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Where Is Pool Geek Located

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Pont Alexandre Iii Aka Where They Shoot The Sexy Or Sexist Ad

Comedy Hunt | Challenge 3 | Location

First seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

The location of the Sexy or Sexist? ad shoot for De LHeure takes place at Pont Alexandre III, one of the most ornate and stunning bridges in Paris, with a perfect view over the Eiffel Tower.

As youll recall, this is also where Emily makes the faux pas of saying she is très excitée which does NOT mean what she thinks it means.

While you wont encounter any 100% naked models here, this is indeed a very popular Paris location for photoshoots, and youre bound to see at least one engagement or wedding photo shoot here if you come at sunset.

We see this location again a few more times in the show, namely when we watch the commercial itself and also in a few establishing shots. Just know that if they ever show a mega-ornate bridge, this is probably the one!

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Canal St Martin Aka Where Emily And Fabian Kiss

First seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

After the party, we see Emily and Fabian walking and talking along the water about what they aime and what they like. This area is the Canal Saint Martin, actually very close to Mindys apartment.

The Place de la Bastille is clearly visible in the background.

We see this area again in Episode 6, when there is that awkward double date between Emily, Camille, Gabriel and Thomas . Youll recall he snobbily declared that the area had no charm compared to what it had before.

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Place De Valois Aka The Location Of Savoirs Office

First seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 1

After spurring the advances of her realtor guy, Emily heads straight to the office of Savoir, which is located in the picturesque Place de Valois.

We watch Emily zip up in a tiny little elevator before she meets her new colleagues for the year.

We of course see this square repeatedly throughout Emily in Paris Season 1, along with the eateries located in the square where Emily isnt invited to dine with her colleagues.

Le Caf De Lhomme Aka The Location Of The Maison Lavaux Party


Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 2

As for the venue of the super fancy Emily in Paris party? Thats actually a real terrace that you can get drinks at!

Le Café de LHomme is located at Trocadero, and is the very spot where Emily sees the Eiffel Tower sparkling and enjoys a nice little chat with Antoine and he dots her with his perfume that smells like expensive you-know-what.

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Moulin Rouge Aka Where Emily And Mindy Drunkenly Frolic Even More

Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

The world famous Moulin Rouge makes a quick appearance during this sequence as well, maybe a callback to how Emilys reaction to seeing he view was that she felt like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.

The subsequent clips of Emily draped over the weird clown statue while eating a hot dog is shot across the street.

The Eiffel Tower Carousel Aka Where Emily And Mindy Ride And Chug Champagne

Fallout: The Board Game (Game the Game)

First seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

While the Eiffel Tower does of course get its fair share of screen time throughout Emily in Paris, one of our closest encounters with the Iron Lady takes place during Emily and Mindys fun Paris montage.

You see them riding a carousel here, which can be found near the Seine close to the Pont dIéna.

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Pont Des Arts Aka Where Emily Chats With Doug On The Phone

First seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 1

The gorgeous bridge that Emily strolls along during blue hour while talking to her boyfriend is Pont des Arts.

Its of course here that she spots the couple kissing and feels super lonely in one of the worlds most romantic cities.

Spoiler: Emily gets her share of romance throughout the season, and she returns to this bridge to jog too at the start of Episode 3.

Fun fact: this was once upon a time the famous Paris Love Lock bridge, until panes of glass replaced the fence that used to be there, prohibiting visitors from locking up their love.

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Htel Dvreux Aka The Venue For The Dure Cosmetics Launch

Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

Ah, who can forget the stunning venue for the influencer lunch event that Emily gets invited to in Episode 5? You know, where a berry pun is apparently enough to get her noticed and praised for her creative content?


The views from this room are sublime and if you want to host an event of your own here, you can! The real life location of this set is the Hotel dÉvreux .

You can even see a photo of this exact room here.

Rue De Labreuvoir Aka The Prettiest Street In Paris

The Garden Geek: One of my Favorite Gardens

First seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

At the end of their little outing, Emily and Mindy can be seen stumbling down Rue de lAbreuvoir .

As Mindy points out, this was once voted the prettiest street in Paris, and is also known as the road which leads to the end.

Of course, we see this street again at the end of the episode when Emily has created the social media installation for Hästens beds right in front of the Dalida bust .

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La Monnaie De Paris Aka The Fashion Show Venue For Grey Space

Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 10

While we see the Monnaie de Paris as an establishing shot for the American Friends of the Louvre fashion show, this location really shines in the final episode when its courtyard is used as the Fashion Week show venue for Grey Space, which is of course hijacked by Pierre Cadault.

Le Trianon Aka Where The American Friends Of The Louvre Event Takes Place

Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 9

The American Friends of the Louvre fundraiser takes place in a beautiful location that is sneakily a combination of two different spots: the Monnaie de Paris is used as an establishing shot, whereas the gorgeous interior is Le Trianon, an event space that you can actually rent for your own bougie parties that is if you have over 12k to spare.

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Concordia Aka Emilys French Class

Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

As youll recall, this is where we see Emilys red beret/black and white checkerboard outfit in the show and if you want to find Emily in Paris French class setting in real life, head to 41 Rue Tournefort, which is where youll find CONCORDIA, used as an establishing shot for Emilys classes.

According to Google Maps, CONCORDIA is actually student residences. Imagine that!

Were not 100% sure if the inside classroom scenes were shot here too, but if you know, please chime in down below!

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    Place Louis Aragon Aka Another One Of Emilys Running Spots

    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 3

    At the start of Episode 3, we see Emily out on yet another run. The shot opens with a view of the Seine, then pans down to a scenic path with lamp posts where Emily runs past.

    This pretty spot is Place Louis Aragon, and the bridge in the distance is Pont dArcole.

    She then runs past Pont des Arts .

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    Htel Particulier Aka Where Emily Meets Olivia For Lunch

    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

    While we do have a hard time believing that a huge powerhouse cosmetics company would try to recruit some girl as a brand ambassador after one meeting we couldnt help but admire Olivias choice for lunch spots!

    This beautiful outdoor dining area is the terrasse of Montmartres Hotel Particulier.

    Weve heard their brunch is amazing.

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    Chteau De Sonnay Aka Camilles Family Chteau

    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 8

    While Camilles super beautiful family doesnt really exist in real life, their chäteau does and it is indeed one you can visit for yourself.

    Its called Château de Sonnay and its located in Frances scenic Loire Valley.

    According to this interview with Emily in Paris production designer however, the château doesnt actually have a pool, so those scenes were shot elsewhere.

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    Elyse Palace Aka Where Madame Macron Makes Emily Go Viral

    Sagrada (Game the Game)

    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 2

    Élysée Palace is the official residence of the French president in Paris, and it is here that we see Madame Macron tweeting Emilys viral vaginal campaign.

    Were not sure if they actually filmed at the real-life palace, but this is definitely where that scene takes place.

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    Passage Jouffroy Aka Where Emily Camille And Gabriel Frolic

    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 5

    When Camille insists that Emily third wheels a date with her and Gabriel, we see them frolicking and having a grand ol time all around Paris.

    One of the first spots we see briefly as that French cover of Boots Were Made for Walking hits is the glorious Passage Jouffroy, one of Paris many covered passages but maybe one of the most beautiful!

    Food Market Aka Where Emily Instagrams Cheese

    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 2

    Paris is full of vibrant open air markets and Emily peruses one in Episode 2

    Anyways, while the exact location of this market is tough to tell because its all very focused on the stalls themselves, we can assume its in Emilys neighbourhood near the Boulangerie Moderne .

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    It Was My First Time Ordering From

    It was my first time ordering from Poolgeek the arrival date came and went. I never received any email conformation but my credit card was billed. I contacted them by email and got a prompt apology. The box arrived today 5 days past the promised date. UPS dropped it on the front porch and as soon as I opened the door I was overwhelmed with the smell of chlorine. When I opened the cardboard box it was full of powdered chlorine. The 25 pound plastic barrel was open and so far I do not see any tablets that are not broken. It looks like the 25 pounds is about 1/4 powder. The bucket cannot be placed in the normal storage area due the the smell. I thought this would save me time and money. NOT! Plus it should only last 1/2 the time of full tablets. I can’t believe UPS could do this much damage, it had to be powdered and broken prior to shipping. Never again.

    Reply from PoolGeek

    Hello, I am sorry for the broken tables in your order. Please respond to us directly with your order number and we can ship some new tablets or issue a refund for the order, whichever you prefer.Thanks, Jacob from Pool Geek

    Along The Seine By Pont Neuf Aka Where Emily And Mathieu Go For A Stroll


    Seen in: Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 10

    After their romantic boat ride, we see Emily and Mathieu strolling along the Seine by night.

    The beautiful lit up bridge seen in the background is Point Neuf, actually the oldest bridge in Paris.

    The exact spot theyre standing should be a round here, and we can infer that Mathieus mega-scenic apartment is just above this point as well, given its amazing view over the bridge and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

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