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Can Dogs Swim In Pools

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Can My Dog Swim In My Swimming Pool

Dogs love to swim in pools

Anyone with a dog child knows they are so much more than just a pet.

They are part of the family. So why shouldt they be allowed to join in all the family activities and use the Swimming Pool.

Most people are quite rightly more worried about how the Swimming Pool will affect their dog, than how the dog will affect their Swimming Pool.

So first things first

What Exactly Is Chlorine

Before I explain why you should let your dog in the pool, lets take a look at what chlorine actually is.

We all know that chlorine is that chemical in pools that allegedly keeps pools clean and sanitary. It also gives us that clean pool smell most of us associate with summers .

If youre a parent, as I am, you also praise the side effect of chlorine to aid in tired eyes .

But whats really going on with the chemical itself? In order to back up my research with a little knowledge, I first researched to find out what chlorine is made of.

Were going to get into a little swimming pool science here, but I promise it will be worth the explanation.

Should You Let Your Dog Use Your Pool

Keep in mind that not all dogs can swim, and some dogs may have an aversion to water. You shouldnt force your dog into your pool. You also need to be well aware of some of the risks, especially since many are preventable with proper care.

But your pool is a great place for your dog to exercise and cool down, and as long as you watch them and make sure theyre swimming safely, enjoying themselves, cared for after, and monitoring them for things like ear infections, your dogs should have a wonderful time.

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Can Dogs Swim In The Ocean Things To Keep In Mind

Living close to the ocean has many benefits, including taking walks on the beach with your best friend whenever you want. Dog owners may want to bring their four-legged friends along to some of the areas best dog beaches, but many dog owners have questions and concerns, such as if all dogs know how to swim in the ocean or whether salt water is bad for them.

Water may carry some hazards for dogs, and swimming in the sea is a different experience than swimming in lakes, rivers or ponds. But before you hit the sand and surf, there are some things you should know in order to make sure your dog swimming in the ocean is a safe activity.

Is Chlorine Toxic For Dogs And Cats

How to teach your dog to swim

Like many chemicals with the potential to be dangerous, the hazards of chlorine exposure are dose dependent. Pool water contains very dilute levels of chlorine, and is unlikely to cause chlorine poisoning in humans or animals. From a risk management standpoint, a pet is more likely to become ill from a dunk in a standing pool of water, or a lake filled with unknown microorganisms such as amoeba, than they are from swimming in a properly maintained pool full of chlorinated water.

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Should Dogs Be Allowed In Swimming Pools

Its a 38°C day and your best doggy mate Rufus is hot. Should your dog be allowed in the swimming pool?

Yes, it is safe for dogs to have a dip in a chlorinated or saltwater swimming pool provided the pool water is correctly balanced.

There is a lot of dos and donts concerning dogs in the pool, but here I want to look at what happens to the chemical balance of the pool water when a dog swims in the pool. Well also look at what can you do to make sure the pool water is safe for you, your family and Rufus.

The pool maintenance pros say a dog in the pool is equal to 3 people or more in the water. In other words, your pool water will need to work harder if you allow your dog to swim in the pool. Heres why:

Keep Everyone Safely In The Swim

In our house, my dog thinks hes a rescue dog. He jumps in to try to save us. He paddles around for a while, and then he tires, and we end up having to rescue him. Remember that some dogs are better swimmers than others. As with children, dogs need constant supervision in the pool and they need to enjoy the water safely. If you see your pet tiring, make them get out of the water and sideline them for a while. To keep both kids and pets safe, get a pool thats auto-cover ready and keep it closed whenever your pool is not in use.

Till next time, safely enjoy your pool The General

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Should You Let Your Dog In The Pool

Most forms of exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment you can provide for your dog can benefit them just dont over do it. When it comes to dogs swimming in pools I say Go for it! Just remember to mind the health and safety of all family members, including your dog.

“The decision to allow and/or encourage your dogs to use your swimming pool is a matter of personal choice. If you allow your dog to use the pool, it is vital that you follow some basic training and safety procedures. These include teaching your dog to find the steps so they can get out and to the best of your ability being able to prevent the dog from having access to the pool without supervision.

– Cesar Millan, Professional Dog Trainer

If you decide to let your dog swim, check out and follow these tips before you start.

Saltwater And Your Dogs Skin

Pool diving Boxer dog, he swims under water!

This type of water can be bad for a dogs skin as it can cause dryness and irritation. Basically, high levels of sodium can leech moisture and drive out essential oils from the epidermis beneath the fur. Your dogs coat will retain this salt and you should give them a good wash afterwards. There are also small amounts of chlorine, even in salted pools.

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Some Dogs Like Swimming

A number of dog breeds were bred to be swimmers. Retrievers and other hunting dogs were bred to retrieve waterfowl such as ducks and geese for their hunting owners. Some breeds have implied swimming prowess built right into their names: Spanish water dog, American water spaniel, Portuguese water dog. But don’t assume that all dogs of water breeds are good swimmersor that they even enjoy getting wet.

Hobson Fulmer, DVM, owner of Apalachicola Bay Animal Hospital in Eastpoint, Fla., says that “any dog should be able to swim if they are in good health.” But not every dog will want to swimor is suited to the sport. A dog’s ability and desire to swim aren’t breed specific, Fulmer says. “I’ve seen Labs that hate the water and won’t swim, and I’ve seen chihuahuas that love to swim.”

How To Stop Dog From Drinking Pool Water

In order to learn how to stop your dog from drinking pool water, you’ll need to learn how to take care of your dog.

The first thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water would be to ensure that your pool’s area is well ventilated or that your pool is situated in a place with a warm temperature. This is done so that your dog never experiences the cold weather and would never settle for drinking pool water.

The second thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water is to buy a pool filter or even a regulation filter. The filter would be placed at the bottom of the pool and the tap will function like a filter making sure there is a constant flow of water in the filter at all times. If for any reason you can’t afford to buy a filter, there are other options you can try out. You can use peristaltic pumps in circulating the water through the filter and you won’t need to clean the filter often. You can as well purchase pool supplies from a pet store or even from online retailers, so you can place them on the pool. This way, your pool can be kept clean at all times. You can even get vacuums from pet stores.

Another thing you can do to stop your dog from drinking pool water is by purchasing a filter you can place near your dog. This is so the filter can work better and so your dog would have the right oxygen balance.

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Can Your Dog Swim

Swimming can be great exercise for dogs and it can be especially good for dogs with stiff or painful joints. Taking to the water can also help dogs to cool down in hot weather.

Not every dog is a water baby. Dogs with short legs like Corgis or short noses like Pugs will find the effort of swimming really hard work. Even some dogs that are built for swimming just wont enjoy going out of their depth.

Even if your dog seems keen, theyll need learn how to swim. You can help them learn to love the water:

  • Take it slow and stick to a shallow area at first.
  • Use toys and treats to make splashing in the shallows fun for your dog.
  • Once your dog is more confident, encourage them out of their depth so they start paddling.
  • Use your arm to support them under their stomach until theyve got the hang of kicking with all four legs.
  • After a few minutes, encourage your dog back to the shore so they know how to get out of the water when theyre ready.
  • Never leave your pet unattended around water, even if they’re a strong swimmer.

Dont push them to do anything they dont want to and let them take to the water at their own pace. If they decide swimming isnt for them, thats fine there are plenty of other ways they can get exercise and cool down!

How To Protect Your Dog While Swimming

Do you know if your dog can swim?

1. Secure and store concentrated chemicals and pool cleaners out of reach of your pets. While dogs can tolerate the low levels of chlorine found in pools, they will need emergency attention if they get into your stash of cleaning products.

A post shared by Cleo & Jack ???????? on Jul 29, 2018 at 5:27pm PDT

4.Watch out for signs of irritation or allergies including red eyes and coughing, and remove them from the pool if they start exhibiting any unusual symptoms. As long as your dog seems happy and healthy, dont worrytheyre probably having a great time!

If your dog does seem to have an adverse reaction to chlorine you could provide them with a kiddie pool alternative. Especially during heat waves or peak summertime, your dog will appreciate any chance to cool off in the water.

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Is Chlorine Poisonous For Pets

Like many other chemicals with the likelihood of being hazardous, the dangers of chlorine contact are dependent on the dose. Pool water contains incredibly dilute amounts of chlorine, which is unlikely to cause any chlorine poisoning in animals or humans.

From a risk management view, a pet is more likely to fall ill from a plunge in a pool full of unknown microorganisms like the amoeba, or a standing lake of water, than they are from diving in a well maintained swimming pool with chlorinated water.

However,dogs should be taught not to lap up chlorinated water since it can affect theirdigestive system which can make them ill. So to prevent this, you can keep abowl of clean water near the pool for them to lick up and train them to drinkonly from there. By doing this, you will avoid any unwanted incidents furtherdown the road.

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder

This pet pool ladder is designed with boats in mind but since it is constructed from durable rubber it works for pools too! Its rust resistant, simply attaches to an existing people ladder, and has steps without spaces between, to serve as a solid staircase for your dog. It attaches to steps that are 14 wide and includes an attachment for wider steps. Best for dogs under 90lbs.

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What Are The Dangers Of A Dogsexposure To A Pools Chlorinated Water

Consuming chlorinated water might cause minor digestive system irritations, but it might not cause any serious problems for pets. However, pets who like gulping water as they swim should be discouraged as mentioned earlier.

Luckily, most symptoms associated with chlorine are usually minor. Dogs that swim for pretty long periods in pool water with chlorine might show some symptoms of sensitivity, like itchy skin or red eyes.

Pools with high amounts of chlorine might irritate the airways when chlorine gas is released, especially in poorly ventilated spaces.

Is it okay for dogs to swim in chlorine pools? It is but dogs that swim frequently might experience more regular ear infections. While pet owners might wonder if this condition is related to contact with chlorine, recurrent infections are usually related to dampness in the ears than exposure to chlorine.

Your vet can prescribe a drying solution you can use after every swim if your dog is susceptible to recurrent infections.

Westin Lake Las Vegas

Swimming Dogs – Can Your Dog Swim?

This is one of the most-pet friendly resorts in the Las Vegas area if you are planning on bringing your furry friend traveling with you. While they cannot swim in the pool, there are plenty of activities they can enjoy with you on the lake. There are lots of water sports you can enjoy on Lake Las Vegas with your dog, including paddle boarding and kayaking.

You can take your dog out into the lake with you, giving her the opportunity to take a quick dip in open water. Be mindful that this water can be deep, and they should not stray far from the board.

To stay at the resort, dogs must be under 45 pounds and there is an additional fee. Dogs are allowed everywhere except the pool and restaurant areas. The property is expansive and will allow you to roam all over with your dog in a natural setting. Its very nice.

Book a room at the pet-friendly Westin Lake Las Vegas for your next Las Vegas visit.

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Teaching Your Dog How To Swim In The Pool

Owners should introduce swimming very slowly to a dog. To get your dog into the pool, start slowly at the first step. This should allow them to have four feet wet but still feel like they can get out.

Dont restrain them, just gently cradle under the tummy and feed them a couple of tasty treats. Let the dog get curious and resist the temptation to pull them into deeper water. When the dog begins to access the first step on their own, try coaxing them to the second step. A larger dog can stand here, get the body wet and still have all fours on a hard surface.

Find a friend or neighbor with a strong swimming dog. Seeing a dog swimming easily may help build your dogs confidence. Swimming with your dog may also be comforting, but watch for clawing paws. Start slow and have patience, but keep in mind some dogs just dont like the water.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a clip from world-renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan on how to introduce your dog to swimming

Can Dogs Swim In A Saltwater Pool

Do you use salt instead of chlorine to sanitize and clean your pool but still worried if its safe for your dog? Well, you dont need to be. Salt is less corrosive than chlorine and its considered safer for your pet.

However, salt in large quantities can still be toxic. So whether you have a chlorine pool or saltwater pool, always rinse your dog with fresh water once he is done and always provide clean water for him to drink.

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Dog Swim Bridgeton Crossing Family Aquatic Park Bridgeton Missouri

1 p.m.

Your pup can enjoy the same pool the rest of the family has visited during this end-of-season event. Humans are admitted free to Bridgeton Crossing Family Aquatic Park with dog’s paid admission. You MUST show proof of your dog’s rabies and distemper vaccinations at the time of pre-registration, or at the gate! Call 739-5599 with questions.

Cost: Pre-register at the Bridgeton Recreation Center for $10, or pay $15 at the door.

Chlorine Tablets: Keeping Your Pets Safe

Can Dogs Swim in Pools with Chlorine?

The biggest risk to both pets and people are related to handling the chlorine in its concentrated form before it is placed in the pool. Chlorine tablets should always be stored in their original containers and kept in a safe place inaccessible to pets and children. Chlorine gas can be dangerous if inhaled, and direct contact with undiluted chlorine can damage skin and eyes. It would be very unusual for a pet to ingest chlorine tablets as the scent is often unappealing to dogs and cats, but proper storage should eliminate the risk of chlorine poisoning entirely.

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# 2 Saltdean Lido Dog Swim

Saltdean Lido is an art deco lido, minutes from the sea, in Brighton and Hove. Taking inspiration from Chippy Lidos Dog Swim, Saltdean Lido held its first Dog Swim in 2017.

The first Dog Swim they hosted received an incredible media attention. On 15 and 16 September 2018, they did it again, shortening the sesssions , in order to accomodate more dogs, and they sold out again! This time we were able to go along. Argo the dog is water-obsessed and he really had the time of his life, running, swimming, diving for the whole 1.5 hours, without a pause. It was a wonderful canine pandemonium, balls everywhere, dogs running, playing, barking, swimming, diving, with others staying well away from water.

With 4 swimming sessions per day, of 1.5 hours each, Jules told us that they welcomed some 1,000 dogs over the two days. They had capped the number of dogs at 150 per session for health & safety reasons, taking into account the number of lifeguards present.

The dates for 2019 edition will be announced soon, but they already told us that this year they will be holding 2 dog swim weekends instead of one! We will announce the dates on as soon as they are confirmed!

Tickets: For the 2018 edition there were 3 different type of tickets, for dogs and human swimmers and for spectators .

Where: Saltdean Lido, The Oval Park, Saltdean Park Rd, Saltdean, Brighton BN2 8SP, East Sussex

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