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How To Replace Pool Pump

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Replace The Old Wire With New Ones

How To: Replace a Pool Pump With an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

When replacing the pool sub-panel it also means replacing everything, including the wire. There is a huge chance that the old wiring is starting to degrade. Therefore, it is vital that you also change the wirings and get rid of the old ones.

So, when you go shopping for the things and tools you will need, you should include wires with the correct sizes. But how would you know the correct size of the wire you are going to need? Stick around as that is what we are going to talk about next.

Prepare The Pool And Water

Add a water-stabilizing agent, such as chlorine or bromine, to keep the algae from growing again immediately. Balance the pH level, alkalinity, and acidity of your pool. The ideal pH for a swimming pool is between 7.2 to 7.8. If you have an above-ground pool, use muriatic acid or concentrated chlorine to adjust the levels of your water.

Sanitize the water by adding more chlorine or bromine after 24 hours if its too green or brown, otherwise wait for 48 hours before checking again.

You Are Advised To Consult With A Licensed Electricianwhen Performing Any Electrical Repairs

Once the power has been turned off, it is time to begin disconnecting your wires. Remove the cover of the pump by unscrewing the two screws holding it to the end of the motor. Take the green, red, and black wires off of the terminals.

DISCLAIMER: If you are overwhelmed, uncomfortable or unqualified to work wires and electricity, DO NOT proceed. Contact a licensed electrician to disconnect and reconnect the pumps.

Unscrew the collar of the conduit in order to disconnect it from the old pool pump. Pull the three wires through the metal elbow.

After the wires have been pulled through the elbow, you can unscrew the elbow and discard. Remove the copper bonding wire from the lug on the pool pump motor and now youre ready to cut the old pump out.

Relieve the pressure in the system before cutting the pipe. Once the pressure has been released, cut the pipe, making the cut as square as possible.

Tip: Using a PVC pipe cutter helps achieve straighter and more precise cutting.

Now, your pump can be removed.

Step 3: Installing the New Energy Efficient Pump

First, attach the pump to the motor with nuts and bolts. You will notice that the water line is coming from the pool toward the suction side of your pump so place a shut-off valve on that same side, and on the side of the pump that contains an outlet, attach a line.

Finally, you will connect the shut-off valve and pipe that will connect the pump to your pool.

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The Pool Pump Is Making A Humming Noise And Will Not Start

If your pool pump will not start and you hear a humming noise, check you impeller for any debris. If debris starts to build, it can block the impeller and disable the pool pump. To check the impeller, turn the power off to the pump and remove the screws in the middle of the pump body. Once the screws have been removed, pull the assembly out of the housing and remove the gasket away from the impeller, remove any debris and re-assemble.

How To Get Algae Out Of Pool Without A Vacuum

Changing a Swimming Pool Water Pump Motor

Algae in the pool are not just unsightly, its also a health hazard. It can grow into thick mats that cover the surface of your pool and trap dirt and bacteria.

These algae blooms are caused by an excess of nutrients such as phosphates found in urine, sweat, or other organic matter like plants or leaves.

The best way to prevent algae growth is to keep your pool clean so there is less chance for it to happen. But if you find yourself with an algae problem because you neglected your duty as a pool owner, here are some steps you can take:

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Pump Or Motor Replacement

If the pool pump is relatively new and the pump exterior does not show signs of deterioration, replacing only the motor can be a good option. If the pump is older, if the motor replacement parts are difficult to find or if the cost of the motor replacement is more than 75% of the cost of a full pump replacement, then replacing the entire pump is the way to go. If the pool pump is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, then replace the entire pump.

Simply replacing the motor is less expensive than replacing the entire pool pump. A DIY motor replacement costs approximately $25 to $200, while hiring a pro may cost an additional $40 to $100.

Determine The Placement Of The Pool Pump

If youre replacing a busted pool pump with the same model then youll have nothing to worry about and installing the new pump is as simple as swapping out the old pump with the new one. If youre upgrading to a newer model, youre probably going to have a smaller, sleeker model which means that its probably going to sit lower than your existing pump.

This is not a problem, many pumps have adjustable bases that you can raise so that you can easily align it with your current fittings. If it still sits too low then use something stable like paving blocks or bricks to prop up your new pump.

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Use The Proper Wire Size

The wire size you will use will depend on the size of the circuit breaker you use. You can use this wire sizing chart to look for the correct wire size according to your circuit breaker and the type of wire you are planning to use.

Using an improper wire size will cause a short circuit and fire, which can be very hazardous. When installing a subpanel, whether it is for your pool or other usages, it is always best to follow the right sizing, voltage, and amps.

Heat Pump Diagram / How To Repair Water Leaking Swimming Pool Spa Heater Heat / By Donna Boyle Schwartz And Bob Vila Photo:

How to Install a Pool PUMP Quick and Easy!

Laura cowan & emilie sennebogen | updated: The idea was later furthered by another individual known as lord kelvin, and theoretically became a scientif. Do you want to buy a new heat pump to improve you home heating? What are the challenges that prevent a diyer from building one from scratch? By donna boyle schwartz and bob vila photo:

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When To Replace A Pool Pump

There are 2 major parts to a pool pump: the motor mechanism and the pump mechanism. Each one may fail and will need your attention. Some indicators that its time to replace a pool pump includes complete motor failure, the motor making a loud grinding or screeching noises, the pump no longer moves water or its leaking water.

Installing The New Pool Pump

After youve removed the old pump, position the new pump in place but dont attach anything yet. Align all of the pipes and the couplings first, adjust the height and everything but dont do the plumbing first. The first thing you should do is to reattach the wiring. The reason for this is you may need to move the pump around to get easier access to the electrical parts and you cant do this if your pump is already attached to the pipes!

Attach the conduit from the old pump into the threaded port of the new pump and refer to the wiring diagram on how to attach the wires properly. If its not on the pumps body, then refer to your owners manual. Once the wires have been attached and the pump closed up, its now to proceed with the plumbing.

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What Are The Challenges That Prevent A Diyer From Building One From Scratch

Installing a heat pump thermostat can be an important part of maintaining a home heat pump. Here is the buyer’s guide on the best heat pumps that you should consider for your home! Do you want to buy a new heat pump to improve you home heating? The first heat pump emerged in the 1940s when an american inventor discovered the idea of pumping heat via his freezer in his home. By donna boyle schwartz and bob vila photo: Understanding what a pump capacitor does is the first step to being able to monitor its operations and address its shortcomings when it begins to fail and needs to be replaced. Many homes today are both heated and cooled with a heat pump, an appliance that came into wide use in the late 1970s when natural gas shortages caused the many homes today are both heated and cooled with a heat pump, an appliance that came. Regardless of the season, keeping your home at an ideal temperature ensures that everyone who lives there is always comfortable and all the other systems and appliances in your home run efficiently. By bob beacham and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a pro. Laura cowan & emilie sennebogen | updated: Has anyone attempted building a homemade heat pump? In moderate climates, heat pumps are good alternatives to air conditioners or furnaces due to their energy effic. A heat pump is an essential part of a heating and cooling system.

Open Valves And Restore Power

Master Flo Plus (Sta

Wait 2 hours after gluing the last connection before turning on the pump. As the pressure builds, uncured fittings and unions can come apart, which will make a mess and possibly damage components.

Thats it! Youre now ready to enjoy your new, energy-efficient pool pump!

If all that sounded very complicated, thats because it is. For this reason, we strongly advise you to consider calling us. Let our experienced technicians handle your energy-efficient pool pump replacement and installation, saving you a lot of time and stress.

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How To Replace A Swimming Pool Pump Seal

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 243,250 times.

Leaking pumps can destroy the swimming pool motor. Here is some advice on how to replace a pool pump seal. The following instructions are general. Seal components are similar for most centrifugal pumps.

The Pool Pump Motor Is Not Working Or Turning Off While Running

If your pump is not starting, youll want to check a couple of things. First, check to see if the pump is getting power and check your timer to make sure the pump is on. If the pump is on and you are hearing a humming noise, it could be a bad capacitor. The capacitor is what starts the pump by giving it a jolt of electricity. No jolt, no start. You can replace the capacitor, but it is best done by a professional. The capacitor can still store power so be careful if replacing. If your pump is old, consider replacing the motor instead.

If your pump does turn on, but loses power, it could be overheating. Try running the pump during the night to avoid overheating. If this does not work, check the bottom vents of the motor to make sure there is nothing inhibiting the fan. If the problem persists, youll have to replace the pool motor or pool pump.

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The Pool Pump Is Overheating

This problem could be occurring for a few reasons and might even result in a fire, so be very careful when handling the machine. Many swimming pools are located in direct sun, so its normal for your pool pump to become very hot but not so hot that you cannot touch it.

When your pool pump is clogged for an extended period of time, it begins to pull air instead of water, causing the impeller to spin rapidly. This problem is called loss of prime and causes the motor to burn out. Youll need to discuss the damage with a technician to see if the motor must be replaced.

On the inside of your pump, there could be excessive friction due to the motors bearings wearing down, and this might even lead to a leak in the pump. Parts must be replaced within the motor before its too late.

You may also want to look into whats called a variable speed pump. This type of pump helps reduce the cost of electricity and lessens the load on your motor. Its required by pool owners in some states to conserve energy.

Finding The Right Motor

How To: Replace Your Pool Pump’s Capacitor

Once youve identified the need to replace the motor, the next step is to find the right one. You cant just pick any motor and expect it to work with your pump. Start by finding the manufacturer and model of your motor. Youll also need to know specific information about your motor. Write down the model number, horsepower , service factor , RPMs, frame type , voltage, and amps. Youll need this information to pick out a new motor that will provide the right amount of power to operate the pump for your pool.

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How To Replace A Pool Pump Impeller

Pool pumps arent cheap, so when yours stops running properly, you should understand how it works and determine whether you can fix the problem yourself to save yourself some money on the repair.

Thats the case with the impeller. If it breaks, you can replace it on your own. You just need to know how to do it.

Plug The Pump Back In

Plug the pool pump back in and turn it on. If you cut power by turning off the circuit breaker first, remember to turn the breaker back on as well.

Once the pump is running, wait for the water to start spraying out of the relief valve and close it.

Congratulations! Youve just replaced your pool pumps impeller all by yourself and probably saved a bundle over an entirely new pump.

Questions about replacing the impeller? Drop me a line.

Image courtsey of

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Common Pool Pump Issues

When theres a problem with your pool pump, youll notice many immediate issues. Once your pool pump is down for a few days, youll quickly notice algae scum building up.

Take care of these problems right away before your pool requires serious maintenance to re-open. The difference could amount to hundreds of dollars when deciding to replace the whole pool pump or just the motor mechanism.

Call us today to learn more about optional pool and spa coverage and recieve a free quote to begin comparing your options: 860-288-4791

Talk To A Professional About How To Fix A Pool Pump

1.5HP InGround Swimming Pool Pump Motor w/ Strainer ...

No one knows more about pool pumps than the people that install them. Consulting with a professional to troubleshoot your problem can help you get to a solution faster or set up a new install if the problem cannot be fixed.

If you follow the Ever-Care steps for trouble-shooting and still arent achieving a solution, you can request that they come out for an inspection of the pool pump.

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Replacing Your Pool Pump

When replacing your existing pool pump, it is important to carefully evaluate your pool and spas needs before deciding on a replacement pump. In fact, Hayward recommends you always work with a Pool Pro before buying a replacement pool pump. The Pros will help you determine the right pool pump for your particular pool application and lifestyle. Theyll take many factors into consideration when sizing your pool pump: such as filter size, plumbing size, spa jet and water feature requirements, along with the water turnover rate needed to keep your water properly filtered. Incorrectly sizing a pool pump could render it ineffective and inefficient, and could possibly cause damage to your filtering system. What you really need to know is whats available, and what theyll do for your pool, spa, water features and wallet.

Hayward offers a replacement pump comparison on our web site called Replacing a Pump? This series of product cross reference charts is intended to help you find the closest suggested Hayward replacement for other manufacturers equipment. Note: Recommended replacement pumps may not be an exact feature match they may include enhancements. Please review the models pump literature, manual or consult with your local pool pro.

Should You Fix A Broken Pump Or Just Replace It

The “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile” campaign from 1988 simultaneously associated the General Motors brand with tradition, longevity and fundamental changes for the better.

Something similar can be said of today’s pool pumps. They have a lot of the same things going for them, while the newest variable-speed technology ushers in a new era. It follows that a typical pool pump service call is, as the saying goes, not what it used to be.

When many of today’s pool industry veterans were newbies in the pool service business, a typical pump repair involved replacing motor bearings, capacitors or switches. Cleaning out the pump basket on older pumps meant undoing stubborn knobs or clamps. Service techs carried specialty tools, some homemade, and rusty set screws and bolts would break on the job.

And then there were those lovely bronze pump lids, which would warp if they were clamped on too tightly. But today’s twist-lock lids not only seal more reliably, they are generally transparent. Being able to see into the baskets without having to remove the lids may seem like a simple thing, but it has made a big difference, says Ray Hoisington from Dal Pino Pools in Sacramento, Calif. He also doesn’t miss modifying wrenches so they would fit inside a pump, and Hoisington appreciates newer materials that withstand chlorine and other salts better.

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