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How To Remove Pool Cover

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How To Remove Mold From A Pool Cover

Open a Pool – Removing the Pool Cover

by Robbi | Feb 20, 2021 | Pool Service

Its only natural that the swimming pool or hot tub cover will, at some point, get some mold growth. We have tips for how to remove mold from a pool cover because you dont want to leave it on the cover because it will drip into the water. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools explain that using a pool cover is a great habit to get into, but caution you need to pay attention to the underside of the cover.

Mold is one of those things like a bathtub ring it creeps up on you and then before you know it, youre looking at a black, or green slime or tiny dots of mold that is adhering to the underside of the cover just waiting to bloom! Its not the end of the world, but you do want to remove the cover and thoroughly clean it.

One of the first things you will need to do if the mold is on a hot tub cover is to remove the foam cores. Clean those separately from the cover itself.

The cleaning solution is the same for hot tub and pool covers:

  • Fill a bucket with one gallon of warm water
  • Add teaspoon of mild dish detergent
  • Add one cup of bleach
  • Mix
  • How To Remove The Bottom Drain Cover From A Pool

    According to, the December 2008 Virginia Graeme-Baker Act is a federal mandate for swimming pool and spa entrapment avoidance in public pools


    Hire a professional pool company if you don’t feel qualified to remove the cover. Do not use the pool until the cover has been replaced.

    Remove your pool’s bottom drain cover for cleaning and repairs. Professional pool service companies can do this for you, but if you don’t mind getting wet you can do it yourself. A pool drain cover should be replaced if worn or broken. Anti-vortex, Virginia Graeme-Baker Act-approved drain covers must be used to protect swimmers from being pulled by suction to the drain. A number of pool drain covers are manufactured and sold to the public, but only two fastening methods exist. Some drains are twisted down and others are screwed.

    Turn the pool filtration pump off.

    Put on a face mask or pair of swimming goggles. Pull on a pair of swimming fins. Grab a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver. You’ll discover which kind you’ll need, if any, when you reach the drain.

    Swim down to the drain cover and inspect it for fasteners. If the screws are visible, then screws hold it down. If you don’t see any screws, then the cover twists on and off.

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    How To Get Water Off Your Pool Cover

    Every spring season, millions of Americans are faced with the dilemma of deciding when to open up their swimming pool. Possibly the most dreaded step of the process is removing the pool cover.

    Before you can remove the cover, you have to remove the water that’s on top of the cover. While you can try siphoning the water off with a garden hose or scooping it with a bucket, a much more effective method is to use a pool cover pump.

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    Removing Leaves From A Pool

    If leaves have found their way into your pool while it is uncovered, heres how to remove them quickly and efficiently:

    • Use a pool rake to gather and remove leaves, allowing them to dry if possible before hauling them away. Ideally, you want to make two or three passes around the edge of the pool before moving inward.
    • Another option is to use one of the many leaf vacuums on the market. They use pressure from a garden hose to draw leaves into a collection bag. They are a good option when there is a large volume of leaves in your pool.
    • After making a few passes with a leaf rake or vacuum, you may need to gently brush the bottom or sides of the pool to free any leaves stuck there before collecting them.

    Removing Water From A Pool Cover

    The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Cover of 2020

    Once the large debris has been removed, you can go ahead and start to remove the water. The simplest way to do it is to use a pump specifically designed for solid pool covers. You can find these at any pool supply store. If you have a solid pool cover and plan on using it for a while, its worth the investment. Decent submersible pool cover water pumps are available in the $30 range.

    If you want to go with a cheap and mechanically simple method, you could siphon out the water. This works best if your pool is on the slope of a hill or a raised area. The key to any siphon is making sure that the final destination of the water is lower than where the water starts. To siphon water off of your pool cover, you will need a long hose or piece of plastic tubing. Submerge the tube in water so that it fills completely with water, then cover one end with a finger to keep the water in. Place the other end in the water on your pool cover. Weight the tube down if necessary to keep it as low in the water as possible. While still holding the end of the tube, bring it to an area that is lower than the pool cover, either downhill or down a few steps. Let your finger off the end of the tube and watch the water start to flow.

    The advantage of a siphon over a plain drain is that, if done correctly, water can actually flow uphill through the tubing, as long as the end is lower than the beginning. The advantage over a pump is that it is very cheap and requires no electricity.

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    Tips For Removing Leaves From Your Pool Or Pool Cover

    Autumn has arrived. With it come warm days, cool nights, and lots of leaves drifting down into your backyard swimming pool. Theyve got to come out of there, of course, but rather than grumbling about this new addition to your already-long To Do list, its better to simply make a plan and get after it. Below are tips for making the process as quick and easy as possible.

    Clear Out Any Debris Thats Accumulated On Your Winter Pool Cover

    Regardless of whether you have a normal pool cover or a winter pool cover, the first step is to remove the water, leaves, and debris accumulated on top of the cover. A submersible pool cover pump makes quick work of any surplus water that may have accumulated. If you dont have a pool cover pump, you can use a conventional sump pump instead.

    Use a soft brush or a skimmer net to collect leaves and other debris. Make sure youre gently cleaning the pool cover. Sharp equipment or overzealous sweeping can cause harm to your protective pool cover.

    Make every effort to clear away as much debris as you can. The more dirt you remove now, the less likely youll worry about debris falling into the water when you finally start removing the cover.

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    Storing Your Safety Cover For Summer

    • Safety Cover Bag or Large Plastic Bin with Lid

    Step 1: Clean the cover

    a. Use leaf blower to remove leaves and debris. b. Spray on cover cleaner. c. Rinse it off.

    Step 2: Release the springs

    a. Use installation rod to unhook each spring from the anchor. b. Unhook all of the springs.

    Step 3: Screw anchors flush

    a. Using the hex key screw the anchor into the sleeve so it is flush with the deck.b. Repeat until all of the anchors are flush.

    Step 4: Remove the safety cover

    a. Fold the cover starting at deep end. b. Fold a section, about the distance between the straps. c. Continue this accordion style folding until you reach the end. d. Lift cover up and on to a clean dry space in the yard or deck.

    Step 5: Storing your safety cover

    a. Unfold cover and clean if necessary. b. Allow cover to dry. c. Fold the cover in half, over and over, until it is small enough to fit in the bag.

    Step 6: Hang the bag up

    a. To prevent damage from mice and other rodents, hang the cover bag off the ground. b. A large plastic bin with a lid or trashcan will also work.

    By following these simple steps you will be sure that your pool safety cover will last longer. Plus, when it is time to close your pool and install the safety cover, it will be neat and ready to go. Read our post on storing your safety covers’ storage bag before installing your cover. For more information about caring for your pool safety cover check out this post.

    The Proper Way To Remove A Pool Cover

    Best Way to Remove A Pool Cover – Opening An Inground Pool

    In order to properly maintain your pool, you will need to look after all pool equipment, including pool covers. Pool covers are an important part of any pool that helps to keep your pool warm and even extends the life of your pool system by keeping out debris. Whether you are looking to store the pool cover during the summer season or simply put it away for your daily swim, it is worth knowing how to properly remove the pool cover.

    In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to properly remove both mesh and solid safety pool covers, how to clean the pool cover, and where to store them when theyre not in use.

    Main Takeaways

    • Safety pool covers are made up of a cover, springs, straps, and anchors.
    • Mesh pool covers are lighter and easier to remove than solid pool covers.
    • Remove pool cover in small sections, using an envelope style.
    • Let the cover air dry during removal to prevent mold growth during storage.

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    Tips To Folding A Pool Cover

    Accordion fold or fan-folding is a convenient way to fold your pool cover. This makes it super easy to reinstall in the next winter season, so to fold your pool cover properly, this technique is something worth learning. Its done in the same manner as folding a piece of paper to form a fan out of it.

    How To Remove A Pool Cover By Yourself

    Home> How to Remove a Pool Cover by Yourself

    Youve made the smart investment of getting a cover professionally installed on your pool. Most pool covers are effective safety devices that also help keep your pool clean.

    Unless you have an automatic cover, which opens and closes at the press of a button or flip of a switch, and unless you have someone around to help, it can help to learn how to remove the pool cover by yourself. We recommend waiting to remove or apply the cover until you can ask a friend or family member to help the extra pair of hands can go a long way. But if you need to do it on your own, it can be done.

    This process will vary slightly depending on the type of cover you have.

    Mesh Pool Covers

    All-Safes mesh pool covers are some of the strongest and sturdiest you can find. Theyre made of durable weather-resistant mesh and strong straps. These covers dont collect water when it rains and can help keep debris out of your pool. Additionally, All-Safe covers are independently tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials and can hold the weight of an adult in an emergency.

    Your local All-Safe dealer will teach you how to put on a pool cover by yourself after installation. We recommend mesh covers if you need to close and winterize your pool. These covers can be heavy, and may take anywhere from 1030 minutes to remove, so its best to get a friend to help.

    If no one is able to help you, heres how to remove a mesh pool cover by yourself:

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    What To Do When Your Pool Cover Falls In

    In Maintenance and Repair by John & Sabrina FoleyOctober 26, 2015

    When you own a swimming pool you do everything you can to keep it clean and in good condition, including using a pool cover. Pool covers are beneficial many ways. They can reduce dirt and make cleaning easier, and they can keep the water a little warmer which means you have more time to enjoy it. However as with any other swimming pool device or accessory, pool covers can also have their problems.

    How To Remove Water From A Pool Cover

    Solar Cover Reel

    Removing water from your pool cover is the first essential step to opening your pool for the season. Even if there appears to be only a thin layer of water on top, you should never try to remove the cover while that water is present. Just one inch of water translates into a heavy mass that is virtually impossible for a person to remove by lifting. You could hurt yourself by doing so and also damage the cover.

    So whats the best way to remove water from your pool cover? There are couple quick and simple options.

    1) Use a pump.This is the easiest and quickest method. We recommend a Little Giant Pool Cover Pump. You simply attach your hose, plug it in and drop it onto the cover to start pumping the water. The pump does the rest.

    You can purchase these pumps at any Crystal Pools location.


    2) Manually siphon the water.Siphoning the water manually requires a few extra steps and can be somewhat difficult to control. But if you dont have a pump, this method should suffice. Heres a handy trick to make it work with minimal effort:

  • Attach your garden hose to your water spigot.
  • Place the other end underneath the water on top of the pool cover.
  • Turn on the water at the spigot.
  • Let the water run for a minute, generally until you no longer see any bubbles forming in the water on top of the pool cover .
  • Turn off the water and quickly disconnect the hose.
  • The water will start flowing in the opposite direction, thus removing it from the top of the cover.

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    Removing And Storing Your Safety Cover

    Tips for Removing and Storing Your Swimming Pool Safety Cover

    With the warm weather already upon us, many families are getting ready for their annual “opening of the swimming pool” ceremony. And it all starts by removing the swimming pool safety cover and storing it away until fall.

    In order to help extend the life of your swimming pool cover, and to ensure that it is primed for use come fall, there are certain steps you should take to ensure the cover is removed and stored properly. Follow these steps for removing and storing your pool cover, and it will last longer and protect your property better.

    Step 1: Clean the Cover Before You Remove It

    Over the fall and winter, dirt and debris can collect on the swimming pool cover. The last thing you want to do is slide the cover off without first removing the debris because everything sitting on top of the cover will eventually slide into the pool. Worse yet, a large branch or twig could cause a tear.

    All it takes to clean off the cover is a standard garden hose with a power nozzle. Simply hose off the debris and you’re ready to get started with the removal process. If, on the other hand, your pool is protected by a solid cover instead of a mesh one, then you will want to suction off any standing water on top of the cover before you remove it. A cover pump is designed to help make that task easy.

    Step 2: Remove the Cover Springs and Screw Down Anchors

    Step 3: Proper Removal of the Swimming Pool Safety Cover

    Quick Recap: Removing Snow From Your Winter Pool Cover

    As you know now, dealing with snow on your pool cover is much easier with the right approach. Its a good mix of preparation and using the right tools for the job.

    Here are the key takeaways from this post:

    • Keep your water line between 3 to 6 inches below skimmer level
    • Sprinkle pool salt on your cover to speed up melting and reduce freezing
    • Use a waterproof heat cable to speed up melting, and optimize drainage
    • Remove snow with a broom or leaf blower every 12 hours to reduce buildup
    • Avoid using sharp tools like shovels or rakes they damage your cover
    • Leave your submersible cover pump on to properly drain water as snow melts

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    Removing Leaves From A Winter Pool Cover

    Once the water has been removed, you can go about removing the remaining leaves. If you can, let them dry a bit. It is much easier to remove dry leaves because they dont stick to the cover material like wet ones.

    The two tools to use for wet or damp leaves are a brush and a rake. For a brush, you can use your regular pool brush. In a pinch, any large broom with nylon bristles will do. If the pool cover is sunk slightly below the pool deck, just try to get all the leaves into a pile at the edge of the pool. You may have to get in there and remove the pile with your hands. For a safety cover that is taught and level with the deck, you should be able to sweep them right off. If you use a rake, try to get one made for pool covers. They arent that expensive, and they protect your cover, which is much more costly. In a pinch, you can use any rake with plastic tines. The less sharp, the better. The main danger is from tears.

    If your leaves are completely dry, you can use a leaf blower to direct all the leaves off your cover. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clear your pool cover. However, it is only effective when the leaves are really dry.

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