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What Is The Best Pool Liner For Above Ground Pool

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Swimlines Expandable Depth Above Ground Pool Liner

Three Features of Above Ground Pool Liners

For those who are looking for a much deeper above ground pool, you can utilize a Swimline Expandable Depth Above Ground Pool Liner to set up your ideal pool.

These expandable overlap vinyl liners can give you pool depths of 5 to 6 feet. These are already protected against chemicals and UV fading. Pool owners can basically hang the liner to the side of their above ground pool wall and it can fit on common 48 or 52 pool walls.

Unfortunately, for those looking for more stylish options, there are no j-hook or beaded liners that are also expandable.

You can secure the Swimline pool liner with pool coping strips and cut off any excess material. The most important thing when using these type of liners is you have to properly dig the area where you plan on setting your above ground pool.

If youre not that confident in the whole process of setting up your deep above ground pool on your own, you can always contact a pool professional or contractor to do install the expandable liner for you.

These expandable liners come with a 15-year limited warranty and a 1-year full replacement warranty.

Harris Round Overlap Pool Liner

This product from Harris comes with a 25-year warranty, making it a solid investment. The 25-gauge liner is designed for pools with walls between 48 and 52 inches.

Moreover, this liner is made with superior cold crack resistance in mind, meaning that its very unlikely for the material to wrinkle or crack, even in cold weather. On top of that, the product features double-welded seams, which increase the liners durability and strength.

As most pool liners, this one is very easy to install as well. The vinyl material is it made of is reportedly premium quality, which will provide protection against dependable use and UV rays.

The pool liner features a pleasant blue pebble design, making it fit for any pool out there. As always, keep in mind to properly measure your pool before ordering a liner!


  • Highly resistant to rips and durable


  • The liners design is too dark, making most pool owners clean their pool regularly otherwise, the liner makes it obvious that the pool is dirty.

How To Select Above Ground Pool Liners

Just like in ground pools, proper measurements are also essential in choosing the best above ground pool liners. After making these calculations, choose the type of liner that will work best. Depending on the type of above ground pool, you can determine the kind of pool liner to use. Factors, like the pool size and shape, can help in making a decision.

If you have a standard pool, you may not want to fuss about designs, patterns, or aesthetics. In this case, the overlap liner may be your best option. These liners hang over the side of the walls of above ground pools. This makes borders and designs unusable. Overlap liners are usually made up of one standard color and pattern.

Some pools have the overlap style, but owners may want to have more design choices. In this case, you can opt for a J-Hook or Unibead pool liner.

You can select beaded liners if you do not want excess liner material to hang over your pool walls. This is where precise measurements come in. Correct numbers can help in proper setup. Since you can fit this liner properly, you can choose from different patterns and designs. This will provide your above ground pool with a better look.

If you cant fit your pool with the options above because of the extra depth, the expandable type is your best choice. It offers more material to use for pools with deep center.

In any of these choices, it is important to have correct measurements to prevent wrinkles, creases and damage to the pool liners.

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Quality Pool Products Beaded Pool Liner

This beaded pool liner is ideal for an oval or round above ground swimming pool.;

It is made of 100% virgin vinyl material of 25 gauge, making it a heavy-duty model.

The pool liner allows for multiple applications and fits facilities with depths or heights of between 48-52 inches.

Another astonishing thing about the unit is the bold, beautiful design that makes the water whirl attractively.;

You do not need a professional when installing this pool liner as it is a tool-free product.;

The model was developed to provide value for money thanks to its durability and attractiveness.

It is the only liner you would ever need for the next few decades and help keep the pool ready for summer.

Our Top Pick Of Above Ground Pool Liner

Best above ground pool liners

Having looked at all the features of the liners we have reviewed above, we can recommend you to try the Coping Strips 12 Inches x 18 Inches Above Ground Pool Liners. This is a quality product that offers different pros including non-corrosive, comes in 2 colors of white or black, made of professional grade strips and clips, and come with installation manual.

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Swimline Grand Tile Unibead Pool Liner

Another liner comes from the folks over at Swimline. Designed with premium vinyl and with UV-protection in mind , this liner functions as overlap or beaded liners, but with greater ease of installation.

This particular liner will also work with pools that have bead receivers. Backed with a 25-year warranty for maximum peace of mind.

What Causes Pool Steps To Turn Yellow

What causes pool steps to turn yellow is usually mustard algae, which can leave powdery yellow, green or light brown deposits along your pool walls, and pool steps. Pool step yellowing can also be caused by minerals/metals in your water as well, especially if you have white fiberglass steps. Algaecides can and making sure your pool water is balanced can help prevent this.

To clean pool steps that have turned yellow, our team recommends using vitamin c or ascorbic acid-based cleaning products, like Ascorb-X, which will usually help remove the stain.

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Smartline Solid Blue 12

The model is ideal for replacing an old, faded liner or installing a new above ground pool.;

It is a North American-made product that provides quality while being affordable.;

One great feature is hand-folding; it helps to prevent excess wrinkling and permanent creasing when installing.;

The liner also guarantees a tool-free installation process to prevent the need for hiring a professional.;

It is vital to note that the liner is recommended for flat bottom pools and facilities with 48-52 inches of height.;

You can count on the liners durability as resistance to UV rays, chemicals, fading, and abrasion.

Its top is acrylic material, while the base layer is made of 100% virgin vinyl.

Best Above Ground Pool Liners

Above Ground Pool Liner Leak Repair. Finding and Fixing the Hole.

Getting ready to fix and replace the pool liner on your above-ground pool? Extend the life of your backyard pool with our hand-picked selection of the best above-ground pool liners.

The unfortunate reality of your above-ground pool is that it is not going to stay in perfect condition forever.

No matter how consistent you are with cleaning it with your pool vacuum, running the above ground pool filter and no matter how diligent you are with covering it with a pool cover, the pool is going to degrade over time.

Replacing the pool liner is one way that you can extend the life of your pool.

In this guide to the best above ground pool liners, we are gonna take a look at the different types of pool liners, the best kinds for your particular pool, and what you can do to lengthen the life of your pool .

Lets do this!

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Buyers Guide To Above

When you think about it, there is a lot of ways that your pool is taking a thorough beating:

  • General use by swimmers. Pool users jumping in and out, pulling on the sides, leaning on it, stretching the vinyl.
  • Improper chemical use in disinfecting the pool. Chlorine tablets and pool chemicals are magical in their ability to keep a pool clean, but they are industrial grade solvents, and using them in the wrong dose will degrade the lining.
  • UV damage. The sun isnt just a cause of sunburns and/or suntans; ultraviolet rays, over time, will make the vinyl fade and bake the exposed vinyl, making it prone to cracking.
  • Hard weather. Windstorms, hard rain, heavy snow packed on the top of the above-ground pool coverthey can all stretch and pull on the liner. There are plenty of fail videos online of pools completely coming apart in hard wind-storms and inclement weather.
  • General aging. Nothing lasts forever, and with your above-ground pool being exposed to the elements, it is going to expand and contract with the weather, which will inevitably lead to the weakening of the vinyl, with leaks to follow.

Even though your above-ground pool is up against the elements and consistent use by swimmers, replacing the liner is one way to extend the life of the pool.

Add And Smooth The Sand

If you used sand previously, check whether theres still enough to support the bottom of the pool. If not , lay enough sand to create a 3-inch bed across the entire inside of the pool.

Level the sand bed using a push broom, then pack it down with a tamper. If you dont have a tamper, you may be able to rent a soil compacting tool from a local hardware store.

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Types Of Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners

Like any other product, pool liners are innovated as years passed. There are revolutions made to unveil the most up-to-date models. Above ground pool liners dont stick with solid blue anymore.

Nowadays, four types of pool liners are brought in the market. Each type has numerous variants with different colors and patterns.

Overlap Liners

If you are an above ground pool owner for a pretty long time, you must have heard of overlap liners. Im sure. This kind of pool liner is original. I mean, it is the predecessor of all the liners that are manufactured today.

Overlap liners are installed along the pool wall, and you can see them from the outside, which is not so aesthetic. You will need a little more effort to set up an overlap liner for your pool than other types due to technical problems.

A strong point of overlap liners is that they can match with poorly shaped above ground pools, for example, some that are not so round as normal ones. Whenever you struggle with distorted swimming baths, think of overlap liners! They can aid the situation!

Overlap liners also tolerate pools with extremely deep centers . Although the appearance of your pool may not be optimized, you can still benefit from overlap liners a lot, especially cheapness.

Unibead or J-Hook Liners

The reason for my answer is the tile patterns, which give your above ground pool the appearance of a traditional inground pool.

Beaded Liners

Pool Liner Colors And Patterns

20 Of the Best Ideas for Pool Liners for Above Ground ...

After narrowing down your choices by shape, size, depth, and attachment method, you come to the fun part choosing your pool liner color and pattern.

In the early days, above ground pool liners were only available in a solid light blue color. Pool liners now are available in darker colors and with decorative patterns. Dark pool liners have a slight solar benefit in that theyll absorb more heat. However, sun and chemical fading may be more noticeable with darker liners than with lighter colors.;

Pool liners with patterns offer the advantage of hiding seams, wrinkles, and dirt better than a solid light blue liner, and they also impart a richer hue of color to the water. Printed tile border patterns add another design element, and extend the range of choices for the pool owner.;

BONUS TIP: To preserve your liner color and reduce fading, always maintain proper water balance, especially pH and alkalinity levels. A chlorine level of less than 2.5 ppm is best. You can also shock your pool with Fresh N Clear chlorine-free shock, which will never bleach or stain a vinyl pool liner.

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Measure Your Above Ground Pool

It is critical to measure your pool before purchasing a new liner to ensure it meets its dimensions.

Tips of What to Avoid During Measurement;

;Dont depend on the following when measuring your pools:

  • Documents or receipts from the previous home or pool owner
  • The winter pool cover size
  • Original paperwork of the existing above ground pool liner
  • What the pool manufacturer listed as the swimming pool dimensions

Tips of How to Measure Accurately;

The accurate measurements increase the liners life and save you money and time in the long run.

Here are the things to do:

  • Measure the pool wall from inside to inside using a tape measure.
  • Think of your pool as a clock and measure from 9 to 3 oclock and from 12 to 6 oclock.;;;
  • Measure the diameter at the bottom and at the top to cater for irregularities or bowed walls.;
  • Consider measuring the center as well if things seem off.
  • Get a person to help you when measuring.

You now know the size, depth, and shape of your above-ground pool and are ready to buy the liner.

The Basics Of Pool Liners

If this is your first time replacing your pool liner, or you are installing your first above-ground pool, its helpful to get an understanding of what your liner actually does. Beyond the obvious function of holding water, a liner is integral to the overall structure of a pool. The weight of water held by the liner is evenly distributed to the walls and keeps the structure intact. Without the liner, the steel or aluminum wall does not provide much stability and can easily be toppled over.

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How Do You Install An Above Ground Pool Ladder

While there are many different types of pool ladders, as well as many different types of above ground pools, there are some general guidelines to installing an above ground pool ladder.

First, know what kind of pool you have. Soft-walled above ground pools, especially the vinyl models, primarily only use ladders that fit over the pool wall and essentially require no installation. Hard-walled above ground pools usually require ladder installation.

Below are the general instructions that apply to most ladders, however, if your swimming pool ladder came with instructions, we do recommend you follow the instructions provided by the ladder manufacturer.

  • Assemble the ladder according to the instructions
  • Place the ladder in the pool so that the support legs are on the outside
  • Set the ladder on a solid base
  • Fasten the Above Ground Pool Ladder With Included Hardware
  • Test or Attempt To Wiggle The Pool Ladder To Make Sure It Is Secure
  • Got A Leak Good Luck With That

    How to Install an Overlap Liner on Your Above Ground Pool

    Dont get us wrong. Leaks in above ground pool liners are super easy to fix, and its always good to know how to patch a pool liner. Just Get a repair kit and youll be swimming again before you can say Marco Polo. The challenge is finding the leak.

    Unless its a huge, obvious gash pouring water into your yard, finding a leak in an above ground pool is notoriously difficult. If you want to take a shot at finding the pool leak, you can try the bucket test. But finding a tiny leak in an above ground pool is so challenging, it may take you less time to get a new liner and install it.

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    In The Swim Swimline Li2448bso 24

    • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Blue rocks top the swirling…
    • GREAT QUALITY,GREAT PRICE:. Whether replacing a…
    • EASY TO INSTALL: This 24′ round overlap style…

    Designed by In The Swim, this is an overlap-style pool liner constructed from virgin vinyl, available in sizes from 12 to 24 round.

    Featuring UV protection to boost the longevity of this product, it also comes with a 15-year warranty despite only being a thinner, 20-gauge liner.

    What I like best is the beautiful dark pattern that will help warm your pool. Just be careful to take exact measurements before selecting a size, and treat it carefully. Some users found this liner punctured easily after only a couple of seasons.


    • Light and easy to install as a replacement in your pool
    • Dark coloring will give your pool a whole new look


    • Sizing needs to be exact, not a lot of extra buffer in the overhang
    • Some users experienced leaks after 1-2 seasons

    Antilles Dolphin 25 Gauge Swimming Pool Liner

    This one is the fourth pool liner on our list. It is suitable for 48 or 52 constant depth swimming pool. This is made in the shape of a standard swimming pool.

    The liner comes with lap welded seams and this is why the lateral and vertical tension is reduced. It has got extra heavy duty and 100% Vinyl material which protects against chemicals and any other UV. Thus, it prevents the fading and any cold crack resistance.

    The pool liner comes with reduced wrinkling folds. It is hand folded flat and no automatic machine folders are used. Thus, there is no permanent creasing in the pool liner. Apart from this, there is also a Universal Gasket Set which comes with the gaskets for the pools skimmers and returns.

    The skimmer gaskets can work on both the standardly sized skimmers and the wide mouth skimmers also.


    • The pool liner has a 100% virgin vinyl material and this is why the liner is very durable.
    • It comes with extra heavy duty and protections against the fading, UV rays, cracks, and chemicals.
    • It has got high-temperature curing; the computer-controlled process ensures that the device is fully vulcanized to its extreme.
    • It has got high-pressure heat bonding.
    • The pool liner is created with computer balanced combination of high pressure and temperature which offers a void free permanent bond.


    • Some of the customers felt that the liner could have been a little bit longer.

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