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How Much Are Vinyl Pool Liners

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What Is The Best Time To Replace My Pools Liner

How Much Does a Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Cost in 2018?

The best time to replace your pools liner is in the spring or fall, as you wont lose any of those precious summer months when youre looking to use your pool. Spring is also usually the busiest time of year, which is why its important to book early to ensure the process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Quite often you might not have the luxury of being able to pre-plan when to replace your pools liner. Working with the right pool services provider can mean your pool will be shut down for as few as five to seven days, letting you make the most of your pool all summer long.

At Total Tech, we are pool liner experts. Our experienced staff have been providing pool services including liner repairs and replacements to customers in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your pool!

Check out:

Choose From Hundreds Of Patterns

One of the best things about inground pool liners is that there are so many patterns to choose from. When it is time to change the liner out, you can completely transform the look of your pool by selecting a new design. Whether you prefer something simple like Pebblestone FF, a whimsical look like Dolphin Mosaic/Avelino, or the modern, dark feel of the Black Galaxy FF pattern, Dohenyâs selection of Premier Patterns is sure to fit your taste. We also have a variety of attractive Closeout Patterns if you are on a budget.

Custom Made Above Ground Liners

Can’t find your above ground liner size in stock on our website? If so, there is a chance you have a unique size of above ground pool – not to worry, Pool Supplies Canada has got you covered! We can custom manufacture an above ground liner for your pool to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of the shape, size or specification!

If you require a custom made above ground liner, simply fill out the form below and include the shape, size and wall height of your above ground pool and we’ll send you a quote!

Please note that available patterns for custom made liners will vary from in-stock liners listed on our website please allow 24-48 hours for your quote, and 7-14 business days for production of your custom liner after your order is placed.

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How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Vinyl Liner Pool

Compared with other pool types, like concrete, vinyl pools are relatively low maintenance. Unlike concrete pools which can require ongoing, time-consuming maintenance, vinyl pools require minimal upkeep. While regular maintenance may not influence the initial cost of your pool, keeping the water balanced can increase the longevity of your vinyl pool liner and the enjoyment of your pool.

Maintaining a Vinyl Pool: 1/3

Water Features For Vinyl Pools

How Long Do Pool Vinyl Liners Last?

Water features average $250 to $15,000, depending on the type and size. Water features, such as fountains and waterfalls, are common additions to pools. They can enhance your landscaping and make a statement with some pool designs. Water features can also be used to help circulate the water of your pool. They work like a pump and couple with your filter to help keep your water clean. This cuts down on stagnation and algae growth in the pool.

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Swimming Pool Liner Repair Prices

A vinyl pool liner can last up to 15 to 20 years or longer. In the meantime, it’s not uncommon for the liner to jump the track or develop a leak. If the bead is popping out of the track on your vinyl pool liner or the pool is losing water beyond what’s to be expected from evaporation, splash-out, and backwash, you may want to schedule a visit from a local swimming pool pro.

Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners & Replacements

At 1st Direct Pools, we know how crucial a swimming pool liner is to both the look and functionality of your swimming pool.

Thats why we offer a range of quality swimming pool liners for both above-ground and in-ground pools at amazing prices! To make things even easier, we also offer a Swimming Pool Liner Calculator service so you can find and fit your swimming pool liner hassle-free.

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Vinyl Liner Pool Costs

Vinyl liner is a common choice for in-ground pool material. It is mounted onsite to a steel frame and prepared surfaces. In-ground pools typically require excavation and removal work, followed by onsite construction activity.

The cost to install an average vinyl liner pool depends upon material and finish grade, finished surface area and material volume, preparation and special needs, and the labor rate.

In the following table the Labor Cost figure is what the able and prepared DIY persons should expect to save by performing the corresponding tasks.

In-ground pool: excavate and remove soil build a 12′ x 24′ pool include 20 mile transport range, material, equipment, and waste.


Custom Made Inground Pool Liners

How Much Does a Pool Liner Replacement Cost?

Our inground pool liners are computer designed to fit any size or shape swimming pool perfectly. Just measure your pool according to Dohenyâs Pool Measuring Guide. If you need assistance with measuring, remember that our pool experts are always here to help. Once you have collected accurate measurements and selected a pattern, you can submit your order via phone, and we will get to work creating your custom inground pool liner.

Dohenyâs custom made inground pool liners are made from strong and durable vinyl, and designed exactly to your specifications. With a huge selection of beautiful patterns, you can refresh the look of your pool without spending a lot of time or money. If you need help selecting the right liner for your inground pool, we are here to help. Please call Dohenyâs pool experts today at 800-574-7665 or visit us on the web at

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Durable Customizable & Expertly Installed

As the name suggests, an inground pool is a swimming pool built right into the ground that becomes a permanent part of the property it is built on, making it an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to create a relaxing oasis in their backyard.

Compared to above-ground options, inground swimming pools are becoming more and more common in Ottawa and beyond, partly because they have become more available and accessible than ever before. But also because, in general, inground pools tend to be more appealing to homeowners as they are longer-lasting, add more value to your home than an above ground pool, and have a more luxurious, spacious feel, that is aesthetically pleasing.

Make a Splash With a Custom Vinyl Inground Pool

Take Advantage Of The Abco Vinyl Pool Repairs Expertise

When in ground vinyl liner pools need repairs or renovations, San Diego homeowners count on ABCO to get the job done right. For over 40 years we have focused exclusively on repairing and upgrading these types of pools. Having replaced thousands of liners and repaired countless others, we are masters of this craft. Nobody else even comes close!

In addition to amazing customer service, ABCO is also known for:

  • Longer-lasting liners Nationally, vinyl inground pool liners last an average of 8 to 10 years. ABCOs vinyl swimming pool liners last an average of 11 to 13 years, with many lasting even longer than that.How do we achieve this? Meticulous measurementsexpert installation of high-quality linersand a unique Pool School that teaches you and your pool servicing company exactly how to care for your new vinyl pool liner.
  • Encyclopedic materials knowledge Theres a very hostile environment lurking behind your pools liner! We know which types of wood, screws, fasteners and other materials will last, and which will hasten the degradation and disintegration of your pools infrastructure.

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Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement Cost

Vinyl pools are essentially made of two parts – the walls and the liner. The walls can last indefinitely, but the liner must be replaced every 5 to 9 years. Thinner liners may puncture and rip more quickly than thicker liners, and while some rips can be repaired, eventually the liner needs to be replaced. The cost of vinyl pool liner replacement is between $3,000 and $6,000 on average. The larger the pool and the more curves it has, the higher the costs. Also, the thicker your liner, the higher your costs because thicker liners are more difficult to work with. A thicker liner may last longer than a thinner liner because thicker liners can often be repaired, while thinner liners may not.

Things To Consider When You Get Your New Vinyl Inground Pool

Pin on Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Becoming a pool owner is a big responsibility and requires regular care and maintenance of your inground pool.

This means you will need to invest in pool cleaning equipment along with a water testing kit and pool chemicals to ensure it is properly balanced and avoid damage to your pool along with bacteria and irritation to your skin.

Its also important to remember that taking care of your pool doesnt stop when the summer ends. In order to ensure your pool lasts for many years, youll need to properly winterize it and continue to care for it until you are ready to begin using your pool again.

To learn more about pool maintenance and everything that goes into owning a swimming pool, check out the following articles from our blog:

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What Is A Swimming Pool Liner

A swimming pool liner is a vinyl surface covering the walls and floor of your pool to keep in the water. They also improve the look of your pool and make a much more inviting surface.

We offer three quality grades of swimming pool liner:

  • – 20 Thou liners designed for above-ground pools.
  • – 30 Thou liners designed for in-ground pools.
  • – Our ultimate on-site Alkor lining system, designed for commercial pools or domestic pools running at a temperature of 30°C.

The Largest Selection In Canada

We carry liners from the industry’s leading manufacturers, such as Swimline Pool Products! With largest online selection of above ground liner patterns and over 10,000 liners in stock, were sure youll find a refreshing new pattern for your pool – all available for order at the best prices online in Canada!

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Pool Liner Replacement Cost

The cost of your pool liner replacement will vary depending on your pool size, the type of liner that you buy, and the contractor that you hire to replace it .

Overall, you can expect to pay around $4,500 or more for the vinyl liner plus the labor to replace it, chemicals, and water to refill your swimming pool.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Inground Vinyl Pool Liner

How Much Does a Pool Liner Cost in 2020?


On average a vinyl liner pool will require a new liner at an approximate cost of $2,500-$4,500. Replacing a vinyl liner can be completed in one day. Re-plastering and re-tiling a gunite pool can take one to two weeks.

Also Know, how much is a 16×32 pool liner? Inground Pool Liner Cost ConclusionIf you add the cost of a quality pool liner with the labor cost of installation, you are looking at an average cost of roughly $4000.00 for 16×32 size inground pool. If you need to upgrade your pool bottom, your total average moves up to 5400.00.

Hereof, how long do vinyl pool liners last?

Vinyl pool liners typically come with warranties of 20-30 years, which can be misleading, because this is not the typical lifespan of an average pool liner. In most cases, you can expect inground pool liners to last between 6-12 years, and above ground pool liners to last 6-10 years.

Is it hard to install an inground pool liner?

Installing an inground vinyl liner is not too difficult, especially if you’ve measured correctly.

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Beaded Pool Liner Problems

The liner is held down around the pool by the bead. A new pool liner track or bead receiver costs $350, or a professional can tuck it back in for about $100. The bead could pop out of place if it’s too small or large for the pool. You can remedy this by using boiling water or a heat gun that allows you to stretch and lock your pool liner back into place. Prices for a new bead receiver will depend on its hook design and whether its made of aluminum or PVC.

Draining A Vinyl Liner Pool

6 things you should NEVER say to your pool guymusthow to clean a dead body from your poolEndorsed Brands From Swimming Pool– Swimming Pool– Swimming Pool– Swimming Pool– Swimming Pool Steve

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Hiring A Pool Company To Install A Vinyl Liner

Vinyl pool liners are bulky and susceptible to damage from rough surfaces or sharp objects. Professionals use specialized tools and vacuums to prevent wrinkles and remove air bubbles. They also have the equipment needed to insert the beading into the track without causing damage. Because installation techniques affect the product’s longevity, hiring a professional is a wise decision.

Contact Us Today About Custom Vinyl Pools

Inground Vinyl Pool Liner Thickness: What You Need To Know

Every vinyl liner pool we build is completely unique and is built to the needs of each of our Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Clayton,Fuquay-Varina, Garner,Holly Springs, Knightdale, Wilson Mills, Four Oaks, Angier, Wendell, and Zebulon customers. This means the pool we build for you will be truly one of a kind. We guarantee that your new custom vinyl liner pool or concrete pool will be something that you will be proud to show off to neighbors and friends for years to come!

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Pool Liner Patterns & Designs

A liner does more than just hold water it also completes your pools appearance. Simply by changing the liner, you can give your pool a complete makeover, getting the experience of a brand-new swimming pool at just a fraction of the cost.

Get creative and express yourself by choosing between our industry-leading offering of breathtaking above ground pool liner patterns, colors, and styles. From mosaic and geometric designs, to bold solid colors, to patterns inspired by nature, we carry a variety of the most popular above ground pool liner patterns. And with our patented Ultra-Seam technology, which comes standard on all of our pool liners, youll never see an unsightly seam again.

Alternatives To Vinyl Liner Pools

If youre tired of changing your vinyl liner or youre considering getting a different type of inground pool, you might want to consider installing a concrete or fiberglass swimming pool. Concrete and fiberglass pools are similar in price to install, but fiberglass pools require far less maintenance over time and cost much less to maintain.

Want to learn more? Feel free to visit our learning center, try out our pool pricing calculator below, or check out our catalog of models to see if a fiberglass pool might be right for you.

Want to see about how much that cost will be with all your favorite pool accessories?

Use our Design and Price Tool to walk through your options and approximate price!

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Lifetime Vinyl Liner Pool Cost

The average vinyl liner will last about 59 years. Each replacement will cost about $4,500paying for the labor and materials to replace the liner, the water to fill the pool, and the chemicals to start the pool back up.

Vinyl liner pools require less electricity and fewer chemicals for day-to-day maintenance than concrete pools because theyre less prone to algae. However, algae can still take hold, so you do need the regular upkeep. That maintenance will cost about $7,000 over a 10-year period.

That adds up to roughly $11,500 in maintenance over 10 years.

Thickness Of The Vinyl Liner

How Much Do Concrete, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Liner Pools Cost?

Its vital to know that vinyl liner pools come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 20 to 30 mils. As a general rule of thumb, thinner liners are cheaper. Their installation is quick, and theyre easy to work with. On the other hand, thicker lines are more expensive, and they are much more finicky to install.

We recommend going with the thickest option you can afford despite the additional costs and extra time of installing thicker liners. Thicker liners provide more robust protection against tears or punctures. You never know when some debris might fall in your fall and create a hole. The more you safeguard your pool against mishaps, the less youll have to pay down the road.

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How Do You Know When You Need A New Pool Liner

There are a few different causes that would require you to need a new vinyl pool liner. Faded vinyl pool liners are often the result of too high of chlorine levels in your pool, taking away the vibrant look that your pool had when it was first installed. Vinyl pool liners are tough, but not indestructible. If your pool liner has cuts, gashes, or openings, it would be a good idea to replace the vinyl liner to ensure the efficiency of your pool. Lastly, if you are looking for a fresh, new, look for your pool, replacing a vinyl liner is a great option!

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