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How Much Does An Inground Saltwater Pool Cost

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How Much Does An Inground Fiberglass Pool Cost

How much does a swimming pool cost? | Inground Saltwater Pool

Buying any swimming pool is a major investment, so it makes sense to do your research to find out exactly how much your new inground pool will cost. Picking out the shape and the color are the fun parts. But just as important is who is going to install your pool, who is going to design and develop your backyard oasis and how you are going to care for it. Making all of these decisions correctly will ensure that you will have a pool that it lasts a lifetime and fits within your budget.

Concrete / Gunite / Shotcrete

Concrete pools, also known as gunite or shotcrete, are the most expensive pool type, costing most homeowners between $31,000 to $71,666 to install. You can shape your concrete pool into a customized design, and concrete pools last nearly a lifetime.

Keep in mind that concrete pools are high maintenance. Algae has no problem growing on concrete. To keep your concrete pool less green and more clean, youll need to perform an acid wash every 3 to 5 years, usually costing between $290 and $400.

Concrete is susceptible to cracking and needs to be replastered every 10 to 15 years. Acid washes also increase the need for replastering the pool. Replastering a concrete pool typically starts around $2,500 and can cost as much as $13,000.


It can last for more than 50 years. Shape and size are customizable. Durable

It is usually the most expensive pool type to install High maintenance Requires high amounts of electricity and chemicals to stay clean and swimmable Susceptible to mold and algae It has an abrasive surface that can make feet bleed. Childrens soft feet are especially vulnerable to the harsh surface. Not compatible with saltwater systems. It can take months to install

Air Conditioner & Heated Pool Enclosure

Adding or expanding the HVAC unit costs$300 to $5,000 to bring air conditioning and heat to a glass pool enclosure. Consider installing a sunroom over the swimming pool instead, for better energy-efficiency. A 4-season sunroom costs$20,000 to $80,000 to build on average.

An all-season pool enclosure needs a dehumidifier year-round to prevent mold and mildew, improve air quality, remove odor issues, and reduce energy costs. An indoor pool dehumidifier costs $1,000 to $3,000.

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How Much Does A Pool Cost

Inground pools will generally cost more to install than an above-ground pool. Above-ground models will cost anywhere from $700-$3,600. Custom pools will, of course, cost more than any other models, with prices going upwards of $100,000. Always compare quotes from local pool suppliers to receive the best deal possible.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Semi

How Much Does a Salt Water Pool Cost?

The average cost to install a semi-inground pool is $11,700, with most installation costs ranging from $8,400 to $22,500.

While $11,700 is what most homeowners pay to build a semi-inground pool, many factors can affect your total bill, including the pools size, material, and location. You dont want to forget about long-term costs either, such as pool maintenance plans and additional homeowners insurance.

Want to landscape around your new pool or build a pool deck? Our semi-inground pool pricing guide has you covered there, too.

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How Much Does A Regular

Fiberglass pool prices vary, as with all other home improvement projects you take on.

On average, a fiberglass pool will cost you around $47,000. That is the national average cost throughout the U.S. But this ranges from homeowners, just like you, spending anywhere from $24,333 to $70,000.

One of the best parts of choosing a fiberglass pool to call home during the summer is that you will save money on maintenance costs, energy bills and more.

But there are many other aspects that affect the cost of your pool, and this can depend on a number of factors. What could those be?

What Does A Swimming Pool Contractor Do

Swimming pool contractors follow these steps to build a standard in-ground concrete pool

  • Initial inspection and planning
  • Installing the filtration, lighting, or heating systems
  • Filling up the pool with water
  • Pool landscaping and patio construction
  • Once installed, some pool companies offer ongoing pool cleaning, repairs, and water testing.

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    Can I Use Any Kind Of Salt In A Saltwater Pool

    Not really, but you have several options. As a general rule, you want to use a high-purity salt. The more impurities it has, the less efficient it will be for pool use.

    The good news is that pool salt is readily available and inexpensive. After initial salination, you wont need to re-salt the pool all that often.

    Some types of salt you should avoid include:

    • Iodized salt

    Other Factors That Affect Cost

    Should I Get a Saltwater Generator for My Pool?

    When estimating your new in-ground pools price, average installation costs and long-term maintenance expenses are great places to start. While pool type and design customization have a significant impact on your total bill, many expensive factors come with building an in-ground pool on your property, including:

    • Size of the Pool: Like many outdoor services, the bigger the job, the higher the bill.
    • Location: Want to build your pool in an area thats hard to access? Pool installers may charge you more depending on the difficulty of excavating the site.
    • Soil Condition: If your soil is rocky, you can expect to pay more in excavation fees.
    • Increased Property Taxes: An in-ground pool can increase the value of your home, often leading to an increase in property taxes.
    • Increased Homeowners Insurance: Having a pool in your yard increases the chances of someone getting hurt on your property.
    • Permit: Most homeowners will need to acquire an expensive permit to build a pool.
    • Package: What features are included in the job? Some pool installers may offer installation package plans with attractive pool features at a lower cost.

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    Inground Saltwater Pool Cost: Salt Cells Generators And More

    Options and Accessories | Cost and Pricing

    Well be upfront with you – a saltwater pool costs about as much as a traditional chlorine pool. If thats what you were looking for, feel free to exit this page.

    If, however, youd like to learn more about saltwater pool costs, keep reading because were going to cover all angles of this topic.

    At River Pools, we install fiberglass pools for customers across North America, and weve noticed an increased interest in salt systems over the years. If youre wondering how much pool salt, salt chlorine generators, or salt system parts cost, we explain all of this and more in the following sections.

    Is It Better For You

    Absolutely. The biggest advantage of a saltwater pool is that it reduces your chlorine exposure. First of all, this prevents the “chlorine hair” phenomenon that serious swimmers know only too well, as well as reducing eye irritation. For young swimmers, this can be really important, as that eye irritation can make them unwilling to put their head under water and learn to swim properly. It’s also better for your swimsuit. Too much chlorine exposure may also increase your risk of cancer. So, yes, a saltwater pool is much better for you.

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    How Do I Find Swimming Pool Installers Near Me

    Start by searching our list of pool installers, then compare reviews, costs, and:

    • Get at least three free estimates to compare.
    • Ask for recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors.
    • Select companies that are licensed, insured, and certified.
    • Read reviews and check out their previous work on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau .
    • Ask about their warranties and guarantees.
    • Ask for a full itemized estimate in writing.
    • Avoid making large payments upfront. Come up with a payment schedule for work completed.

    After asking questions and verifying their credentials, hire the best pool installers in your area.

    Building An Outdoor Living Room To Go With Your Pool

    What Chemicals Do You Need For A Saltwater Pool?

    If you want your pool to be the centrepiece of an outdoor living oasis, you may want extras like fire pits or tables, a cabana, a roof or other covering for your patio area, an outdoor kitchen space or a bar. These items arent included in standard new pool price packages and their costs can differ greatly among pool contractors.

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    Indoor Salt Water Pool

    Although indoor salt water pools have many advantages, the cost to build one can be prohibitive. The pool itself costs about the same as other inground pools but the enclosure, as well as the need for a dehumidification system, will bring the total price to around $156,000-$200,000 for a 12 x 20 ft. pool.

    Cost Of Salt Water Pool

    Thinking about swimming and establishing a spacious, healthy and luxurious swimming pool yes it is possible. But it involves a heavy cost to have a high-class swimming pool with freshly chlorinated water.

    The salt water pool cost has been estimated to be lesser than that of the fresh water pool. Considering the construction, maintenance and refilling cost of both types of pool, people usually opt for a cost-effective option which in the case of people living near the coasts is the salt water pool.

    The construction of pool infrastructure remains almost same for fresh water pool and salt water pool but maintenance cost and refilling cost makes them different. Before choosing, one should have considered the benefits, problems and pricing of salt water pools.

    The option of pool with salt water, fiberglass installations, marble or ceramic tiles floor and brass water bodies can be an excellent combination. Before going for a solid decision one must consider the benefits likely to be achieved against incurring reasonable saltwater pool cost. Generally, installing a saltwater pool can cost more likely in between 1000-2000 USD.

    The maintenance cost for salt swimming pools is less compared to hidden water pools as the owner may have to spend only 80-120 USD for chlorine. While calculating the cost for a freshwater swimming pool one must add the cost of chlorination of water, sanitization, and water itself which in the case of a saltwater pool you dont need to consider.

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    Permanent Vs Portable Pool Enclosures

    Above ground pool enclosures are typically portable, such as inflatable domes or vinyl fabric tents with zippered doors. Inground pool enclosures are mainly permanent, using aluminum framing with screen or glass.

    A permanent pool enclosure costs $3,000 to $50,000 on average, doesn’t move, lasts longer, and is the most cost-effective. A portable pool enclosure such as a pool dome costs $750 to $7,500, but has to be taken down each season and may only last five seasons.

    Permanent vs. Portable Pool Enclosures Prices

    • Lasts up to 50 years
    • Very expensive

    Top screen features are UV, tiny insect, and pollen protection, pet resistance, heat repellant, flame retardant, water-shedding abilities, low VOCs, antimicrobial protection, and lead-free materials.

    Pool Screen Mesh Sizes

    Screen mesh sizes range from 8/8 to 20/20, which shows the number of openings per linear inch. The mesh size impacts the protection against squirrels, birds, and insects getting into the pool area, as well as your view outside the cage.

    • 18/14 gauge is the standard size mesh.
    • 20/20 gauge has smaller holes and prevents pine needles, all insects, and offers UV protection.
    • Florida Glass is a vinyl-coated fiberglass screen without any holes that’s commonly used around the base of the enclosure for privacy and to keep dirt and pets out.

    How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost

    Inground Pool Pricing Comparisons – Salt Lake City

    IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION: Due to the rise in demand caused by the 2020 pandemic, pools in general are experiencing delays in manufacturing and shipping. If you are looking to buy a new pool in the next couple of years you may have a longer wait time than anticipated, especially if you’re trying to get on a builders schedule as well. It’s important to shop early. While pools traditionally purchased in the Spring or even late Summer can usually have a couple of weeks of use that same year, the entire industry is currently delayed by several weeks and in some cases several months. That’s on the manufacturers side of the business. Many pool builders are booked 6-12 months out presently. The best plan you can have is to purchase your pool at least 3-6 months before you’d like to start building. More on purchasing a pool during or even post-pandemic can be found here. Now back to your question: How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

    The short answer for how much an inground swimming pool costs depends on the type of pooland sizeas well as who builds it. However, the average cost if you were to buy a common 16 x 32 Rectangle pool, with no upgrades and not considering any extra costs like decking came out to be $66,560 for a Concrete/Gunite pool, $59,900 for Fiberglass pool, $45,592 for Vinyl Liner Pool. But here’s what they don’t tell you..

    up to half of your total costsome

    • Tools
    • Water
    • Labor

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    Saltwater Lap Pool Cost

    People who swim for exercise, or training, love the idea of a lap pool. The price will depend on whether you want to install it above or inground.

    For the above-ground saltwater lap pool, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $30,000. On the other hand, an inground saltwater lap pool will cost you about $50,000 to $75,000.

    For this price range, you can expect a pool of about 5 ½ to 6 feet deep. Your pool will also be about 82 feet long, which is the average length of a lap pool.

    What Is The Annual Cost Of A Salt Water Pool

    If you hire a pool service company, the annual maintenance cost of a salt water pool is about $970 to $1,700 per year and $300 or more to open or close the pool. The average price of electricity, depending on where you live, will be from $780 to $1,200 a year. The pump must run continually to produce chlorine. Replacement parts and repair can run from $250 to $1,500.

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    What Are Salt Water Swim Pools

    True to the name, a saltwater pool is salted, and that salt serves several functions. Primarily, it provides the base to make chlorine to keep your pool clean and free from algal growth. If that sounds like theres a piece of the puzzle missing, youre right. To work, you need to have a chlorine generator.

    Ordinary salt is composed of equal parts of sodium and chloride. A chlorine generator splits salt into its parts through electrolysis. That process generates the chlorine that keeps the pool clean. Chlorine generators typically have a control board allowing you to adjust the chlorine levels in the pool.

    Unfortunately, theres no truth to the notion that saltwater swimming pools dont use chlorine. Whats different is the delivery method. But that doesnt mean there arent several associated advantages.

    How Much Does A Inground Saltwater Pool Cost

    How much does a swimming pool really cost?

    4.4/5average costinground saltwater poolpoolsalt waterpoolpoolinground pool

    Keeping this in consideration, how much does it cost for an inground saltwater pool?

    The average cost to install an inground saltwater pool is $29,000 to $57,000. To convert from a chlorine pool to a salt water swimming pool, expect to spend $600 to $1,100 for an above-ground pool, and between $1,100 and $2,200 for an inground pool.

    Secondly, is a saltwater pool more expensive? A saltwater pool is more expensive than a traditional pool because it requires a higher initial investment. Compared to chlorinated pools, a saltwater pools system is more complex. Both minor and major repairs will call for the expertise of a licensed technician.

    Then, what is the average cost of a salt water pool?

    Salt Water Pool CostHomeowners pay an average of $25,000 to install a new salt water swimming pool, compared to the cost of installing a traditional pool, which has a price tag of about $23,000 on average. Cost to build a standard, 20,000-gallon pool can be as low as $12,000 or as high as $67,000.

    Is it easier to maintain a saltwater pool?

    Yes, a salt water pool is easier to maintain! There’s no need to purchase, store and add chlorine to your pool. While all pools require chemicals to maintain clean, clear water, salt water pools are more stable than traditional chlorinated pools, so they require fewer chemicals.

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    Cost Estimator By Material Type

    There are two ways to install a semi-inground pool:

  • You can sink an above-ground swimming pool into the ground to make a semi-inground pool, also known as a semi-above pool.
  • You can raise an in-ground pool to make a semi-inground pool.
  • So to get the semi-inground pool of your dreams, you can either bury an above-ground pool or raise an in-ground pool.

    The method you choose will affect which materials your pool is made of, affecting your cost. In-ground pool materials are typically pricier than above-ground pool materials.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Salt Water Pool

  • The salt added to your pool softens the water, making it kinder to your skin.
  • Saltwater contains bromide, which is good for aching joints, making your swim therapeutic.
  • Theres no irritation of eyes or skin, or green hair, from the higher levels of chlorine in a non-saltwater pool.
  • Traditionally chlorinated pools can have adverse effects on those with breathing problems.
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    Vinyl Fabric Pool Enclosure Prices

    A vinyl fabric pool enclosure costs $10,000 to $25,000. Similar to a wedding tent, a reinforced vinyl membrane is stretched over a rigid, interlocking, and tubular frame. These structures can withstand heavy snow and winds and are permanent, but can be relocated. Some models have lighting, central air, and insulation. The fabric is either colored, clear, or opaque.

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