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How To Level Intex Pool

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Setting Up An Intex Pool For Summer

Intex Metal Frame Pool leveling and Installing

Planning on putting an Intex pool in your backyard? No matter if you have an Easy Set pool with an inflatable top portion or one of their metal frame pools , the installation process on an Intex pool setup is pretty straightforward. Once you have the site prepared, in most cases the pool can be set up, filled, and functioning in just a day or two.

That said, theres a right way and a wrong way to set up your Intex pool. Learn from our experience, and take a look at these Intex pool setup tips so you dont make any mistakes with your new pool.

Adjust The Pool Liner And Frame

Once your pool is full of water, you wont be able to move or adjust it. Before you break out the hose, take a few minutes to smooth out the liner, especially on the bottom where swimmers will put their feet. Those liner wrinkles will be uncomfortable, maybe even a little painful, to walk on.

Next, tighten the support beams. Pull the bottoms of the side supports away from the liner, and make sure the pools top beams are level.

Note: Its OK if the walls and frame structure lean inward. As the pool fills with water, the sides will slowly move outward and be supported.

What Can Happen If Your Above

At first glance, it may seem a bit ridiculous to demand your above-ground pool to be so level. However, its actually a fairly reasonable demand when you think about what can happen if you decide to leave it unlevel. These issues below are just some of the many problems that can happen if you place a pool on uneven turf:

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How To Level Ground For Intex Pool

For a concrete slab or pad, the ground must be level with an existing flat surface.For framed intex pool that is unlevel, you may put a block of wood or concrete underneath the legs of your.How to set up an intex pool on uneven ground.However, its rough surface is also its major disadvantage.

I am the lucky owner of a 15 x 48 intex prism pool.I then leveled them all, and filled sand up to the level of the brick so it sat flush.Ive been scouring the forums to learn what kind of ground work prep i need before i set up the pool.If it is just a small amount off level you might try digging out a little, or you could just live with it for the summer and fix it in the fall.

If its not packed tightly, the pool will shift, and youll have to do it all over again.If the drop is too much, you can get uneven compaction of the sand, leading to a swimming pool that is not level.If you have more than a few inches drop, it is a good idea to level off the top side a bit first.If you have no level areas, it pays to have a professional pool installer level an area for you.

Intex ultra xtr rectangular pool set.Its easy to get a level and smooth surface with it, and its rough texture will make sure that your pool will remain stationary, even when it is being used by a lot of people.Its not as hard as it sounds!Level the dirt by taking away from high spots, not adding the low.

You will need sufficient material such as cinder blocks and cement mix in order to.

S On How To Level The Ground For An Easy Set Pool

Intex Pool Setup Timelapse

Richard AllenWe may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

An easy set pool is your best option for some summertime fun. However, if the ground isnt level then the water level of your pool will be uneven. Furthermore, your pool might get leaks. Therefore, its necessary to level the ground.

How to level the ground of an easy set pool properly?

First, choose and prepare the location. Next, drill your 2×4 wooden arm and pin it to the center of that location. Place the level on top of the arm. Then, spin the arm and adjust the ground according to the center bubble of the level. After leveling the ground, you have to water and tamper it down. Lastly, place solid foams on the leveled ground.

In this article, weve broken down the steps along with some tips and products for your better understanding. So, if youve got some time, check out our article.

Now lets not waste time and jump into the details!

  • Solid foams

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Choosing A Good Site Beforehand

  • 1Check your local building codes. Choose the flattest spot possible, but make sure you comply with local codes. Check if your pool needs to be a minimum distance from property lines, septic tanks, and roads.XResearch source
  • Contact your local recorder’s or assessor’s office if you need to find your property lines.
  • Run an online search or look for applicable codes on your city’s, state’s, or provinces government website.
  • If you have a homeowners association, its also wise to check its bylaws.
  • Make sure your pool is not close to an easement or setback where workers might need to access power or other utility lines.
  • Check to see if your pool might be in a conservation area if your property borders a forest.
  • If you’ll need to have excavation equipment come in, make sure you choose a spot that’s accessible to the machinery, as well.XExpert Source
  • How To Set Up Intex Pool On Uneven Ground

    Do you want to set up a pool but your lawn has an uneven ground? No worries! Well teach you how to set up Intex pool on uneven ground without much work.

    How To Set Up Intex Pool On Uneven Ground? | Sage Bathrooms

    Intex pools are often bought byhomeowners because theyre easy to use and long-lasting. However, problems mayarise if the ground youre setting your pool on is uneven. This is usually thecase for most lawns.

    Fortunately though, there are ways on how to set up Intex pool on uneven ground. Weve got the steps that you need to follow in order to do this. Follow our guide and you dont need to go Intex pool professional installation services.


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    How Should You Level The Ground For An Intex Pool

    This is a great question, and truth be told, most people choose to get it done professionally. However, its possible to get decent results on your own. Heres what you would need to do, once youve chosen a spot for your pool:

  • Clear out all the grass. You can use a rake, a hoe, or a digger for this. If you have a rototiller, all the better. People who have a couple of weeks to kill can starve out grass by placing a tarp over it for several weeks, then uprooting the remains. While youre at it, remove any rocks that could damage the pools bottom.
  • Tie two stakes at opposite ends of your pool, then tie a string between them. Next, use a level to determine where your issues are. Start to level out the ground by digging into it. Its easier to remove bumps than to fill them in.
  • Coat the area with sand, and tamp it down. The sand will act as a cushioning for your pool. Making sure that it is compact and pressed down will make sure that you dont have new holes. Double-check to make sure that the ground is still level and bump-free.
  • Buy a base layer at your local pool supply store, and place it over the sand. This may seem like overkill, but its not. The base layer will help keep your pool in place and further prevent scratching the Intexs exterior.
  • Place your pool on top of the newly leveled ground. The sand will give your pool a foundation that is less prone to sinking, though it is still possible that your pool will settle in.
  • How To Level An Above Ground Pool The General Solution

    Intex Pool Installation Tips: Leveling Ground and Winter Ice

    Before we show you the different solutions you can use when leveling your above ground pool, we need to ensure that you are familiar with the general leveling procedure:

  • Find an ideal spot where you would like to set up the pool. Make sure no utility lines are running below the surface.
  • After choosing your spot, use a leveling tool to determine the higher slopes and spots.
  • Place markers such as stakes to identify the spots.
  • Dig out the higher slopes to achieve the same level. Do not add earth and other materials to the lower areas digging the higher areas is more effective.
  • Use the leveling tool to confirm whether the elevated spots are on the same level as the lower spots.
  • Using a rake, get rid of debris, branches, and rocks.
  • Using a garden hose, wet the earth to make compacting easier.
  • Use a hand tamper to make the soil completely compact and firm.
  • Place sand or a different base material over the tampered ground.
  • If the chosen spot has sod, you will need to clear it first by following the steps below:

  • Kill the grass in the spot by covering it with a tarpaulin or plastic sheets. This should be done 2 weeks before the pool installation.
  • Wet the ground and remove the sod. You can do this by making use of a sod cutter or a grub hoe.
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    Why Do You Need To Level The Ground For A Pool

    Its worth noting out why this even matters. Your above-ground pool is going to be really heavy once its set up.

    Its also not made of concrete or hardened steel, so its not as robust and durable as you might expect.

    Hence the immense cost savings of above ground vs. inground pools.

    The weight mainly comes from the massive amount of water thats going into it.

    Having a solid, flat foundation for your pool makes everything easier. A foundation that isnt level will lead to tearing, cracking, and your pool liner falling apart over time.

    In some cases, people want to pour a level of concrete as a base layer.

    However, the roughness of hand-poured concrete can scratch your pools liner and also lead to failure. If youre looking to lay concrete, you should use commercial pads.

    At any rate, the flatter and sturdier the foundation is, the longer your pool will survive.

    As a rule of thumb, you want the ground to be within an inch or two in height from one corner to the other.

    Rather watch than Read? Heres a great Video from Hoov45:

    Flooring Underlayment & Carpet Padding

    Flooring underlayment, also known as padding is a spongy flexible foam sheet that comes in rolls. It is usually installed between laminate flooring and the subfloor.

    Carpet padding is thicker than flooring underlayment. Its also a cheap option to put under your above ground or Intex pool.

    If youre not sure what to put under your inflatable pool, this could be a good option. Its cheap and easy to work with. However both are quite thin and wont provide a lot of protection.

    Youll likely need a few layers otherwise youll feel rocks or stones under your feet when swimming. Foam tiles are a better choice if you want to avoid this.

    Pros Easy to cut and work with Widely available

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    Lay Your Base Protector Down

    Finally, you need to lay out your base layer. If you like, you can purchase a specialized pool pad, its usually a large foam or tarp base that goes under your above-ground pool as another layer of protection for the vinyl of your swimming pool.

    The base layer serves not only to reduce the risk of a puncture in the liner but to better insulate and prevent heat loss from the water as it seeps into the cold ground.

    At a minimum, Id recommend laying out a sheet of tarp over the ground, just in case.

    Because if you happen to puncture your liner, it can be a nightmare even to find the hole to patch up once your pool is filled. Its a far smarter move to put adequate protection in place in these initial steps. Once your protector is in place, youre ready for the final step.

    How To Check The Ground For Level Before Installing A Pool

    Problems of Unlevel Pool: How Unlevel Can An Intex Pool Be?

    I know, I know, we havent even started leveling the ground yet.

    Butit is important to know HOW to properly check the ground or level before you start leveling so that you can track your progress and adjust where necessary.

    You will need to check the ground for level multiple times throughout the process, especially after pouring or tamping any material.

    Grab a nice and straight 2×4 that is about as long as the radius of your pool. One end should be sitting at the center mark of your pool.

    Lay the board on-end, and fasten a long I-beam level to the center of it.

    A smaller length level is not going to cut it here. You will need one AT LEAST 48 long, minimum.

    Youre going to swing the level around the circle, keeping the one end on the center point the whole time. This is the easiest way to check the overall level of the area.

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    Find The Right Location

    Once a pool is set up its almost impossible to move without draining it and disassembling it completely, so its essential to choose the right spot before you start.

    Id recommend finding the flattest area of your yard, as itll simplify the following steps. Flatter means less shoveling, and your back will thank you for it.

    Also remember to look up. A bit of shade is nice, but large trees above will drop leaves and other debris in your pool, making it harder to maintain and keep your pool clean.

    Finally, stay away from any septic or sewage lines, underground cables or power line. Settle on a spot thats well within your property boundaries, where youve got at least a foot or two of buffer around your pool in every direction.

    Do You Feel Like An Intex Pro

    Well, you should! You just cleared a level space, built a pool, and got a filtration system working, all in a matter of a few hours. Your kids and grandkids will look back on this as the day you saved them from unbearable summer heat, and bestowed upon them a cool, refreshing, new way of life.

    OK, maybe thats taking it a little far. But knowing how to set up an Intex pool has to have at least earned you a little quiet time. Thatll come in handy, because after all that work, youll probably need a nap. But once you wake up, youll be able to enjoy a nice dip in your new Intex pool.

    Happy Swimming!

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    Check Your Zoning And Find The Right Place In Your Yard

    If your yard is large enough, this might mean that you have some options as far as placement for your pool.

    Think carefully about the placement of your pool. If you want to change the location of your pool, youre in store for a world of headaches.

    Consider how close the location would be to your house, your fencing, and your property lines, and the placement will interferes with other activities done on your lawn.

    In most areas, your pool edge must be installed a certain distance from your property lines, usually somewhere between 8-15 depending on your local county or city rules and your residential zoning.

    Your residential zoning can change from neighborhood to neighborhood so dont just copy whatever your relatives across town did.

    You need to know the rules for YOUR specific property.

    So make sure to check what residential zone you live in and what the rules are for your specific property.

    If you have a rather large property and your pool will be nowhere near your property lines, this wont matter as much. But if your lot is on the smaller side, you will need to take head.

    You dont want to finish installing, building, and filling that 10,000 gallon pool only to have a county inspector stop by and tell you you need to move it over 5!

    If you are buying your above ground pool from a local pool supplier, they should have some experience with these rules and be able to point you to the right resources to find out all the answers.

    The Pool Will Just Look Wrong

    Intex Pool Update: 4″ off level 20×48

    Ive seen my share of uneven pools, and its immediately noticeable. Like a glass balancing off center, when the water is not close to being level in your pool its a real sorry sight.

    You can immediately see one side is lower than the other, and you can bet everyone else who comes to your yard and sees your pool will think the same way.

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    Leveling An Installed Above Ground Pool

    It is generally very difficult, for even the seasoned pool installers, to remedy a badly uneven ground when the pool has already been set up. In most cases, this involves dismantling the pool before the ground can be leveled and made as smooth as possible. When this happens, the above ground pool liners will most likely need replacing.

    If the grounds level is off by less than 3 inches, one can fix the issue without having to dismantle the pool completely. The steps below will show you how to level an above ground pool with water in it by re-arranging the leveling blocks:

  • Drain your above ground pool until it is almost empty. You should not try to level the ground while the pool is filled with water. In addition to being difficult, it can result in injury.
  • Identify the lower section.
  • Find the leveling blocks of the lower section and pull them off first.
  • Locate the pools bottom connectors and pry the walls to get the pool to a proper level.
  • Reinstall the leveling blocks.
  • Repeat the process for all lower sections.
  • Pack up the dirt underneath all the walls that you raise.
  • Refill your pool with water after all the lower sections have matched the level of the higher sections. Now you can grab your swim cap, put on your active swimsuit, and enjoy a swim session.
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