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Must Have Swimming Pool Accessories

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Outdoor Billiards To Dining Table

Must-Have Pool Toys and Accessories

This is the billiards table that converts into a full size, eight-person dining table, providing a convenient switch from play time to dinner time. The 7-long, tournament-regulation table uses a sealed, felt-covered 1-thick slate surface for impeccably flat, professional-caliber play. Mother of pearl diamond sights are inlaid into its 4-wide top rails, which are built with k-66 master speed professional-grade rubber bumper cushions that provide quick rebounds. Providing a streamlined look when converted into a dining table, its six hidden pocket baskets and playing surface are covered by three lightweight vinyl table pads laid over the rails

Cowin Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Whats better than a floating pool light? A floating pool light with a Bluetooth speaker!

These waterproof floating speakers have enhanced bass and a 10W subwoofer for extra loud sound. So, believe it or not, one speaker provides plenty of sound for everyone in an average-sized pool.

The product is designed with a rubberized exterior so impact with the side of the pool wont hurt it. And its lithium batteries will provide hours of entertainment.

As an added bonus, they have a 32-color LED display on top.

Gold Glitter Drink Float

If youve just a hot tub, or maybe just need a little spot to set your drink while you splash around, pick up a few of these Gold Glitter Drink Floats. They can hold bottles, cans, and 16 oz. cups while you swim or float. Make sure you have enough because everyone will want to use one of these cute inflatables.


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A Waterproof Case For Your Smartphone

Phones are a helpful tool for swimming pool owners. You can use them to take photos of the kids splashing around, download , and more. However, using your smartphone around the pool puts it at risk for water damage. Investing in a waterproof phone case can help reduce the likelihood your phone will get ruined and give you some peace of mind.

A Floating Canopy Bed

Swimming Pool Accessories: Must Have Accessories this ...

For people who like to combine pool and nap time, this floating canopy bed from Intex might just be the perfect solution. With a detachable sunshade and two cup holders, this pool float is primed for a long day on the water. Invite a fortunate friend to join you on this large inflatable raft, or claim it all for yourself and camp out for a day of relaxation.

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Clear Pink Mesh Lounger

If your goal is to float all summer long while keeping cool in the crisp pool water, then this Clear Pink Mesh Lounger is for you! This beautifully simple yet luxurious float design has a perfectly sculpted shape that will hug your body as if you were floating in a mini-hammock.

Kiss all your worries goodbye as you sip on your favorite summer drink, which is kept firmly in place with the reinforced drink holder. This luxe lounger also features a comfy headrest to cradle your head for maximum relaxation.

Swimming Pool Alarms & Light

Strangely, some people believe that with a swimming pool enclosure, they dont need an alarm. Well, the truth is, you still need a swimming pool alarm.

With a swimming pool alarm, it will be nearly impossible for any intruder to access the swimming pool area. You can install these alarms in strategic locations such as the pool deck, entrance, windows, doors, etc.

The alarms may include wave detecting or infrared.

Apart from alarms, you need swimming pool lights, especially for people who use this accessory at night. The modern swimming pool lights are mainly LED systems that are energy efficient.

A swimming pool enclosure with LED light systems

The swimming pool lights will not only work as a safety measure, but also double up as decorative idea. This gives a swimming pool an adorable look.

In short, you cannot afford to look down upon swimming pool safety. Once you secure the swimming pool, even the users will go about their activities confidently.

Again, the swimming pool structure itself should guarantee safety. That is, every component should meet the international standards of swimming pool safety.

Other measures such as training and active supervision are fundamental aspects of swimming pool safety.

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Unicornpool Float Party Tube Inflatable Raft By Gofloats

Having a unicorn float as a toy would be a perfect pool toy compilation for a unicorn fan. This inflatable raft of a unicorn from GoFloats is a perfect material for Instagram posts.

This float is 45 inches wide and made of quality UV coated raft performance vinyl, making it incredibly durable and lightweight.

According to some online users who have tried this product, you can be passed over some rapids, knocked on rocks and trees, and its still in good condition.

Its not just going to hold up in a variety of conditions and scenarios, but its going to fit in at less than $20.

Trying to blow up a pool float this large is a significant inconvenience, but you can inflate this float up to 10x quicker due to the pumps rapid expansion.

This one is healthy for both adults and children and can hold more than 500 pounds of weight.

Safety Latches And Alarms

13 must-have pool accessories for a girls’ afternoon

Your backyard pool, while fun, also comes with the responsibility of making it as safe as possible. Safety starts outside of the pool. Your pool will be extremely attractive on a hot summer day, which is especially concerning with very young children. Experts recommend that you install layers of safety.

  • Fencing around your pool is the obvious barrier. Make sure you install fencing that complies with the local regulations. Your fence should be at least four feet high and not provide footholds that small children can use to climb over the fence.

  • The gates leading into the pool area should have self-closing latches. The latch should be on the inside of the fence. It should be lockable also.

  • If your home is the fourth wall of your pool enclosure, all doors and windows should have alarms that will sound if anyone opens them.

  • If you have an above ground pool, make sure the entrance to your pool is also protected. It should be fenced in or have safety features like the flip up ladder, which has the ability to flip up the steps and lock them into place.

  • Consider purchasing motion detectors for both in and out of the water. A motion detector on the perimeter of your pool will sound if anyone or anything enters the space that accesses the pool. You donât want family pets to fall into the pool, either. There are also motion detectors that float in the water and are activated when someone enters your pool.

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Sieco Design Aquavue Voyager Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft For Kids And Adults

Unlike other snorkeling rafts, the AQUAVUE Voyager gives the user a large, unobstructed view of the underwater world. Rather than a small porthole-like window, the AQUAVUE Voyager features a huge, flexible clear bottom that gives the sensation of walking on water. A truly unique experience that kids will love!

Aquatix Pro Pool Step & Corner Vacuum Brush

Would you swim in a dirty pool? Of course not! It’s important to keep your pool clean and with the Aquatix Pro Pool vacuum, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do just that. The Aquatix brush can be fitted to either a long pole or vacuum and does well in either situation.

The small size of the brush means that it does well cleaning the grime and filth out of tight, hard to reach corners and the more quirkily shaped pools out there. The soft, fine nylon bristles make it perfect for all surfaces and can be used for pools, spas, and hot tubs.

  • Can be attached to poles and brushes
  • Nylon bristles make the Aquatix brush ideal for multiple types of surfaces
  • Small size makes it easy to get into hard to reach spots, steps, ladders, and odd-shaped pools, which help to cut down on cleaning time
  • Works with most 1 1/2-inch hose connections and 1 1/4-inch pool poles

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Purchase Swimming Pool Rescue Equipment

Lets be realistic and honest with ourselves:

How can you operate a swimming pool without rescue equipment?

I am not astonished that some swimming pool owners do not bother to acquire these accessories. This is quite gross.

These are a set of swimming pool safety accessories. Image source Water Melon

Under normal circumstances, these are the key safety accessories you should have within the swimming pool area:

  • A first aid kit with this kit, you can easily and efficiently respond to any emergency before seeking proper medical attention. Moreover, you should have the basic first air training.
  • Life jackets with these, even kids who are learning how to swim will remain floating on the water surface when they become helpless. This makes rescue operation easy and faster.
  • Spine board youll need spine boards to carry swimmers with injuries off the pool. A good spine board should have restraint straps, non-porous, comfortable head section and beveled shape.
  • Life hook it provides a fast ad quick way of rescuing kids from drowning. Simply extend a life hook to the victim, maneuver it around them and try pulling them off the pool.

Apart from these, other swimming pool safety accessories include safety ring, rope floats/dividers, rescue tube and rescue can. Here is one my blogs on Best 5 Swimming Pool Safety Equipment That Guarantee Childrens Safety.

A Set Of King Kool Inflatable Loungers

7 Must

This adult-sized pool lounger is, as one reviewer put it, a “legit bed” with extra back support and plush armrests. To ensure a relaxing experience, these inflatable loungers lift you almost entirely out of the water, great for those who want the feeling of sunbathing poolside while still on the water. With convenient cup holders and aesthetically pleasing colors, these King Kool loungers from Intex will be your go-to thrones of choice.

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Products That Are Helpful Andefficient

It would help if you still cleaned up your pool at the end of the swimming activity. After all the fun and enjoyment, you still cant forget how important it is to keep your water well preserved.

It feels like a household chore that is a waste of time, but buying a few choices will help your life make it easier.

With this, consider buying products such as a floating fountain to oxygenate the water better and make sure that your water filters work effectively.

Provide even just a simple pool basket to give your children somewhere to store pool toys once theyve finished playing in the pool.

Swimming Pool Accessories To Enhance Daily Operations

To operate your swimming pool efficiently, youll need a wide range of accessories. Normally, this may vary depending on either the size or specific applications your pool is designed for.

It can either be a commercial or residential swimming pool. Therefore, in this section, I am going to focus on those tools and equipment that allow you to access the swimming pool easily amongst others.

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Test Strips And Chemicals

You are going to need a few different chemicals to maintain the water in your pool, and you may need more or less of these chemicals, depending on the environment where you live. Temperature, contaminants in the air, and the quality of the water you are filling the pool with will all affect the type and amount of chemicals that you will need.

AquaChek 551236 7-Way 100 Count Pool Water Test Strips

The only way to know what chemicals your pool water needs is to use a pool water test strip. Water quality test strips are found in any pool supply store and come in packs of 10 to 50. Each strip will have several pads glued to one side that will change color depending on the presence of certain chemicals. You compare the pads with a chart on the package that tells you what the color of each pad should be and what chemical each one is testing. Test strips commonly test for chlorine, water hardness, pH, and a few other less essential chemicals as well.

We recommend testing the pool water often because its easier to change the water a little than a lot. You also want to have a good supply of chlorine and pool shock. You can buy chlorine tabs that slowly dissolve or granules that dissolve quickly. The tabs are good because you put them in and forget them for a week, but if the chlorine level gets low, you will need the granules to increase the level quickly.

Dohenys 3 Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs.

Swimline Froglog Critter Saving Escape Ramp

Which Pool Gadget You Must Have? 2019 Summer Pool Accessories

You may not think of this particular pool accessory as being about fun, but consider for a moment how NOT fun it would be to swim in a pool with poor little drowned frogs floating around. So this little escape ramp helps our amphibian friends make their way out of the pool, and keeps you from having the sad duty of removing little froggy bodies from the water.

This ramp isnt just for frogs, though. Squirrels, mice, birds, snakes, rabbits, and even bees can benefit. Helping those critters get out of your pool also means less cleaning for you. Its so to easy assemble and place, you may even want to get a few of them to place around the pool.

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Why Do You Need Swimming Pool Accessories

Many swimming pool products are available in the market, and there are a variety of options to choose from. Swimming pool accessories are needed to make your swimming pool well equipped with all the necessary tools that are required to keep it safe and make it a fun place at the same time.

These accessories enhance your swimming pool experience. Whether it is a practical accessory like a pool cover or something that will make your pool a bit more enjoyable, there are many accessories that will come of great help, if you have a pool in the backyard.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning is an integral process in ensuring the pool maintains the required standards of hygiene. This will help in removing algae or bacteria, hence, reducing chances of infections.

Cleaning a swimming pool water to maintain high hygiene

In the todays swimming pool industry, there a range of swimming pool cleaning accessories. Depending on the complexity of the swimming pool, you may choose any of the following:

  • Chemical floater this swimming pool cleaning accessory floats on the water surface, slowly releasing chemicals. So far, this is a convenient and efficient way of keeping swimming pool water clean and hygienic.
  • Swimming pool broom it comes with a long handle that can reach a greater section of the swimming pool. You can easily remove algae and leaves in water.
  • Pool vacuum cleaner these vacuum cleaners are made with durable and strong bristles. Their design helps to remove hard to reach algae or some stains that need specialized cleaning process.
  • Filter cartridge cleaner you should choose a swimming pool filter cartridge cleaner that is compatible with the pool accessory. With an appropriate cleaner, maintaining the pool hygiene will be easy and simple.

In short, there are hundreds of swimming pool cleaning accessories available in the market. It is important to assess the cleaning requirements of your pool to choose an appropriate accessory.

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Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

Its just not a pool party without music. Before you place your speakers to face outside, turn your stereo up to eleven, and annoy the heck out of the neighbors, get a couple of wireless floating pool speakers instead.

These are completely waterproof, and offer several volume levels and a powerful subwoofer for rich stereo sound in crisp high definition. You can connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your favorite playlists, and easily control the volume and other functions from your device.

Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game 72783 By Poolmaster

Best Swimming Pool Accessories You Must Have l Blue Waters

The Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game72783 allows you to transform your pool into a water basketball court andprovide hours of enjoyment for your kids or friends as they shoot a few hoopsthrough the basket.

Poolmaster designed its backboard and frame. It is made of all-weather, highly durable polyform plastic with a 34x 25.5 inches backboard and a hoop of 14 inches.

A basketball and inflation needle is included in the kit. Somehow, you will need to fill the base with sand or water to build enough weight and keep it on the deck next to your tub or pool.

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Swimming Pool Accessories That Every Pool Owner Must Have

Swimming pool accessories are the extra items that create that unique and fun pool experience. Investing in some simple accessories can add to the enjoyment of your pool and ensure that your friends and family have a safe experience and enjoy swimming at the pool.

When thinking about adding accessories to your pool, safety should be your priority. Fortunately, almost all the pool accessories have safety in mind. Some pool accessories are explicitly designed to enhance safety like safety ladders and pool lighting.

The following are pool accessories that are a must-have for all pool owners.

1. Pool barriers

A pool barrier prevents unauthorized access to the swimming pool area. Pool barriers are not pool fence or pool covers. Kids can access the swimming pool irrespective of their quality so you should invest highly in a system that will guarantee 100% safety.

You can consider the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure. Once you lock the pool enclosure, nobody including the kids can access the swimming pool area. The pool barrier covers all the sections of the pool and most of them come with self-latching mechanisms, meaning even if you forget to lock the pool, it will automatically lock itself.

2. Swimming pool ladders
3. Pool rescue equipment
  • First Aid Kit
  • Spine board
  • Life hook, etc.

Apart from the above spool safety accessories, other items include safety ring, rope, floats, rescue tube and rescue can.

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