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How To Install Intex Pool

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Does Intex Pool Have To Be Perfectly Level

Installing an Intex Round Pool PROFESSIONALLY

Any more than two inches is unacceptable. Intex pools that are three inches off or more will not last and no one should be swimming in one. In an extreme case, the pool will collapse from the pressure. If your above ground pool is off by three inches or more, it needs to be taken down, leveled and reinstalled.

Installing Your Own Pool: The Budget

Yep, installing your own above-ground pool costs more than the sticker price once you add in the expense of preparing a home for it. The happy people pictured on the box assembling it with ease are models, too. Depending on which kind you buy, your experience will probably take longer and involve more frustration.

Even so, once you make peace with these facts of life, its really worth it.

Even at double the price you see on the box, a decently sized above-ground pool works out much cheaper than a permanent installation, never mind frequent trips to the local water park for your kids and their friends. It basically starts to pay for itself as soon as its standing.

Setting Up Your Intex Saltwater Filter System

Turn on the machine

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. And turn on the unit. With the filter pump turned on and operating.

Set the operating hours for your saltwater system

Each pool size has different required operating hours. You can refer to your Intex pool pump manual for this one.

It will activate your saltwater system depending on the number of hours youve set.

The best indication that your saltwater system is running is when you hear a beep once you press the button and see a green working indicator on your control panel.

Boost your saltwater system

For the first time setup it is required that you boost your pools saltwater system. You just need to press and hold the Boost button for five seconds.

It will increase the time that your pool saltwater system is running by eight-fold. If its running at 2 hours per day. It will be running for 16 hours.

After the boosting procedure is done, your system will switch back to normal operations.

What kind of salt can I use for my saltwater system?

Use only sodium chloride salt that is at least 99.8% pure. Avoid using iodized or yellow-colored salt.

Salt is added to the swimming pool water and the electrolytic cell uses the salt to create the sanitizer. So, the purer the salt the better the performance of your systems electrolytic cell.

Add your salt

Change your saltwater system mode to Filter Pump. Hold the button for the Filter Pump until FP flashes on your screen.

How much salt should I add?

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How To Setup Intex Pool In Less Than 1h

While Intex pools are more hassle-free and intuitive compared to other swimming pools, their installation can be complicated. If you have never installed an Intex pool before, everything, from selecting the ideal location to filling the pool can be daunting.

Armed with the right instructions, however, Intex pool installation should be much easier for you. In this article, we will show you the steps you need to follow to set up the Intex pool.

Setup Of An Intex Frame Set Pool

Follow Up on Install of Intex 633T Pump and Filter and ...

In addition to the Easy Set Intex pool with the inflatable top ring, a more sturdy pool design is offered in the Intex Metal Frame Set pools. Assemble the vertical and horizontal metal tubes together , and you can start to fill the pool right away.

  • Lay down the ground cloth
  • Spread out the pool liner
  • Assemble the frame sections
  • Pop up the pool to its full height
  • Connect the filter hoses and plug in the pump
  • Fill the pool

As you can see, theres a right way and a wrong way to set up your Intex pool for the summer. Take your time to do it right, especially with your prep work on the ground, and youll be swimming in no time!

Enjoy your Intex Pool this Summer!

In The Swim Blog Editor


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Heating An Intex Pool

The only safe way to heat an Intex pool is by using a solar blanket. Intex sells solar blankets , though these blankets do not have high user ratings.

A better solution is to purchase a solar cover independently: Midwest sells a high-grade solar blanket for about $40, and this solar cover receives 5-star reviews from customers. One satisfied customer stated: “You want toasty warm water in your pool? You will get it with this solar blanket. Would recommend this very much.”

Selecting And Leveling A Site For Your Intex Pool

The most difficult part of setting up either kind of pool is leveling out the site where you want to locate the pool. Even a small incline will cause the water in your pool to be deeper on the lower side of the pool. This will stress the liner and will eventually cause it to fail. This failure might be sudden and unexpected, which could result in flood damage to property or even injury to swimmers.

The best location possible for your pool would be a smooth, level, concrete pad. However, the time and expense involved in laying a concrete pad would probably exceed the cost of the pool itself. For this reason, most owners will install their pool on an empty section of their lawn.

It is best to select a site that is already as level as possible. However you also need to take into account how close your pool is to trees , shade, availability of a GFCI protected electrical outlet, access by children or pets, and existing landscaping features. Many times, the best site for a pool will be a compromise between several of these factors. This often means that you will likely need some work to make the site more level.

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Intex Pools: A Great Source Of Summer Fun

Intex pools are an inexpensive, affordable above-ground pool option for families on a budget. The overall cost of an Intex pool is increased by the purchase of necessary accessories, but the expense is well below that of a permanent above-ground pool system.

As long as the liner is protected from punctures, an Intex pool will last for several years and will provide swimming fun for the entire family!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Intex Pools: Affordable Summer Fun

Intex Easy Set Pool – How to Install

While permanent above-ground pools cost over $5,000 to install, Intex metal frame pools cost less than $500. The Intex brand is perfect for the consumer who wants to “try out” an above-ground pool system without investing a lot of money. Many people want a decent sized pool for the kids but don’t want to install a permanent swimming fixture in the yard. Intex offers several pool sizes which last for a couple of years: perfect for a budget-conscious family with young children.

Intex offers two basic pool types: the “Easy Set” pool with an inflatable ring on the top of the pool and the metal-frame pools.

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Should You Put Blocks Under Above Ground Pool

With the use of patio blocks, it is not if this will happen to your pool its a matter of when. The sand will flow out from under the bottom track of the pool with the water from the leak and cause severe damage to your above ground pool. Sand is only meant to be used as a buffer between the ground and the pool liner.

Why Its Important To Choose The Right Material To Put Under Your Portable Pool

When it comes to choosing what to put under your Intex or other inflatable pool such as Bestway and Summer Waves pools, there are several choices. Each under pool material has its pros and cons.

Heres a few of the benefits of choosing the right material to put under your above ground pool:

  • Protects the bottom from abrasions and punctures
  • Prevents Mould/Mildew
  • Stops damage from grass and insects

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Intex Above Ground Pool

Everyone loves the summer.

Adults get to go on vacation, and the kids are out of school.

To have the most fun this summer, purchasing a pool is an excellent investment, and nobody is better than Intex.

An Intex above ground pool gives you the most for your money and ensures your family will have hours of endless good times.

Intex Solar Mat For Above Ground Pools


Another cost-effective solution to heating your Intex pool is using the Intex Solar Mat. The best thing about this product is theres no need for you to use any special equipment. You just have to lay it on your supposed-to-be pool area and set your pool next to it.

According to Intex, their Solar Mat can increase the temperature of your swimming pool by about 5 to 9° F depending on the current weather in your area. One solar mat measures about 4 feet in length by 4 feet in width.

If you have a large Intex Pool, you can get multiple solar mats and just connect them together. Just like the setup you see in the picture here.

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How To Install A Pool Heater: Step By Step Guide

  • What are the drawbacks of an electric pool heater?
  • Pools are a great way to cool off during the hot summer months, but there are times when you just cant enjoy it. Whether your pool doesnt have enough sun exposure or is in an area that usually gets cold at night, keeping warm water requires heating your swimming pool.

    Installing a pool heater is a relatively simple process that only takes about two hours once you have all of the necessary materials and tools on hand. Weve put together this step-by-step guide for anyone looking to install their pool heater.

    Test The Chlorine And Ph Levels

    The only way to know if your water is suitable for your pool is to test it. You have 2 choices. You can take a sample of your water to the local pool store and have them test it or you can buy a kit and test it yourself. I recommend buying the kit. Youll need it anyway.

    If your water is like mine it will have no chlorine and the alkalinity will be exactly where it needs to be. If your pH is way off then I would recommend having water delivered. The water they deliver will be good from the start. Starting with good water is a must. It cost us about $140 to fill our pool. It took about 10 minutes.

    Now we can assume that were starting with good water so lets move on to maintaining clear pool water all summer long. This is what I do to maintain our Intex Easy Set Pool.

    Add Chlorine to the Pool

    The water that I use in my pool is the same water that I would have if I jumped in my bath tub. No chlorine and thats fine with me! Its fine to start that is. If you dont add chlorine or a salt water system you are inviting trouble. Before you know it you will have junk growing in your pool.

    The goal of chemicals is to keep your pool safe and clean. I open our pool by using a chlorine skimmer with 2 chlorine tablets. Remember, my pool is a 18×18 EasySet Intex pool.

    Warning: do not put chlorine tablets in your wall mount skimmer if you have one. It will ruin your pump and just doesnt work well.

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    Adjust The Pool Liner And Frame

    Once your pool is full of water, you wont be able to move or adjust it. Before you break out the hose, take a few minutes to smooth out the liner, especially on the bottom where swimmers will put their feet. Those liner wrinkles will be uncomfortable, maybe even a little painful, to walk on.

    Next, tighten the support beams. Pull the bottoms of the side supports away from the liner, and make sure the pools top beams are level.

    Note: Its OK if the walls and frame structure lean inward. As the pool fills with water, the sides will slowly move outward and be supported.

    What Is A Thru Wall Skimmer

    Installing a Intex Rectangle Pool PROFESSIONALLY

    The Thru wall skimmer is like most skimmers because it helps to remove contaminants from the pool. The water passes through the skimmer and traps these in the basket. Using a Thru Wall skimmer, more water will pass through the skimmer. Therefore, it removes more debris than your regular skimmer on the market.

    Apart from removing more debris, the Thru Wall skimmer has a weir door to trap the debris in the basket, even when the pump is off. Thus, at no point does the debris re-enter the pool.

    In addition, the weir door controls water flow into the pump and stops damaging, excess air from entering the pump system and filter.

    The combination of all these features ensures that your Intex pool remains clean. It also ensures that the pools pump and filter systems work optimally.

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    Find A Location For The Swimming Pool

    The ideal location for any above ground pool should have a 1 to 2 levelness. You should look for a level ground that is as wide as the Intex pools diameter plus 2 feet.

    An Intex pool installed in an area featuring uneven ground will have uneven water. This may cause overflow, sagging to one side, and discomfort when you are in the pool. Over time, uneven ground can have negative effects on the pools structural integrity.

    While trees might seem appealing because of the shade they would offer the pool-goers, it is a good idea to avoid putting the pool under them. If you put the pool under trees, you will have to clean the above ground pool now and then to remove debris and leaves.

    Level concrete may be an ideal place to set up the Intex pool. However, you should ensure that there are no sharp edges or cracks in the areas these can easily tear the pool liner.

    Types Of Intex Pool Heaters

    Intex pool heaters are often measured in BTU or British Thermal Unit. If a higher BTU is indicated that means the quicker that machine can heat your swimming pool.

    Gas Pool Heaters

    Using gas heaters is one of the most common ways you can heat an Intex pool as its fairly easy to use. And can heat your index pool quickly.

    Most gas heaters use either propane gas or natural gas to heat your swimming pool.

    The BTU that you need will highly depend on your pool size. The larger it is the higher BTU your pool requires for your gas heater.

    Like any typical machine that uses gas, these heaters emit air pollution and can be expensive to operate as they can cost you anywhere from $300 to $600 per month. Of course, you also have to pay for the upfront cost of acquiring a gas heater thats anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500.

    Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps work by either using both electricity and your surrounding air or by electricity and a water source.

    Heat pumps are a more efficient way to heat an Intex pool and will only cost $50 to $150 to operate monthly.

    The main drawback of using heat pumps is that theyre more expensive to acquire than a gas heater. Their price usually ranges from $2,000 up to $4,000.

    Solar Heating System

    It works by utilizing your installed solar panels to transfer heat from the sun to your pool by letting your pool water pass through them.

    But what if its raining or during the night when theres no sun to heat my solar panels?

    Solar Covers or Blankets

    Quick Recap

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    How Long Will An Above Ground Pool Last

    2018. A high-quality above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa should last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you care for it. However, your pool liner will not last as long as your pool. Contact a pool expert at our store to see if you need a new liner before you decide to replace your entire pool.

    Prepare Your Intex Pool

    Pros and Cons of Using Above Ground Pool

    Fill your pool with water to at least 2-foot to ensure that the liner gets stretched. The purpose is to ensure that the liner is in the right place when attaching the thru-wall skimmer.

    One thing to note is the liner stays in the same position once you install the skimmer. So, it is vital to have the confidence that the liner is well placed.

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    Find A Completely Level Surface

    Nothing will ruin your pool setup like putting it on uneven ground. Your Intex pooljust like any above ground poolmust be on a flat, solid, level, and stable surface. If the ground is uneven, the water can shift to one side. This can put too much stress on the pool frame and possibly lead to collapse.

    If youre setting the pool up on your lawn, you can use a weed trimmer to cut the grass down to the dirt and even out the dirt. Be sure to clear the space of rocks and any other sharp objects such as twigs.

    Run a leveling board, or even just a 2 x 4, over the surface to level it. Then use a level to make sure the ground is flat. The surface shouldnt vary by more than 1 to 2 inches.

    Then put down a ground cloth or a tarp so the pool doesnt sit directly on the dirt. This will inhibit grass and weed growth, and help prevent damage to the liner.

    To make things even easier, you can also set your pool up on a concrete patio. Youll still want to use a ground cloth or tarp, though.

    Whatever you do, dont even think about setting up your pool on sand. It can shift and cause the pool to lean to one side, which will put stress on the frame. The pools legs can also sink into the sand.

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