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Build Your Own Pool Slide Save Thousands

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Pool Slide Care & Repair

DIY Backyard Water Slide into Pool from Tree House!!

Pool Slides are loads of fun, always ready for action. Since they are not mechanical, we dont often think of maintenance or repair issues but they do exist.

In the last ten years, pool slide construction materials have changed, and this has led to presumably less maintenance or repair issues.

For instance, slides are no longer made from a fiberglass shell, with a thin gelcoat surface. Rotomolded polyethylene, or thermoplastic acrylic surfaces are used nowadays, with the color all the way through. And ladders are different too gone are the flimsy aluminum legs, most slides now have a closed ladder design, which not only looks better, but is safer too.

Nonetheless, even these new style pool slides will need cleaning, maintenance and repairs. And, there are thousands of older pool slides installed in America, in need of some tender loving care.

So then heres a short article on how to clean and maintain a pool slide, and some information on making some common pool slide repairs on your own.

Diy Pond Style Pool Natural

Whether you want to seek a place to relax or cool off on a hot summer day, this natural pond-style pool will be perfect for your needs. This DIY swimming pool looks great and is chemical-free, which means no more chlorine smell and itchiness for sensitive-skinned swimmers. Turn your backyard into a nature preserve with this natural pond-style pool. It’s great for swimming, but it also serves as a habitat for water plants and insects native to your local area. You could even turn it into an aquaponic garden by installing a few fish tanks or grow beds! The air pump filters the water naturally, keeping it fresh and clean.

Turn your backyard into an oasis following this idea. You dont need space or money to have your own backyard DIY swimming pool. The Backyard DIY Swimming Pool is designed to provide you with all the features and benefits enjoyed by those with custom swimming pools. This system offers a large capacity waterline, automatic pump operated skimmer and filtering system, easy installation, and superior pool performance with quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, plus a great pool for adults, kids, adults, and toddlers. The set includes all the essential equipment such as filter, pump, and heater.

Inground Pool Slides For Kids

SR Smith SlideAway Removable Pool Slide

SR Smiths SlideAway Removable Pool Slide is compact, UV resistant, and salt pool friendly. This CPSC compliant slide can be set up or rolled away in minutes, and does not have to be permanently affixed to the pool deck. SlideAway features textured steps and built-in handholds for added safety. At 5 feet tall, the slide is built for children up to 125 lb. Offered in gray or taupe.

SR Smith Cyclone Swimming Pool Slide

The Cyclone Swimming Pool Slide from SR Smith is perfect for pools with limited deck space. It stands only 41 tall and requires only 42 of water. It accommodates sliders up to 175 lb, making it ideal for kids. Made from durable materials with an enclosed ladder for added safety, this slide is fully CPSC compliant. Available in gray, sandstone or taupe, with right curve only.

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Sr Smith Rogue2 Water Pool Slide

Another inground pool slide comes from S.R. Smith and the Rogue2.

S.R. Smith makes a range of extraordinarily well-built pool slides, including a full corkscrew slide and a smaller, removable pool slide .

The Rogue2 is your classic pool slide, taller than the Inter-Fab Slide, with a 7ft height and a 9ft flume, which is extra wide. A garden hose can be easily attached to the side and can deliver up to 30 gallons of water per minute. Conversely, you can attach it to your pools plumbing with PVC pipe .

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Available in four different color options and with the option of left or right-facing flumes, the Rogue2 combines a retro look with a modern flume that will take your backyard pool to the next level.

One thing reviewers note is that the Rogue2 does not come with the anchors necessary to bolt the water slide to your pool deck.

S.R. Smith backs the slide with a three-year warranty and the slide can handle kids and adults up to 250lbs for endless summer fun in the backyard.

Then You Will Know Who Has The Best Price

Pin by Granite Landscapes on Granite Landscapes

There are three standard types of pool covers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s your pool, let us help you build it your way! Well pool construction companies have to pay for their marketing and promotion, their offices, the wages of the staff you could even add in a slide for the kids or a feature waterfall. From pillow to pool 25 amazing bedrooms with pool from build your own pool slide, $7,500 on an average pool & as much or more than $25,000 on a larger project using our proven system. Please fill out some basic information to begin. You can save 30 to 40% building your pool My personal exclusive management outline and documents on how to build your own pool. At, we have seen a huge trend in homeowners building by following the steps above you are on your way to saving tens of thousands of dollars building your own pool. What was he looking at? Get your build your own pool guide now and save $7000 to $15000 or more by eliminating the company in the middle! Awesome mod btw, i’ve always wanted an actual pool, not river/beach water enclosed by buildings. While a pool slide can actually be used without water, the fact that you will be wet is likely to cause friction, which may subsequently affect your speed.

There are three standard types of pool covers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages build own pool. Unfortunately, buying a pool slide is going to be a little difficult.

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Here Are 5 Tips On Getting A Swimming This Is By No Means An Exhaustive List Of Ways To Save Money And There’s More Common Sense In A Larger Pool May Seem Like A Must At First But Over The Years As The Novelty Of Owning A Pool Wears can supply you with. Then you will know who has the best price! Custom slide surfaces for slides constructed onsite include tile, smooth, molded concrete and pebbles. $7,500 on an average pool & as much or more than $25,000 on a larger project using our proven system. Installing your own inground pool liner is easy, when you however! Please fill out some basic information to begin. Learn how to build your own above ground swimming pool or inground swimming pool and save money! From pillow to pool 25 amazing bedrooms with pool from build your own pool slide, A backyard pool is definitely a luxury, but one that many pass over due to cost. So how does this save you money? Covers each step in details outlining real examples and difficulties in each step and how to overcome. Excel sheets created for detailed bidding accuracy. Pools & pool houses gallery bowa diy outdoor shower design and build your own outdoor hometalk kids have a splash at summer aquatics days the seminole from pillow to pool.

I wanted to publish my guide for you right away because with the rising cost to build a pool, we can all use to save tons of money. So how does this save you money? Installing your own inground pool liner is easy, when you however! The kids will feel like they have their own water park in their backyard and will love inviting their friends over to play. I love the concept of this diy concrete swimming pool.

Diy Pool For Backyard

Are you looking for a pool that is as easy to install as beautiful? The swimming pool construction kit is perfect for DIY inground pools. This automated swimming pool is perfect for your yard. The tall wall and narrow base make this pool easy to build, yet it provides plenty of room for swimming or relaxing. Adding sturdy steps makes entry into the pool even more accessible, which we can appreciate. With this design, you will also be able to create a gorgeous backyard in no time at all. It includes everything you need to create an elegant curved border and steps so that you can quickly get into the water.

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How To Build A Concrete Swimming Pool

This DIY swimming pool idea creates a concrete pool on the ground that takes full advantage of every inch of your landscape space. It is an excellent build for those with uneven land or not wholly flat areas, as you can build this above or below ground. The DIY concrete pool is the perfect project for a DIY enthusiast. It is easy and perfect to make, relatively inexpensive, and creates a beautiful pool thats great for relaxing or entertaining family and friends. This design is excellent for those with elevated space and who need an affordable option that allows them to play with their kids in the summertime!

Diy Above Ground Pool Stairs And Deck

Build Your Own Slide 2 (BYOS 2) by Inter-Fab

First, the creator started by making this pool stairs and deck with some sturdy wood boards, and planks. He started by screwing some pieces to form the deck base. Then attached some wooden legs, and then moved over to finally making the stairs. The stair build is a bit more complex and needs careful cutting.

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Above Ground Converted Swimming Pool

If you happen to already have an above ground swimming pool but you want something inground, you can simply convert your existing pool to an inground model. This takes a bit of work but it can be done by just about anyone and it saves you thousands over buying a new inground pool. Above ground pools are so much less expensive and with just a little bit of extra preparation, you can turn that cheaper pool into one that looks wildly expensive. This is a beautiful transformation for your backyard pool.

Install The Cover At The End Of The Season

This mainly applies to persons who purchase security covers .

Because many people have their pool installed during the first part of the year, it makes sense in some cases to wait until the end of the season to have their security cover installed, as there is no use for the cover during the summer months.

Considering that most security style covers cost over $1,000 installed, this expense can be delayed 37 months in most cases.

Although there are many more ways to make your pool project more affordable and budget friendly, this article hopefully has given you some helpful pointers in the right direction.

To close, I want to reiterate one other point that I’ve made in other blog posts regarding pools, wants, and budgets.

Which would your children prefer to enjoy: a simplistic pool in the back yard or a dream pool that’sin your head?

As always, happy swimming, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive future articles just like this one. You can also check out our pool pricing calculator tool or visit our video library for more educational information on inground pools.

Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Diy Homemade Water Slide

This would be great and awesome if you have a pool located downhill with a hill just by it. With a trampoline laid on the ground or whatever you deem fit, get your water hose ready because you’ll be extracting water from the pool for your water slide use. Then it’s fun, fun, fun, all the way. This homemade water slide looks pretty amazing, the creators used a heavy-duty tarp which can be purchased at your local stores. However, this project is for a water park, it might not be ideal for a pool.

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Choosing The Right Slide For Your Pool

Plastic kiddie pool in ground Durning hot months. Use as fire pit other ...

There is a lot of things to look into when choosing the right pool slide for your backyard swimming pool.

Space. Slides require deck space for installation. Some have larger footprints than others.

Anchors. Depending on whether you are using an inflatable slide or a more permanent solution, you will want to be able to anchor the slide to something so that it doesnt slide around when being used.

Color and flume direction. The right pool slide should match the look of your pool, whether you have an Intex above ground pool or a 50 inground swimming pool. Some of the slides here have options with color and direction of the flume to match the look and design of your pool.

Cost. Pool slides are all over the map in terms of price, with inflatable slides costing $200-400 and the larger, overbuilt ones costing in the thousands.

Lets take a look at the best pool slides on the market.

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Homemade Swimming Pool With Pallet

This project is a very creative idea for those who want to start a swimming pool at home but don’t have enough money. You can make a lot of savings by reusing the pallets already available in your garage or around the house. With this diy above ground pool, you can quickly and easily create an attractive, colorful, and affordable swimming pool. If you are unsure how to build a homemade above-ground pool, here is an idea to get you started on the right path. This project will save you money, but it’s also eco-friendly. Using free pallets and tarp material makes this a very inexpensive project with plenty of room to enjoy the water

Swimming is a great way to relax, refresh and revitalizeand building your swimming pool can be a fun family project. When you build it yourself, youll also save money on water-testing equipment and other pricey accessories required by most builders. Start your swimming pool with endless summertime fun. DIY Inground pools are made by you, using the same high-quality components used to build top-quality retrofits. A unique DIY Pool Kit makes it easy for anyone to add a pool to their backyard with minimal excavation. It features a large swimming area and surrounding deck with loads of shade. You can install the whole in-ground pool in one day.

The Manufacturer Of Customizable Commercial Pool Slides

Our philosophy is to design and make one of a kind pool slides. For over 25 years we have provided thousands of pool and water slides worldwide. We are the gold standard.In an era of increased concern for our children’s safety, our pool and water slides present a whole different approach to the slide, literally. Our pool slides are designed with safety, strength, and durability that greatly exceed federal guidelines.Our customers tell us how important it is to customize their pool slides. In ground swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. The best option is to create a slide for your specific swimming pool. We build the pool slide to fit your needs and create a slide that is special. Performance of our custom molded slides exceeds all other slide materials. Our pool slides are heavy-duty and make for superior high-end residential slides for in ground pools. Do not be misled by cheap fiberglass imitations. Acquire the very best water slides available for your backyard or Olympic size pool.Please explore our website at POOLSLIDE.COM. We offer an extraordinary line of pool and water slides. Our goal is to work with you and or your pool professional to create the most sensational pool slide. SAFETY is paramount. Our pool slides consists of a robust platform, high windowed side rails, extended handrails, and an overhead sit-down-bar. We make safe pool slides.

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Build Your Own Pool Slide Save Thousands : Maybe You Would Like To Learn More About One Of These

Build Your Own Pool Slide Save Thousands : Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these?. Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these? We did not find results for: Build your own pool slide save thousands. Check spelling or type a new query.

Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these? Check spelling or type a new query. We did not find results for: Build your own pool slide save thousands.

Cost Of An Above Ground Pool

Build Your Own Pool and Save Thousands – Overview

One of the most common questions customers ask is how much does it cost to build an above ground pool? The answer to that question can vary based on the slope of the yard, size/style of pool, added features, etc. There is truly no simple answer. However, the most accurate way to get an answer to that question is to get a professional quote from one of Liverpool Pool and Spas low pressure Sales Consultants.

Liverpool Pool and Spa will also coordinate with all other aspects of the job to make sure the entire budget is decided based on the full scope of the project before work begins.

Financing is available for the pool project. Liverpool Pool and Spa works with local banks to finance the project at great rates to those who are searching to make the backyard project as affordable as possible.

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Simple Diy Inground Swimming Pool Ideas That Will Save You Thousands

May 11, 2018 By Vanessa Beaty

I have always wanted an inground swimming pool. While I would love to have one professionally installed, these can be so expensive. I talked to a professional swimming pool installation company once and they wanted over $20,000 for the pool that I wanted! I cannot imagine paying that much money for a swimming pool no matter how badly I want one. So, I did what I do and I started looking for DIY inground swimming pools that I could simply build myself. I found 6 amazing DIY inground pools, all of which will save thousands of dollars over having one professionally installed.

Imagine having a beautiful inground swimming pool for just a couple of thousand dollars. You can always get an inground pool for just a couple of thousand dollars or less but an inground swimming pool is just so much more gorgeous in my opinion. And I never knew that you could build one so cheaply! If you do prefer an above ground pool, I also have some amazing ideas for that, as well. Be sure that you take a look at these 38 genius pool hacks to transform your backyard into a virtual paradise. If you want an inground pool though, I have some wonderful ideas for you!

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