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Deck Design For Hot Tub

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Get Inspired By Fabrics And Lattice Fencing

How to Build Decking for a Hot Tub

Photo via Digs Digs

Find inspiration in your patio decor design with this impressive lattice fence and fabric curtains. This is perfect for creating a space that allows for privacy, provides shade, and is a fun way to play with the space. When youre tired of the color, swap out the color and pattern for something fresh and new.

How To Build A Deck To Support A Hot Tub

  • How to Build a Deck to Support a Hot Tub?
  • Whats better: having a deck in your backyard or, sitting in a hot tub to relax? The answer for hot tub people is both sitting in a hot tub while out on your deck. Mixing a deck and a hot tub can truly create some amazing places to hang out and soak but what does it take for a deck to support a hot tub?

    You essentially need to double the supports of the deck for it to hold a hot tub. You will need larger lumber and more of it. This all would need to be engineered to your specific project details like how high off the ground, how much total weight, and more.

    Mixing a hot tub and a deck can come in so many different forms. You could already have a concrete slab patio out back with a hot tub on it and you just want to surround it with a raised deck so that the tub has a sunk-in feel to it. Or maybe your ideal spot is twelve feet up off of a master bed slider and you want to make sure that you have enough lumber underneath it to hop in every night and not pray for your decks strength.

    If you want to learn more about some different hot tub deck ideas and how to implement them then read on but if you just want to talk to someone right now about your next backyard project then give us a call at 970-663-2868 or just .

    Placing Your Hot Tub On Your Deck

    Where and how you place your hot tub on your deck is another big decision, as moving it later can be a hassle. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the placement just right.

    Distance from the House

    Placing your hot tub against the wall of the house gives you some extra privacy and blocks wind so that you can be more comfortable on chilly nights. And the closer the tub is to a door, the faster youll be able to dash inside and warm up!

    If cold weather isnt a concern and youd like to place your spa farther out on your deck, make sure you have slip-resistant decking or mats leading from it to the house. Even with mats, its also a good idea to keep your wood deck properly sanded so no one ends up with a splinter in their foot when theyre getting out of the tub.


    Youll also want to make sure there is plenty of space around the tub so that you can easily enter, exit, and put on/remove the cover. The engine should be easily accessible for repairs and maintenance. Lastly, if you want to keep leaves out of your hot tub, avoid placing it underneath a tree.


    No one wants their neighbors peeping on them when theyre relaxing in the spa consider adding a privacy fence, foliage, or a pergola to give yourself some privacy.

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    Tiered Decks For Hot Tubs

    There are no rules about how you design your backyard deck. Creating tiers gives your deck visual interest and design. It also helps create naturally divided zones or living spaces. If your property isnt perfectly level, tiers are an easy way to address the changing landscape.

    You should always have a flat area that leads out of your homes door. From there, you can have a step down or a step up to a tiered dining level. You could build your deck in another direction that has a separate tier for your hot tub. Then you could have another area that has casual seating and a fire pit.

    Creating successful tiers will have a limited number of steps up or down. This eliminates having a traditional staircase to get from one level to the next.

    Traditional Hot Tub Deck

    Deck Design Hot Tub

    This expansive deck has a more traditional feel. The railings and lattice, all made of cedar, create a classic look while enhancing safety and providing a degree of privacy.

    Since the deck is so large, it could easily support a lot of seating. Theres enough room to wander that entertaining here would also be a breeze.

    The hot tub itself is more of a side feature. Its tucked to one side, near the lattice, with a simple staircase to increase accessibility. If youre looking for an approach that ensures the spa isnt the central feature, this could definitely be it.

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    Select Your Decking Materials

    Whether youre building a new deck or refurbishing an old one, youll have to decide what decking materials to use. Consider these options when youre planning your hot tub deck project.

    • Composite deck boards. Todays composite boards, such as those made by Trex, have come a long way since the first generation. These new-generation boards are much more resilient and shed water better. They also eliminate refinishing and require only an occasional soap-and-water cleaning to maintain their aesthetics and performance. Trex composite decking guarantees the deck will still look and feel great after 25 years.
    • Pressure-treated wood. This is the most common type of decking material. Its inexpensive but it requires refinishing every two or three years. The wood is also susceptible to cracks and splinters.
    • Red cedar. This soft wood feels good on bare feet and resists the elements fairly well. Like pressure-treated wood, you need to apply stain periodically to keep it the color you want, but cedar decks should last a little longer.
    • Ipe. This Brazilian hardwood is free of knots, very hard, but quite expensive. It lasts twice as long as pressure-treated wood.

    Add A Pergola To Create A Peaceful Atmosphere

    A pergola is an ideal addition to any hot tub because it provides shade and privacy, especially with hanging plants and flower boxes. If you want to remove the curtain between your hot tub and the natural world, a pergola will help you achieve this transformation. It can also be decorated with flowers or lights to create a stunning atmosphere. If you want to make the most of your space, think of adding a small table or an area with chairs under the pergola. This will provide more room for guests and make it more convenient to get food and drinks while soaking on that warm day.

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    Add Plenty Of Potted Plants To Your Hot Tub Decking

    Colorful blooms up the appeal of this space

    Decking is a great base for container gardening ideas, so be sure to stock up on planters for your hot tub deck ideas.

    Colorful blooms in timeless terracotta totally transform the surroundings of this sunken tub, and we like the addition of trees, too, which add an element of height to the mix.

    Switch them up with the seasons to keep the display inviting all year round. Our winter planter ideas are full of inspiration, while spring bulbs will offer plenty of cheer as the weather begins to warm.

    A Brick Deck On A Wood Hut Tub

    Incredible Deck With Built in Hot Tub – Full Backyard Makeover Time Lapse

    Matching the wood color to the brick is one of the nicest ideas which you should definitely go for. They complement each other and look natural together.

    The highlight, which is the hot tub area, is very stunning. It is basically the first thing you will see as you enter this nook. Having a fireplace also gives the area a special vibe for people to gather around and convene closely. When going for a classic design, choose this one.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Deck With A Hot Tub

    One of the least expensive hot tubs costs approximately $700 but it differs on the size, material used for the frame and other decorative items that are used.

    Aside from these, installation fees vary and the labor costs are not yet added in that base range too. Hence, a large sum of money is needed when you want to have one. But with all its features and therapeutic benefits, it is always worth the shot.

    Create A Natural Shade For Your Hot Tub Deck

    Youll want to enjoy your hot tub in all kinds of weather, so creating a space with natural shade is important. You can do this by planting trees or installing a pergola. If you have a lot of sun in your backyard, you may consider adding an umbrella to your deck. This will not only provide shade for your hot tub, but it will also protect you from the suns harmful rays.

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    A Simple Deck Can Create A Stunning Effect On Its Own

    For a hot tub deck, you can make a simple design thats understated and still has an impact. To keep it simple and elegant:

  • Use natural decor like rocks with plants or flowers.
  • When you want to create something more elaborate, consider using wood or stone on your deck and adding branches from fruit trees or flowering plants around the hot tub to add color.
  • Consider using an organic material for your deck, so it transforms into something that complements nature.
  • Luxurious Hot Tub Deck

    15 Hot Tub Deck Ideas for a Relaxing Backyard

    Hot tub decks themselves have a luxurious feeling to them. But we can enhance it by installing it in a large open space with lots of lights creating a stunning atmosphere. To give it a great touch, add a colorful spotlight inside the water. Try using monochromatic lights like blue or green. Use unusual things like candlelight to create a warm ambiance.

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    Incorporate An Outdoor Rug Into Your Deck Design

    Photo by CoCo Cozy via Worthing Court

    A decorative carpet can accent your outdoor design and infuse some of your personality into the space. Choose an indoor/outdoor carpet that complements your style and adds warmth to the space.Key insights:

    • Give your outdoor environment a fresh look by adding a new coat of paint to the wicker and metal furniture. Choose a rug color that complements your home and furnishings. Replace seat cushions or recover the old ones with a new, stylish design.

    Hot Tub Deck With A Remarkable View

    While looking at a remarkable lake view, it is not a bad idea to be sitting and feeling the hot waters on a tub.

    Having just the right amount of place where you can sit, walk, and laugh while waiting for your time to be in the tub is worth it. Feel the sea breeze, enjoy the night, and make it a special place where you can release all your problems and just relax and be consoled.

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    Composite Hot Tub Decks

    Do you love the look of wood, but find the maintenance required a bit tedious? You arent alone. Wood looks beautiful the day its installed. But then it requires regular cleaning, staining, and sealing. Fail to do this, and your wood will fade, splinter, and warp. This will look ugly and be dangerous for people to walk on barefoot.

    An alternative deck material to this is to use composite. It costs about the same or slightly more per square foot than cedar wood decking .

    You gain a lot of advantages for the extra cost. You dont have to sand, seal, stain, or paint it. Just give it a cleaning once or twice a year, and youre done. Composite decking is also stain, insect, and fade resistant, so itll look beautiful for years longer than a natural wood deck. You can expect your natural wood deck to last about 10 to 30 years, while composite can easily outlast that and may last as long as 50 years.

    Establish The Hot Tub Pad

    Best Backyard Hot Tub Deck Design Ideas for Relaxing

    Ground-level and recessed hot tubs must be supported with a concrete pad 3 to 4 inches thick. Establish and mark the corners of the pad as you did the footing locations. To determine the finished height of the pad, factor in the hot tubs overall height, the height of the finished deck and, how far the hot tub will rise above the deck surface. Install the pad on compacted, level ground using concrete blocks set on sand or build a form and fill it with concrete.

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    Create A Mini Spa Sanctuary

    Photo via Archadeck

    This full privacy, multi-step wood deck is ideal for creating a backyard retreat to relax after a long day. Remember to consider the weight of the hot tub, including the water, to ensure the structure of the frame supports the full weight of the spa.

    Key insights:

    • Make this space yours where you feel comfortable to release the stress of the day. Include comfortable outdoor furniture, plants, and other items to create a space you enjoy.

    Distance From The House

    Hot tubs can hug an exterior wall or stand farther away. Installed close to a wall, the hot tub is shielded from the wind and will usually give you faster access to the indoors. If you install the hot tub farther away, create a direct and slip-resistant pathway to the house. Generally, the colder the climate, the closer to the house the tub should be.

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    Create A Large Deck For Big Gatherings

    When you have a large hot tub, use your deck area for big parties. Designing a large deck space with plenty of seating and entertainment space will make entertaining groups much easier. Then you can fill the deck with games and activities that guests can play to keep them entertained while they wait for dinner to be ready or the sun goes down. If a large deck is not something youre interested in, then you could also build another seating area smaller than your decks main area.

    Utilize Granite Finishes To Give The Deck A Unique Look

    Sunken Hot Tub Deck Design

    One easy way to add an extra touch to your deck is by utilizing granite finishes. This will give your deck a unique look that will impress your guests. In addition, using granite will also make it easier to clean and maintain, as it is a non-porous material. Granite tops are also heat-resistant, so you dont have to worry about them being damaged by the hot tub. When choosing granite for your deck, pick a color that compliments your hot tub and other outdoor furniture. In a setting like this, darker colors tend to be more elegant and sophisticated, while lighter colors are more fun and festive.

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    Who Can Do The Work

    For work that requires a permit, the owner of a single-family home or duplex may hire a licensed contractor to do the work, or in some cases, do the work themselves. This means that you, the owner, will be responsible for doing the work not a friend, neighbor, tenant or relative, unless they hold an appropriate contractors license.

    Electrical and plumbing work in homes for rent, sale, lease or exchange must be done by a licensed contractor. The permit requirements for an owner doing their own work are the same as those for a contractor doing the work.

    Fences That Are More Than Seven Feet Tall

    Fences may be built on private property, as long as they meet certain height and setback requirements.

    A permit is required only when building a fence taller than seven feet in height or when a fence encloses a swimming pool.

    Other requirements for building fences include:

    Note: Overlay zones and plan districts may have alternative requirements, so check your propertys zoning by calling the Zoning information line at 503-823-7526.

    Building permits are not required for fences in the following situations:

    • Fences constructed of wood and similar materials not over 7 feet high
    • Fences constructed of masonry, concrete and similar materials not over 4 feet high
    • Typical field fencing not over 8 feet high when constructed of woven wire or chain link.
    • Exception: all barriers around swimming pools require a permit.

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    Hot Tub In Winter Weather

    When the cold season begins, it is but natural to want a hot bath amidst the cold. Looking at the deck surround, this winter night is very much feeling icy but a perfect match of this would be the presence of a hot tub on your deck areas.

    This arrangement is just simple yet creates a romantic vibe given the candle light and the couch that serves as a place where you can sit with your companion while enjoying a perfect cold night. Having hot water would ease the cold but having the presence of a loved one in this deck area is very much to your liking.

    Large And Expensive Stone Designed Hot Tub On A Deck

    How to design and build Hot Tub Jacuzzi Deck with a cool modern look

    A large hot tub like this can be ideal for most homeowners especially that it can accommodate a group of people where you can spend time and talk about anything while having to relax your bodies on hot waters, while enjoying the open view.

    This hot tub space could be very expensive given the stone material used in the bottom as the foundation and an added decorative factor to the whole area.

    Going for the big and grand would entail a long and thorough cleaning also so when planning to have one, go with the idea that matches your budget and your capability and effort to clean and maintain.

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