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How To Install Salt Generators For Pools

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What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Pool

CORE-Series | The EASIEST Pool Salt System Installation – Add a Chlorine Generator in 10 minutes!

Advantages of swimming pool salt systems are the convenience and constant dosing of pure chlorine disinfectant. Also considered advantages are the reduction in the amount of irritating chloramines compared to conventional chlorination processes and the softening effect of electrolysis by reducing the amount of alkaline minerals dissolved in water.

Why Is My Chlorinator Not Working

Air that has entered the system elsewhere, usually through a leaky O-ring in the pump, may be trapped in the chlorinator canister and cause an air lock. This will become evident by unscrewing the canister lid with the pool pump turned off. After the canister fills with water, the lid should be reinstalled.

Your Pool Can Be A Circupool

Quick, Easy, Affordable

Install our Swimmimg Pool Chlorine Generator yourself or call us if you need recommendations for professional installation services.The CircuPool System installs easily in about an hour.

With ordinary hand tools, anyone with basic plumbing and electrical skills can convert your pool. Our salt pool kits include the generator cell, the control module, mounting hardware and complete instructions.

Plus, CircuPool® techs are also available to answer any questions you may have.

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Hayward Goldline Aqr15 Aquarite Electronic Salt Chlorination System

How To Installing Circupool Salt Chlorine Generator

The model is from a top brand known for making swimming pool related accessories. With this model, you get to experience more performance that is worth spending your money on it. It is one of the bestselling salt chlorination system you can get on the market today. With over 1 million global installations, you can see why many people would want to get one for themselves today.

This system is all about providing consistent results. You will not have to worry about sanitization when it comes to using the model. Its impressive functionality makes sure that it delivers water that will not irritate your eyes, or cause your skin to get irritated. You will feel comfortable swimming in such water always.

The model is all good when it comes to eliminating harsh chlorine odors. No one likes to end up with the smell of chlorine all the time. Then there is also the taste. With this model, all of that is eliminated leaving you with soft water.

The model is also important for automatically converting the dissolved salt into chlorine and thus reducing the maintenance time. This eliminates the need for constant mixing and measuring of the factory produced liquid or tablets to set up in your pool. It can save you up to 50% of such costs in the long run.

Our rating:

  • It needs power center sold separately

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How To Install A Salt Chlorinator For Your Pool

In the most simplistic terms, all you are doing here is installing the chlorinator cell so that it cuts into the return line of the system. This is the line that takes the water back to the pool from the filtration system. This means that the unit is then securely connected to the pools plumbing for a consistent process. Most pump installations are plumbed with either 40mm or 50mm PVC pipe. Check which size your chlorinator cell is. If necessary you can purchase adapters from your local plumbing supplies shop. Plan ahead of time and installation will be easier. Check carefully that you have enough pipework to cut out a gap to fit the cell. If not, you may need to do some creative plumbing. Ensure you use some sort of glue to join any additional pipework together to prevent any leaks.

The chlorinator also needs to be connected to the electricity supply via the power outlet and the powerpack that comes with most units.

At this point it is important to remember that all models vary in design so it really is important to read the instruction manual carefully. For example, some models are 120V and others are 240V. Adding the wrong one could be disastrous. Please only attempt to do this if you are confident in what you are doing. In addition, please recheck the manufacturers instructions we have seen a few that actually reduce the warranty of the unit if it is not installed by a professional.

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Aluminum Sulfate For Pools

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How To Install A Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator

3.19 out of5 stars on 86 ratings

This guide provides a step-by-step procedure for installing a Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator. Note: This guide is intended to give you a visual reference to supplement the Hayward owner’s manual, not replace it. Make sure you read and understand your owner’s manual before installing your unit.

How Saltwater Chlorine Generators Work:

Replacing and Installing Salt Cell Chlorinator/ Hayward Pure Swim Extreme Salt Cell Generator/ Pool

For the machine to work efficiently, there are two aspects you need to have in mind before turning it on for use.

These machines work through electrolysis. Water in the pool passes over the cells of the saltwater chlorine machine and transforms salt into chlorine. Chlorine is then transformed to form hypochlorous acid, the main component of chlorine.

Now, as water is sent back to the pool, it mixes with produced cl, which will kill all bacteria and microorganisms in your swimming facility. This way, you would have maintained your pool hygiene and safe for use.

In the market, you will find two types of chlorine generators. Each generator works differently to produce cl. Some require salt to be added regularly into the water, and others require no regular salt. However, experts recommend the one that requires adding salt regularly compared to the other option.

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On Having A Salt Above Ground Pool

Making above grounds salt pools is very common lately. It is in fact so common that retailers now sell what is called salt friendly models. This means that some of the parts of the pool are made of resin instead of steel or aluminum and therefore cannot corrode from the saltwater. I dont think salt pools cause extra rusting with above grounds, but thats another rant in another blog post . Resin parts for above grounds have come way down in price so you might as well play it safe and get a so-called salt friendly model, if youre planning on having a salt pool. Theyre usually nicer anyway.

If you are going to have a salt above ground, buy a good salt chlorine generator. The cheaper ones dont seem to work as well and certainly dont last as long. I recommend the AquaTrol by Hayward. Its pricey, but works well and has a legit three-year warranty directly from Hayward.

Lastly, if you are getting an above ground pool, dont have much experience with maintaining a pool, and arent sure whether you want to get a salt chlorine generator, you can wait. Chlorine generators are pretty easy to install later on above grounds so you might want to see what its like maintaining a pool without one. You may find you dont need one after all.

Are There Salt Chlorinator Cons

Not all swimming pool structures are ideally suited for salt chlorination. Lets compare.

Concrete Pools

Unfortunately, salt chlorinators are not ideal for concrete swimming pools. Salt chlorinators can be up to five times more abrasive than traditional chlorine on concrete surfaces. Although salt chlorinators can still be used with concrete swimming pools, theyll require more frequent resurfacing which is a very costly repair.

Vinyl Liner Pools

The metal walls can rust. Vinyl liner pool owners often use salt chlorination, but because of the rust factor its not ideally suited to this type of pool structure.

Composite Fiberglass Pools

The boating industry led the way with fiberglass the most robust material for saltwater. The swimming pool industry followed suit but with significant refinements. The non-porous nature of composite fiberglass makes it ideal for swimming pools especially those with salt chlorine generation. Their polished surfaces make them soft to the touch, impenetrable to salt, and algae has a tough time adhering to surfaces.

The Ideal Combination

Salt chlorination has become the leader in pool and spa sanitization for five good reasons.

1. Salt is a low-cost solution for keeping swimming pool water sanitized.

2. Salt reduces the time spent maintaining a pools water.

3. Salt delivers silky-soft water.

4. Salt wont turn swimmers eyes red.

5. Salt wont bleach swimsuits and towels.

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Check The Chlorine Level

Yes, it is important that you check the chlorine levels in your water. If the chlorine level is too low, then you need to add more salt for more chlorine generation to occur. The low chlorine could also mean that there is calcium buildup on the salt cell. You now have to take the right steps to correct this.

Are Salt Water Pools Better Than Chlorine Pools For Home

Vertical Installation Kit for CircuPool® Saltwater ...

Benefits of Seawater Pools Because they have a lower chlorine content, seawater pools are much gentler on the eyes and skin. Research has shown that saltwater systems can be safer than chlorine pools, forcing homeowners to store and handle hazardous chemicals.

How to maintain a poolHow often should a pool be maintained-swimming pool help? The pool must be maintained at least once a week in summer and every two weeks in winter under special conditions. You can go to the URL to learn how to maintain a group between services. If you follow the advice, you may not need your pool buddy after all.How do you clean out a pool?To clean your own pool, clean the water surface every day with a screen to reâ¦

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How A Zinc Anode Works

Anything that is metal and immersed in your salt water swimming pool is producing an electrical voltage. The salt cell inside the salt water system acts to break down salt into sodium and active chlorine to fight bacteria in your pool through the passing of electrons. This means that anything that is metal and in contact with your pool water could be at risk of conducting an electrical current and corroding.

These items may be at risk of corrosion, degrading or discoloration if your pool chemistry is left out of balance for an extended period of time:

  • Heater
  • Ladders
  • Light Fixture Housings

The way that a zinc sacrificial anode works to protect metal in your pool is by a process called cathodic protection. The zinc has a more active voltage than the other metal and therefore will break down before any damage is done to the surrounding metal, protecting it. The offending forces of oxidation and reduction take place on the sacrificial anode instead of metal in your pool.

If you decide to use a sacrificial anode it’s important to check the condition of the metal and replace if it is broken down or degraded. An anode should last at least 6-12 months and it’s often sufficient to check the anode yearly during pool opening or closing.

Pool Filtration Systems And Electrical Storms

Another leading cause of premature failure of pool equipment is an electrical shock from a lightning storm. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, so swimming pools are naturally prone to attracting lightning strikes. The best practice is to unplug the filtration system during inclement weather.

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So What Is A Salt Pool Anyway

People dont ask me what a salt pool is much anymore and I wish they did, because most just think they know what it is and some are wrong. A salt swimming pool is a pool that has a bunch of dissolved salt in it. This salted water goes through a device that is in-line with the pool piping. That said device then makes a small amount of chlorine using the salted water and then voila, the pool now has chlorine. As long as the device is on its making chlorine and sending it into the pool along with the other water coming from the filter. This is all a salt pool really is. So, although its a super cool invention, its almost exactly the same as a boring, regular, unsalted swimming pool with the exception that it can make its own chlorine. Thats about it.

What Is The Best Salt For Swimming Pools

How To Install a Pentair Intellichlor Salt System

Let’s take a look at the different brands of pool salt currently on the market. The top brands of salt that work best are Aquasalt Fine Solar Pool, Morton Advanced Formula Pool Salt, SureSoft Pool Salt, and Diamond Crystal Pool Salt.

Chlorine level in poolWhat is the acceptable level of chlorine in water? The optimum chlorine level for most water temperatures is 1 to 3 parts per million . Ideally the pool should always be around 2ppm and the water should be checked regularly.How do you raise the level of free chlorine in a pool?Increasing the chlorine level in a pool can be much easier than trying to lower the chlorine level. The simple addition of chlorine in the form of châ¦

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Are There Health Risks To Swimming In A Chlorinated Pool

If you have trouble breathing, swimming in a chlorine-covered pool can be uncomfortable. A 2003 study found that young children who regularly swim in a chlorine-covered pool are at an increased risk of developing pneumonia and asthma. However, more research is needed to determine if a saltwater pool is a better alternative.

How Do Salt Water Pools Work

The work of the chlorinator is to help with cleaning and sanitizing the pool you might have at home. They help with cleaning the pool by generating chlorine from table salt. All you have to do is load the generator with table salt and it will generate the chlorine depending on the needs of the pool.

The fact that it generates the chlorine from table salt, you no longer have to buy the chlorine, transport it or even store it. No more dealing with the chemicals when there is a better way of cleaning the pool.

The chlorine is generated from a salt cell which contains the electrical plates. Whenever the cell is powered on, the electrical charge is sent through the electric plates and the salt water. You now get the chlorine being generated at this point and then pumped back into the pool.

The beauty of it all is that the chlorine generated with this method is better and safer. It does not contain the elements that make the water smell weird. This is also because the chlorine content is a lot lower. It is just enough to help with cleaning the pool.

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Can A Above Ground Pool Be Converted To Salt Water

CircuPool Universal40 Saltwater Chlorinator

Not all above ground pools are compatible with saltwater systems. Whether you’re converting an existing above-ground pool to salt water or purchasing a new one, you need to know what materials your pool is made of. Above ground pools are usually made of one of three types of materials: steel, aluminum and resin.

Chlorine Test Turns Orange

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How To Install A Salt Water System In Pool

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