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How Long Do Inground Pool Liners Last

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How To Replace The Swimming Pool Liner

How Long Does A Pool Liner Last?

The liner you purchase will come with installation instructions. Different types of pools have various necessities. For example, some pool liners need adhesives to hold it in place, while others are floating and use the weight of the water to keep the liner in place. If you are worried about proper installation, you can hire professionals to do the job.

You will need to drain your pool before you begin installing a new liner. Since pools have tens of thousands of gallons of water, you should check with your municipality, so you dispose of the pool water the proper way.

As your pool drains, you should gather the necessary tools including:

  • Screwdriver
  • Special items like wall foam and adhesives if recommended by the liner manufacturer

How Do You Know If You Need A New Pool Liner

Signs You Need a New Pool Liner

  • The pool liner is significantly faded in different areas. As the pool liner gets exposure to the sun and fades, the vinyl it’s made from will become hard and brittle.
  • You notice that you are needing to put more water in the pool than normal.
  • The pool liner is wrinkled.
  • Most Important Part Of Installing Pool Liners

    I believe the most important part of the selection process of buying an inground swimming pool vinyl liner is the pool liner manufacturer and contractor who is going to do the vinyl pool liner installation.; Yes, everything else will blur your mind.;

    Let’s say you hire a contractor that doesn’t how to install a pool liner?; Then what?; You’re stuck looking at wrinkles and bumps.;Ever catch your toe on a seam?; It doesn’t feel very good.; What if the contractor misses a measurement?;;Say the guy down the street sells a name brand like Doughboy pool liners, installs it, then leaves town in two years.; What now?; Hiring a qualified and trusted liner installer is of the utmost importance to the health and longevity of your pool.;;

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    Vinyl Pools Are Limited In Shape And Design

    Inground vinyl liner pools have many different design options. But the options dont shake a stick at gunite pool options. But there are way more vinyl options than fiberglass options.

    Concrete pool designs are;more flexible and significantly more freeform than a vinyl pool.;

    Fiberglass is completely;limited in design.

    Ever heard of a custom designed fiberglass pool?

    Me either.

    Dealers of fiberglass pools will usually have dozen or so designs to choose from

    The Balancing Act Of Pool Maintenance

    How Long Do Vinyl Pool Liners Last?

    The typical lifespan of a vinyl liner is anywhere from 15-20 years and where your liner falls in that range depends, most crucially, upon your proper maintenance of the pools chemistry. From alkalinity and pH, to the amount of sanitizer, everything is about taking the time and making the effort to keep your water balanced. Over-chlorination, too much of a focus on sanitizers these are things that can contribute to a shorter liner lifespan. Why? Improper water balance can cause a loss in the liners elasticity and also affect the chemical makeup of the vinyl liner.

    There are also the aesthetics of a beautiful liner. Many owners will change the liner in 7-10 years simply because it no longer has that like-new look. How did it lose it? When you spill bleach on a prized shirt, you get an ugly stain that nothing can repair. When you over chlorinate your water or allow excess powder or pellets to rest on the vinyl you get the same result. Chlorine isnt the only villain: heavy metal buildup from copper, iron and calcium can all lead to faster liner staining. Here is the most important takeaway: staining does not affect the liners functionality what it does affect is your visual enjoyment of your pool. If you keep your chemicals in balance, you can help your liner keep its good looks longer.

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    Measure The Hopper Width And Slope

    Pools have various slopes that make the floor of the pool challenging to measure. At this stage, you will want two poles that you can measure. First, vertically drop one pole to the point where the side slope meets the hopper. Then, from the side of the pool, extend a horizontal pole to meet the vertical pole.

    Where the poles meet is the slope measurement. You will get a measurement on the vertical pole and the horizontal pole. You will need both to get the slope measurement. Then, subtract the sidewall slopes from the full pool width to get the width of the hopper.

    What Kills Above Ground Pools

    According to the World Health Organization, Ischemic heart disease is the number one killer of people and has been for the last fifteen years. For above-ground swimming pools, its rust.

    Most above ground pools dont make it to their real life span before they are cut down by a very persistent and nasty disease. And this disease is called corrosion or rust.

    Soft-sided above grounds dont live long at all. They mostly are taken down and retired due to their frames rusting and/or continuously leak from the canvass shell.

    These pools are made in China and the steel used for their frames is super cheap. If youre not from a steel town, you may not know that not all steel is the same.

    If you look at the above chart showing the lifespan of a traditional above ground pool, youll see a really long timeframe of 10 to 20 years. In truth, these pools would all last closer to the 20-year range or longer if they didnt get rust or corrosion.

    Many of the nicer models of metal-walled above grounds will have a lot of resin parts to their frames instead of metal. This is great, but its rust in the wall that is most concerning. And with these pools, they all have metal walls.

    NOTE: Most traditional above ground pools will rust out at the skimmer and/or return openings of the wall. To prevent this, learn about and consider getting a pool with astainless steel service panel

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    Only Use Virgin Vinyl

    Pool liners are made of vinyl. You want one made of virgin vinyl without any used, composite, or mixed products. Virgin vinyl is strong and will expand and contract for a longer time before weakening, especially when compared to other types of recycled or mixed vinyl. New vinyl will stand up to the chemicals and the UV rays that bombard it each day.

    What Is The Process For Replacing My Liner

    How Long Will a Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Really Last?

    Once you have determined its time to replace your liner, you need to take care to ensure you choose a qualified pool services company to perform the replacement.

    Make sure you ask questions including:

    • How long has the company been replacing liners?
    • Do they use sub-contractors?
    • Are they members of any professional organizations?
    • Are their liners Canadian made?

    Its also important to secure a written estimate to help you compare offers.

    After choosing a reputable company, you need to choose a liner pattern. Dont hesitate to ask for advice from your installer to help you choose between the variety of pool liner designs available.

    After selecting a pattern, the installer will take additional measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your pool. Your liner should have some stretch, but not too much. The installer will also note any irregularities at this point.

    To prepare the pool surface for its new liner, the installer will cut holes for the stairs, jets, and skimmer. Once the installation is complete, make sure you have your water tested and balanced.

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    Do Vinyl Liners Fade Or Bleach

    Yes. Fading at the waterline, for pools in the Midwest, is inevitable with vinyls.

    They lose their luster rather quickly; this is one reason gunite pools rule the Midwest. Pools in the northern states parts, its not as much an issue.

    Direct sun is;hard on liners, especially those with a printed border.

    Bleaching of a liner is a type of chemical fading that usually is caused by repeatedly pouring shock directly into the pool , or throwing tablets into the pool.

    Chlorine tabs will stain any pool surface type, and are best used in a chlorinator.;

    Beaded Pool Liner Problems

    The liner is held down around the pool by the bead. A new pool liner track or bead receiver costs $350, or a professional can tuck it back in for about $100. The bead could pop out of place if it’s too small or large for the pool. You can remedy this by using boiling water or a heat gun that allows you to stretch and lock your pool liner back into place. Prices for a new bead receiver will depend on its hook design and whether its made of aluminum or PVC.

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    Knowing When A Problem Is Fixable And When Its Time To Kiss Your Old Liner Goodbye

    Your vinyl pool liner is one of the most important components of any pool, but the time will eventually come where you need to explore the possibility of having it replaced.

    The average life expectancy of your vinyl pool liner will ultimately depend on whether you have an inground or aboveground pool. The liner for an aboveground pool will last anywhere from six to 10 years. Inground pool liners dont last quite as long, usually around five to nine years. If you keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance, your pool liner can even last up to 20 years!

    However, certain factors like age and premature wear can shorten your liners lifespan. This article will explain the average life expectancy of a pool liner, the signs to look out for that could indicate your liner is nearing the end of its lifecycle, and the factors that can speed up the process.

    The Lifespan Of An Above Ground Pool Can Depend On Where You Live

    Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement: Cost, Steps, Tips

    I have lived in and installed the vast majority of my pools in Central Florida. Here, the summer is brutally long and the sun is quite hot.

    Above ground pools wont last as long in an environment like Central Florida as opposed to someplace like south Minnesota. It may get just as hot in St. Paul, but only for two weeks. This makes a big difference when talking lifespans of pools.

    As a moderator of a large Facebook group of above ground pool owners , I have read of many people living in the North and getting several years out of their inexpensive Intex soft-side pools. This matters when you are talking about a 2-3 month swim season versus a 6-8 month season somewhere in Texas.

    If youre the type of person that can milk every minute of life out of a tube of toothpaste, an old lawnmower, or a used mattress, then good for you. Im sure your back feels great pulling on the mower to start it every time and then sleeping in an old soft bowl every night.

    For those not planning on trying to set duration records, the above lifespan chart for above ground pools will be fairly accurate.

    Dan writes with the knowledge of having 35 years in the above ground pool industry.

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    How Long Do Vinyl Pool Liners Last

    You probably already realize that your pools vinyl liner wont last forever, but you may not have considered exactly how often youll need to replace it. Vinyl pool liners typically come with warranties of 20-30 years, which can be misleading, because this is not the typical lifespan of an average pool liner. In most cases, you can expect inground pool liners to last between 6-12 years, and above ground pool liners to last 6-10 years.

    If you spend little time on its care, your liner may need to be replaced sooner than this; and likewise, with proper care and maintenance, your liner has the potential to last for much longer. Here are a few considerations that will help you get the most life out of your vinyl pool liner:

    Keep the Water Chemistry Balanced

    Its important to monitor and maintain your pool waters pH and alkalinity levels. In addition to keeping your pool clean and safe, the chemical balance of your pool affects the lifespan of your liner. If your pool water is often acidic, it can degrade your liner more quickly. Its also important never to add undiluted granular chemicals, like chlorine, directly into your pool because they can settle on the bottom and attack the vinyl. Instead, always dissolve the granular chemicals in a bucket of water before adding it to your pool water.

    Avoid Punctures

    Monitor the Water Level

    Cover Your Pool

    Install the Liner Right

    Diy Or Hire A Pool Liner Installer

    Installing a new vinyl liner is complex and requires an experienced pool builder. For small repairs and rips, DIY is possible, but it’s not easy to patch and could void your warranty. Hiring a pro to install a new liner will ensure the job is professionally done and make your pool almost look brand new.

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    How To Choose A Replacement Pool Liner

    There arent many options for pool liner replacements, but you should still have some information before you invest. After all, the cost of replacing your pool liner can be significant. Consider the weather, warranty, and type of pool you have before you make your final choice. For more, you can read our full guide on how to choose a pool liner.

    Your Pool Water Color

    How Long Do Vinyl Liners Last?

    That may sound just a bit strange.; Shouldn’t water be clear?; Yes it should be, but when you have a colored pool liner, the water will change colors.; You might want a slight blue, or a hint of color here and there.; Rich blue colors and patterns have the most “oomph” while lighter shades of blue, Aqua, and Turquoise will have a beautiful glistening effect.;

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    Signs Its Time To Replace Your Pool Liner

    by Dave Warren | Apr 13, 2016 | Pool Liners

    Is your pools liner looking a little worn down? A typical vinyl liner lasts between 10 and 15 years, though there are many factors that can affect its lifespan. Living in an area susceptible to ground water problems can reduce your liners life, as can not keeping the water in your pool balanced. If your liner was made to incorrect specifications, that will also cause premature wear-and-tear.

    Keep an eye out for these four signs that it might be time to replace your liner.

    Wrinkling Slipping And Stretching

    Over time, vinyl liners will lose some of their plasticity and elasticity. You might notice your liner beads in several areas or slips out of the track, symptoms that its stretching too much. You should also keep your eye out for loose fittings around your pools return jets and skimmer.

    Its best not to try to squeeze more life out of your pools liner. This can damage your pool and necessitate additional, costly repairs.

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    Measure Depths At Several Spots

    This is where measuring can become complicated. Most inground pools have varying depths and angles that are easier to measure when the pool is drained. If your old pool liner has pulled away from the permanent floor of your pool, you may need to cut into it to get the accurate measurement from top to bottom. Only cut it if you are confident you are replacing it.

    You should get at least three depth measurements. Get one in the deep end, one in the shallow, and one in the middle. Measure from the liner track in the coping to the floor of the shallow end. Do the same with the hopper. Also, measure a mid-point on the slope. Using string here is also helpful.

    How Long Do Vinyl Liner Pools Last

    How Long does a Swimming Pool

    10 years

    People Also Asked, How much does it cost to replace a vinyl pool liner?

    Pool Liner Replacement Cost Inground pool liner replacement costs $3,000 to $4,000 on average with prices ranging between $1,400 and $4,800 for materials and labor. Above ground swimming pool liner replacement runs between $350 and $1,600 with most spending $700 on average.

    Also know, how often do you have to replace a vinyl pool liner?When should I replace a pool linerPool liners last anywhere from five to 12 years, depending on which type you use. Most homeowners can choose between three types of vinyl pool liners: 20-mil, 27-mil and 28-mil. Mil refers to the liners level of thickness. The thicker the liner, the longer it will last.


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    How The Sun Reduces The Fun

    The sun is the another, unavoidable culprit in reducing your liners lifespan: sunlight exposure and intensity. Like chemicals, the suns ultra-violet rays can decrease a liners elasticity, as well as fade its color. For this reason, vinyl-lined pools are more popular in the Northeast than in Sun Belt states where there the sunlight window is open longer, both in terms of daily and yearly exposure.

    Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement Cost

    To replace an existing above ground pool liner, the labor costs $200 to $800 or more for larger pools. Add the cost of the liner, and the total cost to install ranges from $350 to $1,600. Several factors will affect the price of installation, as each aspect makes it more difficult to line it up perfectly.

    • Thickness of the pool liner
    • Shape of the pool
    • Solid color vs. swirl design
    • Type of product to seal the edge
    • Condition the pool is in

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