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How To Use Pool Frog System

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About Frog Pool & Hot Tub Products

Shocking Your Pool when using the Pool Frog Mineral System

For more than 25 years, FROG has sanitized pool and hot tubs in its unique, patented way. FROG features prefilled cartridges for no mess, no guess, and no stress pool and hot tub care. Each FROG product uses Fresh Mineral Water to make your water Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier®. No matter what size pool or hot tub you have, we make a product for it!

For pools and hot tubs.

Pool Frog Question To Use Or Not To Use


jwalker said:I have the frog system as when I purchased my house the previous owner had it all set up like that. I travel alot for my job and we are gone alot through out the summer, so its nice to have this system. I see an awful lot of negative responses about the frog system but I don’t really have any issues. i used it for 4 years so far. I have not had any blonde issues. I typically replace the mineral pack ever 2 years. I usually try to add some shock to the pool to help with the Free chlorine too. I will probably start using the liquid chlorine this summer. I have not had issues with over stabilization yet either…maybe thats coming….not sure.Jeff

How Does Frog System Work

The FROG Leap pool sanitizing system uses a combination of minerals and a LOW level of chlorine that creates Fresh Mineral Water. It starts with the Infuzer® that is installed after the pump and filter. Then the Anti-Bac Mineral Pac® is inserted inside with minerals that destroy bacteria all summer long.

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Frog Leap Torpedo Pac

This preloaded container of chlorine tablets makes sanitizing your pool quick, easy and clean. This only works with the appropriate FROG® LEAP® mineral systems.The FROG® LEAP® TORPEDO PAC destroys bacteria continuously for weeks, controls the rate of chlorine delivery, and allows you to never have to touch the chlorine tablets.Net Weight: 2.4375 lbs.

For use with Frog® Series 5100, 5200, 5400, 6100, 6500, 7800 and Prevail Series 5700, 5711 and 5790

Frog Leap Pool Mineral Water System

King Technology Pool Frog Cycler 6100 Mineral Sanitizing ...

The ultimate delivery of no mess, no guess and no stress water care for swimming pools up to 25,000 gallons. Frog Leaps patented all-in-one mineral delivery system keeps pool water clean and clear. This unique Fresh Mineral Water® pool system is designed to give you less maintenance and reduce the use of chlorine in your pool. With minerals your chlorine will last 2X longer. Less maintenance means more time to enjoy your pool.

The FROG Leap Fresh Mineral Water pool system utilizes a patented combination of sanitizing minerals along with a LOW level of chlorine for complete Fresh Mineral Water pool care. All components are introduced into the pool water via the Infuzer® that is installed after the pump and filter. The Anti-Bac Mineral Pac is inserted first and is designed to destroy bacteria all summer long, while the Torpedo Pac, precisely dispenses the right level of chlorine for each pool. With the prefilled Anti-Bac Mineral & Torpedo Pacs, there is no more touching or measuring out chemicals, and replacement is a breeze. Simply replace the Torpedo Pac every 1-3 weeks and the Anti-Bac Mineral Pac every 6 months, set the dial on the cycler to control the water flow, sit back and enjoy your pool.

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How Does The Frog Leap System Work

The days of high-maintenance, heavily chlorinated pools are over. The FROG Leap® system delivers a unique bacteria-killing combination: sanitizing minerals plus a very low level of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that is softer, shinier and uses just half the chlorine of conventional water treatments.

Frog Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber

This preloaded container of chlorine tablets makes sanitizing your pool quick, easy and clean. This only works with the appropriate FROG® Pool Tender mineral system.The FROG® Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber destroys bacteria continuously for weeks, controls the rate of chlorine delivery, and allows you to never have to touch the chlorine tablets.Net Weight: 2.4375 lbs.

Only for use with the Frog® Pool Tender Mineral System

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How Do I Install My Mineral System

Mineral systems come with multiple different installation options, though most of them are designed for “inline” usemeaning you connect it as an additional component directly “inline” with the rest of your equipment, generally after your filter .

Unlike salt systems which require additional wiring, adding a mineral system is as simple as cutting into your existing plumbing and inserting the system between your filter and the pool. It should be the last item in your equipment that the water flows through before reentering the pool.

Once you have it installed, levels are managed through a simple adjustable knob. No extra electricity required!

For specific installation instructions for your system, follow the instructions included in your manual.

Watch For Oxidation Stains

Installing FROG on Above Ground Pools

One of the biggest downsides of a mineral system is the potential for oxidation stains in your pool. So, you know how the Statue of Liberty is a kind of greenish color? Well, the entire statue is made of copper and when copper oxidizes, it turns green.;

Using copper to prevent algae in your pool works great but it does come with the unfortunate disadvantage of some greenish stains in your pool. Dont worry, though, its not the end of the world. You can either accept it and pretend your pool is the Statue of Liberty or

You can:;

  • Use a hose filter when filling up your pool to prevent even more copper from getting in.
  • Clean the stains and then use a metal sequestrant additive to prevent future stains.

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What Is The Difference Between Chlorine Tablets And Liquid Chlorine

Unlike liquid chlorine solutions that are nothing more than chlorine mixed into water, chlorine tablets are typically composed of chlorine and a stabilizing component which is usually cyanuric acid or CYA. The tablets add not just chlorine but also CYA into the water and this, in itself, is not a bad thing.

Flippin Frog Laminated Weekly Pool Care Calendar Free At Valley Pool & Spa

Valley Pool & Spa takes all of the guesswork out of caring for your pool water with a free computerized Flippin Frog water analysis along with a free customized laminated Flippin Frog maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size pool along with spring start up instructions.

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Salt Water Pool Systems

Salt Water Pool System Pros:

Salt water systems were introduced to the pool market in the 1980s and slowly became popular among pool builders, service providers and owners. Compared to traditionally chlorinated pool systems, salt systems offer lower maintenance with less odor and irritation. Many pool owners choose salt water systems for the softer feel of the water.

Salt Water Pool System Cons:

Despite popular belief, salt water pools are not chlorine-free. Instead of adding chlorine manually, salt water systems produce low levels of chlorine from sodium chloride . Since chlorine is still present in the pool, there are still disinfection by-products in salt water pools. Similar to chlorine, salt water systems require manual handling and storage.

In addition, salt water pools are corrosive to pool surfaces and equipment, like ladders, tiles, stones, lining, pumps, filters etc. Replacing equipment and putting a sealant to protect your pool surfaces can be a costly repair.

How Does The Pool Frog System Work

Pool Frog


POOL FROG is a hassle-free pool care system that doesn’t just kill bacteria but kills bacteria two ways with FROG minerals and a small amount of chlorine. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that is crystal clear and silky soft.

Also, how long does pool frog BAC PAC last? 1-3 weeks

Additionally, can you put chlorine tablets in pool frog?

Yes, bulk chlorine tablets may be used. However, be aware that the way the bac-pac systems are packaged and dosed, they are spcifically dosing the appropriate amounts for use with the Frog system. Therefore, it will take a little more careful monitoring on your part to maintain the appropriate levels.

Are mineral pools more expensive?

Mineral pools have a marginally higher upfront cost. However, you will certainly recover this quickly with less ongoing monthly costs due to the reduced chemical usage compared to chlorine or salt pools. Saving you time, money and energy on a monthly basis.

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What’s Required For A Pool Mineral System

The main item you’ll need to add a mineral system to your pool is the mineral system itself. This generally works as an in-line component you’ll add to your filtration system, between the filter and the return jets in your pool.

Multiple options exist for mineral systems, but the one’s we’ll focus on here are the Pool Frog systems by King Technologies. Pool Frogs are available for both inground and above ground pools, with a few different options available. Each of these includes both a space for their mineral reservoir as well as their chlorine “Bac Pacs.”

A mineral reservoir will last roughly six months or one full season between replacements, and the chlorine packs will last several weeks or possibly longer, depending on your pool’s chlorine needs. What’s great about these “bac pacs” is that as they are self-contained, you won’t ever have to touch chlorine. Just pop a new one in when the old one is running low and you’re good to go!

Note that you are not required to use the chlorine “bac pacs” and can add chlorine to your pool the usual way – though using the Frog’s “set it and forget it” system is a much easier solution.

Pool Frog Mineral Water System

Keeping your pools water fresh and clean without a ton of work is every pool owners dream, however with so many different types of pool chemicals, finding the right pool water care products can be a nightmare. Not anymore, King Technologys Pool Frog pool products are the only Fresh Mineral Water systems designed to keep your pool water cleaner, clearer, and softer, while cutting your swimming pools chlorine use by up to 50%.Whether you have a 2,000 gallon Intex soft-sided swimming pool or a custom designed 40,000 gallon in-ground pool with a built in hot tub and a waterslide, King Technology has all the pool water care products you need to to keep your swimming pool water clean and clear all summer long, without the hassle of having to measure out and handle chemicals.

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How To Change And Care For Your Pool Frog Chlorinator

With a FROG ® auto-chlorinator your pool water will look and feel better without a lot of work or a lot of chlorine. The minerals destroy bacteria and help keep the pH in a safe range without monitoring while reducing chlorine use. The end result is softer water that has an added sparkle. Using your test kit and your FROG ® Cycler you will be able to maintain the ideal water balance chemistry.

How to Replace FROG Bac Pac

Not required with salt system The FROG® Bac Pac must be replaced aproximatler every 3 weeks depending on use.

Step Action 1 Turn off the pump.

2) Put the Ball valve in the closed position

3) Set Frog Dial to 0

4) Unscrew and remove the top of FROG Cycler canister.

5) Remove Bac Pac.

6) Remove Bac Pac colored caps, grab on to the lip of one cap with a pair of pliers and pull up until cap releases. Repeat the process for the other cap. WARNING Avoid sparks, open flame or smoking when handling the Bac Pac.

7) Turn Bac Pac over and shake slightly until chlorine tablets fall into tower areas.

8) Line up the small leg of the Bac Pac with the small opening in the Mineral Reservoir and the large leg with the large opening. Lower Bac Pac into Mineral Reservoir until secure.

9) Replace cap by hand only. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN CAUTION DO NOT USE CAP TOOL TO TIGHTEN CAP. Use for removal only.

10) Set Frog Dial back to normal operating level

11) Put the Ball valve in the open position

12) Start pump to purge air from the system.

Step by step Action

How Do I Maintain My Mineral System

Pool Frog Flippin’ Frog Mineral Water System – How it works

Like any pool system, they key to proper maintenance and crystal clear water requires keeping your pool chemical levels within the recommended parameters and keeping your filter and skimmer clean.

The mineral system itself will require little to no interaction each season. Just pop out the old cartridge when it’s empty and put in a new one.

If you’re using the inline chlorinator “bac pacs” those should just be replaced as needed. As long as you set your chlorinator to the right setting, your chlorine levels should remain fairly constant and require very little maintenance. And if you need some extra help managing algae, just grab a bottle of Frog BAM and add it to the system!

You’ll also still want to shock the pool every other week, or as needed. Ideally use a non-chlorine shock as the goal of your mineral system is to keep the chlorine levels low, though a chlorine shock is usually okay.

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Spa Frog Floating Bromine System

The SPA FROG® Floating Bromine System is a Fresh Mineral Water system that eliminates the need for daily maintenance. Spa Frog® improves water quality and eliminates the smell of chlorine, while reducing bromine use and enhancing your hot tub water quality. It is easy to use with no guesswork. Simply snap the pre-filled mineral & bromine cartridges into the reusable floater and enjoy your hot tub. The minerals last up to four months, and the bromine can be dialed in to meet your precise needs, usually about three weeks per cartridge. The Bromine Cartridges are recyclable when empty.

The SPA FROG® floating Fresh Mineral Water hot tub system utilizes mineral and bromine cartridges designed to destroy bacteria, reduce bromine use by up to 50% and improve the overall quality of hot tub water.

SPA FROG® Floating Bromine System Laminated Weekly Spa Care Calendar Free at Valley Pool & Spa

Valley Pool & Spa provides a free Frog® Floating Bromine System computerized water analysis for your spa water along with a free customized laminated Frog® Floating Bromine System maintenance calendar. This easy to follow weekly guide is complete with the proper chemical dosages for your size spa along with specific Frog® drain, refill and start up instructions.

Nature2 Mineral Sanitizers for Hot Tubs

Next Day Delivery Details

Dohenys is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge for orders over $100 to most of the US for all Doheny’s brand chemicals and many of our most popular swimming pool supplies. Next Day Delivery Service does not mean Next Day Air, but simply that your qualifying products will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you resulting in delivery the next day. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00.

Some details regarding this service:Other than for Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, not all products are stocked at all locations and therefore not available for next day delivery. Only those items with a Next Day Delivery designation on the product page can be expected to arrive the next day and orders must be placed by 4 PM CT .

If you reside in the next day delivery area served by our Pleasant Prairie facility, order in-stock products and place your order by 4 PM CT you should receive your order the next day . This applies to products even if they do not have a Next Day Delivery designation.

Because next day delivery is not guaranteed for standard service and residential deliveries are made only Monday through Saturday though Saturday delivery is not guaranteed, there is a chance that our product will not arrive the next day. While we try our best, unexpected demand can cause products to occasionally be out of stock or create a warehouse backlog that also can prevent shipment the day of the order.

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Chlorine Vs Saltwater Vs Mineral System Pools: Pros And Cons

When it comes to pool sanitation systems, there are quite a few options available. The most popular are traditional chlorine and saltwater systems, and;mineral systems.But what are the differences between chlorine, saltwater and mineral swimming pools? Does one keep the water cleaner than another? What’s better for your pool? What’s better for your skin and hair? Which is the most cost-effective?

IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION:; Due to the rise in demand caused by the 2020 pandemic,;pools in general are experiencing delays;in manufacturing and shipping. If you are looking to buy a new pool in the next few years you may have a longer wait time than anticipated, especially if you’re trying to get on a builders schedule as well. It’s important to shop early. While pools traditionally purchased in the Spring or even late Summer can usually have many weeks of use that same year, the entire industry is currently delayed by several weeks and in some cases several months. That’s on the manufacturers side of the business. Most pool builders are booked 6-12 months out presently. The best plan you can have is to;purchase your pool at least 3-6 months before you’d like to start building.;More on purchasing a pool during or even post-pandemic can be found;here. Now back to choosing the best sanitization system for you.;

  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Granular Chlorine
  • Liquid Chlorine
  • Combined chlorine = your total chlorine ; your free chlorine, or .

  • A simpler floating chlorine dispenser
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