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What Is The Best Above Ground Pool Cover

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Intex Easy Set Round Pool Cover

How to install a pool cover on an above ground pool

Intex is one of the leading makers of backyard swimming pools and swimming pool equipment.

The Intext Easy Set Round Pool Cover is designed specifically for their line of above-ground swimming pools. The pool cover is light, fits snugly over the lip of the pool, and is quickly and easily tightened with a series of 7-gauge rope ties.

Other features include:

  • Different sizing options. Available for round Intext pools in 8, 12, and 15 feet in diameter.
  • Draining holes to help drain condensation and water accumulation.

What Do You Cover A Pool With

Swimming pool covers constructed of strong fiberglass mesh would keep anyone from falling into the water if properly fitted and installed. Some fiberglass mesh coverings can withstand weights of up to 400 pounds per square foot. Other materials such as vinyl or nylon are less resistant to weight and stress and should not be used instead.

The best way to protect your pool is by keeping animals out. Use chicken wire or other fencing to create a barrier around the perimeter of the yard. This will help prevent dogs, cats, and other animals from entering your pool area.

Always hire a professional when installing or removing a swimming pool cover. The process can be dangerous if not done correctly. Letting air in underneath the covering will cause it to blow off its moorings later on when it gets wet. This is especially true if it’s hot outside or not enough wind is blowing to keep the cover taut.

If you decide to install a cover yourself, make sure you know how before you start. There are many factors that could be involved with causing damage to your pool if you don’t do it right. For example, if you use metal brackets to hold the cover onto the pool, you might want to invest in some plastic brackets too just in case.

Also, be careful not to get any debris inside the seam where the cover joins the pool.

Best Solar: Sun2solar Blue Solar Cover

A solar pool cover traps heat from the sun to keep the water warm without external heating devices. It also prevents the water from quickly evaporating. This cover from Sun2Solar comes in multiple sizes, and you can trim it as needed to fit smaller and odd-shaped pools. “My pool has never been this warm!” who left the product a five-star rating.

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Above Ground Pool Cover Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy an above ground pool cover on the market, you will find that there are many products on the market. However, if you have the right information on the topic, you will be in a position to get the right product. Below, we will look at the main factors to consider when looking for an above ground pool cover.

Pool covers are very important for they protect the pool against dirt, dust, leaves and other contaminants. If you want to close down your pool for winter, you will find that pool cover is very helpful. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a quality pool cover that will give you the maximum value for money. However, choosing the right pool cover is a daunting task since there are many varieties, colors and materials to choose from.

The best pool cover on the market should ensure that water in your pool is kept clean and free from debris such as leaves, dirt and dust. If you have a heated pool, the right pool cover will ensure that heat is retained in the pool. This is important for it will ensure that the pool is ready the next time you need to use it.

Robelle Super Winter Above Ground Pool Cover

Best above ground pool winter cover in 2021

Robelle Super Winter Pool Cover is made from the strongest polyethylene material, which will protect your cover from damage due to the suns rays. This is so durable material that you can use it for a long time and save lots of money for buying the new one.

Moreover, with the black underside of the cover, the growth of algae can be reduced, which helps your pool water look clearer till the next spring.

You can install this cover so easily thanks to the 4-foot overlap design accompanied with the two grommets on the center of every 4 feet. This feature also allows the cover to hold up and secure better than the 3-foot one.



  • A bit pricey but worthy

Williams Take:

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Features To Look For:

  • Rust-proof frames The pool that you choose must have rust-proof or corrosive-proof frames that ensure durability. Otherwise, after a season or two of use, they will rust, requiring replacement.
  • Tough sidewalls Although most manufacturers strive for durability, some sidewalls are better than others. Look for lining with 3-ply layers for added strength.
  • Drain plug Pools hold a lot of water, and when its time to drain them can quickly flood your yard. A drain plug that hooks up to your garden hose allows for easy draining and leading the water away from your home and pool to a more appropriate area.
  • Outlet/Inlet holes Even if your pool doesnt come with a pump, it is highly recommended you find one that already has an outlet and inlet holes for adding a pump. For proper pool maintenance, a filtration pump is essential to ensure safe water levels.
  • Added accessories If you are a first-time buyer, you may want to consider purchasing a pool that has all the necessities included. This will save you time deciding what is necessary, looking for it, and buying it. Though not all included accessories are ideal, they are a great start and give you an idea of what you like and need.

If your pool doesnt come with a pool pump or you are looking to replace the one that the pool comes with, take a look at our reviews on the highest-rated above ground pool pumps.

What is needed for your above ground pool:

How To Remove Above Ground Pool Cover

For above ground pools, after you remove all water, debris, leaves on the top of the cover by your pool cover pump, all you need to do is remove the cable. You also may need at least one person to help with this.

Two or more people are recommended for your ease of removing the cover. In case you dont have anyone to help with this, you can use a pool cover reel to easily take the cover off by yourself.

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Best For Intex Pool: Intex Deluxe Round Pool Cover

Well, Intex Deluxe tops the list of superior quality pool covers. It is UV resistant. The cover has special drain holes so that water will not accumulate on the cover. The pool cover is available with wind resistant clamps. The positive aspect is that the cover is of a smooth material so debris does not stick to it.

The cover is compatible with an 18-foot round pool.


  • You will not find it difficult to install this pool cover
  • The straps are aligned properly on the cover.


  • The pool cover could have been a little bit sturdier and thicker

Intex Deluxe 18ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover

How to Install Your Above Ground Pool’s Winter Cover

Intex Deluxe 18ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover is uniquely designed for metal frame pools. Made from UV resistant polyethylene material, it can protect your pool from sunlight and debris.

With this pool cover, there is no water accumulation anymore because it features drain holes. When you put off the cover, all debris, leaves will come off with the cover.

The cover is also designed with rope ties, which makes sure your pool is easily secured. This results in the crystal clear water underneath the pool.



  • The eyelets are placed too close to the edge, which may be easily torn

Williams Take:

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First Steps To Buying An Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover

Before you go out and buy a cover its good to know what type you will need.

  • Use will you be using this pool cover in between swims or to close it up for the season? Different pool covers require different levels of effort to put on. You dont want to buy a winter cover and have to put it on and take it off every week. They are for more long-term applications.
  • Weather Conditions will the cover be used to protect your pool in extreme freezing temperatures? Do you get a lot of snow, or primarily rain? Are there harsh winds in your area, requiring more durable covers that can withstand them? These are all critical questions.
  • Pool Size and Shape is it a round, oval, square, rectangle pool? There are covers to match every pool shape and size and to get results, it needs to be perfectly matched. Make sure that when you buy, it has anywhere between 1.5 and 2 feet overhang on all sides for securing.
  • These are three of the main points to consider when buying a cover. They are what will help direct you towards the kind of product you need to be looking for.

    Above Ground Pool Cover Pumps Whats The Best Above Ground Pool Cover Pumps

    Best Above Ground Pool Cover Pump: WAYNE WWR Waterbugs Submersible Inground Pool Cover Pump: One of the best above-ground pool covers pumps on the market today is the Waterbugs brand made by Wayne Johnson. This water-tight cover pump comes with an automatic shut-off feature, so you do not have to manually switch it off and on. It also has a powerful suction stream for cleaning up pool water, and it has the ability to float. This feature allows it to move above-ground obstacles around, so you do not have to.

    Top 3 Above Ground Pool Cover Pumps: WAVPower 2.5HP: This is one of the most popular above-ground pool pumps on the market today. It is powered by a 12-volt battery, which makes it quite durable despite its small size. It comes with a hose, which makes it convenient to use. It comes equipped with both positive and negative pressure pumping to accommodate whatever size pool you have. This pump can pump water into the above-ground swimming pool and is also equipped with an electronic lifting system to keep the pump stable as you are lifting it.

    PowerStar Pro Series: This is another one of the top-selling above-ground pool cover pumps. It is known for being powerful and efficient and comes in both manual and automatic forms. It can pump up to two gallons of water every thirty seconds. You can adjust its speed from one-tenth of a second to a full quarter of a second, which allows it to be used effectively in either low or high water situations.

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    Intex 28031e N/aa Above Ground Pool Cover

    This above ground pool cover features a 7-gauge vinyl construction that makes it very durable. It is, therefore, a valuable purchase because it will serve you for a long time.

    This high-end Intex pool cover includes rope ties to keep it in place. Once you install it, you will not need to adjust it all the time. This makes it very convenient and provides optimal protection from the weather, dust, and debris.

    It also comes with drain homes that prevent the accumulation of water. It drains excess water and keeps the pool area clean and dry because there will be no excess water. This above ground pool cover is compatible with all 12-foot metal frame Intex pools. It has a 10-inch overlap for additional protection. It has an air-powered design, which does not add any costs to your electricity bill, making it the perfect choice for your home.

    • The holes at the top cause it to sink from time to time.
    Our Verdict:

    This pool cover protects your pool from the weather and dirt. It comes with a 10-inch overlap that offers optimal protection to your pool. More so, the rope ties in the pack keep the cover stable around the clock. This cover is available online at affordable prices.

    Reviewing The Best Above Ground Pool Covers

    Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers

    So far weve covered what a what an above ground pool cover is, why you need one, and what features are important to focus on.

    In this section, well be looking at specific covers, each of which were hand-picked for review based on the same criteria Ive outlined in this guide.

    Lets get right into it.

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    Intex 15ft Round Easy Set Above Ground Pool Cover

    This Intex 15ft round easy set above ground pool cover is all-purpose protection for your swimming pool. It features holes that help to keep rain and sprinkle water from mounting up on the top of the cover. There is no water accumulation anymore.

    Made from a resilient material, this pool cover will last for many years, which helps you to reduce your maintenance cost. It also keeps your swimming pool free of debris, falling leaves. This results in clear water that can last up to the next swimming season.

    You dont need to worry if it fits your pool because you can easily make a snug fit with all the edges of your pool. It also keeps your pool water stays warm thanks to absorbing and transmit sunlight into heat for your pool.



    • May be a little difficult when removing

    Williams Take:

    Blue Wave Bronze 24ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover

    Blue Wave Bronze 24ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover is designed with a big 4-foot overlap, which makes sure your cover will not be torn or stretched like 3-foot ones. Moreover, it allows you to cover your pool with a proper fit.

    This pool cover also held up well even under the inclement weather or heavy-duty conditions. It can withstand the worst weather, protect your pool from sun, wind, and even snow thanks to its rugged polyethylene crim.

    The black underside of the cover is considered to be effective in stopping algae from growing and make your pool water crystal clear until the next swimming season.



    • Quite challenging when removing

    Williams Take:

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    Swimline Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover

    Swimline is another notable company that produces quality above ground swimming pool. The cover is made of a high quality material to ensure that the water in your pool remains cleans clean, clear and healthy. On the bottom side, you will find that the pool cover is installed with an anti-algae coating.

    Swimline above ground pool cover is made of a high quality material that delivers a good service to a pool owner. Although it is a bit expensive than the other pool covers that we have on the list, the Swimline offers greater value for money. This pool cover has the ability to last for a long time without getting damaged.


    • Can be blown by strong wind

    Best Above Ground Pool Covers Buyers Guide

    How to PROTECT Your Above Ground Winter POOL COVER | Swim University

    Pool covers are not at all a new concept and pool owners know it very well how good it is to invest in a quality one.

    The point is pool covers that above ground pools need are little different than the usual ones. These are specifically designed to fit these pools and most importantly keep them protected.

    This is very true that Above Ground Pool covers protect your pool from the harsh weather, falling leaves and algae to name a few unwanted elements that you dont want your pool to be contaminated with.

    In order to keep your guard, you put in your trust with either of these below-mentioned pool covers that are top-rated by users all across.

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    Should I Disassemble It For The Winter Season

    Yes, you should disassemble your above ground pool for winter. While these types of pools are extremely durable, winter is an unpredictable season. It can bring hail, wind, and bitter cold that can quickly knock through even the toughest pool liner. Furthermore, large snowbanks can actually buckle your pool, leading to permanent damage.

    If you live in a warmer, milder climate, you can consider leaving your above ground pool out year-round. They are hard to assemble and disassemble, so its nice if you can cut out all this extra work. You can also invest in a nice pool heater in order to keep the water in your pool warm enough in a cool weather. Anyway, be prepared to face the consequences if you do leave your above ground pool out for winter.

    Sun2solar 1200 Series Solar Pool Cover: Best Solar Pool Cover For In

    Reasons to avoid

    The Sun2Solar 1200 Series Solar Pool Cover is ideal for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. It’s oval-shaped, however, you can cut it to suit your pool accordingly and this won’t affect your warranty.

    The small air pockets on the underside of the blanket capture and send solar heat back into the water of your pool, keeping it warm even on cloudy days. You can choose a blue or clear blanket, however, we’d recommend the clear version as sunlight can travel directly into the water.

    It is, however, one of the most expensive solar pool covers that weve reviewed so there are cheaper alternatives available. In terms of user ratings, this Sun2Solar pool cover scores an average of 4.5 stars out of five on Amazon. Users that rate the solar pool cover highly comment on how they find it to be strong enough that it wont tear. Others also found it to be durable and thick. Some users reported the bubbles began to come away after a couple of years of use.

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