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How To Raise Ph In Hot Tub

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How Do I Raise The Ph In My Hot Tub

How to Raise Hot Tub Alkalinity

If you want to raise the pH of a pool, your go-to should be either soda ash or baking soda. These are the quickest ways to raise the pH of your pool.

The first option is soda ash. Soda ash, as it is commonly called, is basically sodium carbonate. It is a very effective pH increaser. It has a pH of 11.4, so it can cause a considerable increase in pH in a short time. Soda ash also increases the total alkalinity of a pool or hot tub. But care should be taken when adding it.

Ensure to always test the waters total alkalinity levels before proceeding. Total alkalinity refers to the ability of your hot tub water to resist changes in pH. It helps to keep the pH in a certain range. It acts as a buffer, preventing external materials that have been added to the water from affecting the pH. It prevents chemicals added from causing severe changes to the water balance.

The total alkalinity of your pool must be tested first before adding soda ash. High total alkalinity can actually dampen the efficacy of chlorine. The levels that you should be aiming for are concentrations between 80 and 120 parts per million. At this level, total alkalinity can stabilize pH effectively but still give chlorine the room to do its work efficiently.

It is a leavening or raising agent used when baking pastries. But that isnt the only use it is limited to, fortunately. Pool owners can find benefits in using this versatile white substance.

Harm From Low Ph Levels

If the water in the hot tub isacidic, things can go wrong quickly. The acid will etch or corrode any metal itcontacts. The heater is made of metal, as are many of the fittings. The hot tubwalls may crack or delaminate. Sanitizers will be less effective.

The peopleusing the hot tub will also notice itchy and dry skin, as well as irritatedeyes. While the pH in a hot tub will rarely,if ever, get to dangerous levels, itchiness and irritation take away from theenjoyment of the hot tub. Low pH may also harm your bathing suits as the acidwears away the fabric.

Chlorineis crucial to keeping the water in a hot tub safe. Chorine works best in a slightly acid environment. Its effectiveness is at 97%, witha pH of 6. That level of acidity, however, would lead to the itchy skin and eyeirritation noted previously.

It isworth noting that everything which goes into the water will affect the pHlevel, including the humans enjoying the hot tub. The pH of human skin is 5.5, which means we lower the pH ofthe hot tub each time we enjoy it.

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How Much Baking Soda To Raise Alkalinity

The amount of baking soda required is determined by the amount of water your hot tub can hold. If you want to increase the alkalinity, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda for every 100 gallons of water. A large hot tub of 700 gallons would use 7 tablespoons of baking soda.

Baking soda is beneficial for hot tub owners who wish to increase the alkalinity of their water. However, it doesnt have specific instructions to increase the alkalinity levels and might leave the owners guessing.

An example is a pool whose total alkalinity reads 50 ppm and has a capacity of 20,000 gallons. In that case, you will need to raise the total alkalinity to 80 ppm as the minimum level.

The difference between the required and the current total alkalinity is 30 ppm. Rasing the ppm by 10 will require three pounds of baking soda because the pools capacity is 20,000 gallons. In hot tubs, you wouldnt need to add this much.

You should add the baking soda directly into the hot tub and leave it to dissolve for about 2 to 3 hours when the pumps are running.

The time will allow proper mixing so that you can get accurate results upon testing again to determine whether more baking soda is needed.

It is always good to turn off the jets when testing and add the baking soda into the system.

To raise total alkalinity I recommend Spa Essentials Total Alkalinity Increaser.

Can I Use Vinegar To Lower The Ph In My Hot Tub

pH Increaser

Keeping the pH of your hot tub at the appropriate level is a necessary part of spa maintenance. You can purchase products from a pool supply store to regulate the pH, but if you do not have these chemicals on hand or if you prefer a more natural approach, adding vinegar to your spa can safely lower the pH.

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How To Decrease The Ph Level In Hot Tubs

Using the pH decreaser such as sodium bisulfate can lower the pH level in your hot tub. Another way that you can use for reducing the pH level is by using Muriatic acid. You should use protective gear such as gloves for resisting chemicals and safety glasses while using this chemical as it is very caustic in nature.

To be safer, it is better for you to use some alternative product other than muriatic acid which is not caustic in nature. But it is still better to wear all the safety gear.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Ph Increaser In A Hot Tub

Too much pH increaser in a hot tub can cause itchy skin and burning eyes. And it can cause an increase in scale buildup which shortens the lifespan of the equipment.

So if youve overdone it, the best solution is to use a pH reducer to bring the levels back down.

You should test your hot tub water at least twice a week, more after heavy usage, using test strips. You can get these from your local dealer, but the type I recommend is the . Just click on the link to check the latest prices.

But the best way to avoid too much is to add it in small amounts.

If you add too much and the pH level exceeds 7.8 ppm, you shouldnt go in the water! How bad is it to get in high pH water? You can see more on this in a recent article. Aside from red skin and itchy eyes, theres 1 additional thing that might require medical treatment!

Just click on the link to read it on my site.

So start small. Turn on the jets and leave the cover off, and then test again in 20 minutes. You can always add more you cant add less.

When it comes to hot tub chemistry, the first thing you want to check is the waters alkalinity.

Cal Spas and Jacuzzi

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Low Ph Has A High Risk

You never want your pH level to dip below 7.4especially far below 7.4. The lower your hot tubs pH, the more acidic it is.

Heres why thats a bad thing.

Highly acidic water will stop your sanitizer from working efficiently. That means that swimmers in your spa are less likely to be alone: a whole host of bacteria will join them. Sometimes, that bacteria can be harmful.

This scenario can be even worse than inefficient sanitizer in a swimming pool. Thats because hot tubs operate at much higher temperatures than poolswhile the average pool temperature is between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, hot tubs are somewhere between 98.6 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature above 85 degrees is more welcoming to bacteria. That includes their offspring, since theyre more likely to reproduce at rapid rates in a nice, comfortable, warm pool of water.

Since untreated or mistreated hot tubs are more likely to host bacteria, there are some pretty nasty strains that have already been documented. This includes pseudomonas aeruginosa, which causes hot tub folliculitis, and legionella, which causes Legionnaires Disease.

Bet youre feeling pretty ready to keep your pH maintained right about now.

Theres more: low pH can also cause corrosion on your equipment and plumbing. So keep yourself, other swimmers, and your hot tub healthy. Dont let your pH drop below 7.4.

Balancing Your Hot Tubs Ph

How To Lower ALKALINITY In A HOT TUB | Swim University

When you have acidic water , youll add alkaline chemicals to increase the pH. When you have basic water , youll add acids to lower the pH. So youll get your TA perfect and then add some other stuff to fix your pH, right? Not exactly.

Using certain types of pH increaser or pH decreaser will likely also affect TA. This is why getting these two levels balanced can be tricky, but not impossible.

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Ratio And Tablespoons Method

This method is for individuals who know how much water their hot tub can hold. Usually, the tubs manufacturer discloses this on the packaging or the sales page. If this information is missing, you will waste too much time trying to pull this off. Skip to the next method if thats the case. Otherwise, do the following.

  • Write down the amount of water in your hot tub by the gallon.
  • Divide the number by 100.
  • The answer is the number of tablespoons of baking soda you need to add to your hot tub.


This method relies on the fact that an average of one tablespoon per hundred gallons creates the right alkaline balance. However, waters natural alkalinity might vary depending on the region and the previous stabilization attempts. Thats why testing the pH after putting half the number of required spoons is a good idea. An even better, albeit longer, method relies on more testing and is detailed below.

High Level Of Ph In Hot Tub

When the pH level of your hot tub is high, it means that it can leave scale on your plugs, filters, jets, pipes, etc. Water scale can also decrease the flow and circulation of the water too which can result in increasing the pressure of water in the system which is responsible for proper circulation. This can put a lot of strain on the equipment of your hot tub.

Here are some of the major reasons why the pH level of the hot tub can increase:

  • When the source of the local water has a very high pH level, it can increase the pH level of your hot tub too
  • While balancing the pH level, you may have added more pH increaser than it was needed

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Best Hot Tub Chemicals To Balance Your Hot Tub

To keep your water clean and fresh, we recommend testing your water at least twice a week. But knowing which are the best hot tub chemicals to suit your needs can be difficult. At Aqua Spa Supplies and Aqua Warehouse, we specialise in providing a range of high quality hot tubs for sale and hot tub accessories to ensure your spa is kept safe, fresh and clean.

If you would like more information about our vast selection of hot tub chemicals,visit our websiteor call us today on 01245 477 400.

Balancing Hot Tub Alkalinity & Ph

pH Increaser 1kg

PH and Alkalinity are one of the most common areas of confusion for many hot tubbers and the risks associated with unbalanced water can damage your hot tub so it is a very important to get right. Questions such as “what is the difference between alkalinity and PH?”, “Why does PH matter in my hot tub?” and “How do I raise alkalinity in my hot tub?” are the most common and will be answered below.

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How To Add Baking Soda To Your Hot Tub

Youve done well, choosing baking soda as your alkaline additive for your hot tub. And its even better that youre looking up how to do it because too much baking soda can cause problems down the line. The best way to add baking soda is to simply do it just enough that it gets your tubs alkalinity exactly as high as you want it. This raises the question of how much baking soda to raise alkalinity in my hot tub is enough?

To raise alkalinity in a hot tub using baking soda, you must add six tablespoons. The ideal ratio is one tablespoon per hundred gallons, given that the water isnt alkaline enough, to begin with. Otherwise, you have to test the pH and add tiny increments and retest until the pH is between 7.2 and 7.8

Adding baking soda to your hot tub isnt rocket science, but there are steps that keep you from adding too much. And they start with finding out your pools pH. Below are two methods to add baking soda to a hot tub.

Does Increasing Alkalinity Increase Ph

To a large extent, it does. When you increase the alkalinity of hot tub water, you also increase the pH of the water. But sometimes, its possible to have a low pH level and a high alkaline level in the hot tub.

The pH scale is measured from 0 14. 0-6 is considered to be acidic. 7 is considered to be neutral while 8-14 is considered to be alkaline. So if you increase alkalinity, this means you are raising the pH level of the water. For instance, lets assume the pH level in your hot tub is 6. This means the pH level is slightly acidic.

If you add baking soda to the water or any other base solution, the solution will increase the pH level. If the pH level is increased from 6 to 8, this means you have raised the pH level while also increasing the alkalinity of the water. Im sure you get it now. So how do you deal with too much alkalinity in the hot tub water?

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Consider Using A Water Care Monitor

Monitoring the health of your hot tub can often be challenging if you are not testing the water on a regular basis. This can also be a problem if you go on holiday or you are unable to take care of your hot tub due to mobility issues.

The pHin Smart Water Care Monitor for pools, hot tubs, and inflatable spas continuously tests the water and alerts you when to add chemicals with the integrated mobile app.

The mobile app will inform you when to add chemicals such as chlorine, and how much chemical is recommended. This is done by entering your hot tub or pools unique dimensions.

Simply scan the bar code of any chemical brand and the pHin app will calculate how much chemical is to be added to the water. Most products and brands are recognized by the application.

The pHin device will sample water more than 1000 times per week to give you an accurate reading compared to using test strips.

The pHin device works with different water types including chlorine, bromine, and saltwater hot tubs, swim spas, inflatable hot tubs, and pools.

This unique device comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure your water remains clear and ready for you to use at all times.

How Much Baking Soda To Raise Ph Of Hot Tub

How to Raise Your Water pH

Again, theres no set amount of baking soda to raise the pH of a hot tub. The amount you will need depends on the pH level at the time of testing and the alkalinity level.

Its best to use a pool chemical calculator like this one, look at the instructions on the pack or use this basic rule of thumb.

1 ounce of Baking Soda for every 500 gallons of hot tub water.

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Repeat The Process Or Drain And Refill The Hot Tub Completely

If your pH and alkalinity levels werent too far off to begin with, you might be done with the process of raising the pH in your hot tub! However, you may still have a bit farther to go. If levels are close to where they should be, go ahead and repeat the process.

But in the case that alkalinity and pH levels are still far from the ideal range, it may be best to completely drain out your hot tub and refill it. Sometimes, its easier to start fresh, rather than continuing to add chemicals over and over again in hopes that you will be successful. For best results, use a hose filter like the Fresh Start® Clean Screen when refilling your hot tub in order to keep contaminants out. Using a metal sequestrant is also helpful for filtering out any metal build-up in the hot tub.

Why Is Your Ph Low

Water should have a neutral pH but when other things are introduced, the acidity can change. Anything from minerals to grass, dust to body oils will affect the water chemistry of your hot tub.

If the pH in your hot tub is always low, it could be a natural contaminant affecting the levels in your spa. You might be walking through grass or mulch to get into the spa . Maybe you are hopping in the spa immediately after a hard workout.

Another common reason your pH is always low might be the water. Yes, it should be neutral. However, local municipalities treat their water so that it is safe for drinking. The EPA recommends that the pH be between 6.5 and 8.5, which is different from the suggested range for spa water. People who do not have city water or use well water might have acidic water as the soil and bedrock affects the pH.

There are other explanations for low pH:

You added too much pH down when trying to balance the water. Hot tub chemicals should be added gradually, and you should check the water after 30 minutes to see whether the levels need further adjusting.

An increased bather load will affect the levels of your water. Natural contaminants on your body will lower the pH and make it harder for the chlorine to work.

Adding too much shock, especially if the pH is already low, will make it harder to get your water in the proper range.

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