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What Is The Best Pool Heater

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The Bottom Line: How To Buy The Top Solar Pool Heater For You

POOL HEATERS: What’s The Best Pool Heater To Buy? | Swim University

Finding the top solar pool heater model for you ultimately comes down to what will work best for your home and pool. A simple pool cover may be all you need, or maybe the combination of solar panels and a pool cover is the way to go. Either way, Im sure you can find the perfect solar pool heater for you from our above list.

If youre unsure which one to choose, go with our best overall option, the Solar Pool Supply DIY Kit. You cant go wrong with the careful manufacturing process, long-lasting material, and the innovative tube-and-web design.

Looking for more highly-reviewed solar products, like the Solar Pool Supply DIY Kit?

Check out our solar attic fan reviews, pure sine wave inverter reviews, solar gate opener reviews, and more, here at Energy Center of the World where we work harder to find you the top solar gear for your home.


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  • Vidaxl Pool Solar Heater

    • Energy-saving pool heater will heat your pool water efficiently by solar energy.
    • Pool heater is heavy duty for long-term service.
    • Additionally, you can also increase heating efficiency by connecting several heaters together.
    • The solar panel heater has 2 units of heat which can heat up to 1000 liters of water in 1 hour at a temperature of 1 ° C.
    • Good reviews. From 111 ratings 61% of buyers gave this 4-5 stars.

    Sizing The Pool Heat Pump

    Choosing the right size for your pool heat pump is important. Pool heaters measure their power in British Thermal Units . One BTU is the unit of measure for heating one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

    The conversion on this is 8.33 pounds of water per gallon. So if you know how many gallons your pool has, you are off to a great start. From here you can do the calculations. Most of the time, you will want to be able to heat a pool by 20 degrees over 24 hours. You will have to refer to the manufacturers instructions, but overestimating your BTUs is better because you have to account for outside variables such as heat loss through evaporation and ground temps.

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    What To Look For When Buying A Pool Heater

    Every type of pool heater has its unique features and specifications that you should consider when choosing a suitable model.

    However, some things apply to the solar heater, gas heater, and electric heater. Remember these points when buying your pool heater:

  • Pool Size
  • A large pool will require you to get a large pool heater. These pool and spa heaters are sized, accommodating to gallons or pool surface.

    Here is a table that can guide you when selecting the ideal swimming pool heater for your facility:

    Heater Size
    40,000 80,000 Up to 1200

    The heat pumps are often rated as 50,000 BTU for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. For the solar pool heater, you need to determine the pools measurement in square footage.

    For example, you require about 150 sq. ft. of solar panels for every 300 sq. ft. of the pool.

    It would make sense if you also considered other factors like:

    • The time you heat your pool maybe only the weekends
    • The rate of heating the facility

    A gas pool heater might be the ideal choice for the above needs. A small heater might be superb if you want to achieve moderate heating.

    The solar models come in handy when saving on heating costs. It would help if you kept on those factors in mind when settling for your pool heaters.

  • Your Budget
  • We advise pool owners to consider other costs instead of focusing on the pool heaters purchasing or installation cost.

    You want to consider the operation cost and maintain the pool or spa heater you intend to buy.

  • Your Climate
  • Why Trust The Spruce

    Best Above Ground Pool Heaters list

    This article was written by Erica Puisis, a home and lifestyle writer who has been researching the latest products for indoor and outdoor living for The Spruce since 2017. To compile this list, she considered a model’s heating capacity, components, power source, and price, along with each manufacturer’s reputation and reliability.

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    Camplux 5l 132 Gpm Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

    as of November 30, 2021 2:40 am


    • Safety Standard-CSA approved portable propane water heater for US & Canada markets. Lowest water pressure start up just need 2.5 PSI! Also works great with Camplux 12V 1.2GPM water pump.
    • Operating Features-The maximum temperature raise is 114.8 and the minimum temperature raise is 46.48for 1.32GPM.1.32 gallons per minute of hot water output, you can get instant endless hot water easily wherever you are.
    • Portable Design-The compact size portable water heater with folding handle keeps it out of the way, allowing for a convenient set-up outdoors.
    • 6-in-One Proection – Flame failure device, anti-freezing protection and oxygen depletion safety shut-off protection.
    • Important Tips -To avoid gas leakage caused by improper sealing of the water heater, DO NOT TWINE TEFLON TAPE between gas regulator and gas inlet pipe. It will “caught on fire “with improper operation. Always check gas leakage before operation.

    Game Solarpro Above Ground Pool Heater

    This pool heater is universal, meaning that no matter what model of pool you are rocking with, it helps warm the temperature a few degrees in a handful of days.

    Designed for pools that are no larger than 8,000 gallons, the Game SolarPro soaks up the sun and transfers that heat to your pool. Reviewers found that the heater worked best when paired with a bypass kit .

    GAMEs backyard pool heater and its unique design dont come cheap, with third-party sellers on Amazon selling them for between $350-400 .

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    Selecting A Heat Pump Pool Heater

    Heat pump pool heaters cost more than gas pool heaters, but they typically have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies. With proper maintenance, heat pump pool heaters typically last longer than gas pool heaters. Therefore, you’ll save more money in the long run.

    When selecting a heat pump pool heater, you should consider its:

    • Size
    • Costs.

    Other Gas Pool Heater Features

    Pool Heaters | Which is The Best & Why | Chlorine King
    • Dual vs Single Thermostat Most heaters have dual thermostats for both a pool and a spa. However, smaller heaters will only have one.
    • Wind Resistant Look for heaters that have either a forced draft system or a wind-resistant design. This eliminates all outside weather variables that can affect the heating of your pool.

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    Bestway Fast Set Solar Swimming Pool Cover

    • This solar pool cover floats on the waters surface to provide heat insulation.
    • It also minimises pool debris.
    • Available in sizes 2.10 m / 610 and 10 ft.
    • Carrying bag with insert included.
    • Customers say this is easy to assemble and easy to use.
    • Positive reviews. From 1,487 ratings 71% of buyers gave this 4-5 stars.

    Choosing A Heat Pump Pool Heater

    When it comes to choosing a heat pump pool heater, there are a few things to consider:

    • Cost


    Buying the right size for your pool is really important during the installation process. A heater is sized according to the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures. There are three factors that affect pool heating:

    • Wind Exposure
    • Humidity Levels
    • Cool Nighttime Temperatures

    Sizing a pool heater is less tricky than sizing a pool heat pump or gas heater. Pool heaters are sized using BTUs, which stands for British thermal unit. A BTU is the measured amount of heat created by a pool heater. Outputs range from 75,000 BTU to 450,000 BTU. To calculate an approximate heater size for an outdoor swimming pool, follow these steps.

    Efficiency and Cost

    When it comes to efficiency, youll want to compare the cost of performance of the pump youre considering. The higher the COP, the more energy efficient it is. Typically, COP is measured by testing a heat pump pool heater with an outdoor temperature of 80 degrees. COPs usually range from 3.0 to 7.0, which converts to an efficiency of around 500%. This means that for every unit of electricity it takes to run a compressor, you get 3-7 units of heat.

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    What Size Pool Heater Should You Get

    Whether you want a gas, electric or solar pool heater, choosing the correct size heater for your pool is important. Gas and electric heaters are measured in BTU, or British Thermal Units. Thats the amount of energy it takes to raise one pound of water by one degree.

    The more you have to raise the temperature by, the more energy you need. Its worth checking out one of the helpful calculators online to help you calculate the BTU you need in a pool heater. Consult a pool pro for more specific guidance.

    How To Choose A Heat Pump

    Top 10 Best Solar Pool Heater Reviews for 2019

    When it comes to choosing a heat pump, you will have to consider several factors. For one, you will have to know your budget. Additionally, you will need to determine whether you want a heat pump with or without ducts. Next, you will need to know if you want a dual-fuel pump. If you live in an area that has higher electrical costs, then you should consider dual-fuel. Finally, deciding on the type and style of thermostat you want will be your final choice.

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    How Did We Decide

    To provide you with up-to-date information and the list of the best, top-rated pool heaters, we conducted research which included:

    • Analysis of 18 heater models
    • Studied over 720 customer reviews
    • Picked the most important parameters for pool heater owners
    • Ranked all heater models according to the parameters and came up with a list of the best pool heaters.

    Our review distinguishes among dozens of others you can find on the Internet. We carried out unbiased research, it wasnt sponsored by any brands, even though 70% of all heaters are from one manufacturer, we havent received a dollar from Hayward. You can check and challenge our thinking below.

    As a result of our research, we figure out the most important criteria for pool heaters and ranked the units accordingly:

    • Quick to heat the water
    • Easy-to-install
    • No need to replace the heater parts frequently
    • Silent operation
    • Warranty and service

    We have created a table below to compare all the available pool heaters. Here is how we rated the pool heaters:

    Smart Pools S601 Pool Solar Heater

    It is no wonder that the S601 Pool Solar Heater is ranked first in our list of the best 2021 solar pool heaters. Smart Pool has been delivering effective solar pool heaters for over 20 years. Whether you have an in-ground pool or above-ground pool, the solar heater does a great job in warming your pool.

    S601 pool solar heater uses a direct flow system to heat your pool. Each heating tube has a header hole. It uses 80 square feet of solar panels and raises the temperature of your pool water by 6-10°F . Each panel measures 20 feet long and 4 feet wide.

    You have to connect the solar heater to an existing water pump. You can place the heating collectors either near your pool or on your rooftop. It is easy to install the pump. But you have to buy the installation kit separately. It does not come with the product.

    The solar panels are made from polypropylene which makes them very durable. Furthermore, it has a coating of fiberglass over the molded header. These features prolong the longevity of the product.


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    Vevor Electric Pool Heater 11kw 220v Swimming Pool Electric Heater Spa Water Bath Heater

    You can constantly heat your pool with the best electric pool heaters like the VEVOR Spa and Pool Heater.

    It is a quality pool heating system with an aluminum-coated house plate to protect it from the harsh environment.

    The product uses stainless steel to provide the heating power you require to raise the water temperature.

    The stainless-steel material provides fast heat transfer, effective heat exchange, and is resistant to unbalanced water chemistry.

    The system electric pool heater comes with an advanced control system to make it easier to operate.

    That provides you with one of the best pool heaters for timely and accurate monitoring of the temperature.

    It also has an intelligent self-diagnose function for detecting the set temperature and shutting the system.

    The temperature setting ranges from 72 degrees F to 122 degrees F. It will go off when the water temperature gets to the desired level to protect the electric pool heater from damage.

    These types of electric heat pump pool heaters are easy to operate and install. You only need to trip the switching power.

    Key Features and Specifications

    • For hot tubs, springs, pools, and spas of 1981 gallons
    • Ranked among the best electric pool heaters

    Hayward Hp21404t Heat Pro 140k Btu Heat Pump

    What Is The Best Heater For A Salt Water Pool?

    The Hayward HP21404T HeatPro heat pump is a larger, more powerful, super-quiet, square-design of the compact, but no less heavy-duty 50K BTU HP50TA HeatPro model. The HP21404Ts construction also incorporates stainless hardware, injection molded, UV-resilient, poly-screen, and Ultra Gold processes and body to prevent inefficiency, deterioration, and extreme environmental damage. The HP21404T titanium counterflow heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer and also withstands harsh saltwater/coastal conditions.

    The HP21404T heat pump requires 220v./240v. power. It is easily installed on new or existing pools/spas or systems. It has durable electronic controls. Its scroll compressors and compressor cover provide ultra-quiet operation. This heat pump carries the CA Proposition 65 warning.


    This larger, more powerful, lightweight Hayward HeatPro heat pump model is equally suitable for new and existing above/below ground pools and spas due to its resilient anti-UV and anti-rust construction. A 1-yr. parts and labor warranty and 2-yr. limited compressor warranty are included.

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    So Which Type Of Pool Heater Is Best

    So now that you know a little more about the most common types of pool heaters, the question is which one is best? The answer depends on how you plan on using your pool. As you can see, each pool heater has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide which one is best for your pool, here are a few common scenarios.

    You Want To Extend Your Swimming Season

    The most common reason why people in Ottawa are buying pool heaters is to extend their swimming season. If youre interested in extending your swimming season, you will want to get either a heat pump or a gas heater. Solar heaters are simply too inconsistent and dont work well in colder weather.

    When looking to extend your swimming season the heater you should ultimately choose should depend on how often you will be using the pool. If you consistently use the pool throughout the week, get a heat pump. If you plan on using the pool less often, a gas heater will ultimately end up being the cheaper option. Why is this? It all comes down to how fast the pool heater is able to heat the water.

    You Want A Warm Pool, But Only Use It On Certain Days

    If youre busy and only have the chance to use your pool here and there, a gas heater is likely your best choice. Gas heaters are able to heat the water so quickly, you are able to get the pool water up to your desired temperature within a matter of a few hours, perfect for spontaneous swims!

    You Want To Keep Your Pool At A Consistent Temperature

    Best Pool Heaters 2021

    ByBecks Shepherd16 August 2021

    The very best pool heaters to level up your pool parties or summer dips, from Pentair, Hayward, and more.

    The best pool heaters will make sure that you never have to worry about the water being too nippy the next time you go for a swim. Rather than leaving the temperature up to chance, the best pool heaters 2021 will let you dictate your ideal temperature in advance, avoiding a lukewarm or freezing cold plunge for you and your guests.

    While the best pool heaters will cost you a fair bit, the payoff is worth it, thanks to the speedy way they turn up the temperature. While the best electric pool heater is more sustainable, gas-powered units will rocket your temperature quicker. Youll want to keep your eye on the units power too, as a higher number of British Thermal Units will mean its capable of turning your water toasty quicker. While gas options are speedier, they also tend to weigh more. So, if setting up a heavy unit sounds out of your comfort zone, youll want a lightweight heater for an easier installation.

    For more water-based relaxation, check out our guide to the best hot tubs and the best swim spas too.

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    Types Of Solar Pool Heaters

    • Unglazed collectors are heavy-duty rubber or plastic panels with an ultraviolet light inhibitor.
    • Glazed collectors are made with copper tubing on an aluminum plate with an iron-tempered glass covering.

    Glazed collectors are more expensive, but also more durable than unglazed collectors. Both include freeze protection to protect against colder weather areas.

    Gas Pool Heater Vs Other Heaters

    Best Electric Pool Heaters for In

    While gas pool heaters are the most preferred option by pool owners because of their power , there are also other options that you can choose from. You may also choose to buy an electric pool heater or a solar pool cover.

    As compared to gas heaters, electric heaters work much faster. If you want to heat up your pool quickly, then an electric heater may be good for you. If you live in a cold climate area though, its recommended you stick to gas-powered heaters as electric ones are too weak to match the cold.

    As for solar powered ones, theyre the eco-friendliest option as they dont use gas or energy. However, they are very costly and work really slow. Since theyre quite new, they still cant match the power of the best propane pool heater in the market.

    If youre looking for power and heat capacity, gas pool heaters are still the best. This is especially true for natural gas pool heaters. These heaters have the power of a regular gas powered pool heater but are more cost-effective as they dont use fuel.

    The best natural gas pool heater is definitely a good investment for any pool owner. It may also be ideal if you get a gas pool heater that is compatible with both natural gas and propane so that if you ever run out of one, then you have the option to use the other.

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