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Hot Springs Hot Tub Cover Replacement

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When Should You Consider A New Hot Tub Cover

How to Use Your Hot Tub Cover Lifter Hot Spring® CoverCradle®

How often you should get a replacement hot tub cover depends on where you live. If you live in a northern climate, you may need to replace it every three to five years. In southern climates, hot tub covers typically only need to be replaced every three to seven years. There are also several indications that it may be time for a replacement cover:

  • Rips or tears – There are rips or tears in the exterior skin.
  • Discoloration – There is discoloration from mold or mildew. Check the underside, too.
  • Heavy – If the cover is too heavy to lift, this is an indication it is taking on moisture and losing the ability to provide proper heat insulation for your spa.
  • Working lock bands – Hot tub covers need to have properly working lock bands to preserve the safety of the spa. If the bands are broken or cracked, you may want to get a replacement spa cover.


Superior Spa Pool Cover Construction

One of the most important factors in the energy efficient design of your your spa pool is your spa pool cover. Hot Spring’s spa pool covers are made from heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl. It also features a tapered custom-fit core that allows water runoff. A vapour barrier is created to protect the cover from hard New Zealand weather, chemicals and intense sunlight. This is made possible with high quality polyester thread and poly-ply laminates. Nylon flaps give the zipper extra strength, preventing it from breakage and tears.

Your spa pool cover require regular maintenance and should be inspected yearly for wear and to ensure a tight seal. Due to exposure to the elements, your spa pool cover will need to be replaced when it is time. How can you tell when it is time to replace your spa pool cover? Our Owners section can educate you about the proper care and maintenance of your Hot Spring spa.

Your Hot Tub Cover Is Not A Table

Don’t put objects or people on the cover. Anything with weight could cause the cover to stretch and sag, speeding premature deterioration. Remember to remove snow in the winter. If ice accumulates on your cover, loosen it with warm water before removing. Prying or chipping it off could tear the vinyl.

Lastly, be kind to your cover. Spa covers are heavy and large and can be difficult to remove and replace alone. Don’t drag it, even on grass. Get a friend to help, or install one of our hot tub cover lifters.

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What Types Of Spa Covers Should You Look For

You should look for a hot tub cover that has the right foam density, locks, and vinyl thickness for your needs. You may also want to pick a color or pattern that matches your outside décor. There are several brands of hot tub covers.

  • Select a density: You should look for hot tub covers with a foam core that will withstand both daily and extreme weather conditions. The cover should also be able to hold up if a child or pet falls onto it.
  • Choose locking straps: Locking straps on hot tub covers can prevent children from accessing the hot tub without adult supervision. They can also prevent backyard animals from climbing into the tub.
  • Select a skin: Marine-grade vinyl skins go on the exterior of the cover to prevent fading and discoloration.
  • Color: Spa covers come in a range of colors and patterns to blend well with the setting of the tub.
  • Choose a brand: These include Catalina, Jacuzzi, and Sundance.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Buy Hot Spring Grandee 1997

Hot tub cover lifters can be easy to overlook when shopping for your first home spa, but experienced hot tub owners know that a cover lifter is absolutely essential and that its quality mattersa lot. While its possible to save money by choosing an off-brand cover lifter, or one that isnt designed specifically for your hot tub model, investing in a top-quality system that is designed to integrate with your spa cover will improve aesthetics, functionality, and overall spa ownership experience. Having an easy way to remove and replace your cover will ensure you use your hot tub more often and will increase the lifespan of your cover by keeping it off the ground.

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Safety Certified Spa Pool Cover

Reinforced, adjustable straps make it easy to safely secure the spa cover. Each Hot Spring spa pool cover is UL-classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards, and includes child safety locks for extra protection.

Highlife® Collection Spa Pool Replacement Covers

These covers are a custom fit for the Highlife Series spas. Available in Chocolate and Slate.

* Colours may appear differently on different devices – please consult your local Hot Spring dealer.

Hot Spot® Collection Spa Pool Replacement Options

These covers are a custom fit for the Hot Spot Series spas. Available in caramel, chocolate and slate.

* Colours may appear differently on different devices – consult your local Hot Spring dealer to verify colours.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about our spas or accessories, your local HotSpring dealer is happy to help.

Why Trust The Spruce

Erica Puisis has been covering the best products for outdoor and indoor living at The Spruce since 2017. Her research and areas of expertise have included pool heaters, cleaners, and water testing equipment.

To find the best options for hot tub replacement covers, Erica considered the thickness of each cover, foam density, customization options, and the length of any warranty periods. Most options on this list can be ordered to fit your hot tub specifically, providing the best protection against heat loss and evaporation.

  • The 3 Best Hot Tub Covers, According To Reviewers. Bustle. https://www.bustle.com/life/best-hot-tub-covers

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    Standard Spa Replacement Hot Tub Covers

    The Cover Guy Standard 4 2.5 taper hot tub cover is designed to keep debris out of your hot tub while also lowering your running costs. Our Standard foam cover is perfect for mild to moderate climates and it meets all ATSM standards for strength and safety.

    At The Cover Guy, we only use the highest density foams in our covers, to ensure our covers withstand heavy loads including harsh snowfalls. We do not use low density or inferior non virgin foam in any of our covers like a lot of other manufactured covers. With our covers, you really are getting a great and more durable cover money can buy.

    Additionally, our hot tub covers do not get waterlogged like other spa covers because all our foam is coated and wrapped with our new technology, for ZERO water absorption.

    Spa Covers For Hot Springs Spas

    How to Use Your Hot Tub Cover Lifter Hot Spring® CoverCradle® II

    HotSpringsSpaCovers.com has replacement hot tub covers available for all spa makes and models If you do not see your model listed, no problem, we can still make a great hot tub cover for your spa


    The Best Replacement Spa Covers money can buy. Five year warranty against water absorption included on all covers. Manufactured using marine grade vinyl and energy efficient polystyrene inserts. The inserts are heat sealed with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect against water absorption. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging of your hot tub cover. This all adds up to a great replacement hot tub cover providing a durable and lasting cover. 1-856-437-0185.

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    List Of Available Hot Springs Hot Tub Models:

    The Highlife Collection – Designed to provide the utmost in ease of use, endurance and efficiency including several quality features such as no-bypass water filtration, foam insulation and advanced engineering.

    • Vista 6 Person Hot Tub

    • Grandee 7 Person Hot Tub

    • Envoy 5 Person Hot Tub

    • Aria 5 Person Hot Tub

    • Vanguard 6 Person Hot Tub

    • Sovereign 6 Person Hot Tub

    • Prodigy 5 Person Hot Tub

    • Jetsetter 3 Person Hot Tub

    The Limelight Collection Quality, performance and contemporary style sculpting throughout the shell, multi-colour lighting and powerful massage jets:

    • Pulse 6 Person Hot Tub

    • Flair 5 Person Hot Tub

    • Glow 4 Person Hot Tub

    • Bolt 4 Person Hot Tub


    • Cameo 54 Jet 5-6 Seater

    • Majesta 31 Jet 5-6 Seater

    • Altamar 41 Jet 5-6 Seater


    • Capri 31 Jet 2-3 Seater

    780 Series Spas Reliability and High Performance:LARGE

    • Chelsee 36 Jet 6-7 Seater


    • Hamilton 40 Jet 5-6 Seater

    • Certa 35 Jet 5-6 Seater


    • Camden 24 Jet 4 Seater

    • Dover 22 Jet 2-3 Seater

    680 Series Spas A Variety of Shapes and Sizes to fit any Living Environment:LARGE

    • Hartford 42 Jet 6-7 Seater


    • Hawthorne 44 Jet 5-6 Seater

    • Edison 35 Jet 6 Seater


    • Denali 20 Jet 4 Seater

    • Tacoma 12 Jet 2 Seater

    Need Some Help With Your Order

    Having a hot tub cover that fits your spa perfectly is crucial, as it helps to keep heat in and reduce evaporation. If your hot tub cover is not fitted to your tub or spa properly, you should consider a replacement.If you need some help measuring for your replacement hot tub cover, or aren’t sure what to look for in order to ensure a perfect fit, contact us and one of our specialists would be happy to help!

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    Replace Your Hot Tub Cover If:

    You see breaks, cracks, tears, fading or sagging. Deteriorating condition and changes in shape could cause the cover to let heat and water vapor out, and dust and debris in. Look for dry or brittle texture in addition to holes and other visible signs of breakage.

    Your hot tub cover is waterlogged. When the vapor barrier fails the inner foam absorbs water, creating a perfect environment for bacteria and mildew to grow. Not only is a waterlogged cover a health hazard, it could lead to accelerated deterioration of the other parts of your spa.

    What Are Spa Covers Used For

    Hot Spring Envoy Hot Tub Cover 2004

    Hot tub covers are used to protect your spa from leaves, branches, and other debris that can fall into the water. The spa cover also protects the top of the spa from becoming damaged in extreme weather, such as a hurricane or heavy winter storm. If you have children or pets, a hot tub cover can prevent them from accessing the spa without supervision.

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    Select Hot Tub Make And Model:

    Hot Tub Covers Canada custom builds replacement covers for Hot Spring Hot Tubs, and we have all the Hot Spring spa models on file in our measurement database below. We are your Hot Springs hot tub covers specialists!

    For over 35 years, Hot Spring Spas has been one of the leading companies in hot tub manufacturing. The company attributes this to their high-class design being equipped with the ultimate in energy-efficiency.Hot Spring Spas has won numerous awards for Workplace Excellence, various placings in Consumer’s Digest and Germany-based INDESIGN’s ENVYaward for energy-efficiency to name just a few.

    Spa Covers Done Right

    Aside from spa parts, SpaPartsNet.Com offers only the highest quality spa cover and spa cover lifter systems available on the market today! Hands down, there is no better quality, or price on the internet. Our hot tub covers provide reliable thermal protection with all the frills.

    Heavy duty marine vinyl, tie down straps, steam stoppers and a sealed core are all standard on our spa covers. From spa pumps to spa covers, SpaPartsNet.Com is your one-stop shop for hot tub parts.

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    Invest In A Hot Spring Spa Cover Thats Built To Last

    Your Hot Spring® hot tub is an investment worth protecting. However, aging or poorly constructed covers can leave it vulnerable to the outdoor elements. If you want to save time and money in the long term, a replacement Hot Spring® spa cover can make all the difference. You can trust our team to build a high-quality product that will not only provide coverage for your Hot Spring® but will also last for years to come. With our customization options, you can even choose from a variety of colors and insulation types. Here at MySpaCover, we want to ensure that you get exactly what youre looking for at the best value possible. Shop for your new Hot Spring® hot tub cover replacement today!

    Energy Efficient Spa Pool Covers

    How to Open Your Hot Tub Cover – Cover Cradle I

    Hot Spring Spas leads the industry in producing highly energy-efficient spa pool and spa pool covers. Our rigid, vinyl spa pool covers tightly lock in heat with 1.5 lb. and 2.0 lb. foam cores that increase the R-factor of the cover for additional energy efficiency. Our spa cover will save you money on your energy bill by holding in the heat. With a tight seal you will save money on your water bill as well since less water is lost to evaporation.

    Contact Your Local Dealer

    Pricing can vary by location, so talk to your local dealer to get the best prices and options.

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    Superior Hot Tub Cover Construction

    Hot Springs heavy-duty marine grade vinyl hot tub covers feature a tapered custom-fit core that allows water runoff, while its polyester thread and poly-ply laminate create a vapor barrier to protect the cover from harsh weather, chemicals and intense sunlight. Nylon flaps give the zipper extra strength, preventing breakage or tears.

    Your hot tub cover is one of the most important factors in the energy efficient design of your hot tub. Covers require regular maintenance and should be inspected yearly for wear and to ensure a tight seal. Since hot tub covers are exposed to the elements they will eventually need replacement. You can contact your local Hot Spring dealer to inquire about replacing your cover when it is time. How can you tell when it is time to replace your hot tub cover? Our FAQ section and blog articles can educate you about the proper care and maintenance of your Hot Spring spa.

    Durable Spa Cover Design

    Hot Spring spa pool covers are outfitted with exclusive, sturdy brackets for strong support and easy installation of our exclusive cover lifters. Each cover is made with double-stitched vinyl for a durable hinge and extra strong padded handles for long lasting performance. There are 24 internal stress points reinforced in each spa cover, including aluminum reinforcement for maximum strength and minimum weight. A spa pool cover lifter extends the life of your spa pool cover. Without a spa pool cover lifter, removing, storing and replacing the cover between uses becomes a chore and your spa pool cover can become damaged when placed on the ground, concrete patio or deck. This especially applies to larger spa pools. Opening and replacing the spa pool cover without a spa pool cover lifter can be a two-person job. With a spa cover lifter one person can easily open the cover, keeping it off the ground, and easily close the cover when they are finished with their soak. The cover lifter also frees time to double-check the cover is closed properly with a tight seal. With a Hot Spring cover lifter you are more likely to use your spa since the chore of opening and closing the cover becomes a non-issue. Since the spa pool cover will save you money on your energy bill it is wise to encourage people to remember to close your spa pool after each use by making it an easy operation. Remember that your spa pool cover also keeps debris out of your spa.

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    Spa Covers Made With Highest Quality Materials

    MySpaCover uses 30oz marine grade vinyl, heavy-duty YKK style zippers, and double stitching at every seam to ensure that you have a long-lasting and high-quality spa cover. Using the best materials and craftsmanship means your hot tub cover will be able to protect your spa investment throughout the seasons and the years. Upgrading to a MySpaCover replacement spa cover can keep your hot tub safe from damage and also save you money in the long term. Dont wait for the repair bills to stack up or for your hot tub to be out of commission, order your replacement spa cover today!

    MySpaCover.com has worked with all the leading hot tub manufacturers in North America and beyond to compile a proprietary data base of replacement spa cover dimensions. We maintain the exact manufacturers dimensions for well-known names such as Jacuzzi® spa covers, Sundance® spa covers, Hot Spring® spa covers, Caldera spa covers, Cal Spas hot tub covers, Coleman spa covers, and many more. We have over 1000 spa cover models available to choose from. Browse our wide selection of custom spa covers to find the perfect fit for your hot tub.

    What Makes Northern Hot Tub Covers The Best

    Hot Spring® Replacement Covers

    Northern Hot Tub Covers has been supplying spa covers for over 30 Years

    Our Hot Tub Covers use current technology to make them one of the best hot tub covers available. Using computerize cutting tables and current software allows us to make a spa cover that fits your hot tub perfectly every time. All of our hot tub covers are made with virgin 28 oz marine grade UV protect vinyl. For superior support all covers come with C-Channel reinforcement and extra heavy duty locking straps and handles with no charge hardware. All spa covers have no rust heavy duty zippers and reinforced stitching. We offer the option to double wrap the vapor barrier for additional protection of the Sealed Tapered Foam Cores. All hot tub covers may opt to add a full continuous hinge seal to capture escaping steam. We offer 4 different thickness of EPS Tapered Foam Cores depending on your climate or need. For Indoor spa covers we have the Signature Hot Tub Cover which features a 4″ x 2″ tapered foam and light weight up to the Ultimate II Hot Tub Cover 6″ X 4″ taper for heavy snow loads and colder climates. We are also pioneered the original EzShield Value Package which includes the Chemical Resistant PE Liner. All this backed by industry leading 5 Year Warranty, 5 Star Reviews, Free Shipping and the Number # 1 Customer Service in the Industry!

    Friendly, Knowledgeable and Excellent Customer Service

    New Cover

    Great Honest Supplier

    Great quality, support Canadian, love our new cover!

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