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How Much Are Pool Safety Fences

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Additional Considerations And Costs

How to install a Used Safety Swimming Pool Fence
  • The topography of your location can also affect your total cost. If your fencing must be installed along a slope or placed into soil rather than the usual masonry or concrete base, expect labor costs to go up significantly. It takes more time and effort to ensure a uniform fence height along the contour. If the slope is too steep, a step-down construction may be necessary, which is also time-consuming.
  • Make sure your proposed pool safety fence meets state and local requirements. Some areas require locking gates plus fences that are a certain height or made with specific materials and designs.
  • Many homeowners are initially worried that they will lose the aesthetic appeal of their pool when they add a safety fence. But with the right fencing material and layout, your pool can be safe and secure, plus look fantastic.

Learn Why Stronger Posts Are Safer

Weve heard some pool owners say that they assumed all pool fence posts are the same. To help clear up this misconception, we tested our strong fiberglass posts against several aluminum post designs. The results clearly demonstrate how aluminum posts break or become bent under minimal force or pressure, while our fiberglass posts handle greater amounts of force and still bounce right back up, straight and true. The solid strength and resilience of our posts provides your family with a pool barrier that can handle years of children bumping up against it or adults leaning on it at barbecues.

Tempered Glass Pool Fences

Homeowners can also choose to install a fence made out of tempered glass around their pool. However, doing so will be very expensive. The average price of tempered glass pool fencing is around $200 per linear foot.

Is tempered glass fencing worth that enormous price tag? Remarkably, theres a case to be made that it is.

In many ways, tempered glass is the ideal material for pool fencing because its durable, child-proof, and you can see through it. Still, no one would blame you for balking at the cost and looking at other fencing options instead.

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Privacy Pool Fence Cost

Per linear foot, a privacy-style fence for your pool will run between $10.00 and $40.00. Wood and vinyl are the most common types of material for this type of fence. However, metal and wood or straight metal are also gaining in popularity. This type of fence will give you privacy each time you swim in your yard, and it has a solid design that is very sturdy and safe.

Pool Fence Costs By Material Type

Does Your Portable Pool Need A Fence?

The goal with this fence is to increase how safe the pool area is while creating a complement to your home or yard. This is why there are so many different materials available that you can choose from, and each one has a different price point attached to it. The most popular materials for these fences include:

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Whats Special About Our Elite Pool Safety Fence

1. The Elite pool safety fence is completely removable. If not required in place, the fence can be taken down in minutes, rolled up into easy-to-carry bundles, and then stored. When next required, the fence can be re-installed in minutes.

2. The mesh panels on our Elite pool safety fence are see-through. This feature enables you to see whats going on in the pool and is more pleasing to the eye than wooden, steel, or concrete structures which detract from the ambience of the swimming pool area. Unlike conventional fence, the mesh panels on our Elite pool safety fence have no hand or toeholds for children consequently kids cannot climb over the fence, nor can they crawl under.

3. Appearance matters: customers tell us that they love the appearance of our Elite pool safety fence particularly the beige colour which blends so perfectly with the Cyprus landscape. The fence comes in two other colours: black and dark green these colours are notably more transparent than beige .

The fenceposts are made of aluminium alloy and feature a powder-coated finish to inhibit corrosion and maintain the nice appearance of the fence over many years. We use high grade stainless steel for the pin at the bottom of each fencepost and for the screws. All materials are mildew and UV-resistant.

4. The specification for our Elite pool safety fence meets or exceeds the criteria laid down by those countries which have pool safety regulations. For example:

Above Ground Pool Fence Kits

Above ground pool fence are a smart way in terms of safety. The above ground pool fence kits are available in various heights for example 24 inch and 36 inch. The kit is pretty stern and a stunner at the same time.

Other than the choice of vinyl, wood and wrought iron, these kits are constructed of tough resin as well. The kits also include stainless steel hardware parts, decorative elements and adjustable brackets in the package as optional selections.

Locking gate latches and solar post or fence lights are a few gadgets that can be complemented with the above ground pool fence kit mainly targeting the safety of the swimmers. An above ground pool fence kits package usually offer all the fencing, fence posts and hardware with a guideline of required information. The pool fence kit convinces its users that the panel is maintenance free which is available in a wide range of colors.

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Plexiglass Or Lexan Pool Fence Cost

Plexiglass or Lexan offers an impact-resistant and climb-proof pool fence solution. While this material starts out clear, it can yellow and become scratched and cloudy over time. A new Plexiglass or Lexan fence offers a glass-like look for half the price of a tempered glass fence. Material costs are $20 – $30 per linear foot, and installation is $2,000$7,000 for 100 linear feet, bringing your total to $4,000 – $10,000.

Easy For Adults To Access And Remove

Pool Safety Fence – DIY

The mesh pool fence material we use is ultra-strong and virtually untearable. Depending on your layout, poles made with aircraft-grade aluminum are installed every 36 inches around a pool for the greatest durability. You can also opt to install one or more self-closing, latching and lockable pool gates. Self-Closing gates are ideal for easy access to the pool by adults.

Your safety fence will be customized to the size and shape of your pool. It can accommodate any changes in elevation and water features like decorative rocks & fountains. Local installers work to understand your familys specific needs and can develop a custom design to meet nearly any request.

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Do I Need To Fence My Swimming Pool

Although it might be tempting to jump straight in and purchase the swankiest pool fence you can find, there is actually a lot you need to factor in. Firstly and most importantly, all Aussie swimming pool owners are required to follow their own states specific pool safety regulations see the ones for Queensland and New South Wales. These outline certain height and length restrictions that must be followed, such as:

  • Your pool fence should be at least 1200mm from bottom to top.
  • The gap from the bottom of the fence to the ground cannot be longer than 100mm.
  • The gap between the vertical bars in the fence cannot be longer than 100mm, and horizontal bars should be at least 900mm apart.
  • If a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier should be 1800mm high from the pool area.
  • If you are using mesh fencing, the holes should be 13mm or less.
  • Fencing must be made from a material that cannot be broken through.

Due to the nature of these regulations, it would be easiest to have your fence installed professionally. If you are wishing to build and install it yourself, make sure you do your research, and pay close attention to the regulations to avoid any fines.

Mesh Pool Fence Costs

Mesh fences are the safest and most affordable pool fencing on average for materials and installation. They are difficult to climb, and the soft material is kid-friendly. Mesh is low-maintenance, and unlike other fencing materials, a mesh fence does not completely block your view. Choose mesh if your focus is on getting the best function at the lowest price. Mesh fencing costs $7 – $10 per linear foot. For a 100-linear-foot installation job, expect to pay $800 – $1,500. Your total costs will be between $1,500 – $2,500.

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Do You Need A Pool Safety Fence

First, lets tackle the second question: do you need a pool safety fence? Yes, you do. A pool safety fence helps children and pets away from your pool. In the USA, around ten people die every year from accidental drowning in residential pools, and out of that number, two are children under the age of 14.

On the other hand, pets might know how to swim instinctively but often drown because they are unable to get out of the pool in time. Pool safety fences also help prevent accidents such as slipping into the pool due to roughhousing or if people have to one too many drinks.

All Our Materials Are Warrantied Not To Corrode Or Rust

Pool Fence Bedford, NY

Our pool fences can be installed on any type of deck, wood, lawn or concrete pavers. Our factory trained professionals are prepared to install your fence in a strong and safe manner. We understand that every pool has potential to be different than the last one, so we make sure we have a team who can get your pool fence installed in a way that works for your yard.

We do this because we want everyone to have access to a pool fence to help protect their young ones. A pool can be an amazing thing to have that brings the family together and provides endless fun. However, while your child is in the early stages of life, it is very important to take precautions that will ensure their safety. So, even if you think your setup will not allow for a fence to be installed, think again, and give us a call.

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Find Out Exactly How Much A Pool Fence Installer Could Cost You

If you’re installing a swimming pool, you also need to budget for pool fencing.

To protect children, pool fencing is now required by law throughout Australia. As long as the fence conforms to Australian Standards for pool fencing, the material you choose is up to you. In terms of cost, you can expect pool fencing to cost anywhere from $200 per linear metre for timber fencing, to $600 per linear metre for a high end frameless glass fence.

Understanding Pool Fencing Safety Regulations

Pool fencing is designed to keep small children out of the pool area and must not be able to be climbed. Your pool fencing must not have gaps, footholds and must be rigid enough to withstand pressure being applied.

To that end, a number of specifications must be adhered to. These include:

  • A minimum height of 1.2 metres to prevent small children from climbing over the fence.
  • Mesh and perforated fences must have horizontal “apertures” no greater than 13mm on fences under 1.8 metres in height as measured from ground level.
  • Chain link or mesh fences with openings of between 13mm and 100mm must be at least 1.8 metres tall. Openings greater than 100mm are not allowed.
  • Gaps between vertical members of a fence cannot be greater than 100mm
  • Pools can be walled in, but they must be at least 1.5 metres in height and gates, doors and windows must have self latching devices at least 1.5 metres above ground level.

There are a number of Australian Standards that govern pool fencing. This includes AS1926.1 which covers fence height, the size of vertical gaps, a Non Climbable Zone , horizontal members and the gap at the bottom of the fence. Local regulations do vary by state, and some require an inspection. From April 2016 in New South Wales all homes with a pool or spa pool need a certificate of compliance or an occupation certificate before they can be sold or leased.

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Factors That Impact Your Pool Fence Costs

Along with the type of material, there are several factors thatll come into play when you figure out your pool fence costs. Youll want to carefully factor all of these things in before you make your final decision, and you should keep in mind:

  • Custom designs
  • Type of installation removable or stationary

Baby Pool Fence Prices

Which is the best pool fence?

Baby pool fences cost usually between $1,500 to $20,000 depending on the material that the fence is made from. The safest child safety fencing option without any doubt tempered glass or mesh as they do not allow kids to climb over. They also allow parents to supervise the children in the pool area.

Child safety mesh: The cost to install child safety mesh ranges from $1,500 to $2,500. It has the advantage of being a soft material in case your child runs over it.

Tempered Glass: Costs from $7,000 to $20,000. Does not block the view to the swimming area.

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Plexiglass Or Lexan Fences Around A Pool

The cost to install polycarbonate sheets ranges from $3,500 to $10,000. Even if it costs half as much as tempered glass, it does not always comply with safety codes.

Safety: Plexiglass fences are safe when the panels are thick-enough, while it also provides clear non obstructed views to the pool even from inside the house.

Aesthetic: It improves the aesthetic appeal of your pool but it scratches easily and can cloud over time.

Black Chain Link Pool Fences

Your first material option for your new pool fence is black chain link. At just around $8 per linear foot, its also the cheapest material you can use for this particular application.

Using a standard chain link fence around your pool would not be wise since it will rust over quickly. A black chain link fence does not present that same kind of problem because it features a protective coating. You can count on that coating to maintain the look of your new pool fence.

Even if rusting over is no longer a concern, black chain link fences still have some drawbacks. Chief among them is the flimsiness of that material. If youre after superior protection, you probably wont be satisfied with what you can get from black chain link fencing.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Fence


Also, how much does fence rental cost?

Rent ratesMost prices are based on the length of fence you require: $1.65-$1.85 per linear foot on average. Chain link fencing rentals typically cost $24 per 6′ x 12′ panel and $4 per base for 1 month, $12 per panel and $2 per base for each additional month.

Additionally, how much does it cost to rent barricades? Event Crowd Control Rental

Steel crowd control barrier: Bike Rack $15
Temporary steel event security fencing $25

Secondly, can you rent a pool fence?

Fencing your pool keeps your pool secure and safe from outsiders. By renting a fence for your pool you can maintain privacy. We are renting pool fences at a very low price to all our customers across the United States. Our safety pool fences act as a barrier that separate swimming pool from outside open space.

How much does it cost to put up a chain link fence?

To have the fencing professionally installed typically costs around $8 to $14 a linear foot in labor, or around $1,600 to $2,800 in labor for a 200 linear foot fence , making the total cost around $15 to $26 a linear foot or $3,000 to $5,200 for 200 linear feet on average.

How to Correctly and Safely Install Temporary Fencing

  • Step 1: Check Your Conditions.
  • Step 2: Installing a Temporary Fencing Panel.
  • Step 3: Connecting the Panels.
  • Step 4: Install Safety Strays.
  • Step 5: Wrap the Temporary Fence Panels.
  • Step 6: Maintain Your Fence.
  • Pool Guard Fence Official Distributor

    removable mesh pool safety fence Strafford, NH
    Pool Guard Removable Fences is the official distributor for the Pool Guard fences in Quebec and in Ontario.
    Pool Guard fences comply with safety standards

    We have lots of ideas and possibilities. Preparation and planning are key to making you live an enjoyable experience. Pool Guard fences exceed Canadian and US safety standards guidelines and requirements for aquatic safety standards. Drowning prevention Contact the Technician-Installer in your area to secure your pool from the children.


    Analysis of your needs

    Contact the Technician-Installer in your area for installation included or contact the head office for installation not-included.

    A technician will contact you shortly for your quote and plan your secured installation.

    Enjoy your pool and backyard with peace of mind.

    Install your removable pool fence yoursel

    Thanks to the installation simplicity of our products, you may complete the whole project by yourself. A hammer drill is needed to make a hole in the concrete. It is the only tool you will need. You may move or remove easily the Pool Guard fences without altering your landscape. Furthermore, no maintenance needed.

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