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Are Above Ground Pools Worth It

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Fencing Or A Barricade Might Be Required

Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

Though above-ground pools are simple and easy to maintain, you might have to barricade them if you have kids or pets at home. You cannot leave the pool unattended when it is filled with water. Also, the local authorities might impose some rules as to the maintenance of such pools, so better to check with them before you install one at home. Some above-ground pool kits do not include fences. To keep them upright you might have to invest in fencing separately, and this could be an expensive affair.

How Long Do They Usually They Last

Answer: A very long time.

Fiberglass pools will come with 2 warranties: one on the fiberglass structure itself, and another on the gel coating.

Youll have to read the fine print regarding warranty, but the fiberglass structure is designed to last upwards of 50 years.

As for the gel coating, it should last between 20 and 30 years. Once the gel is at the end of its lifespan, you can resurface the pool with a new layer of gel. This keeps you from having to replace the entire structure.

However, its important to remember that your pool water chemistry should always be well maintained to avoid negatively impacting the finish and prematurely degrading it.

G How Much Do Inground Vs Semi

A semi inground pool costs from $6,800 to $20,000 on average. The price varies based on the size, shape, materials and prep work required to install it. This option is partially above ground and partially below. Its often cheaper than an inground model and is ideal for those who live on a slope or hill.

Hire an Above Ground Pool Installer Near You

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Raypak 266000 Btu Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Heater

The Raypak 266,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Heater is a heater powered by natural gas and suitable for heating inground pools, above ground swimming pools, and spas. Raypak digital heaters are designed for durability and convenience and have electronic ignition, digital thermostats, and polymer headers. With condensation protection and a wind-resistant design, these heaters will run efficiently and dependably for years. This model can be purchased with higher power level capacities for use in larger pools or faster heating.

Helpful Tips To Know About Selling An Above Ground Pool

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool?

Selling an above-ground pool is not the most straightforward task. Many pool owners mistakenly believe that these pools hold value well or that they are so fun that someone will want to pay for them.

You can generally resell above-ground pools only when they are in excellent condition, but scrapping some parts is also worth looking in to.

Here are some other helpful tips to know about selling an above-ground pool.

  • Ask for more than the pool is worth, just not by too much. Especially when dealing with people on resale websites, you need to have a firm price in mind and be able to come down a few bucks, so bargain hunters feel like they got a good deal.
  • The copper wires inside an above-ground pool heater engine are generally worth more than the aluminum sides. Copper is a much more valuable metal, so its worth bringing used engines with you to scrap even if you resell them because theyre broken.
  • If you cant sell your above-ground pool, or it is too damaged for sale, consider recycling the parts or even reusing them. Unless you desperately need the yard space, that above-ground pool frame is an excellent base for a gardening project or even a DIY gazebo-style shady spot to lounge and enjoy being outdoors.

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If Disassembling Make Very Sure That You Dont Lose Any Parts

There can be a lot of little parts that go with an above-ground pool. Most of those parts are unique to the model and maker of the pool, so replacing lost parts can be a pain.

Be very systematic when disassembling the pool. Organize the parts well for storage or transport. Count everything before, during, and after disassembly.

Some parts of the pool may be buried in the ground a little. Make sure that you have removed all of the bottom track and bottom connectors from the pool site.

There will be all the same number of top rails, top connector plates, bottom rails, bottom connector plates, uprights, top rails, and top caps . This will help you to make sure that you have all the parts of the pool frame.

How Easy Are They To Install

Answer: Easiest type of pool to install.

The single structure shell design of these pools make them the easiest type to install. Some people with advanced construction skills can even do it themselves, but we recommend letting a professional do your install to avoid any problems.

The entire process can take a few weeks, although some installs can be done in a few days. It really depends on your backyard and the amount of work that it requires in preparation.

After you have a layout of the backyard , excavation can begin. Once the hole is dug, a bed of sand is laid on the floor to give the pool a base.

The pool structure is then placed and leveled. Backfilling begins while the pool is simultaneously filled with water so that theres equal pressure and stability.

A concrete bond beam is then installed keeping the shell in place by anchoring it. The final piece is the installation of the deck, and youre ready to swim!

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Types Of Above Ground Pools

Obviously, there is quite a variety of options available. The critical thing to look for is a corrosive resistant steel frame and durable sidewalls for durability. From there, you can further personalize the pool depending on your yard size, use, and shape.

Swimming Pools come in several shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Sizes range from very small and shallow suitable for families with small children, to large enough to host a pool party. It depends entirely on your needs and how you plan on using the pool.

If You Can Offer Disassembly And/or Delivery But Charge More For That

How much does a above ground pool cost May 2019

As mentioned earlier, people like simple.

Theres more to buying a used above-ground swimming pool than just paying for it. It has to be disassembled, transported, and then re-installed. Offering to take the pool down and/or deliver it may make the difference between selling it or not.

If you do provide taking down the pool and/or delivering it, my recommendation is to charge more for that. Its a lot of work and extra liability.

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A Swimming Pool Without The Commitment

If you are a renter, or you are not sure you want to have a permanent pool on your property, you can still enjoy the pleasures of having your own swimming pool.

If you move, you can always pack up your pool and take it with you to your new home.

Almost all of us have fond summer memories of splashing around in a pool with our friends and family.

Theyre Not Easy To Maintain

Pools need to be drained regularly, and smaller pools that get heavy use need to be drained more often than most. Regularly cleaning is also a must. Alternately, they sit full of dirty water or exposed to the elements, a recipe for waterborne disease the next time theyre used.

Responsible pool owners also have to make sure their pools are visibly clean free of debris and scum and invisibly clean with correct chemical levels throughout. Managing water chemistry is tricky and it requires either hiring a professional or learning more than you probably want to about the science and best practices. Either way, its an investment that eats into the supposed advantage of ordering a pool online in the first place.

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Above Ground Pool Or Inground Pool: Which One Should You Buy

Part of deciding what type of pool to install involves thinking about how you plan to use it. Do you want to swim laps as a form of exercise in the evening? Is the pool a fun way to entertain the kids and help them get out some energy?

The answers to these questions will have a big impact on the design and depth of your pool. If you arent sure how you want to use your pool just yet, here are a few pros and cons of both styles to help you decide.

And You Won’t Get All The Money Back

semi above ground pool cost

Pools are not kitchens: Spending big on one doesn’t mean getting the money back when it’s time to sell. Half the investment might be recouped on an in-ground pool, but only in very warm climates that boast good swimming weather most of the year, Money Crashers says. An above-ground pool may even cost money when it’s time to sell, as many buyers consider them an eyesore.

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Where Can I Sell My Above Ground Pool

You could try selling an above-ground pool in the local newspaper or even at a swap meet. However, most people find more success online.

Ive listed a handful of helpful resale website options below to help you get rid of your above-ground pool for extra cash.

  • Craigslist Selling on Craigslist has become an American pass time. You can find almost anything there, and you can sell most things as well.
  • eBay If you need to reach a wider audience, selling on eBay might be your best bet. Offer local pickup and shipping options for the best results.
  • Not only can you list on Facebook Marketplace, but you can also join pool-related groups and attempt to resell your pool there.
  • Local Classified Pages While these are not a single website, you will undoubtedly find people in your community more quickly if you advertise on your local classifieds. Type your city and state and classified ads into a google search bar to find nearby options.
  • Offerup This is another resale and give-away site that lets people buy, sell and trade unwanted goods.

If your community has a library with a public bulletin board, thats another place to find a buyer. You can also try listing it on local farmers groups.

Used above-ground pools, especially those made from stock tanks, are beneficial for small farming and other clever projects.

Should I Cover My Pool Equipment In The Winter

In our region, where temperatures routinely fall below freezing for an extended period of time, a pool filter must be winterized to avoid cracking due to the expansion of freezing water inside the filter. A cover will not help the filter from freezing, but will protect the exterior from oxidization.

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Is It Easy To Set Up An Intex Metal

Setting up this pool was easier than expected.

After deciding that a 12-foot by 30-inch round Intex Prism pool style was the perfect fit for my family, I couldnt wait to set it up. However, my husband did not share in my joy as he was fully convinced that assembling it would be a weekend-long project that would end with me in tears and him in frustration.

And if Im being honest, he was almost correct when right out of the box it was clear that my brand-new, prized pool had a liner defect . But, after a quick trip to the store and another new pool, we were ready to try again and hope we had better luck.

Ready for water in just 30 minutes the Intex website claims and although this seems like a bit of a reach for two novices , once we got a good look at the boxs simple contents the idea didnt seem that far-fetched. Requiring zero tools, we followed the instructions to snap the pieces together, twist in the two filter pieces, push in the drain plug, and in under 20-minutes we had ourselves an 11-foot pool.

Wait what? Why only 11 feet when the box indicates 12 feet? At first, I had no idea, but within a few weeks of use the pool did finally expand itself to the full 12-foot size.

Since the pool holds 1,718 gallons of water, we elected to spend five extra minutes attaching a filter pump that can be purchased with the pool as a setor in our case borrowed from a friendwith the idea that we wont have to drain and refill the pool at all this summer.

What Colors/finishes Do They Allow For

An Above Ground Pool for the Best Season Ever

Answer: Many to choose from.

The finish on a fiberglass pool is a triple-layered, 25 to 30 mm gel coating made from colored resin. It needs precisely three layers because if the gel is too thin it can bubble, and if too thick it can crack.

Just like any swimming pool finish , color tones for a fiberglass pool finish can vary. These include various shades of blue, white, or grey.

Lighter colors keep the water transparent and tropical-looking, whereas darker shades make the water opaque and appear deeper . Some gel finishes will even include speckled variants which reflect sunlight to make the water sparkle.

Fading of pool finishes is common across the board, and fiberglass pools are no exception. However, this process is so gradual with this finish that you wont even notice it happening.

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Why Get A Semi

The kind of terrain you have often determines the type of pool you can get. Gone are the days when rocky and mountainous land meant you were doomed to a backyard without a pool forever. Semi-inground pools can be blended into the slope of your yard in a unique way.

Apart from terrain, power lines, underground pipes and cables sometimes make it impossible to get an inground pool. But that doesnt mean you have to settle for an above ground pool.

You can get a semi-inground pool by carefully calculating the depth that can be dug safely without causing any damage to underground structures. Semi-inground pools require only about half of the digging than inground pools.

But getting a semi-inground pool can also be a design choice. Even if you arent facing limiting factors that makes it difficult to get an inground pool, the unique design style of semi-inground pools can still have an allure.

Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

Whether you are wanting to extend the use of your above ground pool into the off seasons or just wanting to make your cool pool a warm pool, youll want to be sure to invest in a quality pool heater. Still, there are a few considerations to take into account before diving in and buying and installing a new pool heating system. Youll need to factor in the size of the pool you are heating, the type of fuel or energy you intend to use, the cost it will be to operate, and even the weather and climate you want to run your system in.

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Dreamy Pool Design Ideas


Most in-ground pools are made of either concrete , vinyl or fiberglass with concrete being the most popular, according to The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals . The gunite, which is applied via a hose on-site, is covered with a layer of textured plaster made from the same material as the gunite, but this layer is often colored with pigments to give the pool a blue, white or gray color, depending on what look you want. The plaster is often topped with a few rows of ceramic tiles for a decorative effect. A gunite pool takes several weeks to build, but the advantage over other types of materials is that you have more options as to the shape you want.

A vinyl pool refers to the liner of the pool. These are generally prepackaged pool kits and are often ready to use in about a week. The vinyl liner hangs from the wall panels which can be made from aluminum, galvanized steel, plastic or pressure-treated plywood, depending on the manufacturer of the kit. Vinyl pools do not generally offer as many options for the shape of the pool, but they do offer many options in the patterns and colors available. For example, vinyl liners can be imprinted with tile patterns that you would otherwise have to pay a premium for if you were to have a fully tiled pool. Vinyl liner pools also tend to be less expensive than a concrete pool.

Site Alteration Grading Plan

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an Above

Site Alteration and Pool Enclosure Permit applications need to include a Grading Plan. All existing trees within 6 metres of the work zone must be shown on this drawing. For trees that will be preserved, include the required Tree Protection Fencing on the drawing . Where removal or injury of a tree with a diameter at breast height of 20 cm or greater is proposed, a Tree Permit must be obtained. Any proposed tree replanting should be shown on the Grading Plan.

Standard notes
Your grading plan drawing also requires the following standard notes.

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It Eats Up Valuable Yard Space

Do you need grass for pets or kids to romp? Consider whether you’ll have enough yard space for anything else once a pool is installed. In-ground pools begin around 10 by 20 feet, while the smallest above-ground pools are about 12 feet round. You’ll also need to account for patio space or local rules requiring pools be a certain distance from homes and property lines.

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