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What Is The Best Winter Pool Cover

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The Importance Of Covering A Pool

Swimming Pool Covers: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It is important to cover your pool once the season is over. The reason is to protect the inside from the damage of debris, leaves, dirt, and other falling debris. In addition, the elements of winter weatherrain, snow, wind, and ice.

If ice accumulation is ½ inch or more during winter place some form of padding between the water and cover. Any type of floating device will worksuch as an inflatable pillow, a beach ball, or other items made from foam. Doing this will prevent any damage to your pool liner the ice might cause. Do not use these items to tent up the pool cover. Doing so can expose it to being damaged by the wind, which could void the warranty.

The Basic: The Tarp Pool Cover

This one is a standard pool cover, but not a pool safety cover. A winter tarp cover will cost you between $75-$225, but be careful going in this direction: they only last from 1-3 seasons. Since its not mesh, this tarp keep out sunlight and a fair amount of debris. But a heavy lifter this pool cover is not. If anyone, human or animal, walks across this cover, it will cave inbringing all the junk thats accumulated on top into the pool you just worked so hard to close the right way for the season. Thats not what anyone means when they mention a catwalk.

Even without a visitor, this cover could give in with the weight of the debris, rainwater, and perhaps even ice that is sure to come. If youre not hypervigilant about checking that your pool cover pump is moving all that weight off of the tarp and keeping it light and secure, make sure you have a heavy-duty, automatic cover pump like the Sunnora 800 Automatic Pool Cover Pump, which detects up to an eighth of an inch of water. Otherwise, you might as well not cover your pool at alland seriously, you should cover your pool.

I cant promise that a tarp will keep you safe, and they dont tend to look beautiful by any means. But if youre looking for the cheapest optionthis is it, my friend.

What Are The 5 Best Winter Pool Covers / Blankets

  • |February 24, 2021

Depending on where you live, a pool thats subject to 4 seasons means you have to open it in the spring and close it in the fall, shutting it down for the winter months.

In which case, youll need a winter pool cover to preserve your backyard oasis until its ready to be used again.

Lets talk about the best winter pool covers right now, and how to pick one that works for you.

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C How Do I Install The Best Winter Pool Cover

You can install your pool cover in these simple steps.

  • Prepare the pool. Clean all debris like leaves and twigs first. These can clog the skimmer if you leave them in the water for too long. Also, reduce the water to below the skimmer level, so it does not get clogged when the water freezes.
  • Balance the chlorine levels. Add your pool chemicals to balance the chlorine and pH levels. Use your swimming pool chemical test kit to ensure the water is balanced note you can only do this again during spring, so ensure the water won’t damage the pool during winter.
  • Remove all equipment like pumps, filters, and even the heating systems. Once you cover the pool, these tools will not be required, and you will also not open the pool until winter is over.
  • Install the pool cover. If you do not need a professional to install, make sure you spread the overlap evenly on all sides. Then, secure the cover using your thread and grommets. Tighten enough so it can stay put for months.
  • Place your wall bags along the pool perimeter to guarantee it stays in place through high-speed winter winds.
  • Leave the covered pool until spring when you want to resume swimming.
  • How To Install The Tarp Cover

    Swimline 8

    At first, this will feel like youre making the biggest bed of your lifeand then it gets a little repetitive to make sure the cover is secured. To start this installation, youll need the winter cover, water bags, wall bags, and a long thin rope.

    1. First, unfold your winter cover with a friend. Then, place the winter cover over the pool with a waving motion, so that the cover doesnt fold over on itself. Both above-ground and in-ground pools are designed with some overlap, so that the cover wont be too small for your pool even if you partially drain your pool or add an air pillow.

    2. Using a filled water bag, weigh down the unsecured perimeter of your pool cover. This way, you dont have to worry about the cover falling in while you work.

    3. Then, place the empty water bags so theyre parallel to all of your pools edges. To prevent rolling, fit the empty water bags through the covers loops.

    4. Fill each bag chamber halfway with water, allowing room for ice expansion. Id even suggest adding a bit of pool anti-freeze in each bag.

    5. Next, fill 4 wall bags halfway full and tie a long loop of rope to each bag, and then to a water bag. One wall bag should be positioned in each corner of your pool, on top of the cover.

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    Solid Winter Pool Covers

    Made of tightly woven, laminated material, solid winter pool covers protect your pool water from sunlight, contamination, and chemical fluctuations. Like mesh covers, there are beneficial aspects to solid winter pool covers, and inconvenient aspects to them too. Because of their impenetrable design, solid covers keep rain, snow, and debris out of your pool water keeping it clean and contaminant free. But that rain, snow, and debris has to go somewhere, and it usually ends up sitting on top of your solid cover and weighing it down unless disposed of. Solid winter pool cover maintenance includes regularly pumping the cover to remove debris and excess water.

    Waterwarden Rectangle Blue Mesh In

    The WaterWarden is a pricey option but with 92% of customers recommending this cover, its well worth spending some extra cash.

    It is secured using brass anchors that stay put on your pool deck year-round. Easy to install, you wont have to pay an outside contractor come in and install it, either.

    If your pool also includes a side-step, this cover comes in a variety of shapes to accommodate.

    Get the WaterWarden Rectangle Blue Mesh In-ground Safety Pool Cover at The Home Depot starting at $558

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    Mesh Winter Pool Covers

    As their name suggests, mesh winter pool covers are not solid, opaque covers. The tiny openings in the mesh material allow sunshine, rainwater, snow, and fine debris to pass through into the pool. Larger pieces of debris cant pass through the mesh netting and get trapped on top of the cover. The benefit of the mesh material is that water and debris dont accumulate on the top and weigh the cover down, which can cause it to break. The disadvantage of this type of cover is that it permits debris buildup and algae growth in your pool, which will require extra work and chemicals to clear up come pool opening season.

    Additionally, mesh covers do not retain much, if any, pool water heat. So if youre worried about your pool freezing during winter, this is not the best cover for you.

    Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover

    Eliminator XTREME Pool Cover review after first winter

    This is an in-ground pool cover made by Pool Mate. The 571632R Sandstone promises to guard your pool against any conditions winter may have to offer. It deters the growth of algae by hindering the amount of UV rays that may infiltrate your pool. When closing your pool for the winter, all you need to do is apply chemicals and your pool is protected until spring. You will have a pristine, sparkling clean pool to start off the swimming season.


    • Material is very thin

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    Option #: Solid Safety Covers

    What: Solid safety covers are made of tough, long-lasting, light- or heavy-duty gauge vinyl. A solid safety cover blocks 100% of the sun’s rays, which minimizes algae growth.

    Who: In-ground pool owners.

    Sizes: Solid safety covers are all custom-made to your pool’s shape and features.

    Tips: Solid safety covers have become less popular over the years due to their price and the weight of the cover. Now, almost all safety covers are mesh. If you’re replacing an existing solid safety cover, use your old cover as a template. If you’re purchasing a solid safety cover for the first time, proper measurements are critical. At Buds, professional measurements are included in your installation price.

    Need more help navigating the world of winter pool covers? Let us know how we can help!

    How To Install Winter Pool Cover

    The process of installing a winter pool cover involves 5 different stages, in which you have to complete diverse actions before placing a cover on the pool. All of the steps are essential for the pool to be under control while being unused through the winter.

    Clean the pool in advance

    If there are large debris and particles left in the bottom, such as pine needles, bugs, leaves, they all have to be removed entirely before the pool coverage through winter seasons. The reason behind this is that such dirt can easily clog the skimmer.

    You can choose to use a skimmer net or the pool filtration to get rid of debris on the water surface. When the pool is already cleaned up before the winter, there would be less work for the cover. This swimming pool can get ready instantly upon opening.

    Balance the water chemistry

    Never underestimate the power of the chemical balance in your pool water. It should be checked before covering the pool to make sure its chlorine water is doing all right. These following chemical substances are effective in preserving the water quality in winter.

    To test the balance of water chemistry, there are many chemical pool test kits on the market. Your pool should be applied with chlorine shock powder and other winterizing chemicals. The standard pH rate is 7.2-7.6, and Alkalinity is 80-120 ppm.

    Reduce the water level

    Drain out all equipment

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    Place the pool cover on

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    Option #: Mesh Safety Covers

    What: Mesh safety covers are made of durable, long lasting, polypropylene mesh fabric in a variety of weaves and colours. The fabric is secured using straps and an anchoring system that’s drilled directly into the pool deck.

    Who: In-ground pool owners who open their pool in early spring, don’t have large amounts of debris and leaves in their yard and for whom safety is a high priority.

    How: The mesh material eliminates standing water hazards by allowing water and melting snow to drain through while screening out most of the dirt and debris. Installation rods are required to install and remove these covers, making them tamper-proof.

    Sizes: Mesh safety covers can be made in any shape or size.

    Tips: Proper measurements must be taken, and Buds will send someone to quote a safety cover at no charge. If you’re replacing an existing mesh safety cover, it’s best to use your old cover as a template so that the strap locations can be noted and there will be no need to drill new holes for installation anchors.

    Gli Pool Products 1632 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover

    Winter pool covers

    The model is really good when it comes to protecting your pool from issues such as dirt and debris. To make it great, the manufacturer made it out of two ply mesh material. This type of material will resist rot, mildew, sunlight, and harsh chemical change. You can already see that it will be worth spending your money on it.

    The model is still affordable. This is when compared to the other models on the list. You will not have to break a bank to afford it. Well, going by its features, you should definitely find worth in getting it right now.

    The mesh construction is what allows for water drainage. When this happens, the mesh still keeps the leaves and other debris out. You will not have to keep cleaning the pool all the time.

    It comes with a strong set of mounting hardware. You should be in a position to have it in position as fast as possible.

    Our Rating:

    • Sunlight protection could be better

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    Should I Spend So Much Money On Above Ground Pool Winter Covers

    An above ground pool winter covers should live with you for many years to come. Paying more will reward you with a better view, increased speed, and better quality accuracy every time you open the lid. It costs between $$ and $$$ on average to purchase a new above ground pool winter covers. The price is higher but there are some luxury features that you opt for.

    The Cleanest Option: The Solid Pool Safety Cover

    Solid pool safety covers will last around 6-10 years, depending on care and the severity of the winter season, and cost around $800-$3,000. Usually made of vinyl, these are less light than a mesh pool safety cover, and a little more different to wrangle.

    A solid pool safety cover is the way to go if you have an extra pair of hands to help you install the cover, and both of you can lift its weight. The benefit here is that unlike the mesh cover, the solid cover will not allow rainwater to pass through, and youre more likely to have clear water within 24 hours of opening your pool next year, instead of days later. Its fairly common for owners to open up their pool and find a cloudy mess, but the severity of that murkiness matters.

    Although a solid pool cover can take more weight than a tarp before buckling under, youll be surprised how quickly rain water or melted ice accumulatesand youll be even more shocked by how heavy it can be. Youre going to need a pool cover pump, and unless you like standing outside in the cold to watch your cover pump working, I recommend an automatic model. This way, your pump will detect how much water is on top of your cover and power on and off accordingly. Try a durable and tried-and-true model like the Black & Decker 800 GPH Automatic Pool Cover Pump. Complete with a one-year warranty, it works fast to keep your cover light and secure. Basically, as it should be.

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    Safety First Last And In

    Listen, Im not going to tell you how to live your life. But I will say that the tarps you can get for cheap to cover your pool werent designed with safety in mind. And since most drownings involving victims under the age of five happen in residential swimming pools, its important to consider the riskeven if you dont have small children yourself. You never know who will visit, or if your neighbors have small children who could find their way into your yard. The same goes with those furry members of your family. Seriously, its much better to just rule out the possibility.

    Even your installation should be focused on safety, since even a pool cover that was designed for safety purposes could be unsafe if installed improperly. If youre not confident that you can handle the installation yourself, its a good idea to call in a professional. My recommendation? Watch what they do so you can try it on your own next year. Its a lot easier to replicate after the first installationespecially for the more permament installations like the pool safety covers.

    One common discovery on pool opening dayand the one pool owners fearis algae, no question. Use the BLACK+DECKER 360-Degree Bristles Pool Brush to keep microspores from attaching to your pool walls and floors. It was developed by longtime pool maintenance experts to prevent aches and pains associated with getting hard-to-reach corners.

    Best Large Solar Pool Cover: Sun2solar 1200 Series

    Solid Vinyl vs Mesh Inground Winter Pool Cover Which is Better?
    • Price: $219+
    • Average customer review: 4.2 stars
    • Type: solar cover
    • Maximum pool size: 30 x 50 rectangular
    • Lifespan: 1 to 2 years
    • Weight: 40 pounds

    Sun2Solar offers a wide range of solar pool cover sizes and thicknesses, from the spa-sized 4 by 8 option to the gargantuan 30 by 50 cover. Theres also a 33 by 33 square cover for pool owners with large square or round pools.

    Like most other solar covers, the Sun2Solar products can be trimmed to fit the contours of your pool. Freeform and custom-shaped pools can still get good use of a well-fitted custom-cut Sun2Solar cover.

    There are three thicknesses available for your Sun2Solar cover: 8 millimeters, 12 millimeters, and 16 millimeters — the 800, 1200, and 1600 series, respectively.

    All three thickness options come in a blue color, but you can also get a white or clear cover in 12 or 16 millimeters. Customer reviews highly recommend using the 12 or 16 millimeter cover, with some comments suggesting you stick with the 16-millimeter product if you have a dark bottom pool.

    We dont recommend using a solar cover to protect your pool in the winter offseason. It should only be used to heat your pool while protecting it from larger debris during swim season. The thin nature of a solar cover may require replacement every year or two.

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    Ill Just Get The Cheapest Cover Right

    There are certainly times when it makes sense to cut your costs downfor example, if youre a pool owner who wants to save money , the first thing you should do is get a variable-speed pump like the Energy Star Variable Speed In Ground Blue Torrent Cyclone Swimming Pool Pumpwhich will save you every month on your operating costs, and eventually pays itself off with energy saved. But your pools winter cover? Unfortunately, there are no similar win-wins there. A pool cover is an investment. Take care of it, and itll last you about a decade of winters. I know, nobody wants to think about cold months over the next ten years right now. I dont particularly, either, but its worth it to be prepared.

    Winter pool cover prices vary based on manufacturer and pool cover type, but theres a major cost difference between a winter tarp and a mesh or solid pool safety cover. But before you click your heels and run off to your closest pool supply store, Ill give you one fair warning: when it comes to winter pool covers, you get what you pay for.

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