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How To Monitor Pool Chemicals

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Chemical Packaging And Labeling

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  • Package and label each pool chemical so that they can be easily identified and distinguished from each other.
  • This should be done consistently, as changing the shape, size, or color of the container or labeling can lead to chemical-mixing errors.
  • Notify customers of any changes in the packaging or labeling of pool chemicals.
  • Consider identifying pool chemicals on the container lids.
  • Use labels resistant to both corrosion and deterioration.
  • How Often Should I Test My Pool

    These simple tasks should be performed every week during the seasons when the pool is being used. Testing your water regularly is fundamental to a healthy pool. Youll also want to test the pool chemical levels before and after extreme weather. When a rainstorm hits, it causes the water to evaporate, throwing off the pH and chemical levels. The more you test your water, the healthier it can be.

    Here are some general guidelines for testing specific pool chemical levels:

    • Chlorine: Minimum once a week
    • pH: Test when you check your Chlorine levels
    • Total Alkalinity: Once per week. Alkalinity changes the stability of your pH levels.
    • Calcium Hardness: Once per month. These levels will fluctuate depending on weather and added chemicals.
    • Dissolved Solids: Once per month. If the level gets too high, it directly affects the other chemicals.
    • Salt: Once per month. This is tied to your chlorination system.
    • Metals: Every 3 months. Metals like Manganese, Iron and Copper need to be removed if detected.

    No Integration With Other Smart Assistants

    The pHin water monitor works with Amazon Alexa only. While its a shame that its not compatible with Google Assistant or Siri, I wouldnt let that prevent you from purchasing the pHin monitor. The Alexa integration is a nice touch, but the pHin app works well and gives all of the same insights as Alexa can, plus some very visually appealing graphs. Plus, the Alexa app is a free and simple addition to your app collection.

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    Pool Water Testing Is Essential To Pool Health

    If you dont test your pool water, how do you know what the chemical levels are? Or what undesirable substances are in it? Or how much and what chemicals to put into the water to create a clean and safe swimming environment?

    The answer is, you dont. You absolutely must learn how to test pool water, and then do so on a regular basis. In fact, out of all the pool maintenance tasks youll perform over the life of your pool, testing the water is the one thing youll do more than anything else.

    Make sure you know how to do it properly, and always keep testing supplies on hand.

    Unbalanced Ph Levels Cause Pool Damage

    The Wireless Pool Chemical Monitoring System

    Water thats too acidic or basic can cause physical damage to your pool if you dont handle it in a reasonable time. Hard water can affect different pool system components, like the heater, pump and more. If your pool has vinyl liners, unbalanced pH levels can cause the liners to grow and absorb water. The vinyl will age faster and may need replacement sooner.

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    How To Use Test Strips

    In addition to being super quick and easy to use, test strips can also sometimes be more accurate than liquid test kits because human error can make it difficult to match up the colors using the chemical drops.

    Test strips are also usually less expensive than liquid kits, but youll go through them more quickly, so it just about balances out.

    To use them:

  • Collect a water sample.
  • Dip a strip into the water, quickly in and out. No need to let it stay submerged or soak.
  • Hold it still in the air for about 15 seconds. No shaking!
  • Compare the strip to the guide on the packaging, and match up the colors on both.
  • Adjust your chemicals accordingly.
  • The type of strips youll use most often are general ones that check for the primary components of ideal pool water: pH, alkalinity, and chlorine. But youll also find specialty strips that test for things like copper, iron and salt.

    Can Treat Be Used In An Above Ground Pool

    TREAT requires placement over a skimmer. Larger above-ground pools may have skimmers similar to in-ground pools that will work with TREAT. Smaller above-ground pools may have skimmers smaller than 8 openings and will not work or may have skimmers that are not well supported and will not handle the weight of TREAT filled with chemicals for dosing.

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    Our Digital Pool Monitor Features

    Real-time analysis of your swimming pool water. iopool advises you on the precise treatments you need to perform in order to have clear and healthy water at all times. Only suitable for swimming pools that have been treated with chlorine or active oxygen. Guided Maintenance System: iopool guides you through all steps of the maintenance process to ensure clear and healthy water for your family. You can also receive personalized alerts / notifications based on the actions to be taken. Long range model from 10 to 20 meters. Bluetooth technology, perfect for your garden pool. 3 sensors . The first solution that really guides you from A to Z in the maintenance of your swimming pool. iopool App: Follow the evolution of your water over time with history. Share the iopool app with your neighbor when you are on vacation! Contents of the Eco Starter package: EcO sensor + Unlimited and full access to the mobile application for life + Maintenance products offered: 1 kg pH +, 1 kg pH, 1 kg shock chlorine.

    Easily Check Your Water Conditions Via The Aquaiot App

    Poolsense Smart Pool Monitor

    The data is displayed on a smartphone App and stored in the cloud.

    Main Page

    The free downloadable AquaIOT APP allows you to monitor your pool health parameters from your smart phone and send you alert when your pool need care

    Add chemical

    Aqua-eegg will proactively alert you on your smart phone with an automatic notification when you need to adjust your pool or hot tub’s chemicals.

    History data page

    The history page shows you how your pool water quality has been by displaying the history of pH, Chlorine, ORP, TDS, and temperature.

    The Science of Water

    We have added a water science introduction section to the AquaIOT app to help you better understand pool maintenance methods.

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    Testing For Copper: Getting Rid Of The Green

    If your pool water is cloudy, or you have greenish or black stains on your liner, copper is a prime suspect. Copper buildup usually happens for one of two main reasons.

    First, the tap water you use to fill your pool may contain trace amounts of copper. As water evaporates from your pool, it leaves the copper behind. The less water in the pool, the higher the copper levels.

    To counter evaporation, youll add more water, which means you add more copper, and then more water evaporates, and that leavesyou guessed itmore copper in your pool.

    Second, low pH levels can cause copper elements in your pool filter or plumbing to corrode. The corrosion will then make its way into your pool water. The longer the corrosion is left unaddressed, the more copper buildup youll have in your water.

    Greenish stains on the pool walls and floors may be an indication of too much copper in your pool water.

    How Often To Test For Copper

    While its ideal to conduct pool water testing for chlorine and pH levels weekly, its sufficient to test for copper once a month. Testing your water on a regular basis will keep copper levels at bay before you even see its effects. This will mean less work for you as you wont have to remove liner stains on top of addressing the copper in your water.

    In addition, because low pH levels can contribute to high copper levels, its essential to test them weekly. Keep them under control, and you may be able to avoid copper buildup altogether.

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    What Happens If I Ignore The Pool Chemical Levels

    Ignoring the pool chemical levels can be a costly mistake. An abundance of the wrong chemicals or elements could damage your pools features, materials and even the equipment in and around it. Most importantly, if you arent testing the water, you dont know if the water is a safe swimming environment! Proper and routine pool chemical levels testing will prevent you from damaging your pool finish, pool equipment and keep you and your family swimming in healthy, sanitary water.

    Whats In This Buying Guide

    Shop GAME ePOOL Wireless Water Chemistry Monitoring System ...


    In this guide, we review & compare the best digital pool water testers sold online and recommend top picks for the most common needs & situations.

    After our top picks and reviews, we discuss the factors you should consider when selecting a digital pool water tester including test accuracy, ease of use, reliability, and more.

    Finally, we answer frequently-asked questions about digital pool water testers.

    Hopefully, this guide will help you find the right digital pool water tester for your needs.

    If you need any advice or another recommendation, please leave a comment below.

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    How To Read A Digital Pool Tester

    Different pool testers are read differently.

    A strip test is visually compared to the color chart given on the bottle. A liquid kit utilizes different reagents that you mix in sample water. The results are then read on a user-friendly comparator.

    On the other hand, a digital pool water tester shows the reading on its display.

    Some models also make use of Bluetooth and display the results on your smartphone via a compatible app.

    How Do I Test My Pool Chemical Levels

    There are four basic ways to test your pool water. Test strips are the easiest and quickest choice. You could also use a liquid test kit, which will give you more detail than strips. A digital testing kit is like an advanced version of the liquid kit. Or, you can take a sample to your local pool store and ask them to test it.

    Get a sample of the pool water. The best place to grab that sample is from the middle of your pool, away from skimmers and jets. Use a clean cup or bottle to collect your sample. Hold it upside down and insert it about elbow-deep into the water. Turn it right side up before bringing it to the top of the water and pulling it out. This gives you the cleanest possible sample.

    There are recommended levels for some of the tests you, or your pool supply store will perform:

    • pH:7.2 7.8
    • Total Dissolved Solids:below 5000 ppm

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    Best Pool Water Chemistry Automation Systems In 2022

    Chemical balancing is the bane of pool owners everywhere. Its time-consuming, and theres always some guesswork involved. Some people hire a professional to maintain their pool, but the limitations of manual chemical balancing still remain, and at an exorbitant cost nonetheless.

    Ideally, you should test your swimming pools pH and chlorine levels two times a day and adjust them accordingly. If you want to spend more time swimming in your pool, getting your pool swim-ready, a water chemistry automation system is the way to go.

    Residential pools are sensitive to changes in organic matter volume and swimmer load. The more debris, sunscreen and sweat particles that float around in the pool, the more chlorine must be used. Often, people resort to frequent shocking or struggle to keep pace with their pools chemical demands. Automated chemical monitoring and dispensing will prevent algae growth, physical irritation and cloudy water.

    Once only found in commercial pool setups, chemical automation is finally gaining traction in the world of residential swimming pools. Our guide takes a look at some of the best and most streamlined pool water chemistry automation systems available. To help you gain a better understanding of how you can automate this essential pool maintenance task, we also included a buying guide.

    This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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    Poolsense For Your Hot Tub And Spa

    HTH Pool Chemicals | The Home Depot

    Its not only pool owners who get to enjoy the amazing, game-changing benefits of owning a PoolSense device.

    PoolSense works perfectly in your hot tub or spa. If you have struggled with cloudy or green hot tub water, you know the secret to maintaining your spa or hot tub is cleaner water and this all comes down to testing the water and keeping track of changes. This is exactly what PoolSense does for you! No more hassle. Of course, you still need to make sure you do the basics of maintaining your spa, like cleaning the spa filter, clean, drain, and refill every 3-4 months. Ensure that you add enough water to keep your spa full and air out the spa cover at least once per week. Testing, tracking, and micro-dosing really is key to enjoying a clean, healthy spa.

    How it works

    You can now check on your spa from anywhere and know instantly if the water is balanced and healthy. You can easily ensure the optimum temperature is kept. PoolSense works with an app on your smartphone and measures key water parameters like chlorine , pH, and temperature.

    The App

    See how your spas water quality fluctuates over time by accessing your spas daily, weekly, and monthly graphs.

    Our team is available to assist you and help make owning a spa a pleasure again.

    Home Automation

    This device works on the Sigfox network.

    Please make sure you have sufficient coverage.

    Click here to check your coverage.

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    What Is Breakpoint Oxidation

    To reach breakpoint oxidation, the chlorine reading must be 10 ppm over your combined chlorine reading.

    Your chlorine has two readings: free chlorine and combined chlorine . Free chlorine refers to the chlorine that is free and available to kill.

    NOTE: Pool shock products are made with unstabilized chlorine or no chlorine at all. They will go in, do their job, and get eaten up by the suns UV rays very fast. Thats why its important to shock your pool at night or dusk, and let it work for 8 hours throughout the night.

    Ways To Monitor Pool Water Quality

    From commercial pool chemical monitoring systems to DIY test kits, there are plenty of pool monitoring solutions available. Choosing the best swimming pool monitoring system is a matter of your specific needs. If you are monitoring a commercial swimming pool or aquatic center that requires regular maintenance, you should opt for an automatic pool chemical monitoring set up. If you are just trying to keep your pool clean at home, then you might be able to get by with something simpler. Here, we explain 4 ways to monitor a swimming pool:

    • Commercial pool chemical monitoring
    • All in 1 Smart pool monitoring
    • DIY pool monitoring with an electronic meter
    • DIY pool monitoring with pool test kits

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    Is It Worth It

    The pHin water monitor is a great choice for anyone looking for a smarterand easy wayto care for their pool.

    Theres no getting around itmaintaining a pool is a lot of work and can get expensive very quickly. While the upfront cost of $349 pHin may be hard to swallow, its a relatively low price to pay considering weekly professional maintenance can range anywhere from $100 to $150. The pHin subscription doesnt include the cost of chemicals that may be needed to keep your pool water in check, but you can order them from the app and even schedule a pool tech to come out if you need pro-level assistance.

    Overall, the pHin smart pool water monitor is a good investment for any pool owner looking for a smart and simple way to take pool maintenance and care into their own hands.

    The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on , , and for the latest deals, product reviews, and more.

    Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

    After Initial Installation How Long Does It Take For Treat To Balance My Pool Water

    pHin Complete Pool Care Monitor â Easy Pool Shop

    It takes a full 24-hour period to determine the pump schedule in your pool and set the measurement time. The TREAT will begin dosing within 24-hours of determining the schedule, as needed. When your TEST sample is analyzed at WaterGuru headquarters, custom advice will become available to you in the App to balance parameters other than free chlorine and pH in your pool.

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    How To Use A Liquid Test Kit

    For regular maintenance testing, you really only need a basic liquid test kit. Just make sure it includes phenol red and orthotolidine to test pH and chlorine, respectively.

  • Collect a water sample in the collector provided in the test kit.
  • On the side designated for pH testing, add the recommended number of drops of phenol red to the water.
  • On the side designated for chlorine testing, add the recommended number of drops of OTO to the water.
  • Hold the collector up to a white background, and compare the colors of the water to the color scales on the collector. The redder the water, the higher the pH, and the yellower the water, the higher the chlorine level.
  • Important: If the levels are low, the water colors will be fainter, and can be difficult to see. For higher accuracy, be sure to hold the collector up to a white background. Just a sheet of printer paper will do.

    Sutro Design And Features

    Sutro’s monitoring system consists of a long green canister , a hub with a built-in battery charger, and a smart cartridge. The monitor has a twist-off top and an inner compartment that holds a battery, a smart cartridge, a pairing button, and an LED indicator. It measures 15 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, with a cord attached to the top for securing it to a ladder or a handrail. Alternately, you can just let the canister float around in the pool.

    The puck-shaped hub has a Wi-Fi radio that connects the monitor to your home network. Its the same green color as the canister and is 1.6 inches high and 5.7 inches wide. Beneath the pop-up lid is a battery charger and a pairing button, and theres an LED indicator on the outer edge that blinks blue during setup and glows solid white when the hub is connected. A solid red LED indicates that a battery is being charged, and a solid green LED means that the battery is fully charged. A power jack and a reset button are located on the bottom of the hub.

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