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How Big Do Above Ground Pools Get

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Intex Ultra Xtr Frame Pool Set

Top 5 Things you need for your above ground swimming pool-Must have items to get the most value

If youd like a deep pool that is not that complicated to set up, then you can never go wrong with this Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set. Its already considered one of the best above ground pool options today because of its size and overall quality.

It may not be as deep as the other options here with just a 52-inch wall height, but we thought that it would be wrong to not include it on this list for you to consider. It combines its high strength Polyester mesh and extra-thick PVC layers with its strong rust-resistant galvanized steel to ensure that youll be getting a durable pool that you and your family can use for several years.

This pool set also comes in two different shapes, round and rectangular, and with a 2-year warranty on its pool liner, frame, and filter pump.

The 12 Best Above Ground Pools

If youre lucky enough to have a yard and enough space to accommodate a pool, youll be faced with a battery of buying decisions.

An in-ground pool might be an attractive proposition in many ways, but not all yards are large enough for landscaped pools. Also, if youre renting your home, its not practical to install a permanent swimming pool.

This is where the best above-ground pools step in to neatly plug the gap. These make renter-friendly and highly portable options, and you can easily take these pools down over the winter, or whenever theyre not in use.

When youre shopping for above-ground pools, though, youll soon encounter a bewildering array of options in terms of shapes, sizes, depths, and designs. Also, of course, youll find pools at a variety of price points.

Here at Wild River Country, were here to make your life easier by reviewing all the best above-ground pools.

Since there are so many things to consider on the buying trail, weve provided you with a concise buying guide below outlining everything to factor in when youre pool shopping. To help you when youre browsing the pools below, youll find pools in two broad categories:

  • Inflatable
  • Steel-framed

Inflatable pools are ideal to give the kids some quick and easy splashing fun. The more robust steel-framed pools work better for adults, or if you want a more permanent installation without going to the lengths of installing an in-ground pool.


  • Steel frame
  • 18 feet x 52 inches

Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

Part of your ongoing costs of owning an above-ground pool includes proper maintenance. Pool maintenance costs$5 to $15 per month to do it yourself, or $80 to $150 monthly to hire a professional service. For a one-time cleaning, expect to spend $150 or more depending on the size and type of pool you have.

The total cost to maintain your pool yourself can be under $100 per year, whereas a pool maintenance service will charge $60$90 per hour. The average total annual cost for chemicals alone for an above-ground pool is $60 to $180. Bear in mind your initial cost to buy tools will impact the average price your first year.

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On Budget Pool For Small Backyard

The small backyard cannot hinder you from having a good time while cooling off your body. You can still have a swimming pool right in your small backyard and disassemble it when you do not feel like to swim especially during the winter. To make the pool look more elegant, you can install some recessed LED lights around the pool.

Investing in an above-ground pool is not a bad idea, is it? By implementing one of these above ground pool ideas you will have a great pool without making you short on cash.

What Is The Average In

How Long Do Above Ground Pools Last?

For residential pools, the standard maximum depth of an inground pool is usually 8 feet. But pool builders can build deeper pools.

If you plan to install a diving board, 8 feet is the minimum depth you will need in the deep end. This depth is deep enough for diving in safely with a diving board. And there is usually no need for a pool to be deeper than 8 feet.

That said, inground swimming pools with diving boards will need to be designed at a larger scale than those with no diving board. These pools must be built significantly larger to make up for space used by the diving board and to accommodate the minimum depth. This plus the fact that they do pose several safety risks has caused diving boards to lose popularity over the years.

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Dreamy Pool Design Ideas


Most in-ground pools are made of either concrete , vinyl or fiberglass with concrete being the most popular, according to The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals . The gunite, which is applied via a hose on-site, is covered with a layer of textured plaster made from the same material as the gunite, but this layer is often colored with pigments to give the pool a blue, white or gray color, depending on what look you want. The plaster is often topped with a few rows of ceramic tiles for a decorative effect. A gunite pool takes several weeks to build, but the advantage over other types of materials is that you have more options as to the shape you want.

A vinyl pool refers to the liner of the pool. These are generally prepackaged pool kits and are often ready to use in about a week. The vinyl liner hangs from the wall panels which can be made from aluminum, galvanized steel, plastic or pressure-treated plywood, depending on the manufacturer of the kit. Vinyl pools do not generally offer as many options for the shape of the pool, but they do offer many options in the patterns and colors available. For example, vinyl liners can be imprinted with tile patterns that you would otherwise have to pay a premium for if you were to have a fully tiled pool. Vinyl liner pools also tend to be less expensive than a concrete pool.

The 6 Steps To Buying An Above Ground Pool

Buying an above ground pool is;a big deal. Not big like ;purchasing your first car or your first home big, but it is certainly big;in what it provides for your;family. For most families, a swimming pool is more than just a luxury expense. Pools are a source of fun and memories and it becomes the perfect backdrop for family parties. Most retailers are more focused on the business end rather than making sure the customer is proud of their purchase.;If there is one thing that INYO Pools hopes you never experience, it is buyers remorse.

To help avoid you making a purchase that may not be in your best interest, or one that you simply regret,;we want to teach you the six steps to buying an above ground pool. I bet you are saying to yourself, Six stepsReally? And we would respond, Absolutely!;

If your family is ready to purchase an above ground pool, we highly recommend reviewing the 6 steps. Going over them with your;family can be fun and entertaining. Lets get started.;

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Dive In To This Above Ground Pool Guide

Imagine having a cool yard. Imagine the kids are thrilled with you and your neighbors envy you. Imagine the pool party is always at your house. You can have that with an above ground pool from Thatcher Pools and Spas in Rochester, MN. There is a lot to consider when it comes to types of above ground pools. Weve put together this Above Ground Pool Buying Guide;to help you decide.

How To Purchase An Above Ground Pool Or Semi Inground Pool

How To Buy A Used Above Ground Pool Pt. 1

Most above ground pools and semi-inground pools are manufactured in two shapes round and oval. The shape you choose depends largely on your backyard dimensions and personal preference. Oval pools range in size from 8×12 to 21×43. Popular sizes include 12×24, 15×24, 15×30, 18×33 and 18×40, along with 20 other sizes to choose from. Round pools range in size from 12-feet to 33-feet diameter, increasing in size by 3-foot increments.

A quick measurement of the area you would like to use for your above ground swimming pool is all you need to choose the perfect size.

Keep in mind that all pool sizes are measurements of the inside dimensions of the pool. For example, the overall outside dimensions for a 15x30x54 Saltwater 8000 oval pool is 182 on the width and 34 on the length. All round pool models typically require one extra foot of space. This means the overall outside dimensions of a 24 Quest round pool is 25-feet.

All information regarding pool dimensions is readily available on our website under each pool models Specifications tab.

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Pool Supply Worlds Sharkline Venture Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Sharkline Venture above ground swimming pool is a hybrid pool that couples injection-molded resin top rails and bottom rails with its steel uprights and walls. Its no wonder that with its current design, this pool is known for its great durability. It is also saltwater-friendly, so you have the option to make it into a saltwater above ground pool if you want to.

Similar to the Tuscany Above Ground Pool, the Sharkline Venture are round or oval-shaped and has a wall height of 54 inches. The round Sharkline Venture pools come in diameters of 18 feet, 21 feet, 24 feet, and 27 feet. Meanwhile, the oval-shaped Sharline Venture above ground pools has the following sizes: 15 ft. by 30 ft. and 18 ft. by 33 ft.

This deep above ground pool can be easily installed in a couple of days and comes with a 50-year warranty.

Adding A Deep End To Your Above Ground Pool

As mentioned above, one of the main drawbacks of having an above ground pool is that you are basically stuck with one depth. Because it is above ground and flat, you are stuck with a consistent depth from edge to edge. However, there are creative methods you can employ to add some different depths to your above ground pool. We will explore those methods here.

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Semi Buried Or Fully Buried Above Ground Pool

These pools are similar to the traditional above ground pools discussed above, however, they willhave fully insulated wall panels that are significantly stronger to combat the ground forces pushingin on the walls. These pools will come in a variety of sizes, even the more free form look.

Pros:;More of the inground look and feel with a relatively quick install about 3-5 days depending on size and site location, long term solution, warranty.

Cons:;Cannot be easily re-located if you move, price point for this option is fairly high due to installation, not conducive to a DIY install.;

Above Ground Pool Options

How to Level Ground for Above Ground Pool?

When it comes to choosing which above ground pool option is best, you are typically presented with three choices. Above ground pools with wall heights of 48, 52, or 54. It is also important to consider the water level, which will typically by about 6 lower than the height of the pool wall.

Typically most find this completely suitable to their swimming needs. Although some do prefer pools with depths greater than 4 feet. One way this can work is to seek out above ground pools that have both shallow and deep options, similar to many in ground pools.

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How Do You Level Your Above Ground Pool

Pools should be erected on virgin soil that is well compacted and has not been dug up. Beware if the site was used for construction where fill from excavation from building the house was dumped.

Always dig down to level pavers. Never try to put fill under a paver to raise it. You must put the legs on solid blocks. No matter how solid your ground looks the legs are likely to sink into the ground if not set on solid blocks.

  • Use a 5 to 6 foot 2×4, and a heavy-duty level. You will have to ensure the beginning, middle, and ends of the 2×4 are all level between each of the cement pavers.
  • Invest or rent a builders level with a laser sight, or a manual builders level. This will involve the assistance of another person; however, it can be much faster with better results.
  • Build a Water Level as described below or rent a 360-degree laser level and you can do the leveling on your own.
  • Each joint of the pool frame needs to be on a level surface overall. Get cement pavers for each joint or leg of the track/frame, and ensure they are level with each other and the surface of the top of the ground around it. You will have dig down to make the pavers level with the ground it. 8×8 inch or larger 4 inch thick cement pavers are the favored material for this. The cement pavers must be larger than the legs of the pool to compensate for any slight movements of the pool while filling it or at times when kids do cannonballs or make large waves in the pool.
  • Above Ground Pool Electrical Install Cost

    Hiring an electrician is advisable, and you can expect to pay between $40 and $100 per hour for the electrician cost for an above-ground pool. Prices will likely total around $350 to $500 depending on the size of the pool and the load of the pool equipment. Power is needed for the pool pump and filter. It is vital to ensure all electrical aspects of your pool are appropriately installed, especially when they are so close to water.

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    How Big Is Your Living Space

    Not all pool needs are the same and not all backyards are of a standard size. So, the space you must work with in your backyard will dictate the pool size you can install and any other design features you will want to integrate. Nonetheless, not all houses have large outdoor spaces to accommodate wide-ranging pool sizes. Thus, its important to maximize the use of your living space when designing your swimming pool project. Because we offer a wide range of pool sizes you will be able to optimize your project accordingly.

    A Patio And An Above Ground Pool Idea

    Round vs Oval Above Ground Pools

    Who says an above-ground pool is not cool? Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Sitting right in front of the patio, this above-ground pool offers you a relentless relaxing ambiance. The landscape of the backyard is just perfect for you to sit back and relax. And this is what you have been longing for.

    Installing an above-ground pool which is incorporated with a patio or raised deck in the backyard has always been a great idea. The patio can be functioned as a pathway to the pool so that you and your kids do not have to step on mud.

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    What Are Your Options For Size And Shape Of Above

    Above-ground pools are almost always smaller than their inground counterparts. But you can still find models that have a decent size. Youre not going to be able to swim Olympic-type laps, but youll be able to enjoy and perhaps teach your children to swim.

    There are also a variety of shapes available, although round and oval pools account for almost all the pools. Oval pools typically are more expensive than round ones of roughly the same volume, though, because they require more parts to form the shape and hold them together.

    A smaller round pool may measure 15 to 18 feet in diameter . An oval pool, of course, will have a longer length and shorter width.

    Looking for a smaller, less permanent way to cool off? An inflatable pool might be for you!

    Remember that these are the measurements of the water inside the pool. When it comes time to find a place for the pool, youll have to add about three feet on each side for the supports and other equipment that hold the pool together. So a 15-foot diameter pool requires about 21 feet . And that extra space doesnt take into account the addition of a pool deck.

    Weve seen round pools up to 30 feet in diameter, but there are probably larger ones available. At 30 feet, though, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of it. You can do more than relax or splash, at least. It will take a couple of strokes to get across it. Its not to train in, but it still lets you move. And of course, it can hold a few people.

    How Do You Install An Above

    The proper way to install an above-ground pool depends on the type. However, there’s a general process to follow when setting up standard pools with PVC walls and steel frames. After clearing an area and making sure the ground is level, start by laying down the ground cloth and placing the bottom plate on top.

    Next, connect the metal rails to the bottom plate and around the perimeter. Then connect the vertical side rails to the bottom portion of the frame. Be sure to read the directions carefully, as the different metal rods can look similar but won’t line up or connect properly if you use the wrong ones.

    After that, install the lining onto the bottom plate and up the walls. When finished, your pool should have a balanced shape, and the walls should all be the same height.

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