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Polaris Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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Polaris 65 Frequently Asked Questions

Polaris 7000 Above-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner Overview
  • Verify that the bag has been installed correctly.
  • Check for air bubbles around the jet body assembly. This may indicate air in the plumbing lines.
  • Ensure the jets are spraying evenly.
  • Verify that the water pressure is between 5 and 10 psi.
  • Note: The cleaner is operating too fast if the sweep hose and bag are not in contact with the pool bottom a majority of the time and the surface module changes directions more frequently than every 15 to 25 seconds. In this case, unscrew the pressure relief valve until the surface module slows down.

  • Verify that the pressure relief valve is releasing water. If it is not, clean or backwash the pool filter.
  • Check the filter screen in the Quick Disconnect and clean if necessary.
  • Check that the eyeball regulators are installed in all of the return lines.
  • Verify that the float hose is the proper length.
  • Remove the surface module top. With the Polaris operating, verify that the randomizer tube is moving back and forth.
  • If the randomizer tube is not moving: Turn off pump, disconnect hoses, look into the mechanism and locate the filter connector inside the randomizer tube. If it is covered with debris or algae, remove the connector chamber, cylinder, and piston. Pull out the randomizer tube and clean the filter connector. If the connector is clean, replace the piston.
  • If the randomizer tube is moving: Watch the randomizer ball in the mechanism. If it does not move within 2 minutes, replace the randomizer tube and piston.
  • Straighten twisted hoses.
  • Best Robotic: Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

    • Suitable for pools up to 50 feet

    • Cleans pools in two hours

    • Built-in weekly scheduler

    • Not the most effective on stairs

    • Customer service could be better

    The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is another popular robotic model thats slightly more affordable. You can use it for in-ground pools up to 50 feet long , and cleans most pools in just two hours. Plus, you dont have to lift a finger during operationthe robot automatically scrubs the floor and walls.

    During testing, we found that this pool cleaner was extremely easy to set up, just needing to be turned on and dropped into the pool. The robot scans and maps the entire pool for more efficient cleaning, and its tangle-free swiveling cable ensures it doesnt get stuck while working its way around. We found that the cleaner picks up an impressive amount of grime and dirt, and our tester loved that you can put the machine on an automatic schedule, saving you the hassle of starting it manually.

    The only real downsides of this robot vacuum cleaner are that it tends to get stuck on stairs, and the manufacturer’s customer service isnt the best.

    Price at time of publish: $849

    Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 16 inches | Weight: 19 pounds | Type: Robotic | Pool Type: In-ground | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls

    Introducing The New Polaris Above

    Polaris® dives into the above-ground market with all the essentials PLUS the industry’s first automation system created just for above-ground pools takes its performance above water with above-ground pool equipment

    SAN DIEGO, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Polaris®, a name synonymous with superior pool cleaning solutions and the most innovative automatic pool cleaners on the market, is taking its reputation above and beyond the waterline with a new line of above-ground pool equipment.

    Featuring a powerful filtration system, a salt chlorinator and the first automation system engineered specifically for above-ground pools, the Polaris above-ground equipment lineup is designed for intuitive, user-friendly installation and smooth, convenient operation of above-ground pools all summer long.

    Starting with the heart of a pool pad, the Polaris Prestige Filtration System Pack consists of the Polaris Prestige Filter and Polaris Forza pump. Offering the ideal mix of reliable operation with minimal maintenance, the Prestige system provides high-performance filtering capabilities to keep pool water clean and can easily be installed to get the swimming pool up and running as soon as possible.

    Pool professionals are encouraged to contact their local Fluidra representative for information on the Polaris above-ground equipment line-up.

    About Polaris

    About Fluidra

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce. While researching the different types of pool cleaners, she spoke with Stewart Vernon, COO and founder of Americas Swimming Pool Company for insights on how to select the best option for your pool. As she evaluated different products, she considered factors such as their setup, ease of use, versatility, and overall cost, aiming to select top-rated products at a wide range of price points to cater to different shoppers.

    Polaris Universal Wall Connects

    Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

    Polaris versions will have a universal wall fitting, red and blue restrictor disks, a filter screen, a pressure relief valve, and a fast disconnect.

    The Polaris 280, 380, and 3900 Sport all utilize the same 9-100-9001 universal wall connection. Because of the corrugated hose, the 360 needs a different style of a universal wall to connect.

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    Polaris 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

    The Polaris 280 is perfect for small to medium-sized pools with an auxiliary booster pump or pools that accumulate small debris. The unit has a tiny turbine, narrow throat, rear propulsion jet, and venturi jets.

    The 280 comes with a thin turbine, driving shaft, and idler wheel to give forward drive to the cleaners wheels.

    The Polaris 280 comes with a big capacity filter bag that catches and retains small and large debris, such as leaves and pine needles that other cleaners may miss.

    How Does It Work

    Polaris Vac sweep 65 works by creating pressure that comes from the returning clean water of the pool. This water also creates waves which hit against the walls of the pool releasing dirt and debris.

    According to the information contained on their website, Polaris Vac Sweep 65 is a good automatic pool cleaner in that unlike other suction and vacuum cleaners which bring debris into the vacuums filter and pump. Polaris 65 catches and holds the debris in its drag bag as it sweeps and collects debris across the pool floor. Gentle water jets created by water waves push the dirt into the drag-bag, while the top floating head unit on the surface helps move debris and dirt toward the skimmer.

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    Polaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

    The Polaris 380 is ideal for medium to large pools with a booster pump or pools with bigger debris. This unit has a big turbine, a broad throat, one rear propulsion jet, and three venturi jets.

    The 380 employs a huge turbine, reduction gears, and belts to provide forward propulsion to the automatic cleaner. For Polaris 360 and 380, the obvious difference is their water management system.

    Best Suction: Hayward W3pvs20jst Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

    Polaris 65 pool cleaner box tour video by

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Ideal for small and medium pools

    • Ridged wheels improve climbing

    • Maintains suction on uneven surfaces

    • Includes interchangeable throats

    • Doesnt clean corners well

    Suction-side pool cleaners, like the Hayward Poolvergnuegen, rely on the pools pump to suction up debris via a hose that connects to the skimmer. This popular model is designed to be used on in-ground pools up to 16 x 32 feet, and its suitable for gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble, and tile finishes. For best results, connect it at least to a half HP pump.

    The Poolvergnuegen automatically navigates around the floor and walls for a more thorough clean. Ridged wheels allow it to navigate over drains and up walls, and adjustable roller skirts help maintain suction on uneven surfaces. Self-adjusting turbine vanes collect large debris without clogging.

    The cleaner even comes with three interchangeable throats that allow you to adjust its suction power.

    Price at time of publish: $449

    Dimensions: 40.4 x 13.6 x 11.9 inches | Weight: 12 pounds | Type: Suction-side | Pool Type: In-ground | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls

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    Polaris 65 Above Ground Pool Cleaner

    This above ground automatic pool cleaner is powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool.

    The Polaris 65 installs in minutes and is suitable for all aboveground pools up to 5-feet deep. It loosens debris in hard-to-reach places and traps large debris, like leaves and pebbles, in its own filter bag. The Polaris Vac-Sweep® 65 is designed for all aboveground pools up to five feet deep, even those with an uneven bottom.

    Polaris 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

    The Polaris 360 is perfect for small to medium-sized pools that lack an additional booster pump and accumulate bigger debris. This unit has a big turbine, a broad throat, one rear propulsion jet, and three venturi jets.

    The 360 employs a huge turbine, reduction gears, and belts, giving good features that help clean your pool. Its not advisable to use the 360 for pool owners that use a booster pump.

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    Best Manual: Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable Pool Cleaner

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • No hoses or cords required

    • Up to one hour runtime

    • Ideal for cleaning stairs

    • Pole not included

    If you dont mind pushing around a pool cleaner by hand, the Pool Blaster Max is a cordless, battery-powered option that comes at a reasonable price. This unique rechargeable pool cleaner requires no hoses or cords, and its battery delivers up to an hour of runtime per chargeenough to clean even the largest pools. The tool comes with both a 10.5-inch vacuum head for large areas, as well as a crevice nozzle for getting into tight areas. Its a great option for cleaning pool stairs and other hard-to-reach features.

    The Pool Blaster Max has a large debris capture chamber that can hold everything from dirt and sand to leaves, twigs, and acorns, and its easy to open and empty the filter. You can use this pool cleaner by hand or attach it to a standard telescoping pool pole .

    Price at time of publish: $291

    Dimensions: 21 x 10.5 x 7.25 inches | Weight: 5.5 pounds | Type: Battery-powered | Pool Type: In-ground, above-ground | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, stairs

    The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk

    The Winner Is The Polaris Vac

    Polaris 7000 (Above Ground Cleaner)

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    The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk

    If you own a pool, you need some type of pool cleaner to keep your swimming space clean and free of debris. When selecting a pool cleaner, pool owners should first consider their surrounding areawhere is their pool located? What is the pools layout? recommends Stewart Vernon, COO and founder of Americas Swimming Pool Company. Next, consider how much time youre willing to put into cleaning your pool or your vacuum. When researching the best pool cleaners, we considered factors such as cleaning coverage, ease of use, and overall price.

    With those in mind, our top pick is the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360, which works on all pool surfaces, captures large and small debris, and cleans your pool in less than three hours.

    Here are the best pool cleaners you can buy.

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    A Nimble Compact Cleaner For Above Ground Pools

    The Polaris P70 is a go to solution for automated above ground pool cleaning. WIth powerful Cyclonic Vacuum technology, this above ground robotic pool cleaner is engineered to clean your pool in as little as 2 hours. Ideal for above ground pools under 33 ft or simple in-ground pools.

    Cleans Floor and Cove

    The Polaris P70 operates with single mode cleaning, getting total coverage of the pool floor and cove.

    Cyclonic Vacuum Technology

    This above ground robotic pool cleaner is equipped with cyclonic cleaning action that keeps collected debris suspended in the canister for strong suction throughout the entire clean cycle.

    Easy Clean Filter With Clear Lid

    The filter canister is easily accessed with a transparent window that lets you see when the cleaner needs to be emptied. Simply remove the cleaner from your pool, unlatch the canister, shake, and spray. No need to touch any slimy, dirty debris.

    Compact Yet Mighty

    The P70 features a lightweight design for easy handling without compromising your pools clean.

    Best Budget: Poolwhale Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Compact and easy to store

    • No included hose

    • Sprays water if not completely submerged

    If you want to keep things simple, this manual pool cleaner is a budget-friendly option thats incredibly easy to use. The cleaner comes with a brush head and mesh debris collection bag, and all you have to do is hook the vacuum up to a garden hose. When you turn on the water, the pressure from the hose creates a suction that pulls leaves and other debris into the bag. You can then use the included aluminum pole to guide the vacuum around the floor of your above-ground pool.

    This cleaner fits any standard garden hose, but as you may have guessed, the hose isnt included. Be sure the vacuum is completely submerged before you turn on the hoseotherwise, it sprays water everywhere. Once youre done cleaning, this vacuum along with the pole disassembles easily, making it compact to store.

    Price at time of publish: $44

    Dimensions: 4.72 x 10.43 x 47.24 inches | Weight: 1.2 pounds | Type: Manual | Pool Type: Above-ground | Cleaning Coverage: Floors

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    Best Overall : Polaris Vac

    • Captures small and large debris

    • Cleans in three hours or less

    • Keeps debris out of pool filtration system

    • Small collection bag

    • Mesh screen clogs easily

    What do buyers say? 81% of 2,900+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

    The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is our top choice for cleaning your in-ground pool. Water pressure coming from the pool’s return line powers this pressure-side pool cleaner, which you can use on all in-ground pool shapes and surfaces, including vinyl, pebble, tile, and more. Three jets furnish superior vacuuming power, and its large 2.25-inch inlet helps capture large and small debris. An included sweep hose helps it get into tight corners and steps. If desired, you can upgrade it to the brands TailSweep PRO for more thorough cleaning.

    You can adjust the 31-foot hose to fit the size of your pool, and the all-purpose debris bag captures detritus such as leaves and pebbles, keeping them out of your pool’s filtration system. Unlike other Vac-Sweep models, the 360 requires no additional booster pump, and it cleans your entire pool in three hours or less, so you get back into the water sooner! The all-wheel belt drive scrubs and vacuums the walls and floor of your pool, and its in-line backup valve frees the unit if it gets stuck.

    Price at time of publish: $579

    Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 23 inches | Weight: 14 pounds | Type: Pressure-side | Pool Type: In-ground | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls

    What Are The Features Of Polaris Vac Sweep65

    Polaris 65 Above Ground Pool Cleaner

    According to the Amazon product review, this product is easily installed and is powered by the pressure of the clean water returning to the pool leaving filters to eliminate contaminants. It operates with several pumps and filtration systems that are normally found in the aboveground pools, and sweeps and vacuums the bottom and the sides within three hours. Its unique filter drag bag removes big debris like pebbles before it reaches the pump hence longer life to your filtration system. Polaris 65 have patented jet sweep which blows water jets against the pool wall hence loosen up debris in places where it is hard to reach, and then it sweeps it into an easy to remove filter bag.

    It has a backup valve which acts as the savior. Sometimes as the cleaner moves on water it gets stuck on stairs or the corners. This backup valve kicks and diverts the water flow to a section of the hose which creates pressure and lifts the cleaner which allows it to move to another section of the pool. This is according to swim university publication.

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    Polaris Above Ground Pool Cleaner

    The Polaris 65 is our first-class above ground automatic pool purifier. It installs in mins and is suitable for all aboveground swimming pools up to five-ft deep. It.

    The Polaris ® P70 robotic cleanser is a compact, lightweight pool cleanser for above-ground and easy in-ground swimming pools. Featuring powerful Cyclonic Vacuum technology, the Polaris P70 is engineered to continuously capture debris even as maintaining strong suction at some stage in the cleansing cycle.

    Details: Polaris sixty five/one hundred sixty five/Turbo Turtle Pool Cleaner Jet Nozzle Hose Assembly 6-410-00. Availability: In Stock. $4.99. Add to Cart. #zero. Polaris 65/165/Turbo Turtle Pool Cleaner Male Hose Connector. SKU: 60735. Details: Polaris sixty five/one hundred sixty five/Turbo Turtle Pool Cleaner Male Hose Connector 6-103-00. Availability: In Stock.

    Pool season is here. But the guffawing and screaming of youngsters gambling in the water can speedy flip tragic. Almost four hundred children more youthful than age 5 drown every yr in swimming pool injuries across.

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    The Polaris sixty five is our quality above floor computerized pool cleanser. It installs in mins and is suitable for all aboveground swimming pools as much as five-ft deep.

    Above Ground Pool Cleaners. [email protected] 1.800.822.7933 About.

    Polaris Vac Sweep 65 Pool Cleaner: Introduction

    This is automatic easy to install above the ground pressure pool cleaner. It vacuums and cleans the sides of any size of above the ground pool.

    With this, you can clean your pool in three hours with a lot of ease and less hassle. Normally we clean pools at least three times a week to ensure they are safe to use and that they are always spotless. Just imagine having a device that can brush, skim as well as vacuum your pool at the same cleaning time?

    Polaris Vac Sweep 65 does all the hard work for you leaving you with spotless pool and ready to use at all time. The time needed to clean the pool using the Polaris 65 depends on the size and depth of the particular pool, it takes from 2- 4 hours to clean most sizes of the above ground pool.

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