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De Filters For Above Ground Pools

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What Is The De Filter For Above Ground Pool

How to Close Your Pool – 18 Above Ground with DE Filter

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of de filter for above ground pool is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the de filter for above ground pool listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Best Above Ground Pool Filters

Keep your above ground pool sparkling and clean with our hand-picked reviews of the best above ground pool filters.

Having a reliable pool filter can be a huge game-changer for you and your above ground swimming pool.

The big perk of having a quality filter is simple: it keeps your pool cleaner so that you can spend more time enjoying it instead of cleaning it.

Pools get dirty. Especially when you consider they are outside, collecting dead bugs, leaves, dirt, and so on. Combine that with the debris that swimmers track into the pool and you get an idea of how dirty your pool can become.

Pool filters work their magic by sucking in pool water and washing it through a filter, cleaning the water and pumping it back out into the pool. Larger junk gets collected into a strainer basket, which can be pulled out and emptied.

When you combine a proper floating chlorine dispenser, a pool brush, pool skimmer, and a quality pool filter, you not only keep your pool cleaner but also extend the life of the pool and pump.

Instead of having to use your pool vacuum and balance the water daily, a good filter can decrease the amount of time you spend on cleaning the pool.

While many pools come with filters, there are some outstanding add-on filters that you can use to keep the waters of your pool sparkling and crystal-clear.

Heres a breakdown of our favorite pool filters for above ground swimming pools.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Clean And Safe To Swim In

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Pool filters are a key component when it comes to keeping your pool clean. The filter removes tiny particles including algae, bacteria, and other contaminants from the water and traps them in filtration mediawhich may be sand, DE , or paper cartridges.

Cartridge pool filters are the most common and affordable type of pool filter but do require regular cleaning and occasional replacement. Sand pool filters are popular for their low maintenance requirements but require backwashing and a full change of sand about every 5 years. In addition, they only capture particles as small as 20 microns, which is less effective than some other types of pool filters. Pool filters with DE capture the smallest particles but require more time and effort to clean and backwash the system for continued filter performance.

Here, the best pool filters available now.

Like all sand pool filters, it will require occasional backwashing and the sand will need to be replaced about every 5 years. However, this above ground pool filter can keep up with pools up to 21,000 gallons in size.

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What Are The Differences Between Filter Types

There are three different types of pool filters you will come across over the lifetime of owning a swimming pool. The filter is used together with your primary pool pump, which allows water to pass through before re-entering the pool. The filters you will run into, at one point or another, will be cartridge, diatomaceous earth , and sand filters. It is suggested to get an oversized filter because a larger filter will provide you a longer period of time in between your cleanings. Depending on your location of residence, certain filter types will be used in favor over others. Make sure to speak to a local pool professional near you to ensure the proper filter type is being used for your backyard swimming pool. As with everything else in life, each type of filter has its pros and cons. However, when used properly, each filter type can do a remarkable job at keeping your pool nice and clean.

Best Pool Filter Type

Hayward Perflex EC40 Above Ground DE Pool Filter Tank with 1HP Pump ...
  • Sand filters are least effective but also the least expensive to buy and use.
  • Cartridge filters are more effective but are more expensive to buy and use.
  • DE filters are the most effective but are the most expensive to buy and use.

Determining the best filter for your pool will mean determining your feelings on water quality, price and maintenance. Your best pool filter may be the largest filter you can afford, no matter which filter type.

So remember: Go big! A sand filter that is oversized for your pool is a better purchase than an undersized DE filter. Larger filters require less maintenance and the filter media lasts longer. And when you really need them to clean up poor water conditions, larger pool filters will do so faster and better than smaller. They often prevent poor water conditions in the first place.

If youd like us to help you select the filter that will give you the most filter size for your buck, give us a call at 1-800-288-7946!

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Hayward Ec50ac Perflex De Pool Filter

If you want crystal clean water and have the budget for a DE filter, then this is the model for you. It is consistently reviewed as one of the best pool pump and filter systems on the market.

You cannot get cleaner pool water than this. This filter will clean out dirt down to a microscopic 2 microns.

This filter is designed to clean your above ground pool water without needing any backwashing. It is the perfect choice for anyone that cares about water conservation and does not want to waste any.

The Perflex has its own patented tube design which results in long cycles and longer periods between cleaning. It is a big of a production when you do clean it and could make a bit of a mess.

The installation is a bit trickier than other filters listed here. However, once installed, it works like a dream and is able to clean your above ground pool quickly and efficiently.

However, all that does come at a price. It is one of the more expensive models on our list.

If you have the budget for it, this model is your best choice for crystal clean water that your whole family can enjoy.

Sand Master Filter System

This filtration system is designed for pools up to 9,600 gallons. Its best features are a powerful 20 GPM pump and a 4-mode multiport valve.

This system is easy to install and easy to maintain. Its filter tank is corrosion-proof and holds 42 pounds of sand. It also comes with a one-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that nothing can go wrong.

Oh, and did we mention its whisper-quiet? Not a small feat for such a powerful pump!

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Sand Filter W/ 1hp Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

For small to medium above ground pools, this sand filter is easy to connect and effective for up to 18,000 gallons of water. It is only good for above ground pools and isnt meant for in-ground pools even if they are spas or smaller pools.

6 different speed settings can be activated to make the filter work for you. It works with as low of pressure as possible to be more efficient and use less electricity. This is also a top-mounted system that requires you to remove pipes and plumbing to reach the sand storage area of the filter system. You can expect years of great service from this filter, as its made of strong materials that are weather-proof and heat resistant.

The high capacity sand bed is larger than many of the other in-ground pool filters. Because of this, it can extend the lifecycle of the sand and keep you from having to backwash the filter every day. You will also catch more debris at a time, which is great for pools that get very dirty from the environment.

Best features:

The Importance And Function Of The Filter

How To Clean Your Above Ground DE Filter

To prepare you to choose the perfect filter, let’s start with explaining the job of the filter in your pool. The filter and pump are the heart and lungs of the pool circulation and filtration system. The primary purpose of the filter is to keep your pool clean by removing undissolved debris from the pool water.

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Cancer Risk With De Filters

Though D.E. is a known carcinogen, it has only proved cancer-causing in mice when inhaled long term.

Important: Safety first. Prevent accidental inhalation by wearing a chemical mask when you handle D.E. powder. Also, keep children and pets away from the area when youre working with D.E. powder, and from the area where its stored. Immediately clean up any spilled powder.

  • Filters contaminants as small as 5 microns
  • D.E. powder can be added through the pool skimmer
  • No caustic chemicals are required for cleaning

Hayward Ec65a Perflex De Pool Filter

Another one of the best pool filters for inground pools is the Hayward EC65A Perflex D.E. Pool Filter. Without the use of backwashing, it provides exceptionally clear water after just minimal use. It can even remove particles that are as small as two microns after its initial setup.

It incorporates the use of a Flex-Tube design to offer longer cycles between cleaning. In addition, it features a bump mechanism so that the D.E. flex tubes can instantly clean themselves in a uniformed process.

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De Cartridge Filters For Above Ground Pools

AquaPro series of highly effective DE Filters will clean your pool down to 5 microns. Our compact design, along with maximum filtering capability, will reduce maintenance time needed and make your pool pad look sharp! AquaPros advantage is our superior design maximum hydraulic flow working in unison with the filter element for efficient performance.

Pool filtration down to 5 microns capacity System regeneration allows for longer cycle times between cleanings Save the hassle! No cumbersome grid assembly No more back-washing pool water with this D.E. filter system, which protects the sewer system and helps maintain the pool water temperature Brass insert for pressure gauge for cross-threading and filter top cracking 1/2 turn, Secure-N-Lock ring to quickly and reliably seal or maintain prevention filter Quick-turn air relief valve Corrosion-resistant, reinforced thermoplastic tank for maximum durability and long life EZ-Read pressure gauge to quickly and easily check on system pressure Low profile design

How To Set Up A De Filter In Your Pool

Pro 2450GPH 13"  Sand Filter Above Ground Swimming SPA water Pool Pump ...
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The DE filter received its patent in the early 1990s and has become one of the most popular types of pool filters, due to its ability to strain out particles smaller than 10 microns in swimming pool water. Some models of DE filters are nearly 10 times as effective in screening out particulate matter as conventional cartridge and sand filters. DE filter systems are available for use with both above-ground and in-ground pools at a cost comparable to large sand filters.

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Is It Time To Get A New De Filter For Above Ground Pool

Youre looking for a new de filter for above ground pool. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

Which Is Really The Best Pool Filter Type

Depending on what you need for your pool, any type of filter system can be the best. Most professionals will recommend cartridge filters to pool owners, as they are great filters for small particles and large debris, and they dont require backwashing of your system like the sand filters do.

However, if you simply want a cheap system and youre not concerned with filtering out the smallest particles, a sand filter is probably a fine option for you. If you want the clearest water of all, a DE system is your best choice.

Additionally, you have to consider what the right pool filter is for above ground pools versus in-ground pools because it makes a big difference what kind of system you get for your pool then.

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How Much Is De Filter For Above Ground Pool

de filter for above ground pool come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as de filter for above ground pool.

Intex Cartridge Filter Pump

How To: Add DE Filter Powder to Your Pool

Another type of pool pump on the market is the cartridge filter pump. These are extremely convenient and easy to clean by rinsing or replacing the cartridge every couple of weeks.

The Intex Cartridge Filter Pump is our top choice in this class for above ground pools. It has a system flow rate of 1,180 GPH and is ideal for pools up to 18.

This pump is also easy to install. You simply attach the fittings to the pool and plug it in. Its that simple!

What we like most about it is that its double insulated and equipped with its own timer. You can pre-set it to run for up to 12 hours at a time you choose.

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How Do De Pool Filters Work

DE pool filters use a combination of fabric grids and DE powder to capture particles as they flow through the filter system. A DE pool filter cartridge works best with the help of an added layer of DE powder that lines each filter grid and helps it capture a wide range of particles as water passes through.

Best De Filter For Above Ground Pool Of 2022

You can depend on our experts to share their product searching experiences with you.

To assist you select the de filter for above ground pool brand, we examined all the features and came up with a list of ten possible purchases.

We looked at durability, materials, designs, expert reviews, and customer ratings to find the best-performing de filter for above ground pool.

The review includes detailed performance information and recommendations for your goals and budget. Find out which is best for you.

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Hayward De Above Ground Pool Filter

This filter might look like a beige fire hydrant, but make no mistake, Hayward makes some powerful pool equipment, and this particular pool filter is a total monster when it comes to cleaning pools.

Hayward uses DEdiatomaceous earthto rapidly and quietly clean pool water without the need for backwashing. Their pool filters are more powerful than sand filters and can tackle difficult algae blooms and dirty pools with ease. In terms of cleaning ability and speed, the Hayward DE Pool Filters are worth the extra cost.

Even though the unit itself is relatively small, the DE Filter attaches to a pump and goes to work immediately, resulting in noticeably clearer and cleaner water in just a couple hours.

Tips For Pool Filter Maintenance And Troubleshooting

Hayward Perflex Above Ground Swimming Pool DE Filter EC40AC EC40 ...
  • To keep your pool filter running in tip-top shape, or to repair it when its not, there are a few things you should know.
  • Dont neglect your filters. Once your pool filter gets dirty, it stops filtering out debris as well. This not only makes your pump work harder, but it also leaves you with a lot more work to do with your weekly routine.
  • Keep an eye on the filter pressure. Most pumps have pressure gauges where you can monitor their efficiency. When that pressure gets too low or too high, its time to clean, replace, or backwash the filter. If you still have high pressure, you might have a filter thats too small for your pump. If the pressure is still low, you might have a clogged skimmer basket.
  • Look out for sand flowing back into the pool from your pump. When this happens, you probably either have a broken standpipe or cracked lateral. Both of these parts are available to purchase and replace separately.
  • Write down the model number from your pump before heading to the pool supply store for replacements or parts. This can often help correct problems, such as buying the wrong size filter.

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Hayward Cc15093s Xstream Filter

This cartridge filtering system from Hayward is great for a lot of larger above ground pools. Its well designed to stand up to the different elements that are to effect an outdoor, above ground pool filter.

The Xstream filter is reinforced with glass, so its non-corrosive and sturdy enough to last for a long time before you will have to replace it.

The 1.5 HP motor is strong enough to keep the pump running well for its entire lifetime. Hookups in and out of the filter allow for a large variety of pumps and other plumbing to be attached to it, making it easily compatible with other brands as well as devices from the same brand.

According to the manufacturer, this pool filter work for above ground pools as large as 57,000 gallons because of its large filtering capacity. This larger size is a great feature if you want a faster water turnover time or if you own a large or extra-large above ground pool.

Best features:

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