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How Much Inground Pool Cost

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Choosing A Pool Material

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

One of the first determining factors youll have to consider is your materials. What material you decide to use for your pool will not only play into the price you pay, but it will also impact how you maintain and use your pool for years to come.

Some materials are easy to maintain and clean, while others require much more effort and involvement. Also, some are affordable upfront, but the maintenance cost down the road quickly catches up to you. Lets take a look at the options and some of the pros and cons associated with each.

Landscaping Stones Grotto Or Plants

  • Landscaping rocks cost: $460-$1,000. The natural look of stone makes for a relaxing escape. Available in natural and artificial, the price depends heavily on the type, amount and configuration.
  • Plant installation costs: $1,500-$5,200. Keep in mind that leafy plants will drop their leaves, which could blow into the water.

The Swimming Pool Installation Cost

For the pool itself, the cost will of course vary depending on the size of the pool and to certain extent, the shape. A fully equipped and installed pool with a heater, lights, salt system, solar blanket and roller, automatic cleaner and simple concrete deck will start around $25,000 and go up to around $45,000 for the very largest sizes.

There are of course certain options that can be added to the pool such as water features , automation systems, robotic cleaners as well as upgrading certain items like the color of the steps or adding color LED lights. As with most luxurious additions to your house, there can be no limit to what we add to a pool project. The package that is included with a Campbell inground pool is very complete and far beyond the minimum needed to run the pool.

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How Much Does It Cost To Open Or Close A Pool

The average costs to open a pool is around $400, and for pool closing expect to spend $300. These services include taking the cover off, cleaning the water of any debris, checking for leaks, and getting the chemicals to the right balance. At the end of the season, they can also take the water level down, drain pumps and the filter system, and place the cover to protect the pool for the winter.

Fencing Required Around The Swimming Pool

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

Fencing is required by law in most jurisdictions. Many yards in the suburbs are already fenced and require very little or no improvements to make them by-law compliant. In rural settings it is far more typical to have a need to fence off the pool area.

The cost of fencing can also vary a great deal depending on the size being fenced off and the style of fencing being used. As a quick rule of thumb, you can expect around $25 – $30 a foot, installed, for chainlink fencing, $35 – $55 a foot for wood, $45 – $55 a foot for PVC and $45+ for ornamental steel and wrought iron. Certain features such as gates can also add to the total cost.

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Salt Water Pool Test Kit

A salt water pool test kit costs about $15 to $55, and saltwater test strips cost $11 to $25 for 40. A test kit lets you know if you need to rebalance the salinity and pH level of your saltwater. To keep a healthy pool, the water should be tested once a week. Not all salt water pool test kits give results for the salinity of the water, so check to make sure the one you want to purchase gives that result.

How Much Does A Concrete Pool Cost

A concrete pool allows you almost limitless options as to size and shape, dependent on your budget and site, and enables more organic pool designs for a natural look in the landscape. In general, inground concrete pools start at a similar price-point to fibreglass pools but can have a much higher upper end point.

Many people choose concrete for its strength and durability, however fibreglass technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds and these days a quality fibreglass product can have the same or superior warranty than that offered by concrete pool manufacturers.

For example, with the Bi-luminite Fibreglass Ceramic pool range, Compass Pools offer a lifetime structural warranty. This lasts for the original owners entire time at the property and can be transferred to new owners within a 25-year limit.

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Determining The Complete Pool Cost

If you are starting to consider an inground pool, PRESTIGE has a price list for all the popular shapes. We can give you a quick price over email and we have a few prices listed on our Popular Shapes and Modern Rectangle pages.

That is a good start, but in order for us to provide you with a thorough pool quote we must complete a on-site backyard visit. While on-site we will measure the backyard pool space to determine the right inground pool shape and size. For city of Winnipeg backyards you need to be at least 5 from the property line to waters edge, but some corners lots are more. Outside the city properties may require a 10 setback. A pool is much more enjoyable in the sun so placement is very important and the pool does not need to be overwhelming in the yard. We recommend that you pick an appropriate size for your backyard that allows a minimum of 5 from all structures and at least 10 from the house. Nothing is worse that cramming in a pool into your yard and realizing and not having room for pool loungers and patio furniture.



After we meet with you we will prepare a top down drawing so you can visualize how the pool all fits in your yard. We also offer a full backyard drawing service with our POOL STUDIO 3D software. Sometimes our clients need a full backyard concept drawing to truly visualize your backyard.

Prioritizing Your Must Haves For The Most Affordable Swimming Pool Prices Around Richmond Hill

How much does a swimming pool cost? | Inground Saltwater Pool

Another way to cut your swimming pool prices is to prioritize what your needs in an inground pool versus your wants in an inground pool. Needs for an inground pool would include the circulatory system, pumps, heater etc. Wants for an inground pool would include spa, coloured lights, water features etc.

Prioritizing the elements of your pool that you need and budgeting for your wants can help you obtain the best results to complete your backyard oasis. Working with the best pool installation company, they can guide you to make sure you know the needs and wants of your backyard project.

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How Much Does An Inground Fiberglass Pool Cost

Buying any swimming pool is a major investment, so it makes sense to do your research to find out exactly how much your new inground pool will cost. Picking out the shape and the color are the fun parts. But just as important is who is going to install your pool, who is going to design and develop your backyard oasis and how you are going to care for it. Making all of these decisions correctly will ensure that you will have a pool that it lasts a lifetime and fits within your budget.

Lowest Cost Of Ownership For Your Inground Pool

When considering costs of the pool, it is important to factor in the costs of the life of the pool. Maintenance and hidden costs can also drive up the overall cost.

It is best to plan a budget based on estimates from pool builders to determine a definitive figure. The cost can also be affected by the hidden costs that may not show up in the original quote, like retaining walls, extra concrete, dirt hauling, electrical and fencing. If additional tests are needed on the land prior to excavation, that is an additional expense that may not have been factored in.

An inground pool is a costly undertaking, but can add significant value to your home. The best solution is getting a quote from a professional pool contractor to assess the costs and determine if an inground pool installation is the right choice. For more information, contact the team at Swim today!

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Fiberglass Pools Pros And Cons

One major plus of a fiberglass pool is its durability. They can last more than 25 years as long as they are well taken care of with regular cleaning and water treatment.

Not only does its gelcoat finish protect it from damage, but it also needs very little maintenance. And because pool maintenance averages between $1,200 and $1,800 per year, fiberglass pools save you money in the long run. Fiberglass pool owners can expect to pay as little as $4,000 every ten years in pool maintenance.

But while fiberglass pools have high durability and low lifecycle costs, they arent perfect. Fiberglass pool designs are limited and you will only have a handful of shapes and sizes to choose from because pool companies make and use their own prefab molds. That means its nearly impossible to customize a fiberglass pool.

Their upfront costs are also more than alternative pool materials, like vinyl. Vinyl liner pools cost $45,000 on average, $7,500 less than the average fiberglass pool. If your goal is to purchase and install a pool with the lowest budget possible, that can make fiberglass pools unattractive.

Cost Of Inground Pool Incidentals As Part Of The Installation

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Inground Pool?

Incidental costs are items that are typically not part of the cost of the pool but that need to get done to finish the project. They include such things as the electrical connection, gas or propane connection, cost of the city permit, cost of the water to fill the pool, re-instating the access to the yard.

Some swimming pool companies may include these costs in the price of the pool while others do not. In the case of Campbell Pools, we have these separate since they can be tendered directly with the homeowner if they choose.

On average the cost of these incidentals will be in the neighborhood of $3,000 to $5,000

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Inground Pool Size Shape And Depth

A pool is also a great way to keep fit, since swimming will keep you conditioned while burning off calories. Its no wonder then, that swimming is ranked as the 4th most popular sport in the United States, according to Swim University. Costs vary depending on the type of pool you want. Here is a quick snapshot:

  • A fiberglass pool usually costs the length of the pool time one thousand, plus $10,000. That will make a 25-foot pool around $35,000. After the landscaping, accessories, electrical work and other elements, it may be about $45,000 to $85,000.
  • Concrete pools are the most expensive and could run between $50,000 to $100,000.
  • Vinyl liner pools are about $35,000 to $65,000.

The final pool cost will greatly depend on a range of characteristics you will select in consultation with your pool contractor.

Keep in mind that if you go beyond the standard types of pools commonly found in your neighborhood, there will be added expenses. For example, kidney shapes and other unique shapes can increase the cost of a pool beyond what your initial budget called for.

Backyard Pool Landscaping Prices

Landscaping costs$3,000 to $5,000 on average for a new installation or around $4 to $12 per square foot to add plants, trees, and shrubs around your new pool. Three of the more common styles of landscaping design for built-in pools are tropical, modern, and desert. Here are average prices if you are starting with a bare-bones yard, or you want to add features to the backyard to complement the pool area:

  • Sod installation costs$0.90 $1.80 per square foot and will help regrow your grass.
  • Installing a yard drainage system costs $3,400.
  • Re-sloping your lawn costs $1,850 on average.
  • Cutting down a tree costs $825 on average.

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Will A Pool Add Value To My Home

Adding a pool is an investment, but will it add value to your property when it comes time for you to sell?

Home buyers can be in two minds when it comes to buying a property with a pool they are either delighted at the prospect of having a pool and quite prepared to care for it or they are apprehensive about the time and cost of ongoing maintenance and possibly having to pay someone to maintain the pool regularly.

A Compass fibreglass ceramic pool with Vantage self-cleaning and circulation system offers virtually hands-free pool care, thereby alleviating the concerns of the latter type of buyer and making your home appealing to a wider range of buyers who will see the pool as a value-add and will only think of the pleasures of taking a morning dip rather than the drudgery or cost of cleaning and maintaining the pool.


Warning: These Great Small Pool Ideas Might Shock You

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost? | Thursday Pools

The Pearl is perfect for the social butterfly or sun seeker. At 15 x 25, with a generous 12- inch deep lounging area that leads to a soaking depth of 39, it can fit comfortably into a small backyard space. The not-so-deep-end is surrounded by wrap-around beverage benches, perfect for conversation or having a quiet moment to yourself at the end of a long day. The Pearl is a terrific marriage of form and function.

Despite being a bit under 20 feet in length, the Sea Turtle is big on fun. Its a medium-depth pool, with a rectangular design that features bench seating flanking the entry steps. Its a fantastic choice for the homeowner who wants to enjoy the pool, have a good conversation and relax in comfort. The 46 flat-bottom depth throughout maximizes the game-playing and socializing potential of Sea Turtle, so you can take your party into the pool. The elongated benches make a cozy spot to sit and visit. And Sea Turtle is swim jet system-ready, so if you want to turn your backyard oasis into your own personal swim spa and get some great exercise, Sea Turtle is a great small pool for you.

Lil Bob is built for fun and games. Hes a sturdy little guy whos ready to party hearty at a moments notice. With a 46 flat-bottom uniform depth, LilBob is ideal for games and just splashing around. The full-length entry steps make it easy to enter and exit out of the pool for everyone, whether theyre seven years old or 70 years young. Pets love it, too!

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What Are The Ongoing Costs For A Vinyl Lined Pool

Vinyl-liner pools also require more maintenance than fibreglass pools. The lining generally has a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, so you need to keep in mind that over a 10-year period your pool will require relining at least once, at a cost of over $4000 for a good quality liner for an average-sized pool. Vinyl pools are also readily damaged by sharp objects which can mean spending additional money on repairs if care is not taken.

How Much Does Inground Pool Resurfacing Cost

A concrete pool should last 10 to 15 years before it needs to be resurfaced, at which point you will be spending in the region of $10,000 to $13,000 depending on size and the type of finish on the pool, and potentially as much as a total of $20,000 if replacing the tile at the waterline at the same time.

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Vinyl Liner Pool Installation Costs

The least expensive of in-ground pools, vinyl liner pools consist of custom vinyl sheeting that covers the walls and floor of the pool, which are usually compacted sand or similar material. A typical vinyl liner pool costs $35,000$65,000 to install. The following options will affect your overall cost:

  • Size and shape of the pool
  • Thickness of the liner
  • Type of steps, ladders, benches
  • Coping material
  • Landscaping
  • Region

It should be noted, however, that going base-model everything with a vinyl liner pool may leave you with what looks like a budget swimming hole. Vinyl pools can be gussied up, but then youre approaching the cost of a fiberglass pool.

How Do You Determine Cost

How Much Does An Average Inground Pool Cost

Inground pools are a favorite choice for homeowners because they create a backyard with beauty and tranquility, while at the same time, recreation and near endless activities. If theyre dont right, they are easy to maintain, convenient for your outdoor fitness regime, and built to last. The best part? They are super fun for people of all ages, whether you are solo, have friends visiting, or hosting a party. Theres something for everyone.

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When you invest in a backyard that becomes your personal paradise, you need to be sure that construction standards and craftsmanship are nothing less than excellent. Your backyard oasis will be an extension of your beautiful home, and the last thing you want is any sort of headache or issue with your pool after the construction is complete. Make sure you go over the pool builders warranty and discuss it with the builder before you sign any contract.

Finally, you should feel comfortable with how the builder is respecting your budget. If they continually try to convince you to add on items outside of your budget, even if they say it is worth the investment, think twice before committing. Of course, all pool builders are in the business to earn a living, but it shouldnt come at the expense of your livelihood. Work with a builder who understands you have a limit and works with you to customize your design to fit within that budget.

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