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What Is The Best Swimming Pool Filter System

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Hayward De6020 Progrid 60 Square

What is the best type of Pool Filter

Type: Diatomaceous Earth Weight: 82 Pounds Dimensions: 24.5 x 47.5 inches

The Hayward DE6020 ProGrid 60 Square-Foot Vertical Grid DE Pool filter is on that will filter out all by the tiniest particulate matter to keep your pool looking crystal clear. The tank is made from highly durable glass reinforced copolymer that should be able to stand up to any conditions that mother nature might dish out while using it. You will need to order both a backwash valve as well as the diatomaceous earth itself to put into the filter.

This set up has a pressure value that clearly marks out a red zone. Once the pressure indicator reaches that zone you will need to do a backwash of the system and then may need to add more filtration media.


  • Offers 60 square feet of effective filtering area
  • Built to handle a flow rate of up to 120 GPM
  • Requires a mere 7.5 pounds of diatomaceous earth for filtration area
  • Backwash and replacement of filter media can be quick and easy
  • Compatible with Salt Water pool set ups


  • This unit does not come with the port required to backwash and maintain the system
  • You will need to continue to purchase diatomaceous earth to replace with every backwash
  • The unit is fairly expensive

Pool Chlorine Pros And Cons

To summarize the benefits and drawbacks of using chlorine in your swimming pool, here is a quick list of pros and cons:


  • Effectively kills or inactivates pathogens and algae
  • Multiple use options
  • Oxidizes materials in the water
  • Works in indoor and outdoor pools
  • Works with all three pool types
  • Maintains a residual concentration in the water


  • Can leave a strong smell
  • May cause eye or skin irritation
  • Salt chlorine systems can wear down vinyl liner and concrete pools
  • Can bleach vinyl liners if there is prolonged contact
  • Chlorine products sometimes contain other ingredients that dilute the amount of available chlorine content

Compatibility With Your Pool

To choose the best pool filter for your pool, you need to determine its products compatibility. This you can do using a swimming pool pump size calculator and pool filter size chart.

Swimming pool pump size calculator

  • Calculate the cubic size of your pool.
  • Calculate the gallons you need per hour.
  • Determine how long you want to run your pool filter.
  • Example:

    If your family pool has a length of 30ft, a width of 30ft and depth of 3ft, the total cubic volume in gallons will be

    30ft x 30ft x 3ft x 7.5 = 20250gallons

    The gallons needed per hour will be

    20250 ÷ 24 hours = 844 gallons per hour.

    When purchasing your pool filter, it is best to look for a product that supplies higher than your pools requirement.

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    Whats The Best Cartridge Filter

    Cartridge pool filters are also fairly simple in design, and they dont use a filter valve. This possibly makes the cartridge filter the easiest to use and understand. Among the leading brands, are there any advantages?

    1. Hayward cartridges have extra dirt holding capacity, and many pool owners insist on using OEM Hayward cartridges.

    2. Pentair cartridge filters have a Continuous High Flow internal air relief, and the System 3 filter uses nested cartridges.

    3. have an oversized 2 drain port, and come with a unique clean/dirty pressure gauge.

    Filter Purchase Cost New:


    Everyone can understand the logic of a large pool filter, but when faced with a price range of $500-$1200, its hard to pay double the cost for something that will do pretty much the same job. DE filters cost the most, mainly because they have so many parts, but also remember that they do the best job at filtering the water. Cartridge filters are cheaper than DE filters, with fewer parts, plus no separate backwash valve to buy. Sand filters are the cheapest pool filter because they are the simplest type of pool filter, with few parts and a simpler design to fabricate. All filters should have the same installation cost however, the installation of a cartridge filter is usually the lowest degree of difficulty. This is because without a filter valve, the plumbing is less complicated, and because you are not hauling and pouring hundreds of pounds of filter sand.

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    How To Clean A Pool Filter

    Regardless of whatever gadget you own, you must dedicate some time for cleaning. This also applies to Pool Filters. Cleaning can go a long way in prolonging the useful life of your pool filter.

    Also, a dirty pool filter will be less effective, consume more energy and end up messing your pool. Of course, sand filters will last up to 5 years, Cartridge filters will last 3 years. It takes adequate cleaning to make it last up to those years.

    Cleaning a pool filter varies from type to type. I have included simple procedures on how to clean your pool filters properly.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Cartridge Filter


    • Low maintenance. As a pool service professional, a cartridge filter in my opinion is the easiest to maintain. Pop out the cartridge, rinse and you’re done.
    • Not a high cost to replace the filter once a year. These also do a very good job filtering water and maintaining decent water clarity. As stated above, it’s the middle of the road as far as microns capturing debris. This is a good filter for a residential pool and highly recommended for a screen enclosed pool.
    • Cost for a cartridge filterâ element only, depending on sizeâ runs between $65 and $150 . Entire new filter with cartridge included, between $200-400.


    • If a pool has some problems such as algae or water cloudiness, these cartridges have a tendency to clog quickly when trying to filter cloudy or “green” water. The cartridge needs to be rinsed every few hours until the pool is clear. If the pool is maintained regularly and you don’t have many algae issues, then I would certainly recommend this type.

    Sand filter

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    Circupool Universal40 Salt Chlorinator

    If your former chlorination system is no longer functioning, this one comes with an innovative design that makes it worthy of your attention. For one thing, this system will sanitize your pool without having to worry about burning eyes or throat, or any nasty smells for a change.

    The rating of the chlorine output is of 2.0 lbs. per day. As for the salinity range of the system, it varies from 3000 to 4500 ppm. Something else that may be of major interest to you might be the lifespan of the device. More specifically, this is made to function for roughly 10,000 hours.

    Another nice feature is that you can fully regulate the amount of chlorine produced by the device. That is not all: you also get reverse polarity. Thanks to the reverse polarity characteristic, the system comes with a self-cleaning function. Therefore, you dont have to concern yourself with time-consuming maintenance practices.


    • The device comes accompanied by many useful accessories
    • The warranty period is generous
    • It outlines current salinity levels
    • It is compatible with above-ground pools as well


    • It doesnt come with a timer, which might come off as a disadvantage to some people.

    How Pool Filter System Works

    How a Swimming Pool Filter System Works Video

    The filter is the primary cleaning and purifying mechanism for your water, and it plays a crucial role in keeping your water crystal clear and bath-safe. Sand filter pumps are the most common and, at the same time, they are also the ones that require the least maintenance. The water is cleaned by passing through a tank with a filtration medium. As the water is filtered, dirt particles become trapped in the filter bed before the water is returned to the pool. Below are the processes that occur in a pool system.

    Steps of the pool water filtration

    The pool pump sends the water to the pool filter so that it can be treated and cleaned, and thanks to the filtering load inside it, impurities will be retained.

    This pump, utilizing an electric motor, turns a turbine, sucking the water from the pool through the skimmer and sump. It requires a disinfectant product either chemical, which is more common and conventional or more innovative systems such as natural chlorine through salt water chlorinator. These products are responsible for neutralizing the invisible microorganisms that develop in the pool .

    The water is pushed into the vacuum chamber, which is the pump casing and the water passes into a tank or reservoir that contains a special filter material , which carries out the physical treatment of the water.

    Most of the impurities contained in the water are retained in what we call a filter bed. Then, the diffuser, located inside this tank , helps remove air bubbles.

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    Best For Easy Maintenance: Hayward W3c1200 Swimclear Plus Cartridge Pool Filter

    A cartridge pool filter requires minimal maintenance to keep your pool clean and looking great all season long. While some other types of pool filters require backwashing or other regular maintenance procedures, a cartridge-style filter just needs a periodic rinse with a hose in between filter replacements. The Hayward StarClear Plus pool filter has a bolt-free lid that makes it easy to access and maintain the cartridge without a struggle.

    This cartridge pool filter is often favorably compared to DE pool filters, but without the multi-step care and maintenance that DE systems require. The result is clear, sparkling water with less work. You can get the Hayward StarClear filter system in various capacities, depending on the needs of your pool or spa. This version with a single filter cartridge offers 120 square feet of filtration media and filtration rates up to 120 GPMmaking it ideal for in-ground pools with a capacity up to 30,000 gallons of water.

    Pentair 520555 Intellichlor Ic40 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell

    Many users claim that this is one of the very best chlorine generators. The reason you might want to invest in a chlorine generator is that it is a safe solution to keeping your pool sanitized. It is really cost-efficient, which might be its most important selling point.

    In essence, it aims at recycling salt on a daily basis. This is important for increasing the longevity of the products. There is also an included button control panel that makes it easy for you to monitor and regulate the chlorine levels inside the water. The self-cleaning function comes in handy as well, as it does an excellent job at prolonging the lifespan of the generator.

    There are also three individual sensors namely a flow, a temperature sensor, and a salt sensor. Whenever the salt sensor functions, youll get to see this thanks to the LED light indicator. Youll also get an analysis report outlining the salt level inside the water. The automatic shut-off function comes in handy as well.

    But perhaps what really makes this unit shine is the diagnostic report. This has to do with the cell life tracking technology of the device. You can observe and compare important daily performance data such as chlorine output, cleaning cycle, operation time, and so on.


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    Hayward S270t Pro Series 27

    Type: Sand Filter Weight: 66 Pounds Dimensions: 27.5 x 44.5 inches

    The Hayward S270T Pro Series 27-inch 1-1/2-Inch Vari-Flo Valve Top-Mount Pool Sand Filter for In-ground Pool can be a great choice for your pool. This system uses a diffuser to ensure that the water is spread evenly over the sand inside so that no one area gets more backed up than others. This keeps the filter working smoothly for longer.

    This filter will require 350 pounds of filter sand. The included base will keep the filter in place and is able to withstand any amount of weather that is thrown at it.


    • Can be used for above ground pool with no major modifications
    • Easy maintenance to keep it running smoothly


    • Requires 350 pounds of sand, purchased separately
    • Can freeze and crack the tank on cold days
    • If not maintained the system can back up

    The Hayward S270T Pro Series 27-Inch is a great option for those who are looking for a solid sand filter. If the 27-inch is larger than you require there are also two smaller sizes so you can match your filter to the size of the pool that you have.

    What Is The Best Filter For Pool

    Top 10 Best Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool Filter ...

    Considering filtration efficiency, water volume capacity, ease of maintenance, cost of maintenance, cost of acquisition, the sand filters are the best filter for pools, followed by the cartridge filter. A sand filter can be used for large in-ground pools and may only require a sand change after two to three years.

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    The Best Pool Filter Reviews

    Pool owners know this for a certainty if you have an inground, above ground, or mini kiddie pool, maintenance and cleaning are key to keeping the water crystal clear. The swimming pool filters consist of a suction pump that purifies the water and puts it back into circulation.

    Inside the filter pump, there are sand or cartridge filter system units that have different characteristics depending on the type of pool and its size. In addition to the essential hygiene issues, for which the pool water must be safe. It is also important to think about the aesthetic aspect.

    With an inefficient filtration system, the water becomes cloudy in a short time and can change color from brown to green, even if we change it every day.

    Buying a best pool filters for your pool is therefore essential to keep the water perfectly clean, to avoid the formation of algae, and also to facilitate the cleaning of the walls and bottom, which get much less dirty.

    Pool Bromine Pros And Cons


    • Does not give off a strong smell
    • Gentler on the eyes than chlorine
    • Effective disinfectant and algicide
    • Great for sanitizing spas and hot tubs
    • Works with all three pool types


    • Less oxidation power than chlorine
    • Not suitable for those with chlorine allergy
    • Does not work as well when exposed to sunlight

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    What Size Swimming Pool Filter Do I Need

    The size of your filter will depend on how many gallons of water your swimming pool holds. It also depends on whether you have an in-ground or an above ground pool .

    Pro tip: Go big . A larger filter will typically do a better job of keeping your pool clean and healthy. If you can afford to size up to a larger model, its worth it.

    Hayward W3de3620 Progrid De Pool Filter

    How To Open an Above Ground Swimming Pool – Perma Salt Filter System

    Best DE Filter for Smaller Pools

    Even small pools need a high-power pool filter, and Haywards W3DE620 Pro-Grid D.E. is an excellent option. Its easy to open and service the filter, and the rugged design means it will last for years.

    We like the visual indicators that tell you when its time to run the backwash process, too. When you place the filters, you reset the pressure indicators, and theyll indicate when the pressure drops due to clogs.

    One potential drawback is that the filter uses DE, and in some instances, that can pose a health hazard. In short, you dont want to breathe in the dry form, and you wont want to swim in your pool if DE is leaking into it. However, as long as the DE stays in the filter, all is well.

    • Visual indicators show when its time to clean
    • DE filters super-small particles, getting the water exceptionally clear


    • You must purchase the valve separately
    • You must handle DE cautiously

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    Cleaning Your De Filter

    Go through the users manual before cleaning. This is the easiest type to clean anyways. You will need a screwdriver, a wrench, DE filter cleaner and garden hose for this exercise.

    • Backwash the pool filter for four minutes and turn it off.
    • Release the air relief. Open the drain outlet and remove water from the tank.
    • Open up the filter by unlocking the clamps/locks/closures.
    • Carefully bring out the filter manifold and remove the filter grids.
    • Nozzle-spray down the interior of the tank thoroughly.
    • Nozzle-spray down the filter manifold. You might soak in the DE filter cleaner if it is very dirty.
    • Grab the filter grids and rinse it all out.
    • Place the clean DE filter grids back in the tank.
    • Turn on the filter and prime it. Open the air relief and water till a steady spring of water flows out. Close the air relief afterward.
    • Following the manufacturers instructions, add DE filter into the filter.
    • Allow the DE to spread evenly into the filter grids before using it fully.

    Hayward Ec50ac Perflex Extended

    Type: Diatomaceous Earth Weight: 31 Pounds Dimensions: 15.5 x 32.5 inches

    The EC50AC Perflex Extended-Cycle DE Filter is one that is made to handle either an above ground or in-ground pool. It will keep your pool sparklingly clear using diatomaceous earth. And it only requires 5 pounds of DE each time you flush out the system and refill it. This system is covered by the companies 1-year limited warranty. The setup sports a bump handle to knock the DE off the grids and then allows you to add more. One important note is that this system does not come with a pump, you will have to purchase one separately.


    • Check valve prevents back flow when pump isnt energized


    • Does not come with a pump, you will be required to purchase one separately
    • Need to add DE at the offset and occasionally thereafter

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