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Backyard Patio Ideas With Pool

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Create An Infinity Pool

Best Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas, Small Pool Landscape Ideas

The main feature of an infinity pool is the vanishing edge. The illusion of a boundless edge is what gives the water that signature, infinite look. If you have the space and budget for it, and infinity pool can be a wonderful addition to your backyard.

Infinity pools are usually planned out prior to building, and typically cost more to build than regular inground pools.

Make A Flower Garden Theme

Some of these inground pool ideas will cost you quite a lot up front. But if you want to add some color and variety to your pool without spending too much, add a few potted flowers and bushes. You can choose a color scheme that matches the rest of your pool deck/patio or choose a few accent colors to create focal points around the pool deck. And with just a little bit of foliage and flora, your backyard looks like a whole new place.

Swim jets are high powered pool jets that simulate the force of swimming upstream. Theyre typically installed in small lap pools, and offer a great solutions for swimmers looking to swim a few laps in a small pool.

With swim jets on, the pool functions much like a water treadmill, where the current keeps the swimmer in place as they swim forward. The best time to install swim jets is prior to installation.

The material your pool deck is made of can dramatically affect the look of your pool. While certain colors and textures may be bold and eye catching, others might be more subtle and toned down. It all depends on the material you use. Whether its wood, stone, tiles, mosaic, or concrete, youre sure to find a style that fits the look you want.

Swimming Pool Design Styles

From a sleek and modern infinity edge to a tropical oasis, there are so many different types of swimming pool designs and styles to choose from. If youre planning a custom design, the options really are endless however, with that said, here are a few popular styles and designs that are readily available for both standard and custom in-ground swimming pools.

A Tropical Oasis

Youll feel like youve been whisked away to a tropical retreat each time you step out into your backyard or even just look out over it from your windows w with a tropical design. This style of pool tends to be the most popular in locations where year-round swimming is possible, such as Florida, California, and even some southern regions in Texas.

If you want to create a tropical oasis in your backyard, a swimming pool with a free-form design would be ideal. If you really want to go all out, consider a zero entry, or more aptly referred to as a beach entry, as the pool resembles, well, a beach.

As you enter the shallow end of the pool, the water gradually gets deeper with each step you take, creating an experience that is similar to wading your way into an ocean or a lake. Not only does a zero entry end a tropical look, but it also enhances the accessibility, as its easier for young children, the elderly, and those who have disabilities, to enter the pool.

Modern Sophistication

A Mediterranean Retreat


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Iinground Pool Designs And Exiting Ideas For Your Patio

You may have been looking pictures of stunning inground pool designs but when it comes to actions, you have to find a good builder. The specialists will advise you on all emerging legal and logistical issues.

Each community has special zoning laws, legal and security restrictions and inspection procedures to be followed by pool builders. A qualified one knows the laws and restrictions and can easily handle it.

Your pool builder will certainly discuss the placement of mechanical equipment and electrical and plumbing requirements with you, because all of these elements must be easily accessible for the right maintenance of it.

A Cowboy Cauldron For The Urban Cowboy

Small Backyard Pools Allow to Cool Down in a Scorching Day

Okay, you dont have to be an urban cowboy, or even a cowboy at all, to enjoy this patio setup. Cauldrons are coming back in a big way because they have a nice design to them, can be used for fire pits and theyre not too expensive to set up. The main cost of setting up this minimalist patio is the cauldronwhich can cost anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to over $3,000. It all depends on the size of the cauldron and the materials that are used to make it.

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Add A Splash Of Saltillo

Pro tip: Use your homes architectural style as your guiding light when selecting the perfect pool patio material. Each architecture style and era have unique materials worth considering during your planning process. This Mediterranean home features a fountain-clad swimming pool surrounded by travertine slabs and lined with warm Saltillo pavers along the border. The pavers apricot undertones are seamless with the tiled roof, the stone exterior and terra-cotta planters scattered throughout.

Saltillo tiles are handmade and widely used to lay the groundwork for Spanish-style homes and exteriors. These tiles are tricky to install and have drawbacks like uneven surfaces and chipping. Our advice? Use Saltillo as an accent feature for your pool patio and stick to durable stones like travertine or flagstone for the main space.

Add A Twist Of French Countryside Style

The homeowners wanted a French countryside look for their Dallas home. Pool Environments designed a curvilinear pool that includes a small extended wet deck and fountain with a stone waterfall feature. The project, spearheaded by Key Residential, includes Pennsylvania bluestone pavers surrounding the pool, with artificial turf grass in place of mortar or pebbles.

  • 17 of 75 Jay Greene Architectural Photography

    Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and there is no need to stop when the temperatures drop. EB Mahoney built an enclosed room for a lap pool in a modern Philadelphia home, next to a wall with windows for an experience that is closest to nature.

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    A clean, classic rectangular pool with bullnose bluestone coping and a carpet of green grass that rolls right up to the water’s edge was designed by Thomas Flint Landscape Design & Development for a large property in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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  • 19 of 75 Absolutely Outdoors

    Proving that not all pools are geometric, this curvy design by Absolutely Outdoors in Houston is a pool for cooling off, exercising, and soaking in the bubbly spa at nightkind of a something-for-everyone situation. And if you want, you can just kick back and enjoy those fountains.

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    The Perfect Place For Naptime

    We said that we would come back to the humble pergola and we have. One way to use a pergola is to install a smaller one and use an outdoor swing. See, not every patio has to be used for cooking, sitting, or barbecues. Setting up a hammock in this way can help turn an ordinary outdoor space into a personal oasis. Of course, if you cant afford the pergola, you can always string your hammock between two stakes or trees. However its done, its a great way to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

    Consider The Look Of Your House

    40+ Cool Small Backyard Pool Ideas

    This is something that a lot of homeowners forget to consider when theyre designing a swimming pool. You dont want your pool to stick out like a sore thumb you want it to look like it belongs in your backyard. Thats why its so important to think about the style and design of your homes exterior.

    For instance, if your house is contemporary or modern, a geometrically-shaped structure with straight lines and hard angles a standard square or rectangle, for instance would be a great choice if you have a Craftsman- or Victorian-style house, however, a freeform pool, with an indistinct shape and curved edges, for example, might be a better choice.

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    How To Decorate The Inground Pool

    There are many ways to make the area a special place. The decorative elements should never turn into a focal point, as your pool is the actual star and they should complement it.

    The deck flooring, the entrance and exit of the pool, tiles, water features all these will transform a blank spot into a spectacular area.

    Do not forget the green plants, colorful flowers and low-growing trees which can be added as a great landscape accent around the pool, along with a distinctive garden design and charming outdoor furniture.

    Connect Your Poolside Grill To A Permanent Propane Tank

    When theres a grill next to your pool, whether you like to grill black bean burgers, portobello mushrooms or a searing a good- ol fashioned Beef patty, lets just say that none of us likes the feeling of cranking up the grill to have it peter out just before dinner is served. There is a simple solution! Connect your grill to a permanent propane hook up. You dont need a fancy built-in $1,500 grill like the stainless grill , you can get any grill connected to a propane line!

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    Inside Outside Lap Pool With Concrete Bridge Design And Porcelain Floor

    Floating on the open landscape, this modern infinity-edge lap pool looks quite inviting. The pool runs along the length of the terrace with porcelain floor tile, entering and exiting architectural forms, reflecting the landscape and sky beyond and allowing a barrier-free edge above the steep drop. The pool integrates the concrete bridge with the backyard, creating a lap pool in and out of the living spaces. Lounge chairs on the pool, lawn bands and white furniture complement the backyard with elegance.

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    Enhance The Landscape With Simple Geometry And Rectangles

    35 Best Backyard Pool Ideas â The WoW Style

    There is a swimming pool for every outdoor area, even in long, narrow side gardens or center courtyards. These complement the architectural style of the home and often have more formal lines or geometric shapes. Plan the pool size and shape before getting further into the project. While an infinity pool is built to offer more than an uninterrupted view and take advantage of the magnificent view, a lap pool is a good solution in tight residential areas. Modern swimming pools bring out a contemporary design and often have furniture and materials similar to their modern roots. Discover how versatile something as simple as a rectangle can be in our examples.

    You can find ideas such as rectangular or special-shaped infinity pools, lap pools, ground pools, tanning shelves, and pool fountains that vary according to different backyards, with simple, contemporary travertine pool tile, concrete pool tile. Dive in and be dazzled.

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    Artificial Turf And Stepping Stones

    This was another recent DIY backyard project: laying artificial turf beside the pool. There used to be big bushes in this little bed, which was lovely for adding greenery to the sea of concrete, but not so great for pool visibility.

    So we replaced the bushes with large limestone pavers, which allowed us a better view, and the kids loved the great access to the pool. Laying artificial grass around the pavers was the perfect, low-maintenance solution for the space.

    Match Your Paving To Your Furniture

    This sofa is from Bridgmans National Trust Cliveden collection

    Another way to create harmony with your pool patio ideas is to pick furniture to match your paving. Take this chic gray scheme, for example.

    The bright white grout between pavers brightens the look and complements the cushions, while the pops of turquoise add an uplifting sense of fun. It’s simple yet certainly effective.

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    Classic Infinity Pool Design With Slate Pool Pattern And Colorful Mosaics

    This large backyard and the rectangular infinity pool are a unique classic design. The slate pool pattern tile surrounding the pool adds an elegant style by continuing in the backyard and semi-open seating area with its clean and modern appearance. The blue and white mosaic goes from the hot tub to the pool and contrasts beautifully with the light-colored mosaics surrounding the pool and hot tub. Harmonious blue lounge chairs, a sitting area overlooking the infinity pool, colorful flowers create a beautiful relaxation and relaxation area.

    ID# 101419 | Credit |

    Contemporary Backyard Pool Idea With Pool Fountain And Travertine Tile

    Top 100 Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas 2022

    This contemporary yard rectangular lap pool is full of elegance. Large travertine pool tile adds modernity with its calm color and appearance. This beautiful lap pool, which serves as the focal point in the garden, contains seating where it is okay to get wet in the water, gives the feeling of a holiday place with its lounge chairs, and creates a comfortable atmosphere. With bluestone details that add elegance to the pool, the pool fountain creates a soothing water sound with an elegant, majestic appearance. Also, the backyard features a bar and outdoor gray kitchen cabinets.

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    Create Your Own Pool Bar

    Creating your own pool bar starts with the simple addition of just a few underwater bar stools. Set a few up near the shallow end of your pool and youre halfway there. Add a small table nearby, a rolling cart, and youre good to go.

    Of course, for more complex permanent installations, like pictured above, youll want to plan it before building your pool.

    If you want to keep your self and your pool cooler during the hot summer months, adding a few overhead canopies is a good choice. Backyard canopies that extend over your pool are great for blocking out UV rays and adding some much needed shade to your backyard.

    If the edges of your pool touch the grass of your backyard, adding a rock border can be a great way to space them out. Pebble border, or rock gardens, fit smoothly with nearly any style of décor, and can be customized in a variety of ways, from stone color, to color and texture.

    Swimming Pool Design Ideas 2022

    This garden located on a sloping land is designed in two different levels as a pool area and a sitting area. By cleverly arranging one side of the pool as an open bar, alternative use areas are created in the garden. A part of the garden wall that connects the pool and the seating area is covered with natural stone and a waterfall feature has been added.

    This 1,000-square-meter garden has open-air spaces separated by walls. Just next to the pool, which is located in a long and narrow garden, there is a dining area and an open-air kitchen. This garden decorated in red and blue colors has a great design for dining or enjoying the pool with the sound of water.

    The swimming pool design above stands out with its red jacuzzi in the water and floating stepping stones. To reach the spa pool covered with red mosaics, it is necessary to get a little wet.

    This small swimming pool design with a modern design stands out with its floating steps and wonderful lighting. With its fountains and vibrant lighting, the pool is the focal point of the garden.

    This swimming pool covered with earth colored natural stones and mosaic tiles has a rich appearance that integrates with its natural surroundings. The water comes from the wall adds a decorative atmosphere to the swimming pool design.

    Step stones located at the intersection of the ornamental pool with blue ceramic fountains and the swimming pool direct the user to the patio.

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    Design Ideas For Yards With Pools: Create Your Own Oasis

    Theres nothing more inviting than a swimming pool especially when its in your own backyard! A pool isnt just practical, as it provides much-needed relief on those hazy, hot, and humid, dog days of summer, but it also lends to interest to the aesthetic appeal of your yard a pool adds interest aesthetic appeal to an otherwise ho-hum backyard, increases the usability of your yard, and makes it more visually pleasing.

    If youve decided to install a swimming pool in your backyard, theres no doubt that youre super excited. Youre looking forward to kicking back and relaxing while floating on the surface of the crystal clear, cool water, and you cant wait to invite friends and family over for lively pool parties.

    Yes, installing a swimming pool is definitely exciting, but there are a lot of factors that need to be considered and decisions that need to be made namely, you need to decide on a design for the structure and for your yard.

    Obviously, the swimming pool is going to be the focal point of your backyard, and while it will certainly stand out and make a statement all on its own, no matter the shape, style, and size, and regardless of the elements that surround it and the appearance of the rest of your yard, if you want to make the most of installing a swimming pool in your yard, you need to put some thought and effort into the overall design not only of the structure, but of the rest of your backyard, too.

    Amazing Patio Designs For Your Backyard Pool Party

    34 Fabulous Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas You Never Seen Before

    As the weather warms up, you’re going to want to take your entertaining outdoors. While friends, food and your favorite beverages are fun inside your home, getting out into the open brings an entirely new element to parties and get-togethers. Especially, when you have a pool. That’s why putting some strategic thought into your backyard and patio design is important. If you’re looking to design a backyard fit for a pool party, the options are endless. Let’s take a look at several elements of pool patio design that are ideal for hosting guests outdoors.

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Swim-Up Bar

    Outdoor Terrace

    String Lighting Setup

    Full Table Dining Set & Outdoor Patio Furniture

    Fire Pit

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