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How Much Is Small Inground Pool

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Beach Entry Pool Costs

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost? | Thursday Pools

Beach entry pools cost an average of $87 per square foot, with most pool buyers paying between $50 and $125 per square foot. Beach entries are also known as a walk-in pool or a zero-entry pool. A beach entry has a gradually sloped entry into the swimming pool identical to the way you would walk into the water on a beach. Normally the water at that shallow end is warmer than it is in the rest of the pool.

Diving Board And Pool Slide

Throw the best pool parties in the neighborhood with a diving board and slippery pool slide. Summer vacation will be in your backyard, and so will all the fun.

Installing a diving board starts around $366 for most homeowners, with some homeowners paying up to $5,000 for a high-end diving board project.

Pool slides usually cost between $883 and $16,000 to install.

Do Swimming Pools Add Value To Your Home

The short answer is yes. If you add a pool to your home, its value will likely rise. Under optimal circumstances, a pool could boost your homes value by as much as 7%, according to Houselogic. Because of this general limit, youre unlikely to increase the value of your home by the amount that the pool costs.

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Small Inground Pools Great For Some But Not Others

While saving money and space are valid reasons to go with a small pool, you have to ask yourself if the sacrifice in size is worth it to you. For example, very small pools may not be safe or even legal for use with a diving board. If you want to use a lot of pool toys or equipment, you may have trouble doing so in a small pool without feeling cramped. Finally, if you have a larger family or plan to host swimming parties, a smaller option probably isnt what you want.

On the other hand, small inground swimming pools are just as good as larger pools in some respects, such as:

Exercise. If your primary goal is to get some exercise, then a smaller pool will serve you fine. Your laps may be shorter, but in the end, the workout will be just as effective. If space is really tight and/or youre serious about aquatic exercise, you can always install water jets that allow you to swim in place. In fact, theres plenty of exercise equipment that works fine in any sized pool.

Relaxation. If you plan to spend more time lounging around the pool than swimming in it, then a smaller option should work just as well as a larger one. The money you save by trimming the pools proportions can instead be invested in a killer pool deck, awesome outdoor furnishings, beautiful landscaping, or even a kickin outdoor stereo system.

You dont need a lot of water to create an inviting getaway spot in your backyard.

Can You Make A Diy Pool

Inground Fiberglass Pool Stamped Concrete Rock waterfall ...

Pat Conneely of Nelson decided to save himself $20,000 by incorporating his DIY digging skills into the pool process.

My pool designer/architect gave me the plans and then I dug the hole and put the drains in myself because I own my own digger, Conneely said.

The car salesman first applied for council consent for the pool, as he was also applying for the permit to build his own house.

The initial quote for a fibreglass pool was $65,000 and for a concrete pool was $44,000 plus GST.

Fibreglass was initially cheaper but now those pools cost more than concrete.

Fibreglass pools still need a concrete beam to support them and has to be engineered, he says.

Conneely is currently constructing a 9 metre by 4.5 metre concrete pool and says swimming pools do add value to a property, so long as you use them regularly.

But there are ongoing costs and maintenance which adds up to around $1000 per year.

After 20 years you might need to refurbish the pool, which will cost around $10,000, he said.

I’ll probably add a heating system using solar heat, which I’ll also install myself.

For that, Ill use a shed, a panel and hose pipe up the sunny side of the roof so it heats the water via black piping and a pump, which will cost around $2,000.

It will be 100% solar and a natural way of heating the water, its like having a black pipe on a hot tin roof, he said.

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When Do You Need To Upgrade Your Pool

Most pools would be expected to last 35 years, or more, before needing any upgrade, Ogden says.

Sprayed concrete plaster finish pools may need interior re-plastering at some stage, but when this needs to be done, depends on the excessive use of pool chemicals.

Sprayed concrete fully mosaic-tiled pools should have a long lifetime without any major maintenance.

Cascade hybrid/concrete pool shells are expected to have a 50-year life span, and the linings 30 years.

Fibreglass pools should have a 25-year life span but as they are recent to New Zealand we dont know how long they will last in our UV conditions.

Pool interior longevity is directly linked to the use of chemicals in the pool water which can damage the interior finish.

Cascade hybrid concrete pools have a long lifetime due to their no chemicals UV approach to pool sterilisation.

Sprayed concrete pools are typically sterilised with sodium hypochlorite as saline water may not be advisable due to the potential corrosion issues, Ogden says.

How Much Does A Small Inground Pool Cost

How did you arrive at this question? Did you start by looking for the cheapest fiberglass pool cost? Or did you look at the size of your yard and say, I need a mini inground pool? Or perhaps you wondered about the smallest size of inground swimming pool you could get. No matter where you started, youre not alone. There is a large community of homeowners for whom small makes sense. To answer how much does a small inground pool cost?, well cover what we know best: inground fiberglass pools.

Forget go big or go home. You may be right at home with a small fiberglass pool.

Small pools are perfect for a number of people, for a number of different reasons: it may be that you have a small family. Or youre a light user maybe you travel a lot. You might have a small backyard space, and you want to get creative. Or you might just want the lower maintenance that comes with a smaller pool. What you probably have in common with other users is you just want a placeright outside your back doorto enjoy with others or on your own.

Small doesnt mean fewer options.

Fiberglass pool designs have evolved to match the wants and needs of todays homeowners. The breadth of designs, shapes, features and options truly make shopping for a small inground pool a personal experience.

Youve learned a bit about the benefits of a smaller fiberglass pool, so lets give you some ideas for what those might look like.

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What Is A Vinyl Pool

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure. Because of the flexibility with the steel walls, a vinyl pool offers unlimited design options, sizes, and shapes for your backyard. A vinyl pool may be less expensive than a fiberglass pool or concrete pool.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool In Your Backyard

How Much Do Fiberglass Pools Cost in 2022?

Everybody likes basking in the sun, enjoy a relaxing time with your friends while taking a dip in the water, and where else is the best place to cool off during summer than at the inground pool. It is everyones dream to build their own inground pool in their backyard and the big question that befuddled all of us is the actual cost of building an inground pool. This is a significantly hard task since there are a few things you have to consider such as the equipment, tools, size, and design. The best way to have an exact amount is to get a quote from a dependable contractor. TLC Outdoor Living is the top luxury pool builders in Houston, Texas, and they help customers actualize your dream inground pool and increase the value of your houses by providing you excellent services.

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How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost

Inground Pool Costs at a Glance

  • Price range per square foot: $50-$125
  • Total-cost range: $25,000-$60,000
  • Mini-inground pool: $10,000 and up
  • Concrete pool: $30,000-$60,000
  • Vinyl pool: $22,000-$50,000
  • Infinity pool: $55,000-$130,000 $79,000 average

Having an inground pool is a cool way to beat the heat in warm climates and through the summer months plus it can add style to your yard. But before you get in too deep, its important to know what to expect with an inground pool especially when it comes to cost.

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One of the first things to think about when considering making any changes to your home is whether itll add value. On average and under ideal conditions, an inground pool can add between 5% and 8% percent to your property value.

Create Extra Space With By Playing With Height & Depth

The least expensive way to install a pool is above ground. This simple pergola adds visual interest and gives the feeling that the swimpool is lower than it actually is. Ditto for the deck, which makes it feel like the swimpool has been partially sunk into the ground. Get details on this 14-foot Hydropool swimpool

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Determining The Complete Pool Cost

If you are starting to consider an inground pool, PRESTIGE has a price list for all the popular shapes. We can give you a quick price over email and we have a few prices listed on our Popular Shapes and Modern Rectangle pages.

That is a good start, but in order for us to provide you with a thorough pool quote we must complete a on-site backyard visit. While on-site we will measure the backyard pool space to determine the right inground pool shape and size. For city of Winnipeg backyards you need to be at least 5 from the property line to waters edge, but some corners lots are more. Outside the city properties may require a 10 setback. A pool is much more enjoyable in the sun so placement is very important and the pool does not need to be overwhelming in the yard. We recommend that you pick an appropriate size for your backyard that allows a minimum of 5 from all structures and at least 10 from the house. Nothing is worse that cramming in a pool into your yard and realizing and not having room for pool loungers and patio furniture.



After we meet with you we will prepare a top down drawing so you can visualize how the pool all fits in your yard. We also offer a full backyard drawing service with our POOL STUDIO 3D software. Sometimes our clients need a full backyard concept drawing to truly visualize your backyard.

Why Are Fiberglass Pools So Durable

Small Pools Mini Inground Pool Cost ...

Modern fiberglass pools are so durable because of the scientific developments in the pool’s gelcoat layer that have occurred over the past decade.

The gelcoat layer is the part of the pool we see and touch.

Modern gelcoats will last , or possibly even a lifetime. This eliminates the need for costly refinishing.

In contrast, concrete pools will require expensive resurfacing every 10 to 15 years, on average.

And you can plan on replacing the liner in a vinyl pool every 5 to 9 years, on average, at a very high cost.

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Cost To Put In A Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pool installation costs range from $29,000 to $57,000 when building new. When converting from a chlorine pool to saltwater, costs range from $600 to $2,200, or about $870 per 10,000 gallons to install a saltwater chlorination system, also known as a salt chlorine generator.

A saltwater pool is still a chlorine-treated pool, but the chlorine is created by turning the saltwater into the necessary amounts of chlorine through electrolysis. The benefits of a saltwater pool include not having the smell and irritation of chlorine on the skin and the lower maintenance costs of $45 per month, or $80 to $150 per month if you pay a cleaning service.

How Much Does An Inground Pool Actually Cost

Have these hot days got you dreaming of lazy afternoons by the pool with your family and friends? It’s the perfect summer for staycations!

The question you’re probably asking yourself is: “How much does a swimming pool cost?” Typically, an inground pool can cost between $25,000 and $45,000 plus annual maintenance costs.

We have put together a complete guide to help you estimate the price of an inground pool.

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Lifetime Cost Of Ownership Associated With Each Type Of Pool

Now, let’s take a look at how much it costs to own each type of pool over time.

This chart compares the 10-year swimming pool cost of fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete pools:

You can see the huge disparity between the maintenance costs of these three types of swimming pools.

Why is the cost to own a fiberglass pool so much less?

First, they are incredibly durable.

Second, they are very efficient.

Let’s take a closer look.

X40 Inground Pool Cost

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

This is a much larger pool size and requires an appropriate-size yard to accommodate it. The cost of a 20-foot by 40-foot inground pool will be between $73,500 and $105,300 depending on the type of material used. Materials and their average associated costs are as follows:

  • Concrete, $105,300
  • Vinyl, $73,500

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Prices To Look Out For

  • According to service seeking, the cost of building a deck ranges from $3,400 to $9,000 .
  • Price per square metre is usually between $160 and $220 per square metre, but can reach highs of $900 per square metres in larger decks.
  • Pavers usually range anywhere between $40 to $100 per square metre, plus $20 to $100 an hour for labour costs
  • Landscaping your garden can be done on a very small budget if you do it yourself, or if you hire a landscaper expect to pay an average of $50 an hour .

Additional Costs To Put In A Pool

On top of the cost to put in a pool, other prices include pool covers, building permits, electrician fees, increased insurance, and more.

  • Inground pools can cause your home’s value to go up, thus increasing your property taxes.
  • A pool increases the chances of someone getting hurt on your property which directly increases the cost of your homeowners insurance.

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Semi Inground Pool Cost

A semi-inground pool costs under $10,000 on average. Oasis semi-inground pools are constructed from extruded aluminum or steel and cost between $6,800 and $8,500. Semi inground pools are more expensive than an above-ground pool but about a third of the price of an inground pool of equal size. The installation is much faster than that for an inground pool and can often be constructed in 1 to 3 days.

How Much Does In

28+ Best Small Inground Pool Ideas in 2019 ...
  • Average National Cost: $45,583
  • Typical Range: $32,408 to $60,873
  • Low End: $21,500
  • High End: $135,000

The numbers above are average in-ground pool installation costs across the U.S. Homeowners can expect to pay between $32,408 to $60,873 for their new in-ground pool, with most paying $45,583.

Remember that many factors can impact your total bill. Want to install a pool house or in-ground hot tub? Get out your credit card or checkbook. The more bells and whistles you want to add to your in-ground pool design, the more labor and materials youll need to pay for.

In-ground pools are also expensive to maintain, some more than others. In this pricing guide, we will cover how pool materials , amenities , and necessities will affect your total cost.

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Hiring An Inground Pool Installer

When looking to hire a professional pool builder, create a list of the top 3 to 5 companies and schedule an on-site consultation with each. Compare the bids, services, features, and warranty from each company before making your final decision.

Get a FREE Pool Estimate

Looking for a professional pool contractor and want to get a pool estimate? Fill out the form below. Pool Contractor is affiliated with over 25,000 pool builders and pool service companies around the country. Get a free quote on building a new pool, remodeling an existing one, or servicing your pool now.

Private & Elegant Small Pool

You can squeeze a plunge pool between two walls. Added bonus: no grass to cut. The filigreed privacy wall adds visual interest and creates a feeling of lightnessplus its a great place for a vine. In a small yard, think vertical!

This shallow, wide yard is little more than a pool. The architectural fountains make the pool a visually arresting feature when viewed from inside the house.

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Inground Pool Cost Estimator By Size

Average size swimming pools run $20,000 to $50,000. Theyre around 14×28 feet with a typical depth of around 6 ½ feet. On average, youll spend anywhere from $50 to $125 per square foot . Adding upgrades, like a pool house, pushes that up to $300 or more per square foot.

Inground Pool Sizes & Prices

20×40 $40,000 – $100,000
  • For head-first diving, the Red Cross recommends a depth of at least 9 feet. This size starts around the $20,000 range.
  • Large ones start at around $35,000. They are around 18×36 feet, and many have deep ends of 9 to 12 feet. These are often too large for suburban homes.
  • Depth affects the price. The deeper the hole, the more materials needed. Expect deeper designs to land closer to the $125 per square foot

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