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How To Measure Above Ground Pool

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Seriously The Size Of Your Pool Matters

How To Measure An Above Ground Pool for a new Liner

Alright, Im not just going to tell you that everything is based on water volume. Thats probably not true. But it certainly does seem like almost everything you do to your pool is based on its size. The type of pool pump that you should get, the amount of chemicals you should use, how long you run your circulation system everyday… all of these foundational aspects of everyday pool operations depend on how much water your equipment is expected to move and your chemicals are expected to treat. So whether or not youre dreading the calculations to come, I can tell you theyre totally worth itand should save you a chunk of cash in maintenance costs.

Hopefully The Information Provided Throughout This Above Ground Pool Buying Guide Has Helped You Understand More About The Options Available To You And Answered Your Questions We Have Compiled A Few Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Below Just In Case

A 24 pool is the most popular size we sell at our store see the photo for reference. You can easily fit multiple families or host birthday parties with floats and toys spread out without feeling too cramped. It is in the mid-range of the pricing spectrum, so you get plenty of room without breaking the bank.

If properly maintained, an above ground pool can easily last 15-20 years. With Oklahoma storm season, there is always the threat of severe weather for hail or strong winds, we can generally provide replacement parts or help re-establish your wall or liner if they sustain storm damage with the exception of a tornado completely relocating your pool, most storm damage can be resolved without replacing the entire pool.

Yes, we offer free site checks to help you find the best location for your new pool, as well as measuring your space so you know what size pools will fit in your yard. A site check will also help you understand any excavation that may be necessary if you have a heavily sloped yard.

If you maintain your pool water, perform weekly water testing/balancing, and perform the suggested weekly cleaning routines, you can expect to pay between $250 – $500 for chemicals and maintenance each season . This range assumes no major water issues, like a large algae bloom.

Semi Buried Or Fully Buried Above Ground Pool

These pools are similar to the traditional above ground pools discussed above, however, they willhave fully insulated wall panels that are significantly stronger to combat the ground forces pushingin on the walls. These pools will come in a variety of sizes, even the more free form look.

Pros: More of the inground look and feel with a relatively quick install about 3-5 days depending on size and site location, long term solution, warranty.

Cons: Cannot be easily re-located if you move, price point for this option is fairly high due to installation, not conducive to a DIY install.

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Above Ground Pool Pump & Filter Price

Your above ground pool pump & sand filter will be the next component of the pricing and will depend on the size of pump and filter needed. You will find that both 1 speed and 2 speed pumps can be used, with 2 speed pumps being the more expensive option. The 2 speed pump simply allows for the flexibility of a high and low setting, allowing the pump to remain on 24 hours / day on low, and generates some energy efficiency. Additionally, you will see 0.5 hp pumps up to 2 hp pumps being offered.

The sand filter size will be based on the size of your pool common sizes in the industry are 100#, 300# and 400# sand filters. Some above ground pool retailers choose cartridge filters in place of sand filters and their size is calculated as the filter surface area.

Your pool retailer will generally have a standard option of pump that is put with their pool kit, but you can always ask to upgrade if you would like a different pump for your pool. There is no upgrade to the sand filter it is strictly based on the size of your pool.

Come On Lets Be Measured About This

How To Measure An Above Ground Pool for a new Liner

Unfortunately, I cant be in your backyard with a measuring tape. Really wish I could help out, but its just not possible. So before we go furthereven in this next step, where you wont need to crunch any numbers to find out how much water is in your poolyou have got to know what youre working with. And the type of measurements you need? Those will depend on what shape of pool you have.

For a rectangular pool, youll want to know how long, wide, and deep your pool is. Remember to measure both the shallow end and the deep end.

For a circular pool, you just need to measure across the middle, and measure how deep it is.

Note: To keep your calculations as straightforward as possible later, its best to round to the nearest foot. Dont worry, your calculation will be accurate enough for choosing a pump, adding chemicals to your water, and all that other fun stuff pool owners get to do. And if you are just going to use the charts in the next step, no need to measure your depth.

Knowing your pool size will save you a lot of money on your pump and your energy bill, but itll also help you find the perfect heat pump, like the Energy-Saving ComforTemp Pool Heat Pump 95,000 BTU to heat 18,000 Gallons. According to customer Steve, Simple install and simple set up. Heated my pool from 66 to 82 degrees in about 2 complete days.

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Got A Leak Good Luck With That

Dont get us wrong. Leaks in above ground pool liners are super easy to fix, and its always good to know how to patch a pool liner. Just Get a repair kit and youll be swimming again before you can say Marco Polo. The challenge is finding the leak.

Unless its a huge, obvious gash pouring water into your yard, finding a leak in an above ground pool is notoriously difficult. If you want to take a shot at finding the pool leak, you can try the bucket test. But finding a tiny leak in an above ground pool is so challenging, it may take you less time to get a new liner and install it.

From Installation To Removal: Everything You Want To Know About Above Ground Pools

It is possible to install an above ground pool yourself. If you are reasonably handy and have the patience to take your time and do it right, you can avoid the cost of a professional installation. Before you make the decision, watch the YouTube videos on how to install an above ground backyard pool. Watch several of them and then decide if you still think you can tackle this project.

When your pool is delivered, it will include specific instructions for your pool. Read them and if there is something you donât understand, go back to YouTube or call the company you purchased the pool from. They should have technicians available to answer any questions you may have.

There are two other things you should do before you start. First, and have them verify there are no gas lines or electric cables where you want to install your pool. Second, get a copy of the rules governing installing a backyard pool, You may need a building permit, there may be rules about the distance from your neighborâs property and the distance from overhead lines, and there will certainly be rules on fencing.

Youâve done your homework, and you feel confident that this is a project you can handle. You will need a certain number of tools. It also is a good idea to sort all the pieces that come in your pool kit. The job will be a lot easier if you take the time to do this now.

You did it! Your pool is ready to go, and you will enjoy many years of fun from your pool!

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Bottom Rail Measurement For An Above Ground Pool

We have a 28 ft. above ground pool, what is the measurement of the bottom wall rail?

The measurement across a 28′ above ground pool should be pretty close to 28′. The best way to measure the bottom rail is with a radius measurement.

I put a screw diver through the end opening of a long tape measure. I then find a center point. Once the ground is leveled I lay the bottom rail out and start connecting it. I use the method shown on this page.

I start by laying the bottom rail out on a 14′ radius. Every rail is set at 14′. When I get to the end I usually have some adjustment to make. It might be several inches off from connecting, in either way I might be too big or too small. I go back and reset all the bottom rails at a slightly different radius. It might be 14′ 1″ or it might be 13′ 11″, you just never know, every make and model is different.

The other thing to consider is the gap at the end of each bottom rail. The most common maker of a 28′ pool is Doughboy and they are pretty uniform in their bottom rail gap. The rails should all be about an eighth of an inch. That is the small space between the end of the bottom rail and the stop tab in the footplate. If all of your rails are set with a small gap you should be able to connect the last bottom rail with a 14′ radius, give or take just a touch.

When we tried walking it in a straight line from the side of the pool my husband took 25 steps…. he has a size 12 foot.

Hi Tammy.

What Is The Most Popular Size Above Ground Pool

Size of Your Yard: Essential Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

Basically, you can classify pool sizes into small, medium and large sizes. Small pools tend to measure around 12 X 24 while medium-sized pool tends to be around 16 X 32 and big sized above ground pool 20 X 40. Most people tend to prefer medium-sized pools because they are big enough for a family of five. In addition to that medium-sized pools dont take up lots of space. When it comes to round shaped pools the most popular diameters are 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30. When it comes to depth of above ground swimming pool most common measurements are 48 52 or 54.

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Number Of People Who Will Be Using The Pool

If you have a big family, you should go for a more spacious pool. Round shaped pools are better because they are more spacious. If you have kids, remember that your kids would want to bring in their friends.

If the pool is only going to be used by adults, you can go for a deeper pool. Also, remember most adults tend to spend most of their time on the patio. So, if most users will be adults you should prefer to have a more spacious patio.

How To Measure Your Pool

  • Draw a diagram of your above ground swimming pool similar to the ones below. This will aid in recording the dimensions.
  • Next, use the tape measure to measure from inside wall to inside wall as pictured in the diagram below. We recommend doing this twice once at the top of the wall and once at the bottom to make sure it’s accurate.
  • Record the dimensions on your diagram and use them to find the right size liner.
  • If you have a differently shaped pool or more complex measurements, please feel free to contact the pool experts at LinerWorld. Were always ready to help.

Note: Multiple factors, such as bowed walls and other irregularities, can impact your pool dimensions. Always re-measure rather than relying on previous notes or old liner sizes.

Once you’ve measured your pool, you’re ready to shop for a new pool liner.

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Additional Above Ground Pool Costs

Like most things, your above ground pool will come with additional costs such as pool accessories, chemicals, and even toys. Heres what to consider before you buy an above ground pool:

  • Liner pricing – The price of your above ground pool liner is usually around $700 and up, depending on the size of the pool.
  • Filter and pump – There are several different types of filters to choose from, depending on where you shop. Pumps that offer 1-2 speeds start at around $200.
  • Pool ladder and decking – Dont forget that youll need a way to get into the pool. Pool ladders can be as inexpensive as $65, but if you want a full wrap-around deck, youre looking at thousands.
  • Water – Youll need to pay for the water to fill the pool and top it off over the summer.
  • Cleaning supplies – Above ground pools may be smaller than most inground pools, but youll need to keep cleaning supplies on hand to keep the pool clear. This may include a skimmer net, pool vacuum, pool brush, and most importantly, pool chemicals.

Two Different Depths With A Drop Off

How To Measure Your Above Ground Pool For a Replacement Liner

If your pool has a drop off that separates two constant depths, its best to treat them as separate pools. Go ahead and use the calculation above for constant depth twice, one for each depth, and then add the two totals together to know your combined gallons. I know, double the work. But hey, youve got a pretty cool pool!

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Measure Twice Buy Once

All you need to determine which size liner your pool requires is a tape measure and something to write down your measurements. Because pool walls can warp and shift, take each measurement twice.

To get the height of any shape above ground pool, measure from the bottom rail to the top. Remove any obstacles from the ground to ensure an accurate measurement.

Check your result by measuring the height on a second section of wall. If the figure is between standard liner heights, round up.

Measuring Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Measure twice, order once! With our simple measuring guide it is easy to measure your pool, but always remember to double check your measurements for the perfect fit.

Measuring a Round Pool Liner

If you have a round above ground pool, measure the diameter straight across the center of the pool from a couple of different spots, inside the top of the pool liner wall to inside the top of the opposite wall. Sometimes above ground pools shift slightly , so taking the average of 2 or 3 diameter measurements is the best way to be accurate.

Measuring an Oval Pool Liner

If your above ground pool is oval, you will want to measure the length from end to end at the center of the pool, and the width in 2 or 3 spots. Then, take the average width from your measurements. Again, measure from one inside wall to the other inside wall for length and width to get the correct measurement.

Measuring a Rectangular Pool Liner

If your above ground pool is rectangular, measure the length and width and be sure to note what type of corners your pool has. Some rectangular pools have square corners, some pools have diagonal corners and some have rounded corners. If you are ordering a stock rectangular pool liner, those will have with 90 degree corners.

Measuring Your Pool Wall

Above ground pools typically have 48 inch, 52 inch or 54 inch high walls.

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How To Measure For An Aboveground Pool Liner

An often-overlooked step in replacing your aboveground pool liner, measuring your pool properly will prevent undue surprises.

This is because not all pools will measure to exactly the size that a pool owner thinks they have. Secondly, installation variables can cause the walls to bow out, or bow inward.

If you are planning a replacement pool liner, take a few moments to get an accurate measurement of your pool diameter and depth. Then you can confidently place an order for your replacement pool liner and aboveground liner installation supplies.

How Do You Measure Durability

Choosing a Pool Size: Essential Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide

No industry standard exists for precisely measuring the strength of pool liners, but the thickness can give you a sense of durability.

Very thick liners can be cumbersome to install and tougher to get wrinkles out of. Poor fit or installation mistakes can affect your vinyl as well, so the thickest liner around may be only as good as its installation.

Two units of measure refer to the thickness of above ground pool liners : mil and gauge.

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Tips For Different Types Of Liners:

  • Snap Bead liners snap into a separate track around the pool and are installed on top of the pool wall.
  • V-Bead liners require no coping. The stabilizer rails will hold this liner in place.
  • Unibead liners can be used as either a Snap Bead or a V-Bead liner. It comes as a V-Bead but you can remove the top portion to make it a Snap Bead liner.
  • Overlap liners are hung over the pool wall. These are securing using plastic coping strips.

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