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What Is The Best Led Color Pool Light

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Tips For Choosing Led Pool Light


When it comes to buying led pool lights either physically or from an online store, there are several things to have in mind. One of those things is the reason for getting the lights, is it just to serve ornamental purposes or the main aim is safety?

You should consider your budget next and choose colors, beam patterns, and voltage of the lights. The size of the pool and the electricity consumption rate are also key factors to selecting the best swimming pool lights.

Finally, you have to decide between having your pool light underwater or above water.

Pentair 78458100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light

The Pentair swimming pool light features a stainless steel face ring with a uni-tension clamp. They exude superior light diffusion and have Gold diffused low water cutoff. They also feature 500 watts, 120-volt prismatic tempered lens.

The light has a 50-feet cord length, and it measures 12-inch length by 11-inch height by 12-inch width. It has a durable stainless-steel shell that enables it to be submersible. The light can be installed in full-sized Pentair, American, PacFab, and Purex niches. The lens covers are available in blue, red, green, and amber.


  • Lens covers available in blue, red, green and amber
  • Plastic snap-on face rings available for stainless-steel light


  • Compatible with full-sized Pentair, American, Pac fab and Purex
  • Superior light diffusion
  • Gold diffused low water cutoff


Best Pool Lights Of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

It is good enough to own a swimming pool, but it is even better to have a lit pool that glows when darkness falls. To achieve this, you will need pool lights.

Not only do pool lights make the pool look more beautiful, but they improve the safety level, which is very important if you are hosting a pool party at night.

However, there are many varieties of pool lights and this makes it a little bit difficult to find the ideal one.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best pool lights in the market, with a view to helping you find the ideal choice for illuminating your pool.

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What Is The Best Led Color Pool Light

The best LED color pool light will have to depend on your preferences, budget, and the theme that you want to achieve for your pool. You can find pool lights that emit only white light for a classic and warm effect. This is ideal if you are aiming for a simple and well-lighted pool ambiance. On the other hand, you can choose pool lights that have different color modes like red, green, blue, and everything in between. This is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy different lighting modes and ambiance for your pool.

Are Pool Lights Required

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In the case of public swimming pools, many states require their operators to have adequate lighting on the pool deck and walkways as well as within the pool to ensure visibility.

While in the part of private pool owners, pool lights are required for general safety also, they allow for better visibility in and around the pool.

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What To Remember When Hanging Your Lights

When it comes to finding and using the best pool table lighting, one of the most important decisions youll need to make involves how to hang your new lights.

Most pool table lighting needs to be hardwired into your ceiling, which means that you probably cant set up your system by yourself. Youll need a qualified electrician to come in and handle the job for you.

Its also a good idea to make sure that your pool table lighting is installed before you start setting up your pool table.

Of course, the reason to install your lighting before your table is that if your table is already installed and you decide you want to have a new light fitted afterward, theres a risk that your table could end up being damaged during the installation.

If you are installing over an existing table, just make sure to have a pool table cover or other layer over the surface to protect from dust and debris.

Remember, hanging the pool table lighting for your bar or game room is one of the more technical processes youll need to handle.

Hanging your lights too low encourages damage because your patrons are more likely to hit them with their cue stick.

On the other hand, you dont want to hang your lights too high because you run the risk of your players being blinded whenever they look up slightly to check their shot.

Remember, as well as getting the height of your pool table lighting right, youll also need to arrange the illumination so it focuses directly in the center of your pool table.

Happox 12v 50w Led Pool Light For Inground Swimming Pool

Use this underground swimming pool lighting to effectively replace 300-800W incandescent bulbs. It measures 3.75X4.72in and supports the AC/DC 12V input. Designed to be used in most pools except small SPA fixtures, this is the best-LED pool light with a corrosion-resistant copper base.


  • Saves around 80% of energy
  • Offers bright light
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers uniform heat dissipation

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Roleadro Led Color Pool Light

The next pool light we will feature in this list is another color LED light. Unlike the others, though, it is not a bulb, but a wired light that requires a little more electrical knowledge. It is an IP68 waterproof light that works at 47W.

Featuring multiple color combinations, you can easily experiment with the 7 static modes, 5 dynamic modes, and impressive 10-speed levels to get set the mood in your pool. The reliable quality features high-grade stainless steel and silica gel casing. It offers excellent sealing materials to ensure it is watertight. For brighter and uniform light, it features branded LED chips.

This is a light that works at 12V, and quality is guaranteed by the CE ROHS certificate. Keep in mind that for installation, you will need an electronic transformer for 12V. If you have some electrical experience and follow installation instructions carefully, installation shouldnt be a problem.

There is a 30 days no reason refund and a year guarantee. You will receive 1 LED pool light, a remote control, a 6-foot power cord, and a user manual.

Installing Wireless Pool Led Lights

IntelliBrite® 5g LED Color-Changing and White LED Pool Lights by Pentair

As mentioned above, there are LED lights that come with a cable that needs to be connected to the system, and there are light bulbs that can be replaced. They are screw-on bulbs that are easy to install to get impressive light results and money-saving.

Knowing how to upgrade your pool light to an LED light isnt that difficult at all. Simply follow these steps, and youll be enjoying your newly lit pool in no time.

  • Make sure the power is turned off to the pool. Check and double-check.
  • To make reaching the light fixture easier, you may want to drain some water.
  • The pilot screw needs to be removed. Each light fixture has different screw locations and screw types. Therefore, you may have first to locate it and determine what screwdriver will be necessary.
  • Take the light out of the fixture. There should be enough cable to take it out and place it on a towel on the side of the pool.
  • Before taking any further steps, check the wiring with a multimeter to ensure no electricity is running through.
  • Once youve tested theres no electricity it is time to take it apart. Remove screws, and any clamps hold it and remove the lens, gasket, and face ring. You will have to take care when taking it apart because parts may have become corroded over time.
  • Using a dry and clean towel, wipe down debris and dirt. If parts are corroded enough it may mean its time to replace the face ring and gasket.
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    Bestfeatures Of 36w Rgb Led Pool Light Bulb

    Memory function: The lamp has a memory work that will show the recently spared shading mode whenever it is turned on. It will let our pool sparkle immediately.

    Advance quality: Hight splendor LEDs and disconnected verification driver. Aluminum blade heat dissemination on the rear of the PCB and The drive utilizes a filled silicone heat scattering.

    Remote Control: The shading method of the pool bulb can likewise be changed by exchanging the force gracefully.

    The Best Use For Led Underwater Submersible Pool Lights

    LED underwater submersible pool lights are used when you want to upgrade the look of your pool. It is a cost-effective way of adding fun and visibility to your pool during night time without spending a lot of money. No matter what tour pools size is, you can always find the right pool lights that will make it look warm and appealing. Here is a short video of how pool lights can change the look and ambiance of your pool.

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    P& led 120v 35w Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights Bulb Ledpar56 Light:

    Thispool light led bulb can lit up a 25000-gallon pool, and as a little somethingextra catches fire significantly less power all the while. Works for MostPentair Hayward Light Installation and Hayward Astrolite Arrangement.

    Wecannot just essentially flip the force switch on and off again and again tochange the light shading mode. Yet additionally, utilize a remote controller tochange light patterns.

    Weneed to remember that the single red way just 13 watts, not as splendid as blueor another shading.

    Thiscolor-changing pool light also has the temperature detect function. When thedevice can detect the temperature of 80 degrees, then the light automaticallyturns itself down.

    Intex 28690e Best Budget Pool Light

    What Is The Best LED Pool Light?
    • Power Type: 4 AAA batteries

    Intexs floating LED pool light is the most affordable product in this review, but this does not mean it is substandard. It is actually a very smart unit that is designed to conserve battery power as much as possible.

    The unit features two lighting modes, which include a static white light and a smooth color change mode. These are easily set at the touch of a button and gives you a convenient floating light that is fun every time you decide to go for a dip.

    On battery conservation, since this pool light uses 4 AAA batteries , power is very limited and therefore, the static white light mode has a 2-hour auto shut off a feature while the smooth color change mode is automatically switched off after 5 hours.

    This is better for your battery and also ends up giving you more service due to the extended LED lifespan.

    It is important to note that the unit is only suitable for use in above-ground pools that do not exceed 18 feet in width.


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    How Bright Is The Light Bulb

    How bright a light bulb is one of the most essential things you need to consider when you are selecting an LED light for your swimming pool. Pool lights have just one job: they need to illuminate the swimming pool at night. It is useless having a swimming pool light that will not help you see the pool better at night.

    There are some micro LED lights that are used for accent lighting. They have lower brightness and will not illuminate the entire pool, but you need to know about these things and what purpose you need the LED light for before you decide to buy it.

    How Does A Pool Light Work

    Pool lights are designed with electric light fixtures that are tightly sealed to prevent water entry and to minimize the risk of electrocution. These tightly sealed fixtures often have a ground fault circuit that reinforces the protection to ensure safety.

    Using a variety of bulb types, with very few electrical fixtures, the pool lights illuminate the pool. Keep in mind that pool lights come in various ways, so each ones specific functionality modes and designs accentuate their function.

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    Why You Want The Lights

    If your objective for pool lights is strictly safety, then you might prefer flush-mount or surface-mount lights that are very strategically placed. You will probably also prefer halogen or LED bulbs to fiber optics.

    But if the purpose for your lights is simply to set a mood, then you can look at some of the more fun options. Floating lights come in all sorts of shapes and colors and can give a pool a whole new ambience.

    Choosing The Best Pool Table Lighting

    IntelliBrite® 5g LED Color-Changing and White LED Pool Lights by Pentair

    Remember, all of the advice given in this article is just a basic guide.

    Different types of lighting canopies, differences in shade shapes, and even the wattage of the bulbs you choose will all affect the atmosphere around your pool table.

    Dont be afraid to do some testing when youre trying to find the perfect lights.

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    Wyzm Ip65 Waterproof Led Pool Light Bulb

    WYZM IP65 is another swimming pool lighting for in-ground swimming pools and is ideal for Hayward and Pentair fixtures.

    It fits most LED technology housing and comes with a 5.5-inch height and 6-inch diameter.

    You do not require a separate controller to change the color mode, only the on/off switch.

    The lighting is 100% waterproof due to the upgraded aluminum casing.

    It is also perfect for cooling, leading to low energy usage. That can save you up to 50% of your pool lighting bills.

    Besides, the LED pool bulb can work for over half a decade when appropriately installed.

    You can use the pool bulbs to replace 300-500W models and enjoy two vivid and 11 static light show modes.

    Loftek Magnet Submersible Led Lights With Suction Cups & Remote

    LOFTEK IP68 Underwater light with a powerful magnet and suction cup works correctly in dampened, dry places, and better weather conditions. It functions well in places like pool light, aquarium, lake, bathtub, vase, flower pot, waterfall, bathtub, fish pond, bathroom, hallway, basement, garage, wedding, event, and suitable light, ambient light or night light for indoor and outdoor decoration.

    This LOFTEK is equipped with RF remote control to enable you to have a long-distance remote control of 200tt or 61 meters in the air and 16.4 feet or 5 meters in the water.

    The IR remote control can only function in a 2ft distance, and it can control multiple lights. This advanced RF remote control is used to shun signals in deep and large swimming pools or between walls.


    • Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.54 x 1.81 inches
    • Weight: 5.6 ounces
    • Featured long distance remote control
    • Comes with powerful suction cups
    • Works perfectly under any conditions


    • The suction cup can wear out

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    Hqua Pn01 120v Ac Led Pool Light 10 Inch 35w 3000lm With 100 Feet Cord Transformer Included 6500k Cool White Ul Listed Fit For 10 Standard Wet Niches

    as of November 25, 2021 6:29 pm


    • Great option to replace the pool lights existed. This model PN01 pool light contains face ring, light assembly, 100 electric cord, transformer with 3-pin plug, UL listed. Fit for standard wet niches.
    • Easy Installation. The light is assembled already. Screw off the face ring, cut off the cord, run the new cord through conduit. Connect it with the power supply and screw on the face ring, over.
    • Excellent Electrical Safety. UL listed power supply, 12V DC output will do no harm to the human body even if there is a leakage. Full water proof unit, the LEDs are covered with special transparent seal gel, zero chance to get a short circuit. IP68 power supply is designed for the outdoor too.
    • Good Quality and Long Life. Nice heat dissipation and high quality LEDs ensure the efficiency and the durability. Full water proof design leave no chance for the electric leakage. We provide Two Year Warranty for the PN01 pool light and it is very easy to achieve.
    • 35W LED pool light could emit the same light as the 300W incandescent bulb. Only 10% energy cost, but 100% output. And longer life too, normally more than 5 years.

    Replacement Led Color Changing Bulb

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    If all you are doing is replacing your current bulb and youre looking for a quality color changing bulb, this is the one for you. This multicolor LED pool light bulb is a suitable replacement on a Pentair or Hayward light fixture.

    You dont need to be an electrician, theres no need to deal with cables and electricity. Simply screw the light bulb on, and youre set.

    This led light bulb works at 120V and features color memory, and remote control. It has an impressive 15 color modes: 7 static and 8 animation modes including color jump, color changing, color fade, and color transition.

    Positive Customer Feedback

    • Easy install wireless bulb doesnt require electrical knowledge.
    • Reasonably priced.

    Common Concerns

    • The remote control does not work well if the light is deeper than 3 feet under water.
    • The red light appears to be weak.

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    Best Lights For Above Ground Pools

    For above ground pools, LED magnetic lights and/or floating pool lights are the way to go. Theres no installation or wiring involved, theyre not expensive, and they are hassle free.

    There are different designs that are suitable for both metal sided and non-metal sided pools, including Intex Pools.

    Granted, magnetic and above ground pool lights have a less than spectacular lifespan , but they both have low price points, and their affordable replaceability is more than matched by the fact that replacement products keep pace with technological change.

    Are Pool Light Bulbs Special Can I Use Any Regular Light Bulb In My Swimming Pool

    We dont recommend using regular incandescent light bulbs in your swimming pool. Swimming pool light bulbs are designed for use underwater, which makes them the safest, most reliable choice if you need to replace a bulb. Our advice? Check with your local swimming pool retailer for information about purchasing replacement bulbs for your pools lighting system.

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