semi Inground Pool. Each Inground / Semi Inground pool liner ordered from our site goes through a thorough design process to ensure a perfect fit.

Inground / Semi Inground Liner Features:

  • Custom designed and manufactured
  • 100% virgin vinyl
  • Equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect the liners for a long life
  • Manufactured with UV inhibitors to protect against fading and sun damage.
  • Cold Crack Temperature Protection to -40°F
  • Made in Canada!

What Is A Pool Liner

A pool liner can be made out of materials other than vinyl, such as fiberglass, but those are usually constructed for inground commercial pools that get a lot of heavy use.

Most pools, especially above ground pools, have vinyl liners.

And the pool liner is there to retain the water in the pool and look nice at the same time.

Thats really it.

They also provide a waterproof barrier between roughly constructed pool materials and the water.

Imagine an above ground pool constructed with metal rods and panels. Not only is it not a smooth surface on the inside, its also not watertight.

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Q: How To Order An Aboveground Pool Linera: Select Your Type And Size

As mentioned above, there are a few types of above ground pool liners.

  • Overlap liners fold over the top of the wall, visible from the outside.
  • Uni-Bead liners hang on the top of the wall, with a thick vinyl hook.
  • Beaded liners lock into a track or groove, called a bead receiver.

There are other types too. Doughboy pools use an expandable pool liner, and Kayak pools have rectangular pool liners.

Unibead/J-Hook, Overlap or Beaded? The most popular liner is the overlap style liner, but perhaps the beaded liners ought to have a wider appreciation they are much easier and quicker to install, since you do not need to remove the top rails. You can use a Uni-Bead liner in place of an overlap liner, or you can convert to a beaded liner using, bead receiver, also known as conversion strips.

Upgrading to a beaded liner will mean that when you remove the old, overlap liner it will be the last time youll have to remove all those top rail pieces. And if you have done this before you can understand the time and hassle you will save. Another reason for installing a beaded liner is that they can give a classier look to your swimming pool, as there are more liner patterns. Because the overlap wont vary, they can have a waterline tile pattern, that wont be wavy.

Picking a Liner Color / Pattern: Darker colors hide the dirt a bit, and have a small solar benefit. Wavy patterns on the floor also help hide underlying floor imperfections and dirt/debris, as compared with plain blue liners.

Types Of Above Ground Liners

Vinyl pool liner for above ground swimming pool

There are three basic types of above ground pool linersoverlap, unibead and beadedand the differences between them is just how they’re installed.

  • Overlap liners. Overlap pool liners are usually the cheapest and easiest liner installation. They’re draped over the top of your swimming pool and clamped in place with strips called coping.
  • Beaded liners. Beaded pool liners have a groove that is attached to a track around the edge of the pool. They create a very uniform and smooth look.
  • Unibead liners. Also called universal bead liners or J-hook liners, these are probably the option because they’re easy to install, come in plain and tile patterns and create a very seamless look. They have a sort of J-shaped piece at the top that just hooks over the top of the pool.

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How To Install A Pool Liner

Installing a pool liner yourself is complex and may void your manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you have experience working with vinyl material, you could save about $1,000 and install it in one weekend.

  • Drain the pool. For an above-ground pool, you will need a small submersible pump.
  • Remove the liner you want to replace and prep the floor and walls. If you have a sand bottom, you can use this chance to smooth any uneven patches out of it.
  • If the floor is concrete, then do a sweep, even if you do not see anything. There could be grit and pebbles that blend in with the flooring. Inspect the walls for rust, and duct tape over bolt heads and holes to prevent rust. Sand down and paint over any rust you find. If you find rust at floor level, pack sand using a trowel against the wall.
  • Place the new liner. Warm weather is ideal for best results, as the heat lets the liner stretch more easily. For overlap liners, you can use clothespins or pinch clamps to secure it to the edge. Make sure the lining is evenly overlapping the edge all the way around. Pull the liner towards the wall until there are no wrinkles. You’ll want the liner ideally 1 inch above the floor. For beaded liners, insert it fully and make sure it is adequately draped around the entire pool. Shift the liner in the track for any diagonal wall wrinkles. The liner should be raised above the floor slightly, as it should not be lying on the floor entirely.
  • Installing The Pool Liner

    Carry the liner to the middle of the pool. Using a utility knife, open the box very carefully so you dont cut or damage the pool liner. Then, take the pool liner out of the box and lay it in on the ground, and remove the box from the pool.

    With the middle of the pool as your starting point, unfold or unroll the liner outwards or towards the pool walls. As you do, check the liner for holes or tears or any other signs of damage.

    Once youve reached the pool walls, lift the liner above and over the walls. It would help to have a friend or family come and reach for the pool liner and pull it over the pool walls. Continue doing so until the edges of the pool liner are all draped over the pool walls. You can use clothespins or coping strips to temporarily hold the liner in place.

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    How To Measure For Your New Liner

    How you measure your pool for a new liner will depend on the shape you have.

    And dont take your manufacturers word for it: the measurements could be slightly off due to installation or just the way they labeled it.

    Even an inch off could make a difference! Luckily, measuring your above ground pool is much easier than an inground pool.

    Unit Costs: How Pros Price

    How To Replace an Above Ground Pool Liner

    Unlike websites which blend pricing from dissimilar jobs, Homewyse creates custom estimates from Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method is based on job specific detail and current costs. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

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    Above Ground Pool Installation Cost

    Homeowners can expect to spend between $750 and $3,000 for above ground pool installation. The number can change depending on the size and shape of the pool. A basic round 12-foot pool, for example, will cost about $750 to install, while a larger, more custom oval pool can cost up to $3,000 to install.

    Price Of Above Ground Pool With Deck

    Adding a deck around your above ground pool can give your pool area a more put-together look and make your pool look like a more permanent feature. Decks can also make pool entry and exit easier, while also providing easier access for cleanings.

    On average, an above ground pool with a deck costs from $2,500 to $11,200, or about $15 to $30 per square foot. Those on a budget can opt to purchase a small deck kit that can be put together as a DIY project for $800 to $3,000. Some above ground pool kits may even come with a patio included.

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    Q: How To Install Aboveground Pool Linersa: Like This

    Drain the Pool: A small submersible pump is best for draining the pool. A pool cover pump will do, or a pump can be borrowed or rented for a day. To get out the last bit of water, cut the liner with a razor knife just above the floor on one side, and lift half of the liner off the floor, to pool the water in a smaller area.

    Remove the Old Liner: With a large screwdriver or cordless drill, remove the screws on the skimmer and return faceplate. For an overlap liner, you may have to remove the top rail, to be able to remove the coping strips, but if it can be avoided, they are better off left in place. For beaded or uni-bead liners, just lift and pull to remove the liner from the top of the wall. Cut up the liner into strips and roll them up. Set them out with your recycling .

    Floor & Wall Prep: Walls can be wiped clean if they have any dusty, crusty deposits. If there are rusty deposits, scrape and paint and then cover with wall foam. Wall dents or crumples can usually be straightened out with a heavy hammer and two 2×4s, one on each side of the wall. Most aboveground pools have sand floors. Using flat trowels, or wood floats, smooth out the sand, shaving off high spots and filling low spots. If you have weeds, rocks or algae in the sand, its best to replace with fresh masonry sand , or install Liner Shield or Happy Bottom floor padding.

    Enjoy your new pool liner ~ and the money you saved!

    How To Install An Oval Overlap Liner

    above ground example â Pool Liner Direct Buy
    • Identify the floor seams in the liner. Oval liners typically have two seams that run the length of the pool. They are not in the center of the floor but each one is off center to either side. Use these seams to help install the liner squarely within pool.

    IMPORTANT! Do not place the liners vertical wall seam directly over the skimmer or skimmer return cutouts if possible. At this point, if the liners main vertical wall seam lines up on the skimmer or return, the best option is to rotate the liner 180 degrees and put the wall seam on the other end of the pool. This will keep it from interfering with gasket seals for the skimmer or return.

    Donot take apart the stabilizer rails at this time. Spread the liner around the pool evenly and try to center the floor in the oval shape of the pool as best as possible.

    There are a few ways to line the floor seams up with the pool.

    Another way is to use the uprights as guides however, this requires the uprights to already be vertically level for accuracy. Make sure the seams measure the same distance from the uprights.

    The longer you spend centering the liner in the pool, the less chance youll have to take it down and rotate, essentially starting over. Once the liner is positioned where you want it, proceed below.

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