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Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working

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My Jets Arent Working

HOT TUB Topside Control Panel Not Working Right ?

If you wanted to lie around in warm, unmoving water, youd just take a bath. One of the best parts of soaking in a hot tub is using the jets. But if youve got nothing coming out of your jets, dont fret.

Try the easiest and least expensive solution first: turn each of your jets to make sure theyre all wide open. Also, check them for debris such as calcium buildup, and clear them if necessary. Top off the water, clean your filter, and check for plumbing line clogs.

Did you recently refill your hot tub? If so, you could have airlock. You can turn your jets on and off a few times to try to force the air out. You may also loosen the top fitting on your pump just until you hear air escape and see a bit of water, then tighten it back up.

Important: No matter what you may have heard, we do not recommend using a plunger on your jets. The force of plunging may damage your circulation system. It may also void your warranty. Then you really will be paying a bunch of money for repairs.

What If The Error Code On My Hot Tub Control Panel Isnt Erased

If the error codes still pop up after you reset the control panel, then the control panel has an inner problem. It could be a faulty wiring, a water problem, a corroded connection, or some other issue with the control panel. To be sure, you will need to turn off the tub and check the control panel to see what the problem is.

Hot tubs have two types of control panels the handheld control panel and the in-built control panel. The handheld panel is usually connected to the hot tub with a cable and the in-built control panel is usually placed on the top of the hot tub or the side of the hot tub.

Your hot tub will have one of the two. Both types of control panels are always sealed with a waterproof seal to ensure water doesnt get in. After all, the panel is used on a hot tub.

If you have the handheld control panel, check the panel and both ends of the cable that connects it to the hot tub. If you have an in-built control panel, you should check inside the service bay for the cable that connects the panel to the tub.

You might also need to open the control panel to check if it is wet, has a faulty wire, or if is damaged. As a precautionary measure, if you find out the control panel has a faulty wire or a corroded socket, it would be best to contact an electrician except you are experienced with hot tubs electrical set up.

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Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working: Diy Troubleshooting

If you own a hot tub then you surely know how important it is to take good care of it. Still, things get out of hand when youve to go DIY or call for professional help.

The control panel helps ensure youve the ideal temperature settings and the tub is running efficiently while conserving energy at the same time.

Here we will see why your control panel is not working and what you can do about it.

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Getting To Know Your Hot Tub Jet Controls For A Custom Massage

Hot Spring spa jets have been carefully engineered and positioned to target different muscle groups. Your hot tub control panel also allows you to design your personalized hydro massage. From the Jet control menu, you can turn one or more jet pumps on and off from the diverter controls on the bartop, you can adjust the intensity of jet streams. In time, youll get to know the levels of intensity that are therapeutic for different areas of your body and for different needsdeep muscle massage versus deep relaxation and calm.

Identifying The Problem When Hot Tub Is Clicking

Coleman Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working

If you want to troubleshoot a gadget, the first step should be detecting the problem.

Begin it by testing the voltage of the receptacle. You can use a multimeter for this purpose. Normally a hot tub requires either 110-120V or 220V. The required voltage depends on the tubs power.

If your receptacle fails to provide that voltage, your tub might click but not work. And if the required voltage is provided then your gadget is problematic. So, youll need to work on that.

In case you dont have a multimeter in your house. We would suggest you get one. To make it easier for you, weve added our best picks here-

Product 1
Product 2

Weve added a more specific problem-wise solution for you in the next part. Now, lets get in there-

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Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working

For most people who own hot tubs, the issue of hot tub control panel not working is something theyll have to deal with sooner or later. Most people even ask themselves: How do I reset my hot tub control panel?

Issues with the main control panel in your hot tub can cause a world of problems for you. Its incredibly infuriating to come home after a tiring day at work, only to find that your hot tub is not working properly.

However, in most cases, all it takes is a basic reset to get rid of the problem and get your hot tub back in order. But, you may find that a single reset doesnt do the trick and you will have to reset it multiple times to get it working.

This is not something that you should ignore. Its an indication that theres something seriously wrong. If there is a flashing light in the panel or you hear some sort of beeping, its also something that you need to worry about.

To reset the main panel, you need to turn off the hot tub and then give it a break for around 30 seconds before you turn the hot tub on. If you still receive the error signal, you may want to check the official instruction manual that came with your hot tub.

If the panel does not work at all, you might want to take a close look at the main connections and see if theres any water in there. Moisture in the main panel could spell a lot of trouble.

Checking If The Plugs And Wires Are Okay

Firstly, well start with the plugs and wire. Check if your connection plugs and wires are in the right place or not. Try replugging and recheck. Theres a high chance of it not working if the wire is spiraled or twisted.

If the plug and connection wire has dust on it, it might have a problem functioning. So, try to clean the plugs with a soft piece of cloth. Then try again.

Also, ensure that youre using the right wire or not. Some wires work fine with lights only. Whereas others are perfect for high voltage appliances.

Wires obviously play an important role to ensure the gadget is working properly. So, making sure your wires are in good condition is necessary. Moreover, wires might need some replacement over time. Keep that in mind too while youre planning to troubleshoot.

These methods might not solve your problem. But its better to start with checking the hardware before taking a drastic decision. We can try other ways mentioned below if this step fails to solve the problem.

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Your Hot Tub Control Panel Is Not Working And Displaying Errors

Although they show something is wrong, sometimes hot tub error codes can be confusing and dont necessarily pinpoint the cause of the problem. Manuals have many error codes. The five common error codes include:

  • FLOW: Appears when there is improper flow. You may also see it when your jets misbehave. Check for blockages, clean or replace your filter and determine if the circulation pump is working.
  • OH: Appears when the water is too hot to use. Check your circulation system and filter. Also ensure your pump is not running for very long periods. You may need to replace the temperature sensor. But if the display appears and your water is not hot, it is advisable to call hot tub experts.
  • DRY: Means insufficient water is getting to the heating element. You may have to top your hot tub. Please use a hose filter to prevent impurities from getting into your spa and plumbing system. Double check to make sure no debris is present in your circulation system before restarting.
  • COOL: Appears when the actual water temperature is 20 degrees lower than what you set it at. Place your hot tub cover back and allow the heater to run for 24 hours.
  • SNA / SNB: Sensors A and or B might be going bad or sensor circuit has problems. You may need to get a new sensor. Call an expert if youre uncomfortable or unsure.

Hot Tub Control Panel Displaying Error Codes

Hot Tub Control Panel Problem. Temperature Setting

Your hot tub control panel will display error messages when it has found an issue with your settings.

Hot tub error codes will differ depending on the model and make of your tub, but below we have listed a few common messages that may be displayed.

FLO = there is a water flow or pressure error

OH = the sensors have detected a high-water temperature which could cause overheating

DRY = the heater is experiencing an inadequate flow

COOL = the water temperature is below the recommendation

SNA or SNB = your hot tub has shut down as the sensor plugged in to socket A or B is not working

If your hot tub control panel is alerting you to any other error codes, please refer to your user manual for a full list of codes and their meanings.

To avoid these issues from occurring in the first place, we recommend keeping on top of your maintenance by having regular hot tub servicing. For more information on our hot tub servicing from our team of trusted hot tub specialists, visit here.

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How To Fix A Tripped Gfci Breaker In A Hot Tub

How to fix a tripped GFCI breaker in a hot tub depends on the nature of the cause. Most of the causes are easy to fix. However, in some cases, the GFCI breaker may be so worn out that it would need to be replaced. Rest assured that a hot tub tripping a breaker is a relatively common problem.

Lets check out a few causes and how to fix the breaker in each case.

Issue : What If Your Control Panel Doesnt Show Anything

  • Restart the hot tub controller

Reconnect the control panel first. Turn the power off and then on again. Let the electronics go through their programming and restart the hot tub controller.

Sometimes, restarting does help in such a situation.

  • Make sure there is no moisture in the display

Any visible dampness underneath the display is not a good sign for the control panel. Remove the panel from the hot tub shell, peel off the membrane, and sponge out the moisture carefully.

  • Check if the connection cable is intact

Nuisance rodents can gain access to your hot tub and cause damage like cable crimping. You may want to take a look at the cable that connects the control panel with the main circuit board in case you find your controller not working all of a sudden.

Some switches on the panel may still work if this is the case. Youll need to remove the side paneling of the tub to have a good look at the cables there.

  • Brush and clean the plug-ins on both ends of the cable

As you check the cable down there, plug out the connection jacks and brush them clean. Brush the sockets as well. Make sure no electricity is running to the tub while plugging in or out.

  • Check the transformer

Make sure the transformer on the control circuit panel has electricity running through it. A faulty transformer can keep your control panel from working efficiently. Consider professional help if youre not good with electronics.

  • Check the fuse

  • Get a topside control that works with the chip version

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Are Hot Tub Control Panels Universal

The Universal Spa Control is a reliable spa control that fits all hot tubs and is a direct replacement for all spa brands. The USC spa pack is equipped with a 5500W , 4000W , or 3000W spa heater. The USC control board can operate up to 4 water pumps.

How to replace a Coleman hot tub control panel?

Complete replacement control system 110239 with spa pack and topside control for Maax Coleman spas. This retrofit kit features the new MXBP20 system that replaces the discontinued BP501T8 with Maax Spas 8& 9 button OVERLAYS. 110239 Complete Kit Maax Coleman control panel MX700 model 108063 is an original Maax spa part.

How tall is the Coleman spa control panel?

DISCONTINUED 4 1/2 inch wide 2 button control panel that is 2 1/4 inches tall. Factory original Coleman spa part with overlay included. 101175 is an Auxiliary topside control panel for Coleman spas.

How Do I Remove My Hot Tub Control Panel


To remove a hot tub control panel from the top portion of the hot tub, you must first turn off the power, break off the silicone seal, unplug the upper control connectors, remove the panel, add the new panel, and water seal it. A qualified technician or electrician will be able to do this more effectively.

Once your panel is damaged and needs repair or replacement, youre going to remove it from the mounting.

Of course, the control panel needs to be handled with care during the removal and the replacement process.

But I shall look at the various steps you must follow to safely remove and place back a control panel from its mounting.

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How Do You Reset A Hot Tub Control Panel

When using a hot tub, glitches sometimes happen that disrupt the controls. In some cases, a reset is all thats needed to fix the issues, but how do you reset a hot tub control panel?

As a general rule, reset a hot tub control panel by turning off the power at the disconnect panel for 20 seconds. Then, switch it back on again. Alternately, the control pack under the hot tub behind the front panel typically has a small red reset button that can be pressed.

However, if the error signal on the control panel persists, it is advisable to consult your hot tub manual or simply call in a professional.

Its true that most times, to reset a hot tub control panel, you simply press the reset button on your hot tub or restart the hot tub, and all is back to normal. However, there are times when a simple reset wont cut it.

But the above is just the tip of the iceberg.

Theres a lot more to know. In this article, well find out why a hot tub control panel may not be working and how to know if its bad.

We will also learn where the high limit reset button is located on the hot tub and if theres a reset button on a hot tub pump. Well learn about GCFIs and what is the spa pack. And other riveting stuff.

Lets dive right in.

How much damage can rats do? A California resident recently found her hot tub not working, and tracked down the problem rats chewed through the control panel wiring!


How Does A Hot Tub Control Panel Work: Conclusion

A control panel is central to the functioning of your hot tub equipment.

There is so much that goes on in the hot tub. Ideally, it enables you to control almost all operations from a single point through the press of a button.

Control panels vary in design and functions based on your hot tub model. But this guide has laid out standard information applicable to most control panels in the modern and the traditional hot tub models.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the basic features and functions of the control panel discussed in this article so that you can diagnose and resolve common issues without calling a technician.

I have indicated the meaning of different displays that can appear on the control panel, how you can test the control and how you can remove and change the control panel without causing any problems to yourself and your equipment.

I hope this article on how hot tub control panels work was helpful.

Thanks for visiting

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Pump Is Making Loud Noises

When you hear a grumbling, high-pitched squeal or growling noise from your pump, it is an indication of a problem. Remove clogs, top off your water and ensure all valves are open. Squealing sounds indicated bearings are worn out. You can try lubricating them, but eventually, youll have to replace the pump.

Spa Pump Not Responding To Buttons But Still Comes On During Cycles

Hot Tub Topside Controls Not Working Right?

Last Reply on August 17th, 2022 by Nigel

II have a 2002 Optima spa. Several months ago the button on the top-side control panel for the 2 speed pump stopped working. Theres a second, smaller control panel on the opposite side of the tub which also will not work. But when the preset filter cycles occur the pump will come on and the icon comes on on the display. I tried shutting off the power and unplugging the control panel from the electrical panel, and then replugging everything in but its still the same. There also was a time where the pump was coming on and off all on its own, sometimes several times / minute. Is my control panel toast?

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