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How Much To Drain And Acid Wash Pool

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What Is Acid Washing

How to acid wash a pool

While regular maintenance of your pool requires things like vacuuming, brushing the pool walls, and removing scale, acid washing is a bit more involved.

Acid washing is the process of restoring a pools finish using a chemical called muriatic acid. It entails coating the finish with a diluted solution of the acid, gently brushing the walls and floor, and rinsing everything off.

Muriatic acid is highly toxic, and exposes your finish by stripping away the top layer of plaster, removing stains, dirt, and mold that may have accumulated over the years.

Pools with plaster, aggregate, or tile finishes can be acid washed. However, above ground pools, and pools with a vinyl liner should never be cleaned this way as the acid will eat right through them.

What Does It Mean To Acid Wash A Pool

Were not just talking about a regular cleaning here. Anytime you include the word acid, it should be clear youre not talking about a regular anything. Youre bringing out the big guns when you acid wash a pool.

You know how you can go to a dermatologist and have your face exfoliated with a mild acid? The thin, top layer of skin is removed, revealing newer, younger skin underneath. Of course, youll look like you have a sunburn for about a week, but the end result is a smoother, brighter complexion. Thats what an acid wash does for your pool.

More than just a surface clean, an acid wash actually strips a thin layer of plaster off the surface of the pool. Along with the plaster layer, stains left by chlorine, algae, minerals, and just plain dirt are removed, exposing a fresh, clean layer of plaster underneath.

Does removing plaster sound alarming? Dont worry. Usually, a pools plaster coating is at least ½ an inch thick, and the acid removes a very thin layer.

If There Are A Combination Of Things

Waiting until its absolutely necessary to do a pool drain has a hidden advantage you can do multiple things to the pool all at the same time.

Repair structural issues and then acid wash it. Replace a vinyl liner thats about to give up the ghost when doing a water swap. If you can time things right, youll save a lot of money by tackling multiple issues during a single drain.

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How Much Does It Cost To Drain And Clean A Pool

On average, most pool services will have to drain your pool, acid wash it, followed by applying the final chemicals. For an average pool, the price will vary anywhere from $400 to $900 for the average 12,000-gallon pool. The costs will depend on your geographical location, the company youre using and the size of your pool.

How To Acid Wash A Pool

Drain and Acid Washing

Got a grungy pool with a lot of unsightly stains from years of use?

Wanna know how you can restore your pool to its original glory?

Then you should learn how to acid wash a pool! Its really not that difficult to do, but you do need to fully comply with all the safety precautions.

Permit us to explain

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Emerald Pools And Spas Is Here To Help

Emerald Pools and Spas will help with your pool acid washing, tile cleaning, and pool maintenance needs. Our team of trained pool professionals will acid wash your pool and ensure that it is free from any algae or scum so you can continue enjoying and swimming in your pristine outdoor oasis.

At Emerald Pools and Spas, safety is our top priority. Our team of professionals uses the highest quality pool equipment and follows all safety precautions to ensure safety throughout the entire acid washing process. We guarantee that you will love your newly cleaned and sparkling pool!

Are you interested in having your pool acid washed? Use our online form to request Pool Acid Washing with Emerald Pools and Spas today!

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Swimming Pool Hack: No

Do you have a plaster pool? Are the pool stains and scales starting to look unruly or spot treatments no longer feasible? Has the local pool guy in the white van recommended to drain your pool and do an acid wash to remove all of the stain and scale build-up? Well, theres a way around that with todays swimming pool hack, the no-drain acid wash!

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If The Water Needs To Be Changed

At some point, the pool water will have to be changed out. Theres no way around this, but waiting until the last possible minute will save you the work and costs associated with draining and refilling a pool multiple times.

Issues like green pool water, high levels of calcium or cyanuric acid in the pool may require a partial drain to dilute the water. This isnt half as labor intensive or costly as a full drain. Additionally, you may still be able to rectify some of these water issues through the addition of certain chemicals.

After a few years though, the level of TDS in the water will be too high to ignore. Total dissolved solids are exactly what it sounds like theyre a record of everything the pool water has dissolved.

Measured in parts per million with a digital tester, TDS levels should become concerning around the 4000 ppm mark. For reference, drinking water has roughly 500 ppm, whereas ocean water is closer to 30,000 ppm.

Most water issues can be rectified by adding chemicals, but the only way to get rid of high levels of TDS is by doing a drain. Theres no way around this unfortunately, as the addition of more chemicals will only increase the already high TDS levels.

Things youll notice when TDS gets too high include an increased consumption of sanitizing chemicals, and the appearance of stains on the pools finish due to the oversaturation of minerals in the water. If high TDS levels arent dealt with, they can even cause the finish to erode.

What Types Of Pool Surfaces Can Be Acid Washed

How To Acid Wash A Plaster Pool

Not all surfaces are suitable for acid washing, including vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic, or painted surfaces. Check with your builder if you’re not sure of the exact make-up of your pool surface. Plaster, pebble, and quartz surfaces are suitable for acid washing. The surfaces should be no older than 8 years, and there should be no visible cracks or hollow areas. Performing an acid wash on a surface that’s too old or damaged can compromise the integrity of the pool or spa. Schedule an appointment with our trained professional technicians, and they’ll determine if an acid wash service is right for you.

NOTE: Because some regions have high water tables that prevent the draining of a pool, acid wash services are not available in all areas. In addition, Leslie’s will not drain a plaster pool if the air temperature is above 85°F due to a high risk of cracking.

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What Factors Define The Cost

The cost of acid wash for a pool depends on factors like:

  • Geographical location of your pool.
  • Accessibility of your pool.
  • Size of your pool.
  • Time of the year.
  • If your pool measures about 500 square feet then, an acid wash might cost you about $175 to $250. The price includes the labour cost and necessary chemicals as well.

    If you want to perform the wash on your own, then you will save labour charges and will need to spend only on chemicals that might cost you around $30. If you are performing the acid wash at home, then you will need a sump pump, and buy protective clothing.

    The Importance Of An Insured Contractor

    If you insist on draining and acid washing your pool then we strongly suggest choosing a contractor with liability insurance. This is because occasionally after the water is drained, the pool sides can buckle, crack, or even lift out of the ground. Remember, the damage caused by uplift is not repairable. So, to help prevent this, most pools have a hydrostatic valve which releases any underground water pressure into the pool. However, in some pools, these valves can seize up which means the water pressure under the pool remains very high. Therefore, pool uplift is a strong possibility when the water is drained. Remember, if this uplift occurs your pool is irreparable. This means that an entirely new pool structure is required because you cannot just push the pool back down again. Therefore, you will require your contractors liability insurance to re-build an entirely new pool should this happen.

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    Yearly Pool Upkeep Costs

    The average yearly cost of pool maintenance is $960 to $1,800 per year. Total pool upkeep costs run $3,000 to $5,000 per year, which includes maintenance, minor repairs, electricity, and water. Prices depend on the type of pool you have , and the size of your pool.

    From lowest to highest overall costs are fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, and then concrete pools. Also worth noting is the difference in chemical and electricity costs between the three types of pools. Between each type, the clear winner in terms of your cost of ownership is a fiberglass pool.

    Yearly Pool Maintenance Cost

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    Professional Pool Maintenance And Repairs In Dfw Tx

    Pool Acid Wash Menifee Murrieta Temecula

    If you live in the DFW area and are looking for a professional pool contractor, we have you covered. At Creative Pools, we have over three decades of offering pool maintenance and repair services to homeowners in Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Richardson, Addison, Plano, Carrollton, Irving, Grand Prairie, and Midlothian. From no-drain acid wash pool cleaning to structural renovations, you can trust us for all your pool needs.

    Call us at 373-7665 to speak with one of our pool professionals today or contact us online. We are more than happy to help you with your stains without cost or obligation. Also, dont forget to tune into your blog for more tips and insight into pool ownership in DFW.

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    Reasons To Drain Your Pool

    Poor water quality, due to an overabundance of Total Dissolved Solids or high levels of Cyanuric Acid, is the most common reason for needing to drain a pool.

    Even with proper and regular pool maintenance, it’s often necessary to drain your pool completely or partially every 3-5 years.

    Draining your pool often isn’t necessary, especially if you’re following a proper and regular maintenance program. There are a few reasons, however, that would lead to needing to completely or partially empty your pool.

    The most common reason for needing to drain your pool is an overabundance of Total Dissolved Solids . Over time, TDS slowly increase in your pool water, and once you reach about 2500 ppm, you start to lose the ability to balance the water. Your first response is likely to add more chemicals, but that will not solve the problem. Depending on the quality of your fill water and the quality of chemicals you typically add, you should expect to empty your pool every 3 to 5 years due to TDS.

    Another reason for draining or partially draining is high Cyanuric Acid levels. CyA builds up in the water and cannot be removed by the addition of chemicals, so the most economical way to reduce CyA is to partially empty the pool and add fresh water, which dilutes the remaining CyA in the water.

    You might also need to empty your pool to do certain types of repair work or to resurface and repaint.

    Acid Wash Pebble Pool Surfaces And You Reduce The Surface Lifespan

    Aside from treatment costs, an acid wash can be inconvenient and expensive. For example, an acid wash alone costs between $850-$4,000 depending on the size of your pool. Also, the prices change depending on the severity of the stains. Importantly, this price does not include the cost of the tap water needed to refill the pool. This is normally around $205 for 50,000 Litres of water from most city councils. Also, there are more costs for the salt, pool acid, sunscreen and buffer to re-balance your pool water after it is refilled.

    Remember, beware of those who advertise cheap acid wash prices. In some cases, unethical contractors will re-approach you halfway through the wash demanding more money because the stains are not releasing easily. For example, we had one client pay over $2,500 for an acid wash when the actual quoted price they agreed on was less than $900. This scenario can be a very stressful and uncomfortable situation for pool owners.

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    Helpful Tools To Maintain Pool Surfaces:

    Pool Stain Remover is a great maintenance product that will remove stains caused by tannin, rust, manganese, iron, and copper. A great product to test out before having acid washing done.

    You can also scrub away gross algae stains with a tough, durable algae brush. Regular scrubbing means less money, less hassle, and less work in the long run.

    Lastly, a basic pool brush is going to be your first line of defense against stains and pool scum. Regular brushing between your regular maintenance will prevent build up on the pool surface.

    Cost To Acid Wash A Pool Calculator

    Pool Acid Wash Process | Pool Swamp Drain & Clean!

    Acid washing is done to remove stubborn stains from the bottom of a swimming pool. Over time, pools will develop discoloration from algae buildup. Acid washing strips a thin layer of plaster away to reveal the clean surface underneath. Typically, this type of deep cleaning only needs to be done every five to seven years.

    Cost Calculator
    Range for this type of project: $120
    Pool Acid Washing Labor, Basic 2 $123 arrow_drop_down
    Labor cost, under typical conditions, for complete project. Pool will be drained, cleaned with muriatic acid wash, and rinsed. Rate is inclusive of all aspects of the project, such as thorough planning, acquisition of equipment and material, preparation and protection of project site, and meticulous cleanup will be provided.
    Pool Acid Washing Job Supplies 320
    Requisite supplies for the job, including surfacing materials, connection fittings, and minor components.

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    Acid Washing And Pool Kinds

    Acid washing is only appropriate for pools having plaster or PebbleTec surfaces. In addition, pools that have older, thin plaster might not be appropriate, in such cases your only choice is to completely resurface the pool. A professional pool cleaning company can establish if acid washing your pool is the way to go.

    Dont forget that acid washing your pool takes off a thin layer of the pools surface, so it shouldnt be done too often. If you acid wash your pool annually, it increases the recurrence of resurfacing. Try avoiding acid washes when you can by routinely maintaining your pool to decrease the buildup of calcium deposits and algae.

    When Should You Drain A Swimming Pool

    Draining a pool should always be a last resort, so be absolutely certain youve exhausted all avenues when it comes to water balancing or repairing broken areas of the pool.

    Ideally, once youve filled it up with thousands of gallons of water and added all the necessary sanitizing chemicals, you should get at least 5 years of use if practicing proper pool maintenance.

    Typically, these are the scenarios when draining is necessary:

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    Acid Wash Suits Which Type Of Pools

    Do you know that you cannot perform acid wash in all the pools. It can be performed only on pools that have plaster or Pebble Tec surfaces. If your pool is old with a very thin plaster, you cannot perform acid wash.

    For such pools, you will be left with only one option, and that is to resurface the complete pool. You can consult a pool professional to guide you how often you can perform acid wash to your pool.

    An acid wash can be harmful to the pool in the way that it removes a thin layer of the pools surface. Hence, you should not perform it too often. You can plan it once a year to reduce the chances of getting the pool into repairs like resurfacing.

    It is better to avoid acid wash as much as you can, and that is possible only when you maintain normal cleaning regularly. As a part of normal cleaning, you will need to scrub the walls and surface to avoid the building up of calcium deposits and algae layers on the pool bottom and walls surface.

    Cost Estimation If Done By A Professional

    Pool Acid Wash Service Benefits

    If you want acid pool cleaning to be performed by a professional, then you will need to bear the labour charges, but you will avoid all the risky injuries that you may not be aware of. You can contact your local pool store to help you with a trained professional who has good success record from his past client cases.

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    How To Acid Wash A Concrete Pool

    STEP 1: DRAIN & CLEAN With a main drain in the pool and a multiport valve on the filter, you can drain most of the pool water with your filter pump, but it will lose prime with 1-3 feet of water still in the deep end. You can use a submersible pump to finish the job, like the Water Wizard, which fits in a main drain pot. For bad pool clean-ups however, go to your local rental shop at 7 am, and rent a 2 or 3 Trash Pump, with a 20 long suction hose, to reach the main drain, and as much discharge hose as you need, 50 or 100 usually. Stop at the gas station and fill up a gas can for refueling.

    As you drain the pool, wash it down to remove all algae and leaves. If you let the algae dry on the surface, it becomes twice as difficult to remove. Spray the surface with a water nozzle as the water level drops, before it dries into a baked-on finish. When all of the water is removed, bag up all leaves and debris in the pool’s bottom. Rinse again, remove the main drain cover so that you can pump out all of the water, to begin acid washing the bowl, or the area around the main drain.

    When the pool is clean and completely empty, you can begin to acid wash the plaster, in the deep end. Put on protective clothing and rubber boots, goggles and wear a breathing mask designed for acid fumes.

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