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Where To Buy Ascorbic Acid For Swimming Pools

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What Kind Of Bottle To Use For This Vitamin C Spray

Procedure for Ascorbic Acid Treatment in a Swimming Pool – (888) 702-8486 – VivoPools

Use a high quality plastic bottle. Plastic of course to prevent any breakage around the pool area where bare feet could end up with painful slivers in them–high quality so that the optional essential oils and vitamin C won’t or won’t be likely to cause leaching of the plastic.

Notes: The essential oils in the spray are mostly for fragrance purposes, but they are nourishing to the skin so they have that added benefit as well.

You should notice that your hair and skin smell much better after using this spray than if you only showered using shampoo and soap.

Please note that there is no full spectrum preservative in this product so it might not have a very long shelf life. However, the commercial swim sprays don’t either so the vitamin C itself might be enough. Use your best judgment.

Please also note that the essential oils are optional and you should use an essential oil emulsifier with them should you choose to use them. There is a lot of information on the internet that is incorrect about what is a good emulsifier and what isn’t.

I hope to have more information on that in the future but in the meantime, do your own research and make your best judgement. Of course, by all means, leave out the essential oils if you like.

Re: What Is Cheapest Online Source Of Ascorbic Acid

Here are tow places I have ordered from:this one is good if you don’t want to order much.This one is good to order larger amounts:You don’t have to order food grade.

Northeast PA16’x32′ kidney 16K gal IG fiberglass pool Bleach Hayward 200lb sand filter Hayward pump 24hrs Pf200 well summer: none winter: mesh PF:7.5

Top 10 Best Ascorbic Acid For Pool In 2022 Comparison Table

  • Easy tear-off resealable stand-up pouch
  • Useful as vitamin C supplement
  • Useful to prevent food browning
  • Useful for better bread dough
  • Useful to treat some pool stains
  • Earthborn Elements Vitamin C powder provides an abundance of uses including skincare, tart flavor to dishes, and even supplying nutrients to outdoor plants*
  • The resealable bucket allows for bulk products to last longer and get more use out of the product
  • Adding more Vitamin C to the diet may provide better skincare, resistance to pathogens, and other benefits*
  • Easily soluble, can dissolve in lotions and creams as well
  • Packaged in USA
  • Natural Chemistry extra strength stain free is an all natural stain remover
  • Contains a blend of industrial strength ascorbic acid
  • It quickly removes metal staining without adding phosphates to your water
  • Compatible with all sanitizing systems
  • Comes in 1-3/4-pounds container
  • Easy tear-off resealable stand-up pouch
  • Useful as vitamin C supplement
  • Useful to prevent food browning
  • Useful for better bread dough
  • Useful to treat some pool stains

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Tips When Doing A Ascorbic Acid Treatment For Pool Stains

  • Putting the filter on recirculate or removing the filter cartridges helps avoid the small chance of coating your filter media with metals, which might end up forcing you to replace your filter media. This doesn’t usually happen, even if the filter isn’t on recirculate, but best to avoid even the small chance of a problem by using recirculate or removing cartridges.
  • Ascorbic acid is way way way milder than an acid wash. There won’t be any plaster etching, though the metals coming off can change the texture of the surface.
  • A copper heat exchanger is totally fine for any period of time down to a PH of about 7.0, and won’t even notice a week or two at 6.6 or 6.8, though a couple of years at 6.6 or a few weeks at 4.0 would be a problem.
  • If you can’t wait to order of ascorbic acid, go to your supermarket or hardware store canning section, . You will find a product called Fruit-Fresh Produce Protector by Ball. Fruit-Fresh is Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid and it comes in a 5 oz. container for about $6. It is quick and easy to get and works like a charm.

How To Remove Pool Stains

Natural Chemistry Stain Free (1.75 lbs)

A stained pool is an irritating problem that many pool owners know all too well. Not only it is embarrassing, and it can easily ruin your entire backyard experience. Luckily getting rid of pool stains is simple when you know what you are dealing with, and that’s what this article entails. Lets start by looking at the most common causes:

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How To Keep Stains In A Pool From Returning

Ascorbic acid converts iron staining into dissolved iron in the water. You then have to bind the iron to a sequestrant or replace the water with metal free water.

Replacing the water with metal free water is the best long term solution by far. That is assuming you can get some metal free water. The metals in the pool must have come from someplace. Usually they come from the fill water. “Draining” the pool is one of several ways to replace the water, not usually the best choice however.

Some people have had success using the CuLator egg in their skimmer.

How To Easily Remove Rust Stains From Your Pool

Ahhh rust stains, those annoying little spots of brown that seemingly appear from nowhere and they just ruin the crystal blue color of your pool, really, major eyesores. Although weve already talked about how to identify and treat different types of pool stains, today were going to focus on rust stains due to popular demand!

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What Kind Of Vitamin C To Use For This Diy Swim Spray

Two kinds of Vitamin C neutralize chlorine — sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid.

While either version of vitamin C – ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate – will work for this after swim spray, there are several reasons why sodium ascorbate is the better choice here.

First, ascorbic acid will lower pH, while sodium ascorbate will not. When you are spraying something on your skin, better to spray the non-acidic item than the acidic one.

Secondly, sodium ascorbate dissolves much more readily than does ascorbic acid.

This spray is great because it’s very inexpensive to make. You can, of course buy it pre-made, but this is the easy peasiest of the easy peasiest.

And it doesn’t sting.

Acid Washing Your Pool

Procedure for Ascorbic Acid Treatment for a Pool : Pool Care

If there are rust stains all over your pool and spot removal doesnt seem like a good use of your time then acid washing is one of the quickest ways to bring out the natural color of your pool and remove widespread rust staining. We dont have a way to DIY acid washing your pool since that requires draining your pool and thats best left for pool professionals to do it.

What we do have for you is a way to do a no-drain acid wash which you can do by yourself! It involves lowering your pools pH levels down to an acidic state, let it eat through the stains and give it a thorough brushing. Weve outlined the whole process in our swimming pool hack: no-drain acid wash guide here!

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Lower The Ph Level To 72

Lower your pH level to 7.2 using muriatic acid if its higher than that. This is necessary since high pH levels may need a lot of ascorbic acids to clear metal stains and may also contribute to more metal staining, which is what you need to get rid of. I prefer muriatic acid since pH minus will not lower the total alkalinity and high TA might cause pH to scale high if clearing stains takes longer.

Add Metal Remover In Your Pool Water

Metal remover is one of my best options because it works by removing heavy metals in your pool water through the filter, leaving your water clean and free of heavy metals that cause stains when chlorine is added, or pH levels scale high. Metal Magic by Pro Team is my preferred option since it removes all common metals from your water, including copper, iron, silver, and manganese.

Metal Magic is non-foaming, pH neutral, and won’t affect your pH levels or cause foaming inside and around your pool. Moreover, it also removes current metal stains from your pool and scales from surfaces. It crystallizes and removes metals from pool water through the pool filter. Metal Magic is compatible with all types of filtration systems, and it doesn’t matter which filter your pool runs on. This product also protects plumbing and equipment, which is an added advantage on your pool parts.

If you decide to use Metal Magic, the product dosage for initial treatment is 32 fluid ounces per 10,000 gallons of water. That is, if you have a 20,000-gallon pool, you will add 64 fluid ounces to be able to remove all metal compounds in your pool water.

After the initial treatment dose, you will need to add this metal remover after a given period to keep your water free of metals. The routine maintenance dose should be between 36 fluid ounces per 10,000 gallons of water per month.

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Ascorbic Acid Metal Stain Remover


  • Treats up to 10,000 gallons
  • Fast dissolving powder
  • Works great with Mega Maintain and CuLator

Ascorbic Acid is a fast way to remove rust stains, iron stains and cobalt stains from swimming pool and spa surfaces. Our rust and stain remover is made from food grade product. It is a gentle acid which only removes stains in your pool. Brushing will not remove metal stains from a pool surface, you must use Ascorbic Acid Metal Stain Remover. You must start with your pool water below a chlorine level of 1 ppm for best results. After you use the stain remover, you should use Mega Maintain sequestering agent to hold the metals in solution and then use a CuLator 1.0 or a CuLator Ultra 4.0 to eliminate the metals from the water so the pool stains will not return.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Bills Pools 06/22/2016

    I couldnt believe how fast this product worked on my steps. It took the brown ugly stains off my steps on contact. I have a fiberglass pool and I tried this with the culator 1.0 to get rid of my problem. Im very pleased. Thank you.

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    Timothy D.

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    Jay Hart

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  • Testing The Pool Wateris It Metal Staining Or Algae

    Vitamin C Powder Pure Ascorbic Acid Soluble Fine Non GMO ...

    Before taking any action to undergo treatment for metal stains, you need to be certain of its metal staining. Green or black stains might indicate metal stains, but they may also occur due to green or black algae. Do the vitamin C test by using ascorbic acid to determine whether it’s metal staining or not:

  • Hold a vitamin C tablet against a potion of the stain for about 30 seconds.
  • If the stain vanishes or lightens, then it is a metal stain and not algae.
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    Add Metal Sequestrate In Your Pool Water

    Metal sequestrate should be the last option to use in a pool because it works differently from metal removers like Metal Magic and Orendas SC-100. Metal sequestrate does not remove metals in your pool water. Still, it naturally binds to the metals, holding metal particles together in your water so that they don’t come out of the solution to react with chlorine when added to your water or when pH levels get too high.

    Ideally, regular doses of sequestrants will prevent metal staining when chlorine is added into the water and slowly break down. Therefore, they should be introduced regularly in your pool water to maintain the right level to keep stains away.

    The most effective sequestrants are derived from phosphoric acid, and the best in the market today is Pool Mate Metal Out. This product helps prevent discoloration of pool water from iron, silver, manganese, copper, and other metals and minerals that may be present in the water supply.

    Pool Mate Metal Out is an excellent general-purpose sequestrant that helps protect plumbing and pool walls from rust, stain, and scale. It should be used for pool openings and closings and throughout the season. For best results, add 1 quart per 10,000 gallons weekly, and you will never have metal stains in your pool.

    What Exactly Is Ascorbic Acid

    All pools get stains once in a while. Whether it is from the environment or foreign chemicals that are added to through sweat or physical activity. If there is water in the pool, it will get stained.

    The yellow metallic staining seen in most pools is caused by iron, manganese, or copper. These metals appear as soon as you fill the pool because they are usually introduced through the city or town water or through a well. It will be worse if there is hard water build up. Metal will also infiltrate your pool water when the pH level is not maintained properly and the water becomes corrosive.

    Even the smallest level of metal will stain pool walls if the condition is perfect enough for the stain to form. A stain pool looks dirty and no swimmer wants to take the chance of swimming in a seemingly unhealthy pool. Fortunately, there are multiple remedies for treating pool stains, with ascorbic acid being the most effective.

    The Vitamin C for pool stains that you see some people using is the same supplement used for immune health and it has many uses including cleaning homes and pool. Ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, is a reduction agent, which is the opposite of the oxidating agent known as chlorine.

    Ascorbic acid works best when the chlorine level is low so the chlorine doesnt react and kill off too much of the added Vitamin C, wasting product before it can get to the stain.

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    Does Ascorbic Acid Remove Pool Stains

    Stain Free is 100% Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C! Simply pour it into the pool and organic stains will disappear instantly. To test at home first, grind up several vitamin C tablets and sprinkle over the pool stain. If there is a mineral or metallic discoloration, follow the Metal Free treatment to seal it tightly in the solution.

    Vitamin C Neutralizes Chlorine

    Ascorbic Acid Treatment for Removing Stains in Your Pool

    Apparently what happens is that the vitamin C reacts with chlorine to form dehydroascorbic acid and hydrochloric acid.

    Hydrochloric acid? That’s stomach acid. And while I love it for helping out with digestion and it worked wonders on my rosacea, do you really want this on your skin?

    Don’t worry – – from what I have read, the amount produced here is not of concern.

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    Common Causes Of Pool Stains

    Generally Swimming pool stains can be caused by:

  • Metals in the pool that can accidentally be introduced into the pools from well water or as a result of the corrosion of copper pipes.
  • Mineral: Typically, the mineral stain is a residue that accumulates oil and dirt creating the discoloration and stain.
  • Rust caused by corroded pool fixtures and misplaced metal objects left in the pool.
  • Organic material like leaves, dirt, oils, worms or algae.
  • Remove Metal Compounds From Your Fill

    Some years back, before the CuLator metal eliminator was available, there were no practical ways of removing metallic compounds from pool fill-water before entering your pool. The only possible way was to treat water inside your pool, which is hard work and expensive to maintain.

    CuLator Ultra Power Park is now my best option for this because you can use it in the skimmer or pump basket to remove up to 4 ppm metal compounds from 20,000 gallons of fill-water before entering your pool. If your pool is more than 20,000 gallons, you can increase your parks and use them both in the skimmer and pump basket.

    CuLator should work up to 30 days or longer depending on the metal level in your water and is replaceable once worn out.

    However, the easiest way to avoid stains in your pool is to avoid filling the water with metals. Before installing your pool, it is important to test your water source for metal content and avoid water sources with metals in it at all costs because maintenance will be relatively hard and expensive in the long run.

    Moreover, you need to be careful with the chemicals you add to your pool since copper may find its way in your pool from chemicals such as algaecide or ionizerand eroded pool parts with copper. If you can’t use CuLator for any reason, detailed below are more ways to control metal stains in your pool.

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    How To Clean Pool Stain With Absorbic Acid

    You need the proper products to care for and maintain your pool. With Ascorbic Acid for pool stains, you will be able to keep it as clean and shiny as the day you put it in.

    First, however, you must gather the things you need to treat pool stains with Vitamin C. You will have to buy Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid tablets, pool enzyme, algaecideif desired, Sodium Thiosulfate.

  • The first thing you should do is check the chlorine level of your pool water. As mentioned above, you want to keep your chlorine as low as possible when treating your pool for stains. You can choose to wait for the chlorine levels to drop or you can add the Sodium Thiosulfate which will bring the chlorine level down.
  • Once you get the chlorine levels where you need them, you can add the algaecide. Follow the instructions on the bottle and add the recommended amount based on the pool size. This will help to prevent algae from growing while the chlorine is low.
  • You may now add the Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. Use the tablets and rub them against the stains to remove them. If you are treating larger stains or decided to buy a liquid acid, sprinkle the acid evenly around the pool. Use a half a pound of Vitamin C for every 10,000 gallons of water.
  • Hopefully, this article on ascorbic acid for pools provides insight on how to maintain a beautiful pool. Invest in the right ascorbic acid for pools and you will be on your way to your dream pool today.

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