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How Much Is Pool Maintenance Cost

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Beach Entry Or Zero Entry Pool Costs

Real Cost Of Swimming Pool Maintenance – What Is It?

Beach entry pools cost $87 per square foot on average, with most homeowners paying between $50 and $125 per square foot. Also known as a walk-in pool or a zero-entry pool, it has a gradually sloped entry into the poolin the same way you would walk into the water on a beach. Typically the water at that shallow end is warmer than it is in the rest of the pool.

Cost By Swimming Pool Size

Many professional pool cleaning services charge for labor by the hour, which means the longer it takes someone to clean your pool, the more youll have to pay. So, a larger pool that needs more attention will cost more to clean and maintain than a smaller one.

Nationwide, the average cost for swimming pool maintenance is $79 per hour. That cost could range from $65 to $93 per hour depending on rates where you live and how intensive the cleaning needs to be.

For how long it would take to clean your specific pool, keep in mind that cleaning the average above-ground pool takes about half an hour to an hour, an in-ground pool of 10 feet by 20 feet would take about an hour and a half to two hours, and a large 20-foot by 40-foot in-ground pool could take as long as three to five hours.

$237 $395

Our Guide To The Average Cost Of Upkeeping An Above Ground Pool

Before we discuss how much the maintenance of an above-ground pool will cost you, lets talk about the cost of the pool itself.

Luckily, an above-ground pool can range from $200 to $2,000. Wondering why theres such a huge price difference?

Well, it all depends on several factors that have an impact on the price. These common above ground swimming pool factors include:

  • The size of the pool
  • Construction materials
  • Pool type

For instance, inflatable pools are the most affordable type of above ground pools because they dont include expensive structures.

On the other hand, some pools have steel and aluminum construction because theyre meant to be permanent. Naturally, these pools tend to be the most expensive and often the longest-lasting, of all of the above-ground swimming pool types.

Now, what about the maintenance cost of an above-ground pool?

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Chlorine Wash Pool Cost

A pool owner can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for a chlorine pool wash. A chlorine wash is a stronger form of cleaning compared to a regular drain. It is used to kill bacteria growing in the pool that is not restored by regular chemicals. Chlorine wash is applied to the walls of the pool, allowing everything to get disinfected and giving you the opportunity to start over with a fresh pool.

The Payoff Is A Sparkling Clean Pool Or Spa

2021 Pool Maintenance Costs

As you can see, owning a pool or spa does involve work. However, you dont have to do it all alone. Many people turn to pool service companies to manage the bulk of the maintenance.

As experienced professionals, they can ensure your pool or spa is in good shape, spot problems early, and advise you when you need to take action.

But what about the costs? While the cost of regular pool and spa care is affordable, repairs and some of the periodic maintenance tasks can get expensive.

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Can I Diy Pool Maintenance

Depending on your skill level and the time you are able to commit to pool maintenance, it is possible to DIY the jobto an extent. In most cases, it is still wise to have a professional check the pool once per season. Although performing pool maintenance yourself may save money in the short-term, more costly issues could arise if something is neglected or overlooked.

If you want to DIY pool maintenance, there are upfront costs associated with acquiring the tools youll need. This includes purchasing a skimmer, vacuum, chemicals, pH tests and more.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost Estimates

Now that you have a good idea of the estimated costs of a new pool and a breakdown of the cost of hardware and accessories we’ll take a look at the average swimming pool maintenance cost for a do-it-yourself pool owner. Use these numbers as a rough guide only as the cost can range significantly depending on many variables.

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The Average Annual Cost Of Pool Maintenance

According to conservative estimates at, the average spent on swimming pool maintenance is about $1,000 a year, with much of the money going towards appliances like filters.

What Ive observed, however, is that this doesnt take into account buying new parts, such as replacing pool vacuums or pumps, which could easily increase the price tag to $2,500 or over.

How Much Does A Regular Pool Service Cost

How Much Does Pool Maintenance Cost? | Houston TX | Manning Pool Service

At Jims Pool Care we recommend a regular pool service program to all our customers. Some people are quite active in testing and maintaining their pools so they may only need a professional service a few times a year, but for most of us, a regular pool service program is the best option.

If you can do a little bit yourself a monthly program should do fine and costs are usually around $66-$88 per service plus chemicals. You should also get the benefit of having your pool company on call if something goes wrong.

If you get your pool serviced more often you may be able to get a better rate, such as weekly or Fortnightly pool servicing.

How often should I get regular pool service for my pool?

After your pool has been inspected, the technician will recommend how often they should visit, but of course you can always request a certain frequency.

As a minimum, we will recommend every 4 weeks and during summer more often if possible . This is be sure that your pool is always read to swim in and is safe for you and your family.

Often your pool technician may reduce the service charge slightly for a regular pool service or if you book more than 4 weekly cleans. Again, the cost for a regular service program could be between $65-$95 depending on the size of the pool, time it takes to clean and frequency.

For more information, give us a call today to organise an obligation free quote! 131 546

Ask lots of questions if you are not sure

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Should You Hire A Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Service Or Try Diy

Most of these prices come from replacing parts and buying chemicals directly. If you maintain the swimming pool yourself, you could save approximately 150 percent according to CNBCs reckoning.

What Ive found out firsthand is that when it came to highly technical issues, make sure you work with a specialist pool service company in your area that can quickly identify the issue. Ive seen too many horror stories of pool owners trying to fix complex issues themselves and only creating more damage.

While paying a pool cleaning service will not save you from the expenses of repair or replacement parts, they can perform all the following services for a monthly fee of approximately $100-200 per month. Additional charges might apply for cleaning a filthy pool, usually determined by the number of hours spent on the project.

Dont conclude that paying for a companys full service is more advantageous than hiring a local pool expert. The experienced contractor frequently has the technical experience that large companies dont offer because of higher turnover rates and lower pay.

If youre looking to build a swimming pool soon or already have one, you well know the importance of staying on budget. Not anticipating maintenance costs and repairs that do come up can cause you to go over your projected costs.

Do I Need To Hire A Pool Cleaner

If you own a permanent in-ground or above-ground pool, itll need to be cleaned regularly. Many people take care of regular pool maintenance themselves, but you might want to hire a professional pool cleaner if:

  • You dont have a couple of hours every week to spend cleaning your pool

  • You arent confident with pool cleaning techniques and chemicals

  • Plus, youve got a pool so you can spend more time relaxing, not cleaning! Hiring a pool cleaner will give you more time back to do things you enjoy without your pool turning a suspicious greeny colour.

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    Building The Swimming Pool

    There are some procedures and measures to build or install a swimming pool. The first step is to obtain the necessary permissions by visiting one of the Trakhees offices.

    CED Planning Section in Trakhees is responsible for reviewing all the master plan requirements for each developed community within Dubai. Your developer will be the one obtaining these.

    Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Cost

    2021 Inground Pool Costs

    Fiberglass pools have the lowest maintenance costs compared to the other types of pools, ranging from $350 to $550 per year. They are very easy to maintain and do not require acid washes, replastering, yearly cleaning, or liner replacement. Their smooth, nonporous surfaces make their water chemistry very manageable and inhibit algae growth, requiring up to 70% fewer chemicals than a concrete pool to maintain. Fiberglass pools can maintain water in them all year-round and only require an annual check on the pumps and pipes during the cold temperatures. Regular pool maintenance such as cleaning out the skimmer, brushing, vacuuming, and chemical balancing is required for fiberglass pools. Additionally, maintenance will include resurfacing the gel coat interior every so often, depending on the quality of the fiberglass. Many fiberglass pool owners opt for their own maintenance because the process is very simple and not very time-consuming.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Close A Pool

    When pool season is over, you’ll need to get it ready for its winter nap. Closing a pool costs $85-$500.

    To close a pool, a technician will shock the water, lower the water level, clean the sides and bottom of the pool, and backwash the filter. The pro will also close and store filter elements, clear water lines and put the cover on. Because shocking the water takes a couple of days, a pro usually needs two visits to close a pool.

    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • Some homeowners choose to maintain their pools on their own. In this case, you will need to invest in a skimmer , vacuum , test kit , and brush in addition to the chemical supplies.
    • Skimming the water in your pool using a skimmer net should be done as part of routine daily maintenance. Skimming the pool protects your pump from being clogged with debris. The pumps skimmer basket should be emptied often as well.
    • Pool guys offer complete pool maintenance services. They are qualified professionals who look after your pool daily, weekly, and monthly to keep it working efficiently.
    • Having a swimming pool raises your liability insurance, which in turn increases your monthly payments. Speak to your homeowners insurance agency to find out what your monthly payment will be.
    • Always discard any unused chemicals at the end of the season. Follow local ordinances for disposal. Purchase new chemicals when you reopen the pool.
    • Always keep pool chemicals away from sources of heat and open flame, as many are flammable.

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    How Much Will It Cost To Do My Own Pool Service

    So lets take a look at the breakdown of costs if you decide to service your own pool.

    • Testing kit $15 will be added into costs if you decide to maintain a pool yourself.
    • Chemicals One of the most important aspects of maintaining your pool is the chemicals. These can cost up to $30 per month. Pool companies with a contractors license get a discount on chemicals while consumers without a contractors licenses are stuck paying the full price. For a jug of Chlorine from Pinch aPenny, it costs 3.79 per gallon. This is excluding the initial cost of 8.00 for a single jug container that holds it.
    • Filter replacement cartridges These can cost anywhere between $40 for a basic cartridge and up to $120 for a more high-end type. Pool contractors also get huge discounts on these filter replacements, just like a mechanic would on car parts.
    • Replacement sand This is likely to cost around $12 for 50lb.
    • DE for filtering As a rough guide, this will cost somewhere in the region of $20 for a 25lb bag.
    • Pool Vacuum: These can cost anywhere from $200 $1000 depending on the brand and quality.

    According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, it can cost anywhere between $700 and $1000 per year to manage your own pool in South Florida, even if you buy some of the necessary kits from a discount store. This price excludes the cost of buying a Pool Vacuum or any other pool service equipment.

    At the end of a busy day, it can seem like one of those endless chores that you never complete

    Long Term Maintenance Costs

    How Much Is The Monthly Cost To Maintain A Swimming Pool?

    Unfortunately, the vinyl liner itself wont last forever, and it will have an even shorter lifespan if you dont keep up with maintenance. Every 5 to 9 years, the pool will need to be drained and the liner will need to be replaced. This can cost you at least $4,000 each time, which can add up to $8,000 – $16,000 total over the course of 20 years.

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    Cost To Build A New Swimming Pool

    We’ll first take a quick look at what it will cost you for the average new pool in North America. It’s important to keep in mind that these estimates will vary with geographic location, size of pool, hardware and additional accessories. After you have a good idea of the initial investment required for a new pool we’ll go over the average swimming pool maintenance cost for chemicals, replacement parts, repairs and professional pool services.

    Inground Pool

    Total: $1,675-4,800

    What Is The Average Cost Of An Inground Pool In Florida

    According to Reef Tropical, the pool cost in Florida averages between $35,000 and $60,000 for a basic inground concrete pool without any add-ons. With custom features, you could be looking at $80,000 to $200,000 or more. Also, going for a larger-than-average pool with a connected spa can start your pool prices at around $95,000. For a more elaborate pool with a tile surface and an attached spa, the cost for an inground pool would start at about $220,000.

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    Backyard Pool Landscaping Prices

    Landscaping costs$3,000 to $5,000 on average for a new installation or around $4 to $12 per square foot to add plants, trees, and shrubs around your new pool. Three of the more common styles of landscaping design for built-in pools are tropical, modern, and desert. Here are average prices if you are starting with a bare-bones yard, or you want to add features to the backyard to complement the pool area:

    • Sod installation costs$0.90 $1.80 per square foot and will help regrow your grass.
    • Installing a yard drainage system costs $3,400.
    • Re-sloping your lawn costs $1,850 on average.
    • Cutting down a tree costs $825 on average.

    Cost To Maintain A Fiberglass Pool

    How Much Does Pool Maintenance Cost Per Month in South ...

    Of all the types of pool materials, fiberglass pools involve the lowest maintenance costs ranging from $350 to $550 a year. They are relatively easy to maintain and dont necessitate acid washing, liner replacement, replastering, or annual cleaning. The surface is smooth and nonporous, which makes the water chemistry manageable and impedes algae growth. As a result, fiberglass pools require 70% fewer chemicals to maintain them than concrete pools.

    Fiberglass pools have the ability to maintain water throughout the year and only need an annual check for the pipes and pumps in cold temperatures. Of course, these pools still require regular maintenance like vacuuming, brushing, chemical balancing, and cleaning the skimmer. Youll also have to resurface the gel coat interior of these pools on occasion, depending on the specific quality and type of fiberglass.

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    How Much Does Pool Maintenance Cost*

    Pool maintenance costs can be high, costing up to 30 percent of the power bill in some homes. If you think you’ll only be using a pool occasionally, this could make it too expensive an investment.

    Here’s a breakdown of some of the costs for an 8 metre by 4 metre swimming pool to give you some idea:

    • Pool pump cost $80-$110 per month
    • Pool heating cost $100-$1500 per year
    • Pool cleaning cost $50-$1000 depending on the job

    Pool pump cost

    Running a pool pump costs about $110 per month in the summer and $80 a month in the winter. The pump runs about 10 hours a day, so over the course of a year, it might cost over $1200 in total.

    You may also need to buy a replacement pump eventually, which will cost around $1000.

    Pool heating cost

    The cost of heating a pool depends on the system you have.

    • Solar heating is the least expensive, costing around $100 to $200 per year
    • Electric heating can cost between $250 and $750 per year
    • Gas heating is the most expensive, costing between $500 and $1500 per year

    Pool cleaning cost

    Pools have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. A pool maintenance company may charge between $60 and $150 each time they clean the pool. In spring, summer and into autumn, that may be once a month if you use the pool frequently.

    Pool cleaning prices :

    • Standard pool clean $50-$130
    • Pool clean and pressure cleaning tiles $80-$150
    • Pool clean and refill $250-$350

    Another cost of pool maintenance is the chemicals used in the pool, which might cost up to $200.

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