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How Does Dolphin Pool Cleaner Work

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Why Is Your Dolphin Pool Cleaner Not Working

How a Dolphin Pool Cleaner Works

Like any other machine, Dolphin pool cleaners are prone to some problems in their owners hands. There is a long list of capable faults that could happen when operating such a cleanser.

And to keep you armed with factual knowledge on how to deal with the problem, here is a step-by-step guide on Dolphin pool cleaner troubleshooting.

If you follow every step in this guide, you should troubleshoot your Dolphin pool cleaner without any problems.

What Customers Dont Like About It

Though the reusable filter bag holds a lot of debris, its not particularly easy to clean out. It is machine washable and can be hosed out, but takes some time.

One issue that might be a non-issue was the foam roller that seemed to have gotten flattened on one side during shipping. A few customers noticed that the roller returned to its normal shape when they put the machine in the pool.

For some people, it didnt climb the walls very well. One customer suspected the floats on the handle werent properly positioned, so thats something you might want to research.

Some customers said the machine was too wide to clean their narrow pool steps, so manual brushing may be needed with those.

The remote and caddy must be purchased separately. Theyre not super cheap. The remote, according to several people, is pretty useless. However, the caddy is very useful for transporting and storage.

Customers who left the power supply outside and uncovered in the rain reported that it ruined the unit. Be sure to store the power supply somewhere dry when not in use such as a garage, shed, pool cabinet, etc. If you cant keep it covered while in use, promptly remove it from the pool area if a sudden rain shower occurs.

A Dolphin First & Only Innovation

Itâs natural to want to keep things under control. Itâs natural, that is, if youâre the new Quantum. Long suggested to be part of the ultimate in pool robot mobility, 3D Jet technology has arrived. Instead of the traditional single jet, the Quantum employs three jets in a prescribed way throughout the range of motion. Three jet nozzles produce multiple streams of fast-moving water that combine to create vectored thrust. The patent-pending technology provides constant grip on vertical surface for superior wall and tile line cleaning. As Quantum traverses and climbs the wall, the jets provide the robot with precise control to move in any direction at any time.

PowerJet 3D Mobility provides real advantages when compared to conventional pool cleaners. Jet drive propels the robot with vectored thrust, providing unmatched maneuverability. For the first time ever, a pool-cleaning robot has the ability to precisely hold itself in a fixed position against the effects of gravity. As a result, the Quantumâs advanced track driven navigation system can operate to its full potential. PowerJet 3D Mobility provides efficient cleaning along water lines and improves navigation accuracy while enabling escape and avoidance from any obstacle.

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Type Of Debris: Filter Choice

When it comes to filters, the first thing to check is whether the pool cleaner uses a filter bag or filter basket .

A filter basket is easier to clean and maintain. But a filter bag is better if you struggle with large debris in the pool, such as leaves and acorns.

Some Dolphin cleaners come with both types of filters, which you can easily interchange.

Also, check whether the cleaner comes with an ultra-fine filter.

Some come with just a fine filter that doesnt catch fine sand and silt. You have to buy the ultra-fine filter separately.

Others come with both the fine and ultra-fine filters that go into the cleaner together.

Nautilus Cc Supreme Vs Cc Plus

Dolphin Nautilus 1 Year Later Review CC Plus Automatic ...

How does the Supreme compare to the Plus model?

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus does not clean the waterline, does not have extra large filter cartridges and does not have a center brush. It has a 2-hour cleaning cycle and a weekly schedule function on the power supply. However, it has neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi. Thus, the CC Plus model is not capable of connecting to your smartphone.

As noted, the Nautilus CC Supreme has three brushes instead of two like most other Dolphin pool robots. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity instead of Bluetooth. The app on the smartphone offers scheduling, remote control and multiple cleaning cycles.

If you think those advanced features are worth the higher price, then buy it. Otherwise, try the more affordable Nautilus CC Plus.

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Stairs & Complex Surfaces

Its going to be tough to find a Dolphin cleaner that provides 100% pool coverage. Most will have no trouble cleaning the floor, walls, and waterline. But they fail when it comes to the stairs.

Look for one that at least cleans the first 2-3 steps .

Generally, Dolphin cleaners with smart navigation and gyroscopic navigation are better at cleaning stairs and other complex areas such as corners, under the ladder, and around pool features.

If you have an irregularly shaped pool, definitely get a Dolphin with pool scanning software CleverClean or SmartNav.

Itll have better coverage and clean faster.

Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide At Home

Do you own a Maytronics dolphin pool cleaner and looking for solutions to troubleshoot? Exactly, youve got the right article. Here, Im going to let you know how you will troubleshoot your Maytronics dolphin pool cleaner, in particular dolphin nautilus cc plus troubleshooting, Dolphin e10 automatic robotic pool cleaner troubleshooting, Dolphin oasis z5i robotic pool cleaner troubleshooting, Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner troubleshooting, and MAYTRONICS DX3 Pool Cleaner troubleshooting.

If you own any of these robotic pool cleaners, you can follow the entire process to fix the issues however, if your Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaner is not mentioned here, you can still follow some steps below troubleshoot.

The cleaners product includes loads of tips and tricks and forward movements on maintaining your pool more clean. You will most probably track an expert troubleshooting area that can give you a solid idea of what the catch is and how to fix it.

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What To Do If Your Dolphin Cleaner Wont Turn On

If the outlet has power: Unplug the BLUE WIRE from the power supply and turn it on. If the power is turned on and the LEDs stay lit, the problem is not with the power supply. The problem could be with the blue wire or with the Dolphin purifier. Take it to your local dealer for further testing or call Maytronics customer service.

Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus Vs Other Models

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner Review Designed to Do the Dirty Work for You.

All these different variations on the basic Nautilus product name can be somewhat confusing.

The original Dolphin Nautilus with the barrel-shaped housing might not be available anymore, so you should probably consider getting one of the newer models. The old Nautilus pool cleaner has bottom-loading filter cartridges and a longer 3-hour cleaning cycle. Conversely, the Nautilus CC Plus has top load cartridge filters, a 2-hour cycle and a weekly scheduler.

There is also the Nautilus CC which has a newer lightweight design. Yet, it does not have a swivel cable and can only clean smaller inground swimming pool sizes up to 33 feet in length. It uses a top-loading filter basket with fine filtration. It has a 2-hour cleaning cycle and a weekly schedule function.

The Dolphin Triton PS Plus cleans the floor, walls and waterline of an inground pool up to 50 feet in size. It has an anti-tangle cable, dual scrubbing brushes and a top load, extra large filter basket. The Triton PS Plus has both a quick 1-hour and a standard 2-hour cleaning time, in addition to the weekly schedule function. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone capabilities.

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Your Dolphin Power Supply & Timer

If you can remedy a power supply or timer issue on your own, more power to you! Heres some targeted advice for doing just that. For added safety, follow these Pool & Spa Safety Tips informed by the ESFi or Electrical Safety Foundation Intl.:

Comply w/applicable electrical codes. Use GFCI hard-wired or portable outlets. DO NOT handle electrical devices when wet. Keep plugs near water activity covered and dry.

Q. Can we power our Dolphin residential pool cleaner or commercial pool cleaner by using an extension cord?

A. For your safety DO NOT USE an extension cord with your Dolphin pool cleaner. Extension cords present a fire hazard, reduce pool safety levels and impair equipment performance. Instead, plug your robot vacuum directly into a properly-rated outlet and make sure its at least 10 ft. away from any water source.

If your Dolphin is having trouble reaching the far ends of your private swimming pool, hire a qualified electrician. He or she may be able to relocate an existing GFCI outlet for safe operation. If not, have them install one in a spot that ensures your Dolphin will easily reach from pool surface to pool floor.

Look, Ma, no tools needed! Maytronics makes Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting simple and easy.

Q. Why isnt our power supply working?

Q. The power supply works finebut my Dolphin wont seem to budge. Why is that?

Q. Why do only some power supply features work?

How To Troubleshoot Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaner troubleshooting is not rocket science. Its quite simple and easy. Robotic pool cleaner sometimes doesnt work because of malfunction, or it is not connected correctly. Follow these steps and troubleshoot your Maytronics dolphin pool cleaner quickly.

If cleaner not starting up

If your swimming pool cleaner is just not starting up, then one thing to verify is definitely the power connection. Dolphin swimming pool cleaners require to have to be attached to the power supply which is then connected to an electric outlet. Be sure to have pushed the switch button power unit so that electricity can flow.

When the power unit is alluding that its on, then look at the connection between the power unit and also the pool cleaner is utterly fine. When the power system is simply too a long way away, and also the range is becoming loose, so definitely it comes with a power problem. When you contemplate it usually takes too much time then contact a support service or possibly a professional.

Also, you can try out reconnecting to eliminate the issue. Most of the companies recommend one to turn off the pool cleaner for 30 seconds and then switch it on once more.

If cleaner not moving

Now I will mention the most common issue in this Maytronics dolphin pool cleaner troubleshooting article that is cleaner is not moving appropriately. What is the reason? How to get remedies?

If the cleaner does not climb walls

If your pool cleaner goes for a while, then stops.

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Dolphin Troubleshooting For Your Maytronics Robot

Dolphin Troubleshooting is simple. Don’t even bother taking apart the motor compartment. Besides having many many screws, you just can’t get replacement parts so save your time.

Help has arrived!

Aquaquality Pools and Spas, Incis now a dealer and service provider for Dolphin Pool Cleaners and Tiger Shark Pool Cleaners. 1-866-876-8643

If Your Maytronics Dolphin Stops

If your robot stops moving, you MUST shut it down until the problem is corrected. Failure to do so may burn out your drive system.

You MUST check for toys or other objects such as acorns that may be stuck in the drive track causing it to stop.

This is the best advice I can give you. Remove every last item from your pool before cleaning with your Dolphin. The smaller the object, the more important it be removed prior to cleaning.

These little things can get stuck behind the sideplate and jam the drive system causing irreversible electrical damage.

Prevention is key to your robots health because if your robot breaks, you are going to pay with LOTS of down time while the robot is sent for repair.

Maytronics Dolphin Diagnostic Power Supply

To check your Maytronics Diagnostic power supply, use a multimeter set to 200vdc. Output voltage should be about 38 volts D/C.

A known exception, the Robo-Kleen power supply puts out about 30 volts A/C, you read correctly…A/C.

Check the label on your transformer for voltage output and type.

How Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work

Dolphin Active 40 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners have been around for over fifty years. By now automated pool cleaning has become commonplace and there are so many options available to the pool owner. One thing all pool cleaners have in common is that vacuum they floor of your pool. Some will also clean the walls, steps, coves and other tricky areas, though they not all are equal to these more complicated tasks. We can divide automatic pool cleaners into three basic categories.

  • Suction Side Pool Vacuums

The suction side pool vacuum was the first to come onto the market and was followed shortly after by the power side pool vacuum. Both these types of pool cleaners use the suction of the pool pump to move and suck debris from the pool surfaces. They are, however, limited in their capabilities. They follow a random path and dont always clean very effectively, even ignoring some areas of the pool altogether. They need to be monitored as they can easily become blocked and the pipes can coil, rendering them useless. Both suction side and power side pool cleaners require regular maintenance and consume large amounts of electricity, so they can be expensive to own. While not ideal, these automatic pool vacuums have served us well for many years and have improved over time.

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Test The Pool Cleaner Cable

If everything up to the power supply plug seems to be working right, the next point you need to test is the cable connecting the Dolphin cleaner to the power unit.

Remove the top cover where the wire enters the cleaner using the Philips head screwdriver to see the motors connector.

Using nose pliers, remove the connector out and repeat the procedure you use to check for the power supply cables voltage and continuity.

If the voltage is standard and the continuity is alright, then the problem is the pool cleaner motor. However, if you did not get any readings or the continuity test failed. There is a problem with the connector or the cable itself.

Remove the connector and check for continuity. If its okay, check for continuity and voltage in bare wire tips. At this point, you already know how to check for these two things, so there is no need to repeat the process.

If the cable voltage is zero or the continuity test failed, then you have got to replace it. If it works okay, but nothing is working on the pool cleaner, the best guess is, your units motor is dead.

The sad news is, getting a motor replacement is almost impossible, or itd be reasonably expensive that a better solution is to get a new cleaner.

But if your unit is still under warranty, you could ship it to the Dolphin warranty service center for repair. If its a manufacturing defect, they will repair or replace the unit for free.

Best For Inground Pools: Hayward W3rc9740wccub Sharkvac Xl Robotic Pool Vacuum

Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Cycle Time: 3 hours | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls, coves, waterline | Brush Type: Not listed| Filter Type: 2 filter elements | Smart Capabilities: No

  • No smart capabilities

Release the Hayward SharkVac XL into your inground pool and let this robotic vacuum scour your pool floor, walls, and waterline for an effortless clean. This robotic pool vacuum for inground pools is self-contained and doesnt need to be connected to your pools skimmer like a suction-side pool vacuum. Instead, it operates using a separate power supply with a 50-foot cord.

For inground pools up to 20 x 40 feet in size, Hayward SharkVac XL is a great choice. This model is programmed with smart steering technology that helps the vacuum efficiently cover the floor, walls, and any coves of your pool in about 3 hours.

An onboard sensor keeps the unit from leaving the water during a cleaning cycle, such as when approaching the shallow end of the pool or scrubbing tile at the waterline. And unlike some robotic pool vacuums that require you to flip the entire unit over to access the filter media, a top door on the Hayward SharkVac XL makes it easy to access the filters and quickly rinse them clean with a hose.

Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Cycle Time: 3 hours | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls, waterline | Brush Type: Dual scrubbing brushes | Filter Type: 4 types of filter media | Smart Capabilities: No

  • Light indicates when to replace filter

  • Cleans floors and walls

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Dolphin Nautilus Vs Cc Plus Model

The Nautilus CC Plus is not only an updated version, but it is also slightly bigger and has extra large filter cartridges. The biggest difference between these two pool cleaners might be the filter access point. The Nautilus has bottom access filters, while the CC Plus model has top access filters.

Another difference is the cleaning coverage. The Nautilus CC Plus has pool scanning technology. It uses software to adapt its cleaning route to the specific size and shape of the swimming pool. This leads to better coverage of the pool floor and walls.

The Nautilus Plus also has a handle that might make it easier to reach, grab and remove from the swimming pool. The older Nautilus does not have a handle: it has two grips to the left and right side of the pool cleaner body.

There is a price difference between the older and the newer Nautilus models. Furthermore, the original Nautilus model might no longer be available. Therefore, paying extra money for the Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner is probably worth it.

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