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What Is The Best Dj Pool Site

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Dj Mag Epic Pool Parties Coming To Sagamore For Miami Music Week

The best DJ Pool and how to use it

Thats it, folks. The final countdown toMiami Music Week 2022is here and we cannot wait to be partying with you in one of the biggest Electronic Music events in the world. Our favorite artists have already revealed their full agendas, but great surprises keep on coming. If you are looking for some fun pool parties to join during the day , we might have just what you need, as DJ Mag Epic Pool Parties Series announce brands for Miami Music Week. Thats right, our favorite pool parties are coming once again with stoked lineups and a mesmerizing set-up that you will definitely not want to miss.

From Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th of March, Epic Pool Parties will be hosting a series of parties from the heart of South Beach Miami, at the Sagamore Hotel. Brought to you by industry brands such as DJ Mag, Beatport, Sonny Fedora, Hot Creations and more, these series of events will give you the time of your life, at a beautiful Art Déco Hotel by the beach. What else could you ask for?

While the full lineups have yet to be released, we know that the first party of the series will include the likes of Andrea Oliva, Dennis Ferrer, Eats Everything B2B Mele, Honeyluv, Layla Benitez, and more. Other artists will soon come up, but this gives us already a taste of the artists that will be performing.

Tickets for Epic Pool Parties are already on sale and you can purchase them here. For more info on the events, visit their official website.

Who Is Doing The Damage For

Anyone who plays House & dance music Open format or House music only, YOU need to be a member of Doing The Damage. If you need to find the best tracks without wasting hours looking, YOU need to be a member of Doing The Damage. If you need to know which tracks are Doing The Damage on the dance floor right now You NEED to join!

The Best Dj Pools Of 2021

If youve been thinking of joining a DJ pool for a while, now is the perfect time to start searching the ideal option for you. The good news is that there are tons of websites out there for DJs, but finding the right one for your needs can be a little daunting. This is particularly true if you havent used a DJ pool before.

Here are some of our top contenders:

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Christian Rosn Lifted House

I really think ZIPDJ is a great service: your tracks can reach all the Canadian DJs and radio stations simply sending the releases to ZIPDJ. Every time you want, you can check the status of your releases, how many DJs has downloaded them, what they think about the tracks and so on. In this way, you can get a full overview on your release. Also, ZIPDJs staff is really friendly. They are always helpful in case something doesnt work. So Good service and good staff!!

What Are Dj Record Pools

Digital DJ Pool Celebrates Relaunch

Designed specifically for working DJs, DJ record pools are subscription services that offer unlimited MP3 downloads for a set monthly, quarterly or annual amount.

As well as carrying huge back-catalogues of music, DJ pools regularly receive new tracks from music producers and record labels , giving DJs exclusive access to promotional tracks that no one else carries. In return, the copyright owner gets their music promoted for free.

Note: Whilst they are all the same thing, these services are also referred to as DJ music pools, digital DJ pools and MP3 record pools.

Recommended for music producers:

After trying out their service for ourselves, we decided to partner with Splice!

With a library of over 2 million samples, technique-based learning and connected instruments, Splice is making music creation a more empowering experience.

Heres what you get as part of a subscription:

  • Access to millions of world-renowned sounds & MIDI
  • A-list artist-curated packs and collections
  • AI-powered Similar Sounds discovery
  • On-demand education content library
  • Access Splice with the Mobile App
  • + More

As one of our trusted affiliate partners, our team has no doubt that Splice is one of the best solutions on the market for both aspiring and professional music producers.

Head over totheir website now and get aFREE 14-day trial on any plan!

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Mocha Frapp Kiss 925 Fm/music Director Canada

As a DJ I must say the most important investment I have made would be in a Music Supply Service yes, it is a legal source of music but That is not the best thing about it. The best thing to me is how they present it. I can scroll through at anytime and see new releases, Often These releases are available to me weeks or even months before it could be heard on the radio They are presented in a chronological order or in the form of charts in high quality format. For this, being current and up to date on new tracks takes very little effort Which is important considering I have a full time job beside the DJ Gig on the side I Love my zipDJ subscription

How To Get Free Music On Amazon Music

Amazon Music has a ton of music for sale, but it has a little corner where you can check out the free tunes the site has to offer. The quickest way to do this is to visit this link, which takes you to a page with search results for songs that are free. You can then go through the search results and sort them according to release date, artist name, and so on.

The only downside is the free music search results tend to be a hodgepodge of music, audiobooks, and spoken word MP3s. Since theres no way to refine the search by genre, it takes a bit of time going through all the results to find the ones that you like.

Pros: Familiar online shopping interface

Cons: Free MP3 results are a mix of music, spoken word pieces and short audiobooks. No way to sort free MP3s by genre

Go to site:

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Jody Laraya National Urban Promotions Universal Music Canada

ZIPDJ is probably the BEST source for promotion that I have seen in the last 20 years. It is the most comprehensive tool in promotion that lets you see exactly what your release is doing and lets you download all feedback and DJs and their comments which is very useful in my releases. And the simplicity of getting your releases on the site is amazing. Its incredible.

Choosing The Best Dj Pools

DJ Tips: Best Record Pools for DJs? | Where do DJs get Their Music?

The best DJ pool for your needs will depend on the kind of shows you perform in, and what kind of music you like working with. If youre looking for something thats versatile, easy to use, and brimming with high-quality content, then wed definitely recommend considering Beatport LINK.

The Beatport Link service is packed full of different musical experiences to sort through, and you should have no problem sorting through the tracks. Remember, you can always sign up for a couple of DJ pools at the same time if you want to ensure that you have the widest selection of sounds available.

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Best Record Pools 2020 Conclusion

As you can see from this list there are a fair few options. Both in terms of types of tracks on offer and price range. This should mean you should be able to find one that suits your exact style and budget.

I really hope this list of best DJ record pools 2020 has helped you and if you have comments or want to recommend a different pool then just drop them below.

Where next?

What Is The Creative Commons Licence

The Creative Commons licence is a kind of copyright that lets creators keep their rights to and ownership of the work, while at the same time allowing others to copy, distribute, and use that work for free. When applying for a Creative Commons licence, the music producer chooses whether or not the song can be used commercially, and whether or not the song can be used in a derivative manner .

Get started in DJing with us : DJing Made Easy

So while a song bearing the Creative Commons licence can be downloaded for free, you may or may not use it for commercial applications such as a mixtape that you sell or a song that you produce and upload to streaming and online stores.

Whats the difference between Creative Commons and royalty free?

Creative Commons means that the creator of the music still retains ownership of it, and so there are limitations attached to how the music is used or manipulated. A royalty free licence means that you can use the music without having to pay a royalty or licence fee each time you use it, and you can make derivative works of it and use in commercial settings too. There still are a few limitations though: for example, for some royalty free sample packs you cant sell the sounds and pass them off as your own creation.

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Get Perfectly Prepared Files

ID3 , BPM and key tags

Every file is perfectly tagged for artist, title, version, and genre. BPM and key are tagged as well.

Cue points

If you are short on time. Dont worry, we can help: our files have cue points.

Serato overviews

Zero waiting with Serato. Drag and drop, and you’re ready to go.

More than you were looking for

Kiley Thompson Expedition Recordings

Best DJ Record Pools for Remixed Tracks

I got put onto zipDJ and thought. man thats pretty pricey! After signing up I realized that the array of music variations and organization on the site and onto my DJ bins was incredible. Multi downloads, preserved history so that you know if youve already downloaded a particular song and quality that surpassed my last Pool. In one word, Excellence!

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How To Get Free Music On Cctrax

There are a lot of different electronic music genres on CCTrax such as house, techno, dub and even experimental, making it a good place to dig for gems you wont find on the big, mainstream download stores. The first thing to do would be to pick your genre of choice at the top of the CCTrax homepage. This lets you visit the page for that style, and you can see the releases that are available to download along with their associated ratings.

Learn to DJ with us : DJing Made Easy

You can also click on the tags in each release to find more music similar to it: this is useful because while there are only seven main genre categories, there are dozens of sub-genres that you can click through in the tags section of a release.

Pros: Catalogue focused on electronic dance music genres, free downloads without giving away an e-mail address or signing up for an account

Cons: Site looks old, not a huge updated catalogue of music

Go to site:CCTrax

Best Dj Pools Updated

For most DJs, buying every record they may want to play is not possible.

In this ever-changing world of singles, bootlegs, remixes, and custom edits to select from, having a simple, hassle-free service that helps DJs find all the records they need at an affordable price is really useful.

Once you decide that you want to subscribe to a record pool, it is essential to make sure you select the right service.

If you search for a DJ pool, you will see hundreds of options, each claiming to offer the most exclusive records at t lowest price.

However, in reality, only a few of them actually deliver a bang for their buck. We have done the homework for you and found the most popular record pools to add to your toolbox.

Read on to find out the best DJ Pools to select from.

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Dont Lose Your Time On These

Below is a list of websites often mentioned to download free music. But personally, I believe they are not worth the effort. It is true that they do offer free music, but mainly from unknown artists!

In short, you will spend a ton of time and effort to find a few good songs. From my point of view, thats not an effective way to find new tunes.

Those platforms are great for other reasons, dont get me wrong. But as a DJ, spending time on other platforms will be much more efficient for you.

Access To The Ultimatedj Business Kit

Best DJ Record Pools! | Where DJ’s Get Their Music

Are you a DJ who wants to take your career to the next level?

Step up your game and become full-time with our set of contracts, agreements, quotes, calculators, forms and business cards templates for your DJ Business.

To begin in the most professional way, download our Ultimate DJ Business Kitincluding 18+ .docx, .psd & .xlsx files.

All of these designs and templates are Royalty Free when you subscribe to our Plans.

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Which Dj Pool Is Best In 2022

DJs need plenty of access to fresh sounds and tunes to thrive as professionals.

So, where do they find that music?

There are plenty of options. You can buy tracks online, stream content from a subscription service, or even record your own music. One of the best solutions is to get involved with a DJ Pool. DJ Pools make it quick and easy for professionals to pinpoint outros, intros, original edits, and accapellas when theyre creating music for a performance.

Heres a roundup of our Top 10 Best DJ Pools in 2021:

  • Club Killers
  • Oscar Furtado Promotions Director Tandemtracks Promotions

    We from ToCo International want the whole world to be happy and dancing to the best music. Thats why we like ZIPDJ so much, because they make it possible that all the best dancemusic is available for the best clubs, DJs, radio stations and their audience. And that they appreciate our work is clear when we see all our hits in the ZIPDJ charts, for us this is the leading dance chart.

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    Record Label Sites And Youtube Channels

    Once in a while, record labels give away tunes and samplers as a promotion or if theyre trying to build buzz for a new artist. Labels also announce contests and prizes to members of their newsletter, so its a good idea to sign up to your favourite labels if youd like to join such promos.

    Learn to DJ with us : DJing Made Easy

    Free downloads from label sites are getting rarer these days though as most have simply shifted to putting music up on music streaming sites.

    So Which Is The Best Hip Hop Record Pool For Djs

    Digital DJ Pool

    In my opinion, Franchise Record Pool is the best hip hop record pool for DJs. The site is updated with over 100 tracks every day, all versions of tracks are available and it is among the cheapest record pools on the market today.

    Funkmaster Flex founded Franchise Record Pool in 1996 and it has grown into one of the biggest online record pools. Not only do you get unlimited access to audio files , there are also countless video files to choose from too .

    For me, what sets Franchise Record Pool apart from the competition are the apps that they have developed for their subscribers.

    The FRP Live app is a very useful tool that allows you to interact with your audience and chat with other subscribing DJs and is available for both iOS and Android .

    Their SPINS app is the app that really sets them apart. While it is only available for iOS, it can do some really amazing stuff such as share playlists with other subscribing DJs, view requests from the crowd and automatically download music to specific folders on your computer that have been created using the app.


    • Over 300,000 audio files available
    • Android and iOS apps for organising music on the move
    • Video files of both old and new tracks


    • The website interface could be cleaner
    • So many features available means it could actually be overwhelming for new users

    Billing Cycle: Monthly

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    Best Places For Djs To Download Music Websites & Pools

    Finding the right music for your set is essential whentrying to make it as a DJ.

    There are dozens of websites where you can get loads oftracks, edits and remixes However, some of them are free while some othersrequire you to pay for a monthly subscription.

    In this post I will list both the free and the paidservices, starting with the paid/subscription-based ones first which are commonlyreferred to as record pools.

    If you want to skip directly to the websites that offer freedownloads then you can do so by clicking this link

    Lets get started

    How To Get Free Music On Lastfm

    While there arent a lot of new tracks, going to the Free Music section of Last.fm gets you a mix of hip-hop, dance, acoustic and electronic music. Its not the best repository, but there are some good picks in there to fill in a few niche gaps in your DJ library .

    You can also use the search box in Last.fm and type in search queries like royalty free to pull up a list of results that have the royalty free licence attributed to them. You can then click the download link beside the track you like to see if you can download the track.

    Pros: Deep music discovery and charts, decent social networking features

    Cons: Not a wide variety of free tunes to grab from the site

    Go to site:Last.fm

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