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What Is The Deepest Above Ground Pool

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Which Is Better Inground Or Above Ground Pool

Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

We like to harp on the fact that inground pool prices vary a lot. The same is true of above ground pools, which can range from a hundred dollars or less, to tens of thousands. However, one thing we can state with certainty is that an inground swimming pool is far more expensive than a comparable above ground pool.

How Do You Clean An Above

Generally speaking, above-ground pools can be cleaned using the same tools and methods as in-ground pools. You can use a pool skimmer, which draws water from the pool’s surface and sucks it through the filter. Another option is a pool hose, which attaches to your filter or pool vacuum and sucks out debris. You can also use a pool net to manually fish out leaves, bugs, dirt, and other debris.

Do I Need A Fence Around My Above Ground Pool

The CPSC recommends surrounding all pool areas with childproof fencing and gates, and that goes for above-ground pools, too. Above-ground pools have elevated edges that toddlers cant reach, but stairs and ramps that provide access to the pools surface should be secured with gates and childproof locks.

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What You Should Put Around Your Above Ground Pool

There are a bunch of things you can put around your above ground pool to make it look classic, modern, adorable, and lovely. When you put things around your pool to make it look appealing, you and your loved ones will always love to make use of it. Asides, this will not make it feel less like a regular swimming pool.

Despite the fact that your backyard is small; you can add these following things around your above ground pool for a better swimming experience.

  • Potted plants

You can place some potted plants around the bottom sides of the above ground pool. This makes the pool blend with the backyard and have a better pool appearance.

  • Portable cushion

When you place a portable cushion close to the above-ground pools, they won’t occupy much space, and you can relax on it. Likewise, they can serve as easy and quick access to the water. Its much better to use a waterproof cushionpools chairs are in the stores, offline or online.

  • Pool table

If you dont have all the space for cushion, then you can put a table close to the above ground pool. This table will serve as a coffee table or poolside bar. Its much better to use a table that has the same height as the above ground pool so that you will access your towel, drink, and others quickly and conveniently.

  • Pavers or concrete

You can select them based on their colors, styles, and designs. Whichever one you choose will surely fit your pool and add to the beauty of your small backyard.

  • Stones

Ready To Purchase An Above Ground Pool

My above ground pool has a 13 foot deep pit ...

An above ground pool is a cost-effective way to spruce up your yard for some summer fun. However, an above ground pool wont increase the value of your home. An in-ground swimming pool makes your home more valuable but it can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

If youre ready to shop for an above ground pool, check out our choices for the best above ground pools to buy for various budgets. Then, when the ground has been leveled for your new pool and the above ground pool is installed check out our picks for accessories. Some you may want to purchase include the best above ground pool lights and solar-powered pool heaters;to heat your above ground pool for winter.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

At Pool Supplies Canada, we offer the widest selection of Canadian made pools in the industry. That’s because Canadian made products not only support our local economy, which is important to our team, they are also made of high quality materials that can withstand our harsh Canadian climate. Our products meet Canadian certifications and safety standards and come backed with Canadian manufacturer warranties for use in Canada. Some products even have exclusive extended warranties that are only available through Pool Supplies Canada.

At Pool Supplies Canada, we take our customers feedback very seriously, and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service – from the moment you first place your order, to after your pool is installed. Below are just a few of the kind words we’ve received from our thousands of above ground pool customers over the years – to see more, visit our or Customer Reviews page. It’s no coincidence that we are Canada’s number one above ground pool supplier!

Things You Should Consider

OK, with those reviews in place, you can accurately assess all the best above-ground pools like-for-like.

If youre still uncertain how to proceed, well round out today with a punchy guide showing you everything you need to know when youre comparing pools.

Before anything else, though, you should think about preparation. Fail to plan, plan to fail!

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Doughboy Deep End Pool Liners

Of course the above ground pool with a deep end of 7-8 feet requires a specially designed pool liner to make this happen. And the Hoffinger/Doughboy makes;these exceptionally tough;pool liner to get the job done. These expandable pool liners are incredibly thick and designed to give a wrinkle free finish when installed. I feel these are the best pool liners on the market and their longevity backs this up. Its not uncommon for us to see these liners lasting 20 years or more. Sure, they cost more but they last forever and they can stretch at least 3;additions feet where most generic expandable liners can only go 2 additional feet and typically last about 5-8 years.

What Is The Best Solar Heater For An Above Ground Pool

The biggest above ground pool | in the world

When it comes to solar heaters, there arent a lot of budget options out there. The Intex Solar Heater Mat is not the best solar heater on the market, but it is by far the most affordable. The mat itself is fairly small, much smaller than a solar panel, and measures 47 x 47 inches, or just under 4 feet.

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Can You Get An Above Ground Pool With A Deep End

At this point its worth mentioning that all round shaped above ground pools are capable of having a deep end/center.

Most ovals, though, are not capable of having a deep end/center.

Most oval pool designs have metal straps that run under the pools bottom and therefore it will not allow you to dig your pool deeper.

How To Choose The Best Deep Above Ground Pool

When selecting which above ground pool to get, youre typically presented with only three choices, pools with wall heights of 48, 52, or 54. Now for those looking for the deepest above ground pool, the 48 and 52 options may not be enough. This leaves you with just the above ground pools with 54 wall height.

Considering what we mentioned before about a pools water depth not reaching the top of your pool, you have about 48 inches of water depth to work with. This pool should be more than enough for some families looking to install a deep above ground pool, but is this the deepest you can go for an above ground pool?

This actually depends on two things what type of pool liner are you using and how big is your pool. One way you can get an even deeper pool is by considering above ground pools that have both shallow and deep surfaces, similar to what you have in most inground pools.

This can be achieved by utilizing expandable pool liners. Vinyl pool liners are already flexible and the only difference between a standard liner and an expandable liner is that the latter has an extra 12 inches of vinyl material on its side. This will enable the expandable liner to give you an additional foot for your pools deep center.

With this in mind, lets go ahead with our list of the best deep above ground pools that you can get for you and your family.

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How Long Do The Above Ground Pools Last

You do have to know the durability of what you are investing in, to know if it is worth the price. Well, lets see how long you can use your above ground pool.

Usually, an above ground pool can last for about 10 to 25 years before the structures will start getting damaged. But as for the above ground pool liners, by the time they clock 8 to 15 years, they might get damaged and need replacement.

In summary, if you can maintain the above ground pool very well, you may likely have to use it longer than the estimated years. Asides, in-ground pools last for about 20 years and above, depending on the type. Therefore, the longevity of the above ground pool is fair.

So How Deep Can You Go

What is the biggest and deepest above ground pool ...

This depends on two things what type of liner the pool has and how big the pool is.;In most cases an above ground pool with a deep center is about one foot deeper in the middle. Thats the average and what I would recommend. Well, with the way above ground pool linersare these days, Id safely say you can go about 10 deeper since liners are made with less material than they used to be. I would say go down about only a foot deeper for two reasons. One is you can still use a standard size liner and the other is you can shape the pools bottom better.

A vinyl pool liner can stretch. They are designed to be a little smaller than the pool so when you install them, they can expand to fit perfectly to something that may not be that perfect. Its been my experience that a standard size liner can accommodate a pool bottom that has a gradual grade down to about one foot deeper in the center. If you go any deeper than that, the liner may be too tight. Now if just a foot deeper in the middle is just not enough, you can go deeper but you will need to get what is called an expandable liner.

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When In Doubt Call A Pro

As youve seen, installing a deep end in your above ground pool can be quite complex. It requires some precise installation, which is the last thing you want from a pool that is supposed to be easy to install. Therefore, we recommend that if you are unsure of how to proceed, consult an expert.

Its key that these steps are done correctly. If done improperly, your pool will feel uneven and awkward. Even worse, the ground pressure could cause leaks within the lining. Thats an even harder problem to fix. Therefore, you want to have it done exactly to the manufacturers specifications. This sometimes requires the consultation of a professional.

This will drive up the cost of the installation significantly, but its still much cheaper than in-ground swimming pools. So unless you are very confident in your abilities to set up a durable above ground pool with an even base, then you will likely want to consult a pro pool builder for this task. The money you save on potential hazards down the line will be nothing compared to how much these pools cost initially to install.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Backyard Pool

Swimming pool installation costs from $1,000 to $55,000, with inground pool prices at $35,000 on average, and above ground pools at $2,800. The cost mainly depends on the size and depth of the pool and if its installed above or inground. Additional features and different types of pools can easily double the cost.

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Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool What You Need To Know Before You Buy

How deep can I bury this pool? We hear this question quite often from friends, customers and folks who walk into our showroom.

Anyone who has considered an above ground pool for their home and backyard, may have considered what it would be like to bury it.

Whether it is concerns over how high off the ground the top of the pool and a deck will need to be, concerns about being seen by neighbors, aesthetic reasons, or to ensure the pool fits into existing landscaping and design of the backyard, there are a few reasons why someone would want to bury their pool, either fully or partially. In short, these are people who really want the look and feel of an inground pool, with the much lower price tag and significantly quicker install time of an above ground pool.

So, can I really bury my above ground pool?

The short answer is no, at least not all the way. Above ground pools have many amazing benefits; they are very affordable, DIY friendly and simpler to service. However, if youre looking for a pool that can be completely buried, you should not expect to find that in a traditional above ground pool. Here are a few things to note about above ground pool kits before you try to bury them.

What kind of pool can I bury?

This is a semi-inground pool. It can be buried much farther into the ground than an above ground pool.

What Pool Depth Is Right For You

Quick Tip #11 Deep Ends

To help you decide on a pool depth, consider the following questions.

What Will You Use Your Pool For?

Generally speaking, a residential pool can be used for diving, wading, playing games, and swimming laps. Many people use their backyard pools for cooling off and lounging, so they dont require much depth. But if you plan to use for the pool for multiple purposes, then youll want to consider using multiple depths.

A recreational pool needs a large shallow area. Most pool steel walls are 42 high and the water level is about 4 lowerhalfway or a bit higher into the skimmer. That means 38 standard shallow end, and typically a 6-foot deep end. If you plan to use your pool for playing volleyball, or if people with limited swimming abilities will be using your pool, then you will want a shallow pool.

If you plan to use your pool for multiple purposes, consider a multi-depth pool, which has various depths throughout, e.g., ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet.

If you plan to have a fun pool for lots of activities, then youll want to consider a pool that is a minimum depth of 3 feet to accommodate both adults and children, and a maximum depth of 5 or 6 feet for safety.

Who Is Using Your Pool?

A shallow pool is easier and safer to use for all ages and swimming abilities. If you have young children, a shallow pool may seem ideal. But if you plan to be using your pool when your kids are teenagers and young adults, you may also want a deeper pool.

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What Is The Smallest Above Ground Pool

You may like to know the smallest size of the above ground pool, before buying it for your small backyard. Here you go!

Even though the in-ground pool has an abundance of options, above ground pools, also have plenty of options for you. Talking of these options, they are the standard shapes and sizes they feature. ;Most of the above-ground pools usually feature oval, round, and rectangular shapes.

The oval shape above ground pools has a standard size of wideness from 12-16 feet and long size of 16-32 feet. ;As for the round above ground pools, they are the most popular with a standard size too. They are usually wide from 10-33 feet and then long from 30-54 inches. The rectangular above ground pools are generally wide from 12-16 feet and then long from 20-32 feet.

From this analysis, it’s evident that above ground pools are not perfect for diving. This is because they dont have adequate wideness or height that can make you dive in safely.

But, because you don’t have a big backyard, this small size of above ground pools is perfect for you. Likewise, dont forget that it will save you some money.

In a nutshell, the smallest size of the above ground pool that you can find in the market is around 12 feet of measurement. The rectangle above ground pools are a bit suitable for sport swimming, and the smallest of it is 12-16 feet while the oval pools feature 12-16 feet standard size.

Deep Above Ground Pool Options For 2021

Families who plan to spend the summer season in their own private pool often look into the biggest available pool they can get. Some of them even wonder whats the deepest above ground pool they could get since there are some swimming pool games and activities that are best done on deep pools, dont you agree?

Well, as you may already know, pool water isnt supposed to reach the top of your pool wall and the real depth of an above ground pool is more or less 6 inches less than its wall height. A pool with a 48-inch wall is only good for about 42 inches or 3.5 feet of water level.

If you have older kids, that kind of pool size and depth may not be enough for them to enjoy their summer while hanging out with their friends in your new family pool.

Unfortunately, unlike above ground pools with a depth of less than 42 inches or 3.5 feet, deep above ground pools are kind of hard to find and difficult to set up.

The good news is were here to help you find the best deep above ground pools available today so you and your family can have a great time this summer.

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