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What Is The Best Brand For Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

Ready to get your splash on with a sturdy and long-lasting pool that can withstand the elements? The Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Pool Set has a water capacity of 5,200 gallons and comes with a SkimmerPlus 110/120v filter pump to keep that water clean and sparkling all summer long.

The frame of the swim pool is galvanized metal and can be assembled in around 45 minutes. The Summer Waves Elite comes with all the regular TLC accessories you will need to set-up and protect your new pool, including a cloth to put on the ground underneath your pool, a pool ladder, pool cover, and a maintenance kit to keep your pool running smoothly.

Reviewers consistently rave about the sturdiness of the metal frame, finding it easy to put together, and the reasonable price tag.

The Summer Waves is an ideal above-ground pool for small families who are looking for a budget-friendly pool that is perfect for kids who are ready to move on from inflatable pools.

Lake Effect Forever Above Ground Pool

The durable steel, which is used to build these above ground pool walls, has been galvanized for a high level of protection. Its walls are also coated with resin on both sides to avoid later rusting. This entire pool component set is made for exact fitting.

54 inches is a considerable height that this above ground pool from Lake Effect can provide its customers with. It has an elegant sunlight pattern to make the pool looks like it glistens under the sun all the time. There is a total of 10 verticals to stabilize it.

Its wide-mouth skimmer is truly helpful in collecting irrelevant floating objects on the pool water surface to maintain its hygiene. This Lake Effect above ground pool has been claimed to last for a long period of time due to a series of excellent functions.



  • Its bottom rails are quite short.

Williams Take:

Blue Wave Martinique Deep Metal Wall Swimming Pool

A lot of above ground pools can feel more like wading pools than legitimate places to swim. If depth is important to you, opt for this pool from Blue Wave, which comes in a variety of widths, all 52 inches deep. Quality steel construction and a durable top rail ensure the pool will hold up for all your swimming needs.

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Intex Prism Frame Pool With Pump

Best Cheap Above Ground Pool

If youre shopping for an affordable pool for the family, Intexs Prism Frame Pool might be the perfect fit. The 10-foot diameter pool comes with a pump and sets up in 30 minutes, so you can start filling it ASAP.

A steel frame keeps the pool from collapsing, and you wont have to worry about filling it with air, which is one feature we like. The framing setup also helps avoid drowning hazards from kids leaning over the side, as is possible with inflatable pools. Some families might find it a bit shallow its only 30 inches high but for most kids, its adequate.


  • A bit shallow for bigger kids/adults
  • The pump might not be strong enough to filter daily gunk out

Best Inflatable: Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool With Filter Pump

Best Above

Dimensions: 10 feet x 30 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 608 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Comes with a filter pump

  • Holds over 600 gallons of water

  • Great for kids

  • Shallow for adults

If you’re interested in a blow-up option that’s a bit larger and more sturdy than your typical kiddie pool, we recommend the Summer Waves Quick Set. This circular pool measures 120 inches in diameter. It’s 30 inches deep and can hold over 600 gallons of water. Designed specifically for super-fast installation, you can set it up in minutes. And unlike most inflatable pools, it comes with a filter pump.

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Radiant Construction & Durability

Radiant Pools promotional message is that because of their insulated wall pools are less expensive to heat and keep warm. But most people know heat rises, and most heat is lost out the top, not through the pool walls. Silly marketing people. Like a 1 or 2 degrees difference make them worth all the money.

I met with a Radiant Dealer at the 2016 pool and spa show in Atlantic City, who had several pools with ice damage. He was pissed that they did not cover the cost of labor or the vinyl liner. They only gave him replacement panels, ouch. He sent me the pictures above.

The walls are like 2 1/2 inches thick. However, they sandwich Styrofoam between two thin pieces of aluminum. Since when has styrofoam been a structural component? They dont even make good coolers.

I believe Radiant Pools would be okay in warmer climates like West Virginia or Kentucky and points further South. However, they are more expensive than the Aquasport 52, which I consider a better pool.

What Is Winterizing An Above

Winterizing an above-ground pool is the process of readying your pool for upcoming seasons of unfavorable weather when the pool will not be used. Winterizing prevents damage to the pool and helps the pool to be ready for swimming soonerand in better conditionwhen spring arrives.

Many pool-closing techniques are simply the final pool maintenance activities of the season, such as skimming the water. Other techniques are specific to winter and a dormant season, such as treating the water with special chemicals.

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Who Is The Swimming Pool For

If you have young children, you must consider this and purchase a pool that is shallower and safer for them. If only adults will be using it, then perhaps a more significant and deeper pool will be more suitable. Some people want to use these pools for their pets as well, and this should be taken into consideration when it comes to depth.

Heritage Ta Dxp Complete Pool

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool 2022 (Buying Guide)

The Heritage TA DXP above ground pool comes with a 19-inch sand filter and a 1 horsepower motor. So, if youre looking for a pool that comes with a good built in maintenance system, this is a pretty good choice.

Other than just that, this pool also comes with a heavy-duty resin made ladder and a barrier to prevent children from climbing into the pool. It is also made of the standard 7-inch galvanized steel, making it pretty durable.

  • Best Features:

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Above Ground Pools Reviews

When selecting our candidates for the best above ground pool, we looked at user reviews and what people were saying about their pools online and on social media, to make our decision. We found that the leading brands in above ground pool design include Intex, Bestway, Summer Waves, and Coleman.

Lets unpack each of the offerings, allowing you to select the pool thats right for your yard and your use. If you need some further guidance with making your

Intex 12 X 30 Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool With Filter Pump

This above-ground swimming pool has Hydro Aeration Technology, laminated sidewalls, and a drain plug. The installation is a breeze with this pool, making it an excellent above-ground option that the whole family can enjoy.

Aside from that, it also comes with a drain plug, installation DVD, and metal frame, making the product even more appealing.

Assembled Product Dimensions : 144.00 x 144.00 x 30.00 Inches

Highlighted Features:

  • Might not be tall enough for adults

How to assemble the Intex 12×30 metal above ground pool

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Enjoy Your Above Ground Pool Safely

Dont stop at merely installing your above ground pool. Safety is an issue with pools regardless if it is an inground pool or an above ground pool. You will enjoy the same swim experience with your above ground pool as with any inground pool, but this also comes with the same safety concerns.

Here are some essential safety products to consider:

  • Fencing There are unique fences available explicitly designed for above ground pools. Although much safer than inground pools, children can still climb up and tip over into the pool even if there is no ladder. There are many inexpensive options available if you have children in the house you want to protect.
  • Ladders To use your pool, a ladder is essential. You can choose from one of the top above ground pool ladders weve collected for the buying guide weve put together. You must ensure that the ladder is securely attached to the pool and features handrails for added stability.
  • Pool Alarm This is especially important if you have children or pets, although some counties actually require an alarm by law. These alarms will notify you if something large enough to make a splash has irritated the water.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

Bestway Power Steel 16 ft Round Above Ground 48 inch Metal Frame Pool ...
  • Company: Intex
  • Price: $$$
  • Size: 20 L x 12 W x 48 H

This oval frame pool by Intex is a great combination of easy to set up and the classic rectangular shape, which is great for maximizing both swimming space and backyard space.

The Frame: This is an inflatable pool, but its still top quality. The walls of the pool are made of Intex Super Tough PVC, which is resistant to damage caused by gasoline and oil, chemicals, sunlight, salt-water, abrasion, and more. In other words, even though its inflatable this pool should last many years for you!

While the PVC is not solid, the frame is supported by rustproof metal frames that brace the sides of the pool. You just need to snap these together at the joints when setting up the pool- no tools required!

Setting It Up: Youll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to set up one of these oval frame pools. After laying down the tarp on a leveled area, spread out the pool liner, inflate the top ring, snap together the frame, and then begin filling it with water!

Whats All Included In The Purchase: It comes with the ground cover and the pool cover , the ladder , the filter pump system, and V-TRAP vacuum. The Intex 1500 gph filter pump with GFCI outlet plug comes with the pool, and helps keep your water sparkling clean.

Cons: 1) Some reviewers have had problems with the inflatable ring deflating or being tough to wash, and 2) You may find the filter not powerful enough, depending on your environment.

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Bestway Steel Pro Max Above Ground Pool

Excess pool water is easily dealt with this provided drain valve of the Bestway above ground pool. The lightweight PVC pool material cannot be torn apart and its color will not fade out through time. This swimming pool is a brilliant choice for both kids and adults.

There is a PVC support band that surrounds the exterior pool frame to add structural integrity to it. Its frame is coated with a rust-resistant layer for battling later abrasion as well. The entire pool and its accessories can be set up with no professional tools.

It is important to secure its joint connections so this pool from Bestway already has a locking system for sealing them. The pool cartridge filter pump enables a hassle-free cleanup. This above ground pool kit does not cost much considering its attachments.


  • It has a lock & seal system.
  • Easy to clean the cartridge.


  • The plug design is defective.

Williams Take:

Bestway Steel Pro Above

Best for small kids

  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN: Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy…
  • SUPERIOR FRAME DESIGN: The pool frames are applied with a rust…
  • MADE TO LAST: A durable, yet lightweight PVC material provides…
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required to install this above…
  • NO MORE CHEMICAL FLOATERS: Chemconnect chemical dispenser…

Bestway above-ground pool is made of high-quality, durable materials and a reliable frame design and is an ideal kiddie pool without worrying whether they can swim. However, Bestway Pro above-ground pool has other larger sizes with different heights, but all sizes use the same joint design creating a stable above-ground pool. This round above-ground model does not feature a ground cloth, pump, or ladder, so you will need to buy them because the price only covers the above-ground pool and frame.

The pool frame has a UV and rust-resistant coating that makes it more durable and corrosion-resistant. Bestway round pool model features a flow control drain valve that provides a controlled release of water. The above ground pool has a PVC material covering the walls and floor, plus a 3ply PVC band around the base that offers extra support.

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Testing Your Sand Bottom

The weight of the water in the pool will help to compact the sand bottom underneath the liner. Generally it takes 5-10 days for the sand to be fully compacted and become hardened.

The first time you get in the pool to swim, gently feel the bottom of the pool to ensure the sand is sufficiently compacted. If the bottom is still soft, give it a few more days before walking around on the bottom.

***Country Leisure Pro Tip: Leaving footprints in the bottom of the pool will make it extremely difficult to vacuum your pool dont rush this step!

Buying Process & Reputable Retailers

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

Once youve made the decision to purchase an above ground pool, the process becomes fairly easy even something that can be accomplished without ever visiting the store if you prefer.

Your sales associate, whether in person, via email, or via phone, will walk through any last questions you may have and then will simply get the information from you regarding the pool model and size you would like and any accessories or upgrades you would like to add on with the initial purchase.

They will get information from you concerning your location and site for installation so they can add in installation costs and estimated excavation costs , assuming you choose to have the pool installed by one of their installation crews.

From this point, the next person you will most likely hear from is the individual responsible for scheduling the pool installation they will either be calling to set up an installation date/time or to confirm the installation time if one was set at the time of your pool purchase.

Now you are in the hands of the installation crew. While that crew is on site doing the installation, they will walk through the pool and the steps you need to complete once the pool is full, and you can ask any questions that you may have.

Watch the video below to learn about our free consult and a bit about our showroom:

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Intex Ultra Xtr Above Ground Pool

The pool pump flow in 1 hour of 1,200 gallons is seen as an average but functional frequency to help filter the entire Intex above ground pool. Since it is quite large in size, the amount of time required for 90% of pool water filling is approximately 60 minutes.

Its frame has a great powder coating on both sides that enables strong resistance against premature rusting. The hydro aeration technology guarantees water filtration and circulation at their peak for the best pool clarity. Its connection snaps with push buttons.

Even the removable ladder of this pool from Intex is built from a corrosion-resistant steel frame and its steps prevent slippage. If users want to leave it in cold weather, there is a large debris cover to keep pool water clean and its pump should also be covered.


  • It can endure cold climates.


  • Its verticals may get crippled.

Williams Take:

Blue Wave Riviera Above Ground Pool Package

Probably the first thing that will catch your attention about this pool is its design. Unlike many other above ground pools, this one sports a very sophisticated and classy design.

In fact, we can even say that it looks like an above ground pool from another time. However, its not just the aesthetics that make it appealing. It also has very impressive durability because of its UV inhibitors making it resistant to very harsh sunlight.

It is also rust proof and corrosion proof. Its pretty much like having beauty and reliability all rolled into one with this above ground pool package.

Highlighted Features:

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Summer Waves Pool Set

This lovely pool makes our list because users were delighted with the way it looks in their yard and is made very durable. Though more expensive than the others on our list, the Summer Waves Pool Set is worth every penny. It is a 12 foot round pool at 33 inches in depth and has 1,900 gallons capacity, suitable for both children and adults.

This pool set includes a SFX600 filter pump that combines the functions of a skimmer and filter for better results. It directly attaches to the sidewalls of the pool that allows for easier maintenance and to prevent tripping. The pool is constructed with a galvanized steel frame that is durable and rust-resistant.

What sets this pool apart from the rest is its attractive dark herringbone wicker pattern exterior. It is also available in a lighter wicker design. The unit isnt only beautiful but durable as well. A triple-layer heavy gauge PVC and polyester mesh are used to build this pool to withstand weather and human activity.


Above Ground Pool Accessories

Pool Mate Deluxe 3

Check the kit youre interested in buying for the accessories it offers with your purchase. Some above goring pools come with a full range of accessories, while others come with none. If you have to purchase your accessories separately, the costs could mount up to the same as the sticker price of your pool, in some cases.

Some of the more popular accessories to look out for when purchasing your pool are the following.

  • Ladders An essential accessory for getting in and out of the pool without damaging the frame or yourself.
  • Heaters Extend your swimming season well into the fall
  • Cleaners Skimmers ad pool cleaners provide you with easy maintenance
  • Salt Chlorinators Turn your pool into a saltwater system thats easier on your skin than the chemicals in a chlorine pool
  • Pool lighting Some pools come with built-in lighting systems for swimming at night
  • Solar cover Keep your pool warm when not in use

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