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What Is The Best Pool Stick

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Easier For Younger Players

Which Pool Cues do I use? | BEST POOL CUES

The Viper Commercial/House 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue is a great piece of equipment. If you have younger or players who are not as tall as others, there are shorter sticks that are easier to control. You can get a 36 stick that is constructed in one piece. It is made form quality hard Canadian Maple wood and then coated in nine layers of varnish. Each cue is finished with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip and a rubber bumper. The conical taper shaft makes it glide easier during a shot.

Key Features:

Better Grip With Better Wrap

Many first-time players want a leather wrap when they first look to purchase a cue of their own, however even though that seems like the cool thing to do, these thicker wraps wont necessarily add to your game. It makes sense that most beginners wouldnt know what wrap they prefer, and again the best wrap can depend greatly on the player. The wrap you choose can also depend on the cost of the cue, seeing as wrap-type will drive the cost higher. Genuine leather wraps are easily some of the most expensive these wraps are soft in the hand, but many players agree that they make your grip weak because leather promotes sweating.

Leatherette is cheaper for a wrap, but again the problem of sweat. We suggest Irish linen, seeing as this is the number one preferred wrap for billiards players. This classic cue wrap offers the ideal middle grip and doesnt promote sweating. From our selection, this makes the Player C-960 and Viking Valhalla cues two of the best picks. Or, if you want even more control and dont mind those harder grips which hurt your hand a little during and at the end of play, a lot of hard hitters prefer wrapless designs such as the Rage Heavy Hitter and McDermott Classic Pool Cue.

Choosing The Right Pool Cue For You

All pool cues look about the same: they are long and slender and taper from a thicker handle to a narrow, blunt tip which is used to drive the cue ball toward its intended target. A pool cue consists of three primary sections: the tip , the shaft, which is the longer, narrower part of the cue, and the butt, which consists of about 40 perfect of the cue’s overall length.

Most pool cues are made from maple wood, though ash is also occasionally used.

Unlike one might find with tennis racquets or golf clubs, there are few ways to alter or refine the design of a pool cue. Rather the quest for the best cue for a given player comes down primarily to the matter of weight and length. An average pool cue — also occasionally called a cue stick — is 58 inches in length and weighs anywhere from 16 to 21 ounces. Most experienced players choose a cue with a midrange weight of 19 ounces.

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The Expensive: Is It Worth It

When it comes to constructing a high-end pool stick, the fine materials and painstaking artistry of the design can lead to a work of remarkable beauty, in addition to an astronomical price tag. Oftentimes, once a cue reaches a certain level of extravagance, there’s a very small chance it will ever see any actual play.

As price tags begin to soar, these highly sought-after collector cues tend to be purchased strictly as just that…collectibles. Occasionally, these cues can reach all the way up to the 100K price range, depending on their limited nature and exquisite nature of their craftsmanship. Once a cue reaches this level of value, it often has less to do with the performance quality of the cue, but the beautiful – and largely unnecessary – added materials included meant to increase it’s monetary value.

For instance, these “collector” cues often contain highly ornate inlays with various assortments of precious metals and stones, in addition to varying woods that display elaborate designs and works of fine art. Names to know amongst the great cue makers are; George Balabushka, Herman Rambow, John Parris, Palmer, Longoni, and Samsara.

The blend of superior workmanship and top-grade materials found within these legendary cues can often lead to astronomical prices, but also some of the finest pieces of equipment you’ll ever experience. It’s up to you how far you want them to go, and if your intention is to ultimately get out there and play the game.

Feel The Weight In Your Hands

Buying Guide: The Best Pool Cue Brands To Order Online in ...

Youll want to find the correct cue for you and youll do that with a GSE Games & Sports Expert 58 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard Pool Cue Stick. This comes in four different weights, so you can pick the best one for you. It comes as light as 18 ounces and as heavy as 21 ounces and you can pick between four different colors: blue, brown, red, and green. Each one has a 12mm glued leather tip and the butt has a rubber bumper, so you can lean it against the ground when it isnt your turn to hit. It features stainless steel, quick release joint technology and it has many layers of high glossy, epoxy paint on the finish, meaning it will last a long time.

Key Features:

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Haxton Luxury 5 In 1 Combo Multi Game Table Set Solid Wood Mini Combination Includes Pool Game Hockey Shuffleboard Bowling Foosball/soccer For Children & Adult

as of September 29, 2021 6:16 am


as of September 29, 2021 6:16 am


  • Get three games for the price of one in this convenient space-saving table
  • Featured game modes are Billiards, Air Hockey, and Table Tennis, all full games without sacrificing quality
  • Tri-fold tabletop technology makes changing games a snap, just unlock the latches and flip it over! Can also be locked upright for simple storage
  • Convenient 7 foot size fits easily into tight game room spaces, allowing you to place it almost anywhere
  • Includes all of the accessories needed to play the games you love such as pool cues and billiard balls, hockey pucks and pushers, and table tennis paddles and net

as of September 29, 2021 6:16 am


  • Your purchase includes One GLD Fat Cat Trueshot Pool Table of 6 ft. | Set of billiard balls, Two cues, One billiard brush, One ball triangle and Two chalks | A case is not included
  • Pool table dimensions 76 L x 43 W x 32 H | Weight 114 lbs. | Balls 2.25 Diameter | Cues 57 | Playing table thickness ½ | Indoor only
  • Compact design allows you to enjoy your favorite game in spaces you never thought possible
  • High quality building materials allow for lightweight play and portability without sacrificing strength
  • The perfect size for younger players learning the fun of pool | Sleek black cloth complements any room decor, from traditional to contemporary

as of September 29, 2021 6:16 am


Ive Seen Professionals Wearing Gloves Should Non

Wearing a pool glove for advanced players have become a thing since the space between the hands where the pool cue is resting cant be trusted. Often, you may experience cue drag when pulling a shot, or your pool cue shaft is not smooth enough, a pool glove is a remedy for such solutions.

The modern game has become advanced so that nothing will stop you from playing your favorite game. If your bridge hand is always sweaty, you need a pool glove to get the job done. It is not for fashion in case you find them in the hands of professional players. Youll need sooner or later for constant practice.

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Failure To Hit An Object

Whenever an individual;miss to strike a target ball using;the cue ball, a table scratch happens. Whereas when a;cue ball hits one of the;cushions and does not make a connection with an object ball, it is still called considered a;violation.

What Happens When You Scratch?

Its important to note that the regulations change significantly depending on whether youre playing nine-ball or eight-ball and whether or not you make a scratch on the breakaway.

Whenever a scratch is performed in an 8-ball;or 9-ball game, once;the participants have selected solids or stripes, the other person is given a ball in hand.

Players may put the cue ball wherever on the billiard tables playing area while holding the ball in their hands.

Players have the option of placing and then moving the cue ball till they make their move.

The following covers tournament playing regulations, which deviate from standard pub board regulations, which require the opposition to put the cue ball below the head string in the kitchen when;the striker;scratches.

You could only strike;the ball further when;youre gaming under such pub table regulations.

Assuming you wished to make the target ball go into the kitchen, for instance, youd have to shoot the cue ball out of the kitchen and then have it re-enter to pot the target ball.

Viper Graphstrike 58 2

How to Select the Right Cue Stick

This cue from the viper pool cue; is on top of the list because it is a good poolcue that comes under the budget which is only $50. It is definitely going to be your favorite pic because of its elegant design and pricing.

This cue can offer amazing durability while using a cue on a regular basis. The cues viper pools are the ones that are specifically used by the experts and professionals of this game across the globe. They come in attractive colors of maroon, blue, and black those are not only fascinating to look at but at the same time, they also give a nice grip.

The tips of the viper cue are made of high-quality leather that not only helps in aiming at the ball perfectly but also gives a good grip at the same time. The Veltex wrap used in the grip area makes it comfortable to hold and also prevents it from slipping on the pool stick.


  • white and Black intricate joint collar
  • The standard weight of 18-21 oz.
  • Affordable
  • Does not comes with a flexible joint collar
  • Too big
  • Thin 13mm with 29inches long shaft


  • The bubble at the neck ruins the look

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What To Expect At Each Price Point

Its obvious that not all cues are made equal. And generally speaking, the price of any given cue is a reflection of its performance. With that being said, youre not going to get a high performance cue for $50 and most beginner players wont need a cue that cost $500. Lets take a look at the different price points weve covered in this article and give you a feel for what to expect with each one.

How To Choose A Pool Cue

We have these eleven great pool cues, but how do you choose the best one? Well, lets overview the most important things you should be looking for in a pool cue.

Keep in mind that we will only be covering general stuff there is so much science behind cues that wed need a few separate posts to cover it all. As a good source of more in-depth information, check out;billiards.colostate.edu, an extensive archive of resources on pool and billiards.

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Billiards And Game Room Supplies

Have you ever wondered, ‘where can I find a pool table near me?’ Or perhaps you’ve been searching for the best, budget-friendly billiard tables and billiard supplies online but getting frustrated.

You can stop looking now; you’ve found what you need! Not only can you find the most highly trusted and most popular brands for all your pool, snooker, and billiards needs. You’ll find every single thing you need to create the game room of your dreams. Whether that game room fits into your home or your business, we can help make those dreams a reality.

We carry items and products to accommodate every level of player, as well as everything you need to play your favorite game at home or your local pool hall. Speaking of favorites, do you own a pool table? Regardless of whether it’s a second-generation, a second-hand purchase, or a family heirloom, we prioritize providing the most extensive inventory of everything you could need to maintain any table. Easily keep your lucky table clean, replace the felt, and keep everything repaired and up-to-date with our premium pool and billiard supplies. And don’t forget, we can help you with your pool or gaming room décor, too!

Make sure to check out what’s on clearance, and if you order over $100 of our products, you’ll enjoy complimentary free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Champion Gator Vincitore Elite Lc4x2b Soft Pool Cue Case

Top 3 Best Pool Cues For 2020

Champion Gator is a well-known name in the pool industry, and its Vincitore Elite LC4X2B is one of the best cue cases out there. If you have been looking for an ultra-durable cue case, this is the one.;

It features high-quality leather material adding to its longevity. This cue case is going to be your cue partner for years. With extra padding inside and double-stitched construction overall, it is a great cue case.;

It has 2 breathable mesh pockets that allow you to keep accessories. Due to mesh design, you can access your required accessory easily.;

It is designed to store 2 butts and 4 shafts securely. Its padded shoulder strap adds to its portability, making it easier to carry.;

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Prepare The Ferrule Surface Of The Pool Cue Tip

  • Remnant Removal: Remove the old leather pool cue tip may have left some remnants at the top. You can use the leather burnishing pad to take out the remnants completely. It will also eliminate the glue, dirt and other contaminant deposits at the top of the pool cue tip.
  • Surface Sanding: Use the 80 grit sandpaper to sand the top of the ferrule;that holds the pool cue tip. The surface should become even after you have completed the sanding of the pool cue tip.
  • Surface Cleaning: Apply three to four drops of vinegar or nail polish remover on the top and rub with a clean tissue paper. Allow the liquid to dry out. ;Now, the top is ready for the new pool cue tip.

Does The Size Matter

Yes, as long as you cannot afford a separate cue case for all your cue sticks. However, that will make transporting your cue sticks really difficult.;

Choose the cue case according to a number of sticks you have, or you are going to have. As a beginner, you might go well with a 1×1 cue case, but later, you can end up regretting your purchase.;

Keep future prospects in mind to make an informed purchase.;

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Trademark Global Billiard Cue

Though you might think that inexpensive pool sticks arent worth the price, this Trademark Global Billiard Cue is an affordable option that really will keep up with your demands. This cue features two pieces that both have a funky design that shows billiard balls flying through space. Brass joints used inside these pieces ensure that you can screw and unscrew the cue with ease, and tip, which also uses brass, is removable for replacing too.

At 20-ounces, this cue is good for beginners and intermediate players, and it measures 58-inches long, which is a standard pool rules cue size. Trademark Global gives you a hard-sided carrying case that has snaps to keep the case closed. This case also has a soft lining inside to protect the parts.

Valhalla By Viking 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick With Irish Linen Wrap

Top 5 Best Pool Cues Review In 2021 | Are They Worth Buying?

58 Valhalla Viking pool cues come with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Both forearm and shaft are made from Hard Rock Maple. The premium leather tip is 13 mm.


  • The butt of this cue is weight adjustable. You can choose any weight from 18 oz to 21 oz for your comfort.
  • The tip comes scuffed and shaped.
  • Viking pool cues have lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect and warpage.
  • Two-piece cue is advantageous for traveling.


  • The leather tip is hard. Hard tips have a tendency to miscue and offer you less cue ball control.

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Good Balance And Smooth Hit

One of the more affordable cues, the Viper Sinister has a lot in common with the Viper Desperado, minus some of the specialized features. However, it still has a tapered shaft and 13mm Le Pro leather tip for a smooth glide and enhanced control. Like the Desperado, this cue feels good in your hands when you play.

Ob Rift Break Pool Cue Rubber Grip Black With Control Break Shaft

Taken from Amazon

Allison Fisher the female World Champion Pool player used the OB Rift Break pool; Cue to win the championship. Allison is from England and she is a professional snooker and pool player. She is passionate about her pool game and won many titles. She started to play snooker when she was only 7. At the age of 17, she got her first world title. She won over 80 titles in her whole career. In 2013 she was runner-up in the Ultimate 10-Ball Championship and got the 3rd position in WPBA Masters in the same year.

The OB Rift Break; pool Cue is an extremely designed pool cue that anyone can get attracted to this pool cue. It has a graphical black design. The grip of this cue is made with black rubber that helps to get a better grip. Its handle is constructed with Straight Line Core technology to deliver you the most amazing feel while playing. There are different weights available for this cue which starts from 18 oz and max 21oz. From this weight variation, you can choose your one with perfect weight to play like champion Allison Fisher. This pool; cue is surely one of the best cues in the world.

  • Can be used as a break cue
  • Price is a bit high
Bottom Line

To improve your game you need a professional pool cues like this. So dont waste your time on some cheap pool cues get it soon and see the difference yourself.

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