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How To Put Umbrella In Pool

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Best Pool Umbrellas And Accessories

Pool and Umbrella

Have you been wishing you had a nice, big tree near your pool to throw some shade across the water? Swimming on a sunny day is fantastic, and one of the reasons you love having a pool. But sometimes, itd be nice to take a little rest in a shady spot without having to get out of the water.

The solution? A pool umbrella. It may be more expensive than a tree, but theres no work to plant it, and you dont have to wait years for it to grow and actually provide that shade youre looking for. Made to be in the pool or right next to it, with or without lights and speakers, you can find one that fits your style and your pool.

The Popsicle Stick Method

Sometimes a thumbscrew on an umbrella stand has a hard time creating enough friction on the smooth umbrella pole to keep it from spinning. Theres an easy fix. All you have to do is loosen the screw a little bit, get a popsicle stick, and insert the stick between the screw and the pole. Then, tighten the screw again. What this does is creates the friction needed to keep the umbrella from spinning. Dont have a popsicle stick? A similar piece of wood will work.

How To Weigh Down A Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is an indispensable patio accessory, being that it keeps you from getting wet from the rain or burnt by the sun. But if your patio umbrella isnt properly weighed down, it can quickly become more annoying than useful, and it can even be dangerous in some cases. So, taking the time to weigh your umbrella down is totally worth the effort.

Weighing down a patio umbrella can be done in one or more of the following ways:

  • Purchasing a weighted umbrella base.
  • Picking up an umbrella weight bag.
  • Using the table as extra support

As you can see in the previous list, there are many options you can use to weigh down your patio umbrella, and there are pros and cons for every option. If you want to learn more about how to weigh your patio umbrella down, then keep on reading!

3 Ways to Weigh Your Umbrella Down

When it comes to choosing a way to weigh your umbrella down, its important to gather information about all of your options. Then, youll be able to choose with confidence which option is best for you. The following sections will explore each option in detail.

Use a Weighted Umbrella Base

A weighted umbrella base may be the easiest way to weigh your umbrella down. Umbrella bases are weighted stands that help to keep your umbrella stable, upright, and in place. All that you do is place your umbrella into the hole in the base and then tighten up the base to fit your umbrella snugly.

Use a Weighted Umbrella Bag

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The Diy Bolt And Nut Method

If you or someone in your household is relatively handy, you can try this method. Youll need a drill and a bit powerful enough to screw through both your umbrella stand and the umbrella pole. Before you do, youll want to measure and determine the correct bolt diameter youll use when finished.

With the appropriate sized drill bit, drill through the stand, the pole, and out the other side of the stand. Once you have a hole through the components, you can slide the bolt through and then use a nut on the threaded side to tighten it.

Once the nut and bolt are secure, you can rest easy knowing your umbrella wont be spinning anymore. But this method makes it difficult to take your umbrella down quickly. Youll have to unscrew and remove the bolt and nut to do so. Otherwise, this is an excellent method.

Using Cantilever Umbrellas For Multipurpose Shading

Pool Buoy  Floating Pool Umbrella

A cantilever or offset umbrella is a great way to shade multiple areas including pool coverage as well as the surrounding areas, and since the umbrella is NOT going directly in the pool, as discussed above, the umbrella frame material is not as crucial so a bamboo or wood pole umbrella can also be used.

Using one of these umbrellas, also known as side pole umbrellas, can make a statement as well as keep you and your family protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Bambrellas Levante Side Wind Cantilever umbrellas are side poles, and are designed for use in both the residential and commercial hospitality settings.

The Levante Side Wind Cantilever Bamboo Umbrella is engineered to rotate 360° about the base.

With its high design, this offset umbrella is crafted so that one can easily tilt the canopy up to a 45° angle.

The Sirocco Side Wind Collection of small side pole umbrellas are manufactured and designed to exacting standards with durability, strength and style in mind the three key points of all Bambrella® products.

The Side Wind cantilever features a 360 degree rotating base and 45 degree tilt so you can still find shade as the sun goes down.

The base has adjustable feet for uneven surfaces while protecting the floor at the same time. They use a specialized type of polymer for the bearings meaning that they never seize up or rust. This umbrella is a magnificent focal point for any situation. This umbrella is also available with a ground base .

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Wondershade Ultimate Portable Sun Shade Royal Blue

  • Be safe and comfortable. Wondershade sun shade…
  • Adjustable telescoping, tripod base adjusts from…
  • Easy to set up. Takes just seconds to go from…

Designed by Wondershade, this is a portable and lightweight sunshade, with a 60 diameter, that blocks 98% of UV rays from getting through to you underneath.

As a highly portable shade option, you can assemble this sun shade in just 60 seconds, making it perfect for any outdoor event.

What I like best is the convenience. Not only does it come with a built-in sand screw , the hanging hooks help you keep your belongings up and off of the ground. The biggest downside is the quality, many users experienced this particular product falling apart after using it just a handful of times.


  • Highly portable to give you shade anywhere
  • Hooks for hanging your belongings from the pole


  • Umbrella fabric tears and rips easily
  • Carry bag one of the first parts to fail

How To Secure A Cantilever Umbrella

Outdoor cantilever umbrellas do require significant base weights to keep them secure in different weather conditions. Because cantilever umbrellas are generally quite heavy the base needs to be able to stabilise the umbrella. There are a variety of ways to do this:

  • Purchase a ready made base that can be filled with sand, water or both to add the necessary weight. These bases are readily available and cost effective. Many umbrella manufacturers produce bases specifically designed for their umbrellas and they fit snuggly over the cross bar base of the umbrella. Some have wheels to move them around, although they will be heavy when filled. These bases do require a bit of space so be sure to allow for this when planning for your outdoor umbrella.
  • If your outdoor cantilever umbrella is going to be a permanent fixture and you have some DIY skills, you can anchor the base directly to your patio or deck. Alternatively, underground patio anchors are also available for securing your cantilever umbrella and these can be ideal for use underneath a paved area.
  • For a simple DIY way of securing your umbrella, some people have found outdoor pavers positioned over the cross bars of the umbrella base are sufficient but you would want to be sure you are providing enough weight for the specific canopy size of your umbrella. And be sure that the pavers dont get moved around or repositioned.
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    Umbrella Fixings And Mountings

    Your outdoor cantilever umbrella needs a good mounting option. Depending on the surface you plan on mounting it to, youll need either a portable or permanent mount. A portable mount will be weighted down with concrete pavers or if you choose a permanent solution youll be affixing it to the patio or decking around the pool.

    Its important to be mindful of tripping hazards around pools so keep that in mind when deciding on the best solution for your space.

    We recommend a surface plate or in-ground anchor for poolside applications as they have the lowest trip hazard of our mounting options. The best choice is the in-ground anchor – whilst this has the most work to install, its the best option. If youve got a waterproof membrane around your pool, youll need either a wall-mounted solution or a portable base that can stand on its own.

    How Do You Clean A Pool Umbrella

    Pool Umbrella Instructions – Pool Area

    Your pool umbrella takes a lot of punishment in the course of keeping you shaded.

    Not only are they being mercilessly stared at with the suns death stare, but its also getting blown around by the wind, water-logged from the rain, and absorbing a lot of the falling organic matter that would otherwise be hitting the ground .

    In other words, they can get dirty.

    Heres my favorite time-tested way to clean and condition my pool umbrella:

    • Remove the cover and lay it flat on the ground.
    • From there, mix up my favorite cocktail for a cleaner pool umbrella: 2 cups water, 2 cups white vinegar and a teaspoon or so of dish soap.
    • Grab a handheld brush and gently scrub the solution into the fabric.
    • Give it 10-20 minutes to do its thing, give it a rinse, and repeat as necessary.

    Some stains, like sunscreen and other oils, can take a few applications.

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    Keep Your Umbrella Closed When Not In Use

    You probably do this anyway, but Ive got to mention it. You never know when the winds going to kick up in the middle of the night, or when a storm will roll through when youre at work. So if youre not using your patio umbrella, close it. This little bit of effort is much better than waking up or coming home to a broken window or smashed patio furniture.

    Install A Shade Structure

    Getting proper swimming pool shade structures installed and constructed might be your best bet. If you want to create shade for your outdoor space, why not just build a roof over this place?

    Now, there are many outdoor structures you can set up. Sometimes you want a nice awning or a canopy there . You can most likely save a buck here and there if you build it yourself, but that, of course, necessitates a bit of planning, and the appropriate skills, free time, and tools.

    The complexity of the structure will, of course, depend on your needs, your budget and skills. So, you can get a pergola that gives just the right amount of shade but still letting some light in. However, you can always install a shade over your pergola.

    Complete enclosures are also an option, as are freestanding structures with some added features .

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    What You Need To Know About Cantilever Umbrellas

    16th June 2020

    Umbrellas have been keeping us cool, dry, and comfortable for around 3,500years.

    Since this humble introduction, umbrellas have improved significantly in design. They’ve evolved from basic single-person use to become ahands-free shade provider for yards, patios, pools, and more. Thanks to outdoor umbrellas, outdoor living is now safer and more comfortablethan ever.

    The cantilever umbrella is a modern take on an old classic. If you haven’t yet considered one for your home or business, you’ll soon learnwhy they offer the perfect space-saving shade solution for any outdoor space.

    Read on to learn more about cantilever umbrellas and their available options to fit your outdoor space.

    Muchengy Pool And Patio Umbrella

    The In Pool Umbrella2

    Best low-cost pool umbrella

    Available in half a dozen different colors, from orange to dark grey, the Muchengy Pool Umbrellas are low-cost , look great, and are easy to dial-up and down to generate lots of shade in moments.

    The frame is made of durable alloy steel and is weather-resistant for those long hot summers . A vent at the top of the umbrella generates a bit of airflow to keep you cool.

    One thing to note, however, is that Muchengy does not ship these with a base, which you will have to shop for separately.

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    Can You Get Sick From Swimming In A Pool Without Chlorine

    Is it safe to swim in public pools? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an increase in the number of infections caused by the parasites. There are many symptoms that can be caused by the bacterium, which can be difficult to eradicate with standard levels of chlorine.

    Is It The Right Size

    You can find pool umbrellas in a variety of different sizes, and its essential you choose the right size for the particular area you plan to use it in.

    Too small and you wont get adequate cover from the sun. Too large and youll have a massive and unwieldy umbrella thats a pain to set up when you need it.

    If youre wanting to cover a patio table or some deck chairs, first measure the area you wish to be shaded, then add another 2 feet on either side. Thats the size of the umbrella you need.

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    Mounting Options For Your Cantilever Umbrella

    Cantilever umbrellas offer versatile shade options for your yard. Not only that, but they also offer versatile options for how you’d like toplace the umbrella on your property. No matter what your vision is, or what the individual allowances of your property are, there aremounting options to fit your needs.

    Eliteshade Pool Umbrella Base

    Umbrella Installation Video from Tropicover

    Okay, so you picked up a pool umbrella but need to pick up a heavy-duty base to keep it in place during those gusty days by the pool.

    The EliteShade Pool Umbrella Base is made of steel and with 50lbs of weight will keep your umbrella locked in place. Easy to adjust, and available in two different colors , the EliteShade is loved by reviewers with a nearly perfect five-star rating on Amazon.

    Being a heavier item, shipping is a bit pricey, nearly doubling the cost of the pool umbrella base .

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    How To Replace Umbrella String

    Replacing an Umbrella String is a simple job that has a lot of steps, so we definitely recommend watching the video. All youll need to replace the string is a Philips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and your replacement string.

  • Remove the umbrella fabric from the umbrella skeleton
  • Remove the crank casing at the bottom of the umbrella
  • Use the needle nose pliers to remove the cotter pin and then unscrew the nut, then remove the plastic cog and washer try to keep everything together so reassembly is easier
  • Next, remove the crank handle from the umbrella shaft it should come out with a little force next, pop the rivet off the side of the umbrella shaft
  • Reach up to the umbrella hub and unscrew the plastic casing it keeps the umbrella ribs attached so be careful they dont fall off remove the broken string
  • Feed your new string through the string hole in the umbrella hub tie a knot at the bottom so it cant be pulled all the way through
  • Pull the string through and up to the top of the umbrella and through the pulley
  • Feed the string back into the pulley and down the hollow umbrella tube
  • Pull the string out of the crank hole and feed it through the crank handle tie a knot at the bottom so it cant be pulled through push string back into the shaft and reattach crank
  • Reassemble your new and improved umbrella!
  • Installing A Pool Side Or In

    The hot new trend in pool construction is in-pool umbrellas with umbrella stands built into the pool steps or benches, or built into the pool deck. The purpose is obvious: to provide shade in areas of the pool and pool deck, and a cool look.

    This post is about how to install pool umbrella holders or stands, either in the pool or in the pool deck, close to the pool edge. This allows you to get shade over a portion of the pool and pool deck for more comfortable relaxation, and because it looks really cool.

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    Best Pool Umbrella Based On Looks: Napoli Premium Outdoor Offset Patio Cantilever Umbrella

    The Napoli Premium Outdoor Offset Patio Cantilever Umbrella is unique because of its curve design and will be a nice addition to your yard if you want to add a more modern feel to it.

    The size of this patio umbrella is 12 feet that are adequate to cover at least 6 people sitting around the table or shade you when youre using your pool.

    This beautiful umbrella is also UV protected and water-resistant to ensure that the fabric will last long.

    It also has hidden wheels under its base making it easy for its owners to move around.

    What Customers Love:

    A big umbrella with a great-looking design is the PH Villa 15 Ft Patio Umbrella. The umbrella has a good base and is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

    The fabric is fade-resistant, UV protected and is very easy to clean. The frame is powder-coated steel pole and 12 rust-proof steel ribs. This also provides enhanced durability to this large umbrella.

    Owners of this umbrella are assured that theyll be well-covered when this is in their yard.

    What Customers Love:

    • Easy to assemble and use
    • Good value for its size

    Main Customer Complaints:

    • Unsecured umbrellas broke by the wind

    Why Are Umbrellas The Best For Poolside Shade

    Floating Umbrella, ICE Chest and Table Top. Umbrella size up to 10 ft ...

    There are many different types of shade, so why choose an umbrella? Using an outdoor umbrella for your pool gives you a lot of diversity compared to other shade systems.

    With a rotating cantilever umbrella youll have the ability to shade different parts of your pool area with just one umbrella. From lounging poolside under shade you can rotate your umbrella to cover up the water whilst you take a cool dip. A patio umbrella is a perfect solution to modular shade all day long.

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