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Hot Tub Where To Buy

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Things To Consider When Buying A Hot Tub

23 Crucial Things to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub

When considering buying a hot tub, it is essential to find and speak with the best spa dealers, dealers that offer a few different hot tub brands, types and styles, and various options. Learning about each and their specifications will help you make the best decision and settle on the perfect one for you.

For example, the size, will you be using it for yourself and your spouse or partner or will the entire family be using it? Where will you be putting it, and what size is that space. Will you have easy access to it? And lets not forget all the features of each. That is vital.

Drain And Scrub The Tub Periodically

Clean water is key for relaxation and enjoyment of your hot tub. Most experts recommend replacing the water every few months or so. When emptying the tub, make sure to give the interior surface a good scrubbing with a cloth or sponge to remove gunk, scum and mold before refilling.

Pro tip: Add an insulated cover to reduce impurities that settle inside, as well as limit heat loss between dips.

Fitted Cover And Quality Insulation

Both these points revolve around preventing the removal of heat from your hot tub. And the more your water temperature drops, the harder your hot tub has to work to heat the water. Properly fitting spa covers stop rising heat from escaping the spa. On the other hand, spas with full-foam insulation provide dense insulation, which serves to maximize heat retention.

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How To Choose A Perfect Portable Hot Tub

To find the right size, shape, and overall design of a hot tub spa for your home, you will need to narrow down your options. Purchasing and installing a portable spa can be a big investment so you want to be sure that you get the right type to fit your needs.

Here are some things to consider before buying a hot tub to determine which type is going to be the best fit:

Not Considering Add Ons

Top 10 Best Hot Tub Buy Back Comparison

Have you ever seen a super tricked-out hot tub with all the bells and whistles? Well, many hot tubs don’t come equipped with lights, speakers, and all of those awesome features. There are so many upgrades you can add to your hot tub at the time of purchase. You’ll want to understand what models have what upgrades available and what it’ll cost you.

Popular Mechanics advises that some hot tub upgrades are more common than others. One of these options is commonly a variety of colors for different aspects of the hot tub, even made to match your patio furniture to tie together the look of your outdoor oasis. Many other upgrades are available from a technological standpoint. For instance, integrated waterproof speakers, hot tubs that are compatible with mobile apps for convenient operation, or upgraded LED lights are all worth considering.

Additional upgrades exist to help elevate the operation of your hot tub overall. Enhanced water purification systems help your spa maintain a higher level of cleanliness, which is, of course, always desirable.

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Best Splurge: Thermospas Manhattan Ii 6


If you want the ultimate customizable experience, ThermoSpas Manhattan II is the best you can find. Customizable options include five different shell colors, five different cabinet colors, different jet configurations, a touch screen panel, and Smart features. No matter which custom options you choose, you’ll get a spacious hot tub that is roomy for six adults but can seat up to eight comfortablyit even includes an extra-wide lounger, pillow headrests, and a wrap-around corner seat. The jets work to target the lumbar area and it even comes with a mobility railing to ensure that no one slips.

Because it is a custom order, it can take longer to deliver and will require professional installation. If youre willing to pay top dollar and wait for the hot tub of your dreams to be assembled, shipped, and installed, you wont be disappointed.

Dimensions:93 x 93 x 28 inches | Shape:Square | Voltage:240 | Water Capacity:430 gallons | Number of Jets: 45-125

Hot Tub Decks: Design Blueprints And Requirements

The average hot tub weighs 8000lbs. Add six or seven adults and the weight could exceed 9000lbs. Understandably, the structure you place under your hot tubs needs sturdiness and sound engineering.

For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional deck or patio builder. But if youre a DIY person, weve provided some load-bearing calculations below.

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Hot Tub Maintenance Costs

Maintaining your hot tub means checking water chemical levels, cleaning the filter and cleaning the inside of the tub. Check water chemical levels at least once a week, more if you use your tub every day. Clean the filter every two or three weeks and fully clean the inside of the hot tub every two months. Between interior cleanings, use a skimmer to remove dirt and debris that makes its way inside the tub.

Maintaining your tub yourself means you wont need to pay for labor, just materials. Cleaning materials will cost you about $20 per month. Pool companies offer professional hot tub maintenance services, which range from $50 to $200 per month, depending on what needs to be done.

A properly maintained hot tub can last up to 25 years.

Not Asking About The Electrical Needs

How to Buy a Hot Tub?

The electrical needs to power a hot tub differ from one model to the next, which is an important thing to note. You may actually be surprised to learn that a hot tub has a wealth of electrical needs, so you’ll definitely want to have a solid understanding of them before you make your final purchase.

According to Harrison Electric, different states and cities have varying codes that may dictate the way your hot tub is installed and operates when it comes to consuming power. You’ll want to understand the voltage needed to operate the hot tub models you’re interested in and what circuits, outlets, or other electrical equipment is needed to successfully operate this water feature.

Electrical standards are certainly not something you want to mess around with, especially when water is involved. For that reason, you may want to get a licensed hot tub electrician involved in the installation of your hot tub to ensure that every I is dotted and every T is crossed from an electrical safety standpoint.

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Get Cozy With Your Hot Tub

  • Make sure you read the instructions manual, if you want to get to know your hot tub.
  • Make note of where all the controls are and know what each one does.
  • Familiarize your hot tub model and all that it has to offer
  • In order for your dealer to provide you with service, you will need to know your hot tubs serial number and model.

Sundance Spa: Best Overall

A hot tub company with quality products, premium features and a lot of choices.

Price range: Entry-level luxury | Sizes: 2-3 seats 7-8 seats | Energy efficient: Yes

  • UV-C sanitation and water features
  • More colors to choose from
  • Mostly premium and luxury models
  • SmartTub subscription fee
  • Sundance Spas offers the best hot tub features, from standard built-in smart capabilities to its adjustable Fluidix jets. Though most of Sundances models fall in the premium and luxury pricing range, the brand does offer a good variety of spas across the entry and mid-level pricing ranges in small, medium and large tubs.
  • Even the less expensive models come with multiple shells, cabinet, and cover color choices, as well as premium features such as UV-C water sanitation and waterfalls that many other companies charge as upgrades. All Sundance hot tubs are compatible with the SmartTub hot tub mobile app, though this requires a paid subscription after the first year.

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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs For Sale

Find the best hot tub model for your lifestyle. Our Jacuzzi® Brand Hot Tubs can seat anywhere from 1-7+ people and are equipped with a number of features. Enjoy hydrotherapy jets, LED illumination, top-grade audio systems, user-friendly controls, and much more. Browse some of our top sellers and get a customized quote today.

  • Sale!

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Hot Tub

Hot tub for sale UK: why should you buy one?

The best part of owning a tub is the private luxury you get at the comfort of your compound. You also experience health-related advantages, such as relaxed muscles and therapeutic benefits. However, you must be willing to entertain the jets and pumps noise with some models plus a high electricity bill if you use an electric-powered tub.

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What Is The Best Season And Time To Buy A Hot Tub

According to one study, 13% of people believe installing a hot tub would be an investment in their home and property.

If youre interested in investing in your home, you might wonder how to save money on buying a hot tub.

You can start saving money on a hut tub by figuring out when the best time to buy a hot tub is? If youre interested in figuring out the best season to buy a hot tub, make sure that you keep reading!

Helpful Hot Tub Buying Guide

Here is the ultimate hot tub buying guide researched in order to help you get the perfect hot tub for your perfect hot tub moments.

More and more people are starting to invest in hot tubs as they are realizing the benefits of hot tubs as a way to relax and unwind, manage muscle soreness, as well as enjoying social time with friends and family.

With this hot tub buying guide you will be able to make a more informed decision on which hot tubs to buy and what to avoid during the process. It is essential to ensure that you know which brand you prefer, which ones gives the most for the buck, what the different costs are of the various products that are out there as well as the features that the spas offer so that you are able to get the best value for money.

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How To Choose The Right Hot Tub For You

First, assess the space where you will install your hot tub. If you dont have a foundation for it, factor that into the cost. Consider how often youll use the hot tub and how many people you need it to accommodateif you have a big family or like to entertain guests, choose a large hot tub.

Those factors will allow you to set a budget for your hot tub. You can then choose which material you would like it to be and consider adding accessories. Make sure to factor in monthly maintenance costs, too. The right hot tub for you will incorporate all of the materials and accessories that meet your needs while falling within your budget.

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Sundance Spa: Best Hot Tubs Overall

How To Buy a Hot Tub 2021… tips that nobody talks about!

Sundance Spas offers the best hot tub features, from standard built-in smart capabilities to its adjustable Fluidix jets. Though most of Sundances models fall in the premium and luxury price ranges, the brand does offer a good variety of spasacross the entry- and mid-level price ranges in small, medium and large tubs.

Even the less expensive models come with multiple shell, cabinet and cover color options, as well as premium features such as UV-C water sanitation and waterfalls that many other companies charge as upgrades.

All Sundance hot tubs are compatible with the SmartTub mobile app, though this requires a paid subscription after the first year – a bit of a bummer.

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Portable Hot Tub Versus Regular Hot Tub

When deciding which hot tub to buy, you would need to choose between the options of a portable hot tub or a regular hot tub. Portable units sit above the ground and are made from fiberglass, polyethylene, or acrylic. Regular hot tubs are built into a patio or landscape from materials such as stone, concrete, or tile, and you are required to step down into them.

The advantage of a portable hot tub is that is costs less money and the installation is a lot easier. Many feature more ergonomic seating options than an in-ground hot tub can provide, too, as well as hydrotherapy from strategically placed jets.

Plan Where You Want To Put Your Hot Tub

Where will you hot tub go? This will be a major factor in deciding which type of hot tube to get and the features you’ll need, so plan the location of your hot tub carefully. If you are placing a hot tub outside, it is best to choose a model that holds heat well, so youre not wasting energy by constantly reheating it.

You might also want to consider the view, the distance from your house, and even how visible you will be to your neighbors. If you are placing your hot tub indoors, you might want to choose an area that is well ventilated so condensation doesnt damage your home.

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Where Will You Put Your Hot Tub

Installing Inside: If you install your tub indoors, then your biggest concern is ventilating all of the moisture given off by the tub, and you obviously need proper drainage.

Installing Outside: The closer it is to your home, the lower your installation costs. Those electric wires that run from your home out to your hot tub’s electrical panel are expensive, so the closer the better, not to mention the labor involved if you have to dig a trench across or under who knows what to bury electrical cables.

If it’s going on the ground, remember that if you live in a colder climate, every spring the ground thaws out. If you have your tub sitting on the ground, once the ground starts to melt next spring, it will shift the weight of the water in your tub, creating major stress, and if the shell cracks, you’ve got major problems.

Chlorine Vs Salt Water Hot Tubs: Which Type Is Right For You

How to Buy a Hot Tub

Spa water purification plays a vital role in the health of your hot tub, and whichever one you choose, it will need to be maintained, so its important to get to know the difference between these two types.

Chlorine has been used to keep hot tub water clean for decades, and helps to eliminate bacteria and other nasties from the water in your tub. Chlorine usually comes in a liquid or dissolvable solid form, and is effective at killing salmonella, bacteria, some viruses such as influenza, and E.coli.

Sounds good, right? Yes, but chlorine in hot tubs also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it smells. Secondly, while weak, hydrochlorous acid is still an acid so it can irritate your eyes and skin. It also needs a lot of upkeep, so youll have to test your chlorine level at least once a week, but far more if you use it regularly. Youll also have to test the pH level of the water. Thankfully, many of the best hot tub brands package their tubs with water care kits, with full instructions included, making it easy for you.

Any hot tub can become a salt water hot tub if you add a salt chlorine generator. Salt water hot tubs have far less salt in them than seawater, and are regarded by some to be a more natural solution. Some salt water systems claim to clean and sanitize your hot tub water for up to a year, so you can soak and forget about that side of things.

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The Winner Is The Aquajets 5

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The Spruce / Sabrina Jiang

The right hot tub offers year-round outdoor relaxation right in your own backyard. We researched dozens of models, evaluating them on durability, installation, value, and range of features.

Our best overall pick is the Aquajets 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa, which has plenty of seating, is easy to set up, and offers a top-notch filtration system.

Here are the best hot tubs.

What Features Do You Want

Just like a car, a hot tub has some standard options. These include a pump, heater, underwater light and a spa-side control panel. Bonus options are plentiful! Here’s a quick list of some popular upgrades:

  • More pump horsepower, up to 5 hp
  • Two pumps – circulation and jet pump
  • High capacity heater – 5.5 kw or 11 kw
  • Air blowers – to add bubbles!
  • 18 points of light – inside, outside, etc.
  • Water features – neck rollover jets, laminar jets
  • Ozone or UV purification systems
  • Audio or video systems
  • Upgraded insulation, ideal for cold areas

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Look Into Hot Tub Pricing

How much does a hot tub cost? Its an important question every serious spa shopper asks, but admittedly one that brands arent always great at answering. Unlike cars, TVs, or home appliances, hot tubs are a consumer item that most people dont know much about until theyre ready to buy.

All hot tubs are made differently, using different systems and materials. Additionally, they cost a lot to ship to different locales. And hot tub markets vary regionally. For these reasons, prices for the majority of high-quality hot tubs have generally been set by local dealers. Since spa pricing, even for the same model, can vary by location, hot tub prices from most brands are not posted online.

Although hot tub cost may differ slightly depending on where you live, you can generally expect hot tubs to fall into these tiers:

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