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Where To Buy Pool Shock

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In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock

Pool Shock – How To Save Money and Maybe Never Buy Shock Again

Best Calcium Hypochlorite Shock

This popular crystal-form pool shock is pre-portioned into small bags that include just enough shock for each treatment of your pool. The shock can be dissolved in warm water or poured directly into the pool for easy use.

Each time the shock is applied, it works quickly to kill and dissolve any bacteria and algae forming in your pool. The high potency of chlorine has visible effects, especially in a very dirty or cloudy swimming pool.

Frequency of shock treatments will vary according to the conditions of your pool but should be around once a week. This product is only available in pre-portioned, 1-pound bags. In The Swim is a trustworthy and popular brand for all pool chemicals and cleaning products, so this should be a good option for most pool owners.

Clorox Pool& spa Salt Essence

Saltwater pools typically require less maintenance than standard chlorine pools, but they still need to be shocked regularly. If you have a saltwater pool, you may want to consider a shock that doesnt contain liquid chlorine or come in the form of chlorine tablets. When it comes to shocking a saltwater pool, our pick is the Salt Essence Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer from CLOROX Pool& Spa.

Its specially formulated to get rid of sweat, sunscreen, oils, bacteria, and other organic contaminants. Salt Essence can also correct cloudy water and eliminate odors. All in all, its an excellent swimming pool maintenance product that can be used as often as every week.

Considerations For The Best Salt Water Pool Shock

When youre searching for the right pool shock product to pair with your pool, there are several factors that you should consider, the primary of which is whether or not the product will effectively clean a saltwater pool. Since not all shock products are ideal for saltwater pools, it may take some time to find the right solution. If you want a product that will kill all bacteria, algae, and other organic contaminants, you should determine if you want the product to use chlorine or not.

While chlorine-based products are typically most effective, many pool owners prefer pool shocks that contain very little or no chlorine. If you find that you dont like the chlorine smell, there are some pool shock products that are able to get rid of this smell, which should help you feel more comfortable when swimming in your pool. All of the pool shock products in this guide have proven to be popular and effective, which means that the one you choose largely comes down to which feature-set you prefer.

Its important to choose the best pool shock if you want yourself and anyone else who swims in the pool to remain healthy while having a great swimming experience. If too many contaminants are left in your pool water, the water itself can become cloudy and unhealthy, which can be a hassle to deal with. Using the right pool shock treatment can eliminate all contaminants while also preventing future algae growth.

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Drytec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock Treatment

The DryTec chlorinating shock treatment is available in 24 bags that weigh one pound apiece. This product is known for acting quickly and dissolving in a very short period of time. This particular solution is unique in that it provides around 65 percent more chlorine to the water when compared to other shock products on the market. When you place this solution into your pool, it should be able to kill all organic contaminants, algae, and bacteria.

The solution can be used for any type of pool, which makes it a highly versatile option. The only issue with using this particular shock treatment is that the high amount of chlorine in the product means that you will need to wait a few hours before you get back in the water. You can purchase this DryTec shock treatment on Amazon for just over $61.

Click here to buy DryTec Shock Treatment now!

Warning About Poop In The Pool Water

Clorox Pool& Spa 6

On any given day in your chlorinated pool, youre just one toddler diaper or animal poop away from dangerous recreational water illnesses.

These illnesses are caused by organisms such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and E. Coli, as well as symptoms such as severe diarrhea, which will all make you and anyone swimming in your contaminated pool water very sick.

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What Makes In The Swim Pool Shock The Best

Reliable & Easy to Use

In The Swim Pool Shock is our most economical chlorine shock treatment for pools, sold in convenient 1 lb. bags. Powerful formula contains 99% calcium hypochlorite in a powerful 68% available chlorine formula. Granular chlorine Pool Shock is used for a variety of purposes to sanitize and disinfect pools, spas and fountains. Easy to use Pool Shock effectively treats 10,000 gallons of pool water per bag.

Kills Algae & Bacteria

Use our Pool Shock to kill visible algae blooms and invisible bacteria, which could cause illness to swimmers. Your daily chlorination of the pool will kill most pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbes, however to be sure that the water is sanitary, it is good practice to ‘shock the pool’, or super-chlorinate the pool every few weeks, to oxidize everything in the water, especially the invisible germs that may be harboring in the water.

Super Chlorinate

One pound of In The Swim Pool Shock will raise free chlorine levels in a clean and balanced pool to 9 ppm, per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Pools with excessive debris, algae, suspended particles or heavy sunlight will need a proportionally higher dose of pool shock, to compensate for such factors. A double or triple dose is often required for poor water conditions such as spring openings, bacteria contamination, or severe algae blooms.

Clorox Pool & Spa 81006clx Saltwater

The CLOROX pool and spa shock is a solution that has been designed specifically for saltwater pools. This particular product is notable for having a chlorine-free formula, which is perfect if you would like to avoid adding more chlorine to your pool. Along with algae and bacteria, this product can get rid of all organic contaminants that can be found in your pool.

Since there isnt any chlorine in this product, you should be able to get back to swimming in less than 15 minutes. Once applied, any cloudy water should clear up, which will leave you with a clean and sparkling pool. You can purchase CLOROX Pool & Spa 81006CLX at Walmart for $24, which will provide you with six one-pound bags.

Click here to buy CLOROX Pool & Spa Shock Solution now!

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Additional Pool Chemical Information

When you picture having a good time in the swimming pool, you envision diving boards, slides, inflatable toys and relaxing floating chairs, but no one ever pays much attention to the most important piece of pool fun: pool chemicals.

Having the perfect mix of pool chemicals delivers that perfect crystal clear water we dream of on warm, sunny days. Pool chemicals such as chlorine, bromine and algaecide keep the pool water safe to use as well, killing harmful bacteria and other germs that can make a swimmer sick. Yes, the pool filter plays an important role in having clear water, but it only removes dirt and debris while recirculating harmful elements that could possibly lead to an illness. The chemicals make the water safer.

Typically, every in-ground and above ground pool will need the same set of chemicals, but every pool is different when it comes to the details. Using too much chemicals can be as irritating or harmful as not using enough by raising pH levels or alkalinity. Its important to test your pools water with either the tried-and-true method of test strips or with newer technologies that digitally test water for many different chemical levels with the press of a button.

Perfectly clear, clean water that is safe to swim in is a balancing act of chemistry and art. However, with a little research, an understanding and proper testing the water for proper pool chemical balance, you will find its rather easy to have the ideal pool water throughout the swimming season.

Best Liquid Chlorine For Pools

When To Shock Your Swimming Pool. How to Test Chlorine Level.

This article was created with a hope that you will able to find the best liquid chlorine for pools, suiting your requirements and we wish that we were able to succeed in our mission to do so. If you are looking for a cheap liquid chlorine for pools because you will be making limited use of it, go for the Olympic 4 Gallons of Shock-It -Liquid Chlorine Pool Shock Commercial Grade 12.5% Concentrated Strength 1 Case which will give you what you pay for. That being said, dont forget to share the article with your friends and keep visiting geekydeck.com for more such informative and reviews articles.

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How To Shock A Pool

  • Clean the Pool. Leaves and debris on the floor and surface will waste your chlorines killing power, as it attacks these organic materials, rather than the A-B-C problem that we are trying to correct.
  • Lower the pH. Chlorine is very sluggish at high pH levels. At a pH of 8.0, less than half of the chlorine you add to the water will convert to hypochlorous acid, the killing form of chlorine. Lower the pH to 7.2 before shocking.
  • Read the Label. We have 8 different types of pool shock, all with slightly different dosages. For some pool shock, dilution in a bucket is necessary to dissolve the granules, to prevent damage to pool surfaces.
  • Add the Shock. Distribute the granular chlorine throughout the pool surface, with the pool pump running. Be careful not to spill any on your clothing or the pool deck, and dont broadcast it into the wind!
  • Brush the Pool. This helps to distribute the chemical, and removes the layer of dust and film on your pool surfaces, which may allow some contaminants to escape treatment. A good brushing, vacuuming and backwashing should follow an algae shock treatment.
  • Pool Chemicals From Watsons

    Shop our endless selection of pool chemicals and supplies in-store and online today. Find swimming pool supplies, pool chemicals, and other pool-related searches online. Order today to receive free shipping* on our wide selection of pool supplies and cleaning chemicals. If you need help, contact our expert representatives for additional pool supply information.

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    The Pool Supplies Superstore is your online source for discount pool supplies. We discount all the top name brands of pool supplies including Hayward, Pentair, Waterway, Dolphin, Kreepy Krauly, Sta-Rite, AquaBot,and more. Plus, customers enjoy FREE Shipping and Handling on EVERY ORDER of $99 or more!

    Aqua Chem Shock Xtra Blue

    GLB 16

    If youre looking for a tried-and-true, all-purpose pool shock, we recommend Aqua Chem Shock Xtra Blue. This product is suitable for use in all types of pools, including salt water pools, above-ground pools and inground pools. The active ingredient is sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione , which contains chlorine. It effectively kills algae, bacteria, and chloramines while making pool water crystal-clear and sparkling clean.

    Best of all, Shock Xtra Blue works extremely fast your pool will be swim-ready in as little as 15 minutes after treating it. Additionally, its formulated to reduce eye irritation and minimize the chlorine smell. This shock is also budget-friendly compared to similar products on the market.

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    Nava Chemicals Starplus Chlorinating Shock Treatment

    Best Dichlor Shock

    This stabilized pool shock is a great option for clearing up any type of pool or spa. The high dosage of chlorine works to shock your pool quickly by getting rid of any foreign matter in the water.

    The manufacturers of this stabilized pool shock guarantee that using this product will not lead to scale build up in your pool. Scale refers to calcium and mineral buildup that can result from the use of certain chemicals in your pool.

    This product can be used approximately once a month, but actual usage amounts will vary according to your pools conditions.

    • Dichlor stabilized shock is approximately 55.5% chlorine
    • Dosage: 1 pound per 10,000 gallons
    • Available in 12 or 24 count 1-pound bags
    • Dissolve speed is not available


    • Can be used in all types of pools and spas
    • Works as a nonharmful disinfectant and clarifier


    • A little more expensive than other similar products

    The 11 Best Pool Shock For Crystal Clear Water

    Owning a swimming pool requires you to take care of a wide range of maintenance and upkeep if you want to keep it at its best.

    If youre new to pools, you may not have encountered a pool shock before, so what is this stuff and why should you care?

    Well, shocking your pool normally involved delivering a high dose of chlorine that serves to kill bacteria and algae, while at the same time clarifying the water in your pool. Pool shock ensures that your water looks great and stays safe and clear, too.

    The process of shocking increases normal chlorine levels by up to 5 times, fully sanitizing the water in the process. During the process, pool shock also oxidizes combined chlorine molecules, which leads to a boost in the free chlorine levels. Free chlorine is good chlorine, in that it will target algae and bacteria.

    Given the fact you may never have seen pool shock before, its understandable if you have no clue what youre looking for when youre comparing the best pool shock treatments. Focus on the following points to make your life easier on the buying trail.

    OK, with those basics in place, you should be confident of navigating the best pool shocks on the market and finding the right one for your needs.

    Well launch in now with our pool shock reviews so you can assess the state of the market.

    Wildrivercountry.com is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

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    Hth Super Shock Treatment

    As a pool owner, you may have heard about HTH, a leading supplier of swimming pool treatment products. But is HTH Pool Shock as good as youve heard? The brands Super Shock Treatment is considered to be the best pool shock for removing algae. It was developed to kill algae and unwanted bacteria in swimming pools by delivering the perfect chlorine boost.

    This pool shock also leaves pool water crystal-clear within 24 hours. Plus, you wont have to worry about the shock chemicals leaving a chlorine odor, causing eye irritation, or fading your vinyl liner. For best results, HTH Super Shock should be used to treat your pool water at least once a week.

    Clorox Pool & Spa Shock Xtrablue

    How To Shock A Pool The Right Way

    Clorox Pool & Spa Shock XtraBlue is among the more powerful and potent pool shocks that can be found on the market. While most pool shocks are placed in a bag, this product comes in a simple and easy-to-use bottle that you can just open and pour into your pool. A notable feature of this shock solution is that the crystals that are placed in the water will eliminate all blue algae, green algae, mustard algae, and black algae.

    Along with getting rid of any algae that can be found in your pool water, this product is designed to prevent future growth of the algae. If your pool is outfitted with a vinyl liner, this might be the right product for you since it wont damage the liner in any way. You can purchase Clorox Pool & Spa Shock XtraBlue at Amazon for around $40, which will give you six pounds of the product. Smaller packages are available as well.

    Click here to buy Clorox Pool & Spa Shock XtraBlue now!

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    How To Sock Your Pool

    The weather is right and the family is ready to use the pool, but what about that strong chlorine odor? Well show you what to do about it. Time to clean the gutters. Climbing the ladder and dealing with leaves, bugs, and muck is a tiring and potentially dangerous chore. Not anymore. Well show you an innovative solution that will save you hours of nasty work. Your car, its another space you live in just about every day. Today, well show you how to make your driving spaces stylish and more comfortable. This is the show all about you and your space.

    Your home and surroundings. We are Designing Spaces. Do it yourself pool care is now simpler than ever. Once you understand a few basics and have the right tools it can be shockingly easy. Designing Spaces goes poolside to see for ourselves. Take a look. Designing Spaces got together with Rebecca, New Products Manager for the Clorox Pool and Spa brand to show Melia some simple pool care tips that will help her with her problem. Was I glad to see Rebecca? I could really use some help understanding why my pool acts up sometimes. It seems like Melias a little bit shy when it comes to using chlorine. I need to get her comfortable with how to maintain the proper levels. . So whats going on? Ive been adding chlorine to my pool and now Ive noticed this really strong chlorine odor. Am I overdoing it? To be honest, that smell could mean youre not adding enough chlorine.

    My favorite pool shock has an easy-to-open and pours bottle!

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