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How To Turn On Solar Pool Heater

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What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Pool Heating System That Runs On Solar

How to turn on pool heater from Pentair Easytouch Panel

If you love to swim and on a hot Arizona day there is nothing better to do then you need to consider the value of a pool heating system. It can provide you with a range of key benefits from the moment you turn it on. Here are a few of them.

  • You are not increasing your homes electricity budget by installing them. That means you benefit from that warm pool without increasing your energy costs.
  • They last for years and come with warranties. That gives you the peace of mind you need. Proper maintenance can extend their life even longer than this.
  • They are easy to use and do not require much maintenance. Most of the time, they are a reliable, behind-the-scenes type of investment that works for you reliably.
  • They help you reduce your impact on the environment around you. This is one of the best reasons for installing them. You can enjoy the beauty of nature from your pool without having to tax it further with energy consumption.
  • They qualify for the tax incentives available in Arizona. That drastically cuts down on the costs you are paying for your new solar pool heating system.

Best of all, when you install your solar pool heating system, your pool goes from being a luxury you can enjoy only during the warm months to one you can use throughout the year. On a cool, fall day, you may love the fact that you can dive into a warm pool. Its a fantastic way to add more use to your pool throughout the day.

What You Need To Know About Solar Pool Heating Systems

Theres something about a cool dip in the pool that can make the stresses of the day melt away. That is unless the pool isnt heated and the shock of the water makes it a bit harder to enjoy. Yet, typical pool heating systems can be very expensive. This is due to their need to constantly run on electricity to keep the pool at the ideal temperature. Yet, a solar pool heating system can be a very effective and efficient way of heating your pool just the way you like it.

My Solar Pool Heater Wont Turn On

Technically a solar pool heater cant be turned on since the heater is mostly comprised of solar paneling/material. However, it is still powered by your pump.

Possible cause: Lack of direct sunlight


  • Wait for the sun to come out
  • If it is sunny out, try moving the solar panels/fixture to a spot with better sun exposure

Possible Cause: Weak pool pump

Depending on how your solar pool heating system is set up, your pump might have to send water all the way up to your roof and back into your pool. In some cases, smaller or worn out pool pumps may not be able to handle the job


  • Check the PSI of your pool system for proper pressure levels
  • If using a variable speed pump, turn up the speed
  • Upgrade to a stronger pump

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What Is The Installation Process Like

Installing a solar poolheater can take one day or up to three days, depending on a fewfactors. The larger the system is, the longer it takes to install.Also, some types of roof may require more work. If trenching orconcrete work is required, you can expect it to take longer. We willgive you an honest assessment when we give you an estimate.

Where Not To Put A Chlorinator

How to turn off a Solar Pool Heater

Some things, like a chlorinator, should always be functioning whilethe pool pump is on Don’t put those thingsin the section of pipe that has the bypass valve or on the pipes going to/from the solar pool heating collectors since they will want a normal flow of water. The following diagram shows these pipes thatshould be avoided in green.

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Manual Control Using Three Valves

The main solar pool heating pagealeady showed a diagram of a manual system using a single control valve and a check valve. The following two diagrams illustrate howa manual system can be done using three identical manual valves.Two valves control the flow to and from the solar collectors and oneallows for bypassing the collectors if there is no heat available or itis available but not wanted.

Also, see the section below on where not to put a chlorinator if you’re going to use this type of plumbing arrangement.

Diy Lily Pad Solar Pool Heaters

Want to heat your pool and make it look decorative at the same time? This article shows you how to do just that and all for under $100. All you need are some differently colored hula hoops, black plastic and tape. Your guests can jump enjoy being in the pool and you dont have to remove any bulky wires or hosing for them to enjoy themselves.

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Does A Solar Pool Heater Work

Solar heating only works in Florida.

solar heaters worksolarpool

Besides, is solar pool heating worth it?

Solar pool heaters are extremely reliable.Solar energy has been used for the past 30+ years not only for heating pools, but also for providing electricity and warm running water for residential and commercial places. There are no motors or fans that you have to worry about breaking, and no heat exchangers to corrode.

Secondly, when should I turn on my solar pool heater?

  • At an air temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit you might heat your existing 58 degree water to 65 degrees.
  • The nights are still too long for the pool to retain much of the heat you gain.
  • If you want to heat your pool you’ll have to run your pump in the afternoon when electricity is more expensive.
  • Secondly, how warm does a solar heated pool get?

    The short answer you have been waiting for is that solar heated pools with ideal systems usually reach 8-12 degrees above an unheated pool. It can be less or more depending on weather.

    Do solar heaters work for above ground pools?

    When it comes to swimming pool heater, the solar heaters are one of the most economical choices, especially for you who has above ground pool. That because they draw energy from the sun, so they don’t increase your electric bill, and more of that they are relatively easy to settings.

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    Solar Pool Heater Using Polycarbonate Sheeting

    Solar Pool Heating – How to Use Your System From Florida Solar Design Group in Fort Myers, FL

    A different approach to making a homemade solar pool heater, this man shows you how to make one using polycarbonate sheeting. Polycarbonate is a type of thick plastic that comes in transparent sheeting. It is flame retardant, chemical resistant and does not take on water damage. You do need to use some electrical tools to make this one but if you have them available, this is a great video to help you make your inexpensive solar pool heater.

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    We Install And Service Pool Pumps And Other Pool Equipment Too

    The pool pump, as we alluded to above, recirculates the water in your pool through a filter and panel, which both allows the water to be heated and cleaned. This ensures that not only is your swimming pool comfortable to be in, but also safe. A single pool pump can usually circulate the entire volume of a pool, once a day.

    Pool pumps are available in variable speeds that enable vacuuming or circulated heated water. This saves homeowners a significant amount of money on their overall energy costs. Our Customer Service Representatives are standing by and happy to explain more about the science behind these pool pumps.

    For pool pumps, solar pool heaters, and any other pool equipment you need, our Sacramento team is happy to help. Contact us today and rely on professional service from a highly qualified team of solar experts.

    How To Change The Minimum Water Temperature By Adjusting The Thermostat

    The minimum drinking water temperature can be changed by adjusting the thermostat. Before completing any work, turn on the switch, disconnect all water supply main circuit breakers or fuse boxes from the water heater and heat source . Remove the cover and fold the insulation away from the outsidecontrol. Use a screwdriver to adjust the thermostat dial until the minimum acceptable temperature is reached. The thermostat is factory preset to 120°F .

    Keep in mind that lower temperature settings are more energy efficient. Turn the temperature knob 3 clockwise to increase the water temperature. Rotate the thermostat dial counterclockwise 4 to lower the temperature setting. Replace the insulation to ensure good control coverage and the plastic terminal shroud is not displaced. Replace the access panel. Water heater is Now ready to run, the main switch can be turned off

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    Solar Pool Heater Installation In Sacramento

    Looking over your options for solar pool heaters can seem overwhelming, especially since functionality differs between make and model. One thing that we can promise you is that your solar pool heater installation will be most successful if you have a trained and experienced professional to handle the job.

    How does a solar pool heater work, exactly? Most are set up with a panel that supports a number of tubes. The panel is positioned so that its able to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy each day. A pump removes water from your pool and passes the water over this panel so it heats up, then the water is returned back to your pool through the use of the aforementioned tubes.

    As you may have guessed, this setup is complex and really requires that the professionals putting in the system know what theyre doing. All the necessary wiring for the pump and other components must be checked for safety, there cant be any leaks developing due to poor design, and the system needs to be checked for functionality.

    How Effective Is Solar Pool Heating

    14 Best images about DIY Pool Heaters on Pinterest

    Backyard swimming pools are a mysterious item around homes. Thats because there is usually no middle ground as far as their use. Families either use them very seldom or cant seem to get enough of them. Those families that cant get enough of their swimming pools are the ones that like to use them as long as possible. In many cases that means extending the pool season by heating those pools. The only problem with that is electric heat pumps and gas heaters can be expensive to run. Since that is the case, more and more people are now looking to add low-cost solar pool heaters to their homes. So one may wonder how effective is solar pool heating?

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    Operating Solar During Freezing Conditions

    In some parts of the country, pool owners operate their pools throughout the winter even though light freezing conditions may occur. If your system is equipped with an isolation valve in the collector feed line and check valve in the collector return line:

    1. Turn the circulating system off and allow at least 30 minutes for the solar collectors and piping to drain. If your installation does not allow for gravity drainage, the system must be manually drained.

    2. Once drained, close the isolation valve in the collector feed line. If your system is automatically controlled, switch the control panel into the pool or off position. Turn the filtration system back on to protect it from freezing.

    3. When freezing conditions have passed, open the isolation valve in the collector feed line, and if your system is automatically controlled return the switch in the control panel to the auto position.

    If your system is not equipped with isolation valves, or cannot be drained manually, it is recommended to continuously circulate pool water through the solar heating system at any time the outside temperature is 42 degrees F or lower .

    How Do Solar Powered Pool Heating Systems Get Installed

    When you are ready to consider the investment in your pool, contact our team. We will come to your home and talk to you about the options there is no cost to do this and no obligation to work with us either. Once we take this step, we schedule the installation process for you.

    The solar systems can be installed on any type of roof. This includes installing them on any type of shingle, flat, or tile roof. We work with you to ensure the process is as straightforward as possible. This is a customized process to ensure that it is done properly for your home. Every homes solar panel system will be a bit different.

    Once this is done, we will install your solar heating pool system and link it to the solar panel system. Then, we can get it operational and teach you how to use it. The entire process is very straightforward and simple to learn.

    Our team works hard to ensure that you know what to expect. We spend a bit more time helping you to learn how to get the most out of your system and how it will impact your homes energy use. If you do not have a solar system in place just yet, let us talk to you about how a whole-home system may further benefit you, if you would like to do so.

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    Solar Pool Heater A Weekend Project

    If youre looking for a weekend project and also want to find a way to heat your pool, heres a great DIY idea for you. This process is also perfect for someone on a budget. Normal heating pumps and gas heaters can cost upwards of $3000 but this one is just a fraction of that price.

    This DIYer explains how he made a large enough heater to accommodate his inground pool that holds 22000 gallons of water.

    Timberline Wood Water Stoves For Pool Heating

    Solar Pool Heater Operation and Controls

    Looking for another way to heat your pool? Visit our Sister company at TimberLine Wood Water Stoves for unique wood fired pool heaters that use no electricity and require not pumps! These wood fired pool heaters are great for off grid applications or to assist you with heating your hot tub or spa. They use a principle called thermosiphon whereby water is heated up in the stainless steel double walled water jacket. The hot water rises to the top and out a port into the pool. Meanwhile cold water is sucked in through the bottom of the tub to be reheated. Simple, quiet, cost effective! These heaters can also be used with an existing pump system and can heat up to 100,000 BTU/hr.

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    How To Heat A Pool Without A Heater

    Go back to your washer machine to turn the valve back down to the on position which will return the flow of water to your washer machine and now to your swimming pool as well.Hands down our recommendation for the best swimming pool heater goes to the madimack heat pump summer series.How long does it take to heat a pool?If you dont have a heater, the best option to heat a pool without a heater is the sunlight.

    In our guide below on how to heat pool fast diy, well discuss a number of these methods.Like most hot tub heaters, the average pool heater uses 2 plumbing connectors.Madimack heat pump summer 16kw.Make sure there is no one in the pool for the first time heating your pool this way.

    More and more exposure to sunlight is vital to keep your pools warm.On average, time to take for a pool to heat up by the sun is 8 to 12 hours.Pool heaters either come in their gas or oil heater form or their electric pool heater form.

    Pool water is then pumped around the coils to steal the heat away and return it to your pool.Pools lose 75 percent of their heat through evaporation.Similarly, a pool in dryer areas will retain less heat as compared to the pools in humid areas.So how long does it take to heat up a pool without a heater if ever you do use solar energy?

    The process is very technical:The short answer is yes, you probably could.Then, just run your pools water through it to get warmer as the black hose absorbs warmth from the sun.Then, use scissors to cut along the edge.

    In Ground Pool Solar Panel Installation:

    Installing an inground solar pool heater will take more time than the above ground units, because you need to do a little plumbing, and you will have more panels to connect together. Consult our solar panel chart to order the suggested amount of solar panels, which should be at least 50% of your pools surface area.

    As illustrated in the pictures on top of the page, you dont have to mount these solar panels on the roof of your house, if you dont have a suitable roof location that receives at least 6 hours per day of direct sun. You can build a rack somewhere in the yard, or even on the back of your fence. It need not be next to the pool pump, although the further away from the pump, the more you will spend on plumbing pipes running to and from the panels. Perhaps a patio gazebo, providing a shady spot for relaxation and an out of the way location to mount your solar panels.

  • Unbox your panels and connect them together. Panels have separations to allow you to wrap around roof vents.
  • Secure the panels to the roof with the included hardware. Attach the cross straps to hold down panels in high winds.
  • Cut the return pipe after the filter, and glue on a one-way check valve and the 3-way diverter valve, included in the Solar Controller package.
  • Connect another pipe on the opposite corner of your solar panel array. Run this exit pipe parallel to the top of the panels.
  • Run the exit pipe off of the roof or rack towards the return line that was cut in step 3.
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