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Why Are Foam Pool Floats So Expensive

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More About Pool Floats And Lounges

Why Did My Swimming Pool Water Foam Up?

Pool floats and floating lounge chairs from In The Swim can help define your swimming pool the way furniture can define your living room. High quality floating pool lounges and sturdy inflatable pool floats range from large and luxurious fabric covered loungers for adults to a simple pool rafts and fun inflatable tubes for kids. For adult pool floats, look to our Sunchaser padded luxury lounge or the AquaSofa floating sofa. We also carry premium closed-cell foam pool floats and foam pool loungers for the ultimate in durability and comfort – because, it’s your pool!

For kids, In The Swim supplies the most complete selection of portable and durable baby pool floats, and dozens of affordable kid-sized pool floats for children of all ages. Our extensive selection of pool floats and floating pool chairs run the price range gamut, and we are sure to have several to fit any pool fun budget. From the easily portable floating sling chair to the large face to face inflatable pool float to the giant Sofa Island pool raft that can hold your best mate or even the family, pool lounges and rafts are a fun way to customize and personalize your pool experience.

With over 75 pool floats and lounges, it can be a tough decision! If you have questions regarding our pool rafts and pool lounge float selection, please contact our pool product experts, who will be happy to help you find the best pool floats for yourself and your family.

Can I Use A Pool Float As A Sleeping Pad

Camping is a cheap way to get away for the weekend, but gear prices have soared over the last few decades. Budget minded campers are always trying to save a few bucks, but can you get away with using a pool float as a sleeping pad?

Can I Use a Pool Float As a Sleeping Pad? You can use a pool float as a sleeping pad, but a real sleeping pad will be much better. A pool float squeaks, takes forever to blow up and it wont be very comfortable. It might work in a bind, but youre better off spending the extra money on a quality sleeping pad.

You can use a pool float in the short term, but youll eventually want to switch over to a real sleeping pad. Pick up an old school foam sleeping pad if youre on a tight budget. My Therm-A-Rest Foam Pad still gets used in cold weather and when Im camping close to the car.

In the rest of this article, Ill explain the subtle difference between a pool float and real sleeping pad.

Functional Inflatables For Fun In The Sun

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

When the mercury strikes, theres no place quite like the swimming pool. And while a quick dip will certainly do, a quality pool float can make the experience that much more enjoyable, allowing you to lounge, read, or sip on a cold beverage to your hearts content. But which inflatables are worth the expense, hassle of blowing up, and puzzle that storage can be? Whether youre looking for something fun and affordable for the kids or for something large and practical for the adults, these top-rated pool floats really deliver.

Here, the best pool floats to make your time at the pool even more relaxing.

If youre looking for a pool float with maximum versatility, the Aqua Compania Ultimate Two-in-One Recliner and Tanner Pool Lounger is it. The adult-sized inflatable chair has it all, including an attached drink caddy, so you can sip on your beverage of choice while you bask in the sun. To use the chair as a recliner, flip the backrest into the upright position to use the chair as a lounger for resting or tanning, nestle it down into the hole in the floatie.

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Rubber Dockie 186 Feet Floating Mat

Theres no missing the Rubber Dockie floating mat when it hits the water, thanks to the bright neon green and orange color choices. Since bright colors help with safety in crowded waters, this eye-catching design is already an excellent start. Rubber Dockie sweetens the deal by providing a one-year manufacturer warranty on this product.

This mat is another large one, with dimensions of 18 x 6 feet and a capacity of up to 1400 pounds. Overall, the surface is highly durable, too, making it a good fit for watersports, including launching kayaks. Aside from its scratch-proof design, the Rubber Dockie mat is slip-resistant, helping you stay upright as you move about the surface.

While a lot is going for this mat, it is a bit difficult to roll up for storage with only one person on the job thanks to its larger size.


  • Bright neon colors for safety
  • 18 x 6 feet in size
  • Supports up to 1400 pounds
  • Resistant to scratches and slipping


Texas Recreation Splash Pool Float

15 best pool floats for summer 2020: Funboy, Sunnylife ...
  • Price:No products found.No products found.
  • Rating:No products found.No products found.

This foam pool float comes with honeycomb closed-cell texture on one side and glossy smooth texture on the other. The super-soft buoyant foam of this mattress also offers an excellent bed for resting on a watery surface. Moreover, the integral steel frame of this pool float offers support during a floating condition. The full-roll pillow supports your head and shoulder for ultimate comfort.

The extra-large pool float with thick foam also allows you to have the ultimate coziness. Furthermore, the construction is very much resistant to scrapes and tears. The foam stays unchanged even with the contact of chlorine and salt water. The closed-cell texture does not deflate, lose air or absorb water. The rippled texture keeps you cool during the hottest summer days.

Reasons to buy

  • Sturdy steel frame for full support.
  • Comes with easy cleaning process.

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Fluid Aquatic Ultra Luxury

  • EXTRA-LARGE- Pool float 74 x 26 inches with built in head…
  • EXTRA THICK – 2.25 inches thick for added buoyance and…
  • FOAM MAT – Vinyl covered for durability with built in drink…
  • UV PROTECTED – Chlorine, mold and mildew resistant
  • REVERSIBLE – Wavy texture on one side and smooth on the…

Best Foam Pool Floats Under 100$Best Foam Pool Floats Under 100$

How To Get A Suitable Foam Pool Float For You

So, in this specific article, we have rounded almost up to 6 picks on how you should get and where you should get the best foams and pools for you. Coming back to the centre of the topic we have so many things to look after as the summers are here the best part about them is laying in the pool under hot sun feeling so complete and fulfilled. As the sun rays fall on your body and you feel so much comfortable under the influence of vitamin D. the weather wind breezes everything just good enough to keep you entertained. Also, a glass of cold wine around your arm to quench the thirst.

So at last you realize how amazing you are soaking into the water and the float will be taking up the water at the high rate called a bummer. And sometimes the pool fun may get ruined why because it may get a hole in it. The inflatables and especially foam floats have been the go-to floats for everyone. Also, some kinds of floats are affordable.

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When Were Swimming Pool Floats Invented

Peter Markus invented the first inflatable life preserver or swim ring in 1928, and water wings followed shortly after coming out in the early 1930s, while swimming pool noodles were not invented until the early 1980s. The fun and big pool floats most of us enjoy today were not created until the early 2010s.

Let’s Wrap Things Up:

How to float in the swimming pool. Physics of swimming. Part 1

As the summer days are blazing upon us floating on the water is the best place to be. Whether youre sunbathing or cooling down, a proper float can make the smallest occasion feel like a grand one. Your foam float should be soft and comfy, yet everlasting and durable. It should meet all of your requirements and provide you the perfect platform to bronze your skin and cool off at the same time.

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How Much Time And Effort Is Required

I touched on this above, but I still believe it to be one of the main things to consider when buying a float for your pool.

Pumping air from your lungs into an inflatable can not only take up a good chunk of your time, but it can also be pretty damn tiring.

If your pool is open for most of the year, and your floats arent going to be moving from pool-to-pool, or , this is not something that will be much of an issue for you.

Additionally, if youre looking for a foam float, this isnt something you need to concern yourself with at all.

Closed Cell Foam Pool Floats

When selecting the Foam Pool Float that you want to use to lay back and relax, ensure that it is long enough to support your entire frame. For example, if you get the Fluid Aquatic Ultra Luxury Pool Float, youll notice that it is 74 inches long and 26 inches wide, with a build – in headrest. It will also support people over 200 pounds in weight, without any concern about sinking. On the other hand, California Sun Deluxe Oversized Unsinkable Triple Ply Foam Cushion Pool Float measures 86 inches in length, and its multiple layers of polyfoam give it more buoyancy.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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When Should You Buy A Pool Float

There are a number of reasons to get yourself a pool float, and if youre reading this buyers guide, youre no doubt aware of at least some them.

  • Relaxation: Like I said in the intro, some floaties offer a level of relaxation that you just dont get on hard ground. #bliss
  • Fun: Pool floats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and theres no shortage of outrageously silly floats to keep the fun alive.
  • Tanning: Trying to get some color? Theres few better ways to get your UV suit on than basking in the middle of a well-exposed pool.
  • Appeal: Lets face it, a handful of well-selected pool floats have the power to turn a dull, lifeless pool into a people-packed bonanza.
  • Versatility: Pool floats, despite their name, can actually be used at lakes, rivers and beaches. Who says you get what you pay for

Target Has Soft Baja Floating Pool Chairs And They Are Amazing

How to Choose (and Use) the Best Pool Pillow ...

Target has these Super Soft Baja Adult Chair Pool Floats, and Ive never wanted anything MORE for the pool! They are NOT inflatable they just float and THEY ARE AWESOME!

They are like big ol comfy chairs the kind where you get all cuddly and comfortable, grab a book and your favorite drink, and stay there for a couple hours but they are made to go in the water.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the TRC Recreation Super Soft Baja Folding Chair is the key to you relaxing this summer. Dont waste valuable pool time blowing up an inflatable pool float.

This foam pool float features a foldable backrest that makes it convenient for storage and easy transport. Simply unfold and this pool lounger is ready to go. Read your favorite book while enjoying your favorite beverage when youre floating the day away on the TRC Recreation Super Soft Baja Folding Chair.

These chairs have a FULL METAL FRAME and reinforced arm rests its like an actual freaking chair just floating in the water!

I love the fact that there are two built-in drink holders! Ill never have to leave the pool. Just give me a book and a drink, and Ill be solid for a couple hours. Doesnt that sound glorious?

You can get your OWN Super Soft Baja Adult Chair Pool Float on the Target website. Its available in 2 colors: Bahama and Marina Blue. Thats just a blue and a lighter shade of blue.

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Amazing Floats And Loungers For You

We warmly welcome you to our website, where we pledge to share our insights and detail-oriented reviews on the best pool floats and loungers for everyone. Pool puns were a fun way to drive more audience to the public pool parties every year. With ongoing changes around us, the families are left with no option other than to find a way to scramble an inflatable pool to their home to bring the lost joy in their lives.

With so many loungers, party pool barges, and inflatable loungers out there, it could be such a cumbersome task to pick the right one. We have conducted thorough research on all the best ones, so you dont have to analyze on your own when it comes to selecting a pool float for a pool built either within your home or anywhere around the vicinity of your property such as backyard, outdoor patio or front yard. We have you all covered!

Do You Want A Pool Float That Can Hold Food And Drinks

If youre looking to spend an entire day bobbing along the water, youre going to need sustenance, which in turn means youll need a place to put your snacks. Instead of heading towards dry land to get some grub, grab a reclining pool float chair that comes with a food and beverage holder. That way, you wont have to waste a second of aquatic fun to replenish and rehydrate.

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The 7 Best Pool Rafts & Pool Floats Of 2021

January 7, 2021 By Victor Pierce

With summer in full swing, many of us are going to make a beeline for the nearest body of water.

Whether its a pool, river, or lake, swimming gives us the best opportunity to cool down, have some fun, or even just lazing around in the water. Getting a quality pool raft can do both jobs while also keeping your kids or less experienced swimmers safer in the water.

Therefore, while keeping in mind quality, usability, as well as using ratings and reviews we scoured the market for you and we found seven of the absolute best pool rafts you and your family can use this summer.

  • Our Conclusion
  • How Do You Deflate Pool Floats

    How to Use Two Part Expanding Flotation Foam and Say NO to Pool Noodles Forever!

    While you can usually deflate pool floats and rafts by opening the air valve and pinching it, this process can be speed up by using a couple of different household items. Our teams favorite is a binder clip, simply use the binder clip to apply pressure to the valve when open. If you do not have a binder clip on hand you can also try using a drinking straw, simply stick the drinking straw to your pool floats opening in its stem valve, which should hold it open and allow the float to deflate through the straw.

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    Fun Float Floating Bed

    • Price:No products found.No products found.
    • Rating:No products found.No products found.

    The closed-cell texture of this foam pool float comes along with a vinyl coating for durability. This mattress also has the soft, long-lasting and phthalate-free construction. Moreover, the vinyl-coating protects the mattress against harmful rays of the sun. Even, the construction is resistant to moisture, chlorinated and salt water. The foam pool float is easy to clean.

    This mattress is also ideal for adults. Furthermore, this high-quality pool float comes with an inbuilt headrest pillow to provide you with unlimited comfort. This multi-functional mattress allows you to enjoy the sunshine, surf in waves and more other recreational activities. The float is suitable for kids above 6 years and adults. You can carry this mattress during your camping trip as well.

    Reasons to buy

    • Soft and comfortable to use.
    • Moisture resistant for durability.

    The Best Floating Water Mat

    A. Closed cell foam floating pads are more expensive than some of the inflatable types. That’s because the material, though simple, is extremely durable and buoyant. They tend to be thicker than inflatables, and the thicker the mat, the more weight it will support. Q. Are water mats safe?

    A. If you’re in a natural body of water, it helps if watercraft can easily see your floating water mat. That’s why manufacturers make water mats in bright and vivid colors that stand out on the surface of the water. You’ll find most mats come in green, orange, and yellows so a boater can spot you from afar. Mats are also extremely buoyant and some conform to your shape to gently cup you while you’re relaxing, so you don’t have to worry about falling off while sleeping. Q. Is it easy to climb onto a water mat?

    A. There are no ladders attached to a water mat, which means you do have to climb on. Because you can pull down the edge or side a bit to help you get a leg up, it’s easier than you might think to hop onto one. You can also hop onto the surface of the mat from a boat or dock if the mat is anchored or tethered close by. A number of mature users report that they’ve had no trouble climbing onto a floating water mat. Floating water mats we recommendBest of the best:Misson Boat Gear Reef Mat Inflatable Floating Dock Water Lounge

    Our take: This firm and buoyant mat offers hours of fun for all ages, packs up into a duffle bag, and is easy to blow up and deflate.

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